Illegal Orgasm Season-2 Part-2

Mumtaz walked out from her posh office cabin. It’s been two days since the final hearing. Mumtaz was in her formal suit as usual. She punched the key for the parking lot on the elevator.

The air from the fan inside the elevator almost blew her head veil away. She grabbed it with her sweet fair fingers. The nails were coated with a bright red color. Mumtaz adjusted her veil and tucked it behind her ears, then walked towards her brand new black BMW.

Mumtaz pulled open the driver’s side door and jumped in. She let out a sigh as she adjusted herself on the cushioned seat.

“You are quick!” The stranger said.

He was sitting right next to Mumtaz in the passenger seat. Dressed in a black jacket and jeans, he really looked like a mystery figure.

“Looks like you got a jackpot,” he mocked.

The last case was a success, Alex was proven not guilty by Mumtaz in the court, and he paid her as he had promised. But she still had to fulfill what she had promised Lissy. This brand new BMW was bought with the same remuneration she received.

The admirer grabbed Mumtaz by the collar of her jacket and kissed her red lips. He licked her lips and sucked her tongue. His rough lips locked onto her soft lips. They sucked each other. Their saliva blended with their lust. The stranger was getting hard, and Mumtaz was getting wet.

Mumtaz moved her hand towards the AC and turned the knob for the full swing of cold air. Her fingers walked through his thighs and poked his boner over his blue jeans. She wanted to feel it get hard. Her fingers traced its outline like her sharp mind that predicted the outcomes of her cases.

Two days back, she had handled Alex’s case like a simple handjob. Mumtaz’s short cute fingers unbuttoned his jeans like how she unraveled the evidence during the hearing. With ease, her palm slid into his brief like how she slithered around opposition lawyer’s arguments.

She squeezed his balls first, just like how she squeezed facts. The stranger let out a sigh as she pulled down the brief and held his fully erect cock. He had the same excitement Alex had during the hearing. She touched his tip by rolling down the foreskin. He was wet too.

Mumtaz widened her legs for him to let his rough hand untuck her shirt. The windows had formed a cloudy shield protecting them for sneaky eyes from other cars. Mumtaz felt his hands touch her white lacy lingerie over her clit. It moved a couple of times between her pussy lips over the thin panty material.

Mumtaz briefly lifted herself up to let him roll her panty an inch downwards. Mumtaz moaned as his long fingers moved inside her wet insides. Two slender fingers pumped her heaven. The faster he drilled her, the faster she jerked her. Mumtaz squeezed his almost ready to shoot shaft when he poked her G-spot.

She felt her muscles tighten and loosen simultaneously as he moved his fingers. But Mumtaz much more enthusiastic when she felt his precum wet her thumb. She jerked him faster. Her legs widened much more, and she grabbed his palm drilling her pussy with her other hand.

The stranger fingered and poked her G-spot making her moan. Mumtaz cupped his palm over her pussy. She could feel his two fingers drenched in her pre-orgasmic juices. The stranger also moved his other hand over to Mumtaz’s neck and slowly pulled her face towards his crotch. She knew what it meant.

He turned slightly towards Mumtaz. The hot lawyer bent forward and took his cock in her mouth. Mumtaz just had to move up and down a couple of times as he pushed her head. He shot his sweet white cum into her mouth. Mumtaz thought he was done when she lifted her face.

But then he shot another load right to her face. She moved back to her seat and swallowed the juicy white cum as he continued fingering. With her right hand, she wiped her face and licked the cum from her palms too.

Mumtaz let out a loud moan as he poked he G-spot again. She had squirted right into his palm and the seat of the car.

“What’s your name?” Mumtaz asked in her cute voice, trying to pull up her drenched panty.

“Tarak!” He said, licking his fingers.

“What? Who?” Mumtaz asked again, licking her lips. There were cum stains on her head veil.

Tarak zipped his jeans back and opened the door. Mumtaz took a few moments to process it. Tarak was Alex’s partner when during the gold heist. But Alex had double-crossed him. Tarak escaped and went missing. Since it’s been two years, Tarak was thought to be dead.

“Asshole! You used me like a slut,” Mumtaz said as she moved out of the car and tucked in her shirt.

“I didn’t use you like a slut! You are one!” Tarak said as he grabbed Mumtaz by her ass and kissed her lips. Mumtaz tried pushing him away. But his strong hands held her close. He quickly slithered into her trousers and touched her pussy over her panties.

“See, you are still wet, and I used you?” Tarak chuckled.

Mumtaz was finally able to push him away, and she tucked in her shirt again.

“Also, I never used you! You won the case, got the money, too! I just wanted to get to Alex.”

Mumtaz knew what he said was true. He hadn’t exactly used her. It was Mumtaz who fell for his touch and spread her legs wide. But she was no ready to accept that. Mumtaz stared at Tarak and showed him her middle finger.

Tarak chuckled again, “Your fingers are still wet with my cum after the handjob!”

Mumtaz turned around and walked towards the lift. She punched the button to the top floor multiple times. As soon as she walked into her cabin, she locked it behind her. Mumtaz picked up her phone.

“Lissy, I need your help!”

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