My Friends Wife

Everyone around the world has had various experiences during the pandemic and lockdown. This is one of the real incidents between me and my friend’s wife, Lata. We were stranded during the lockdown in the same apartment.

The Indian government has announced a complete lockdown, and we were not allowed to go anywhere. I live in a big apartment complex with a very vibrant neighborhood. A lot of my colleagues have a house in the same society.

My colleague Rajesh is a bit senior to me in my office, aged 42, and a very close family friend. His wife, Lata, is aged 39 and a modern working wife in the IT industry. She has a body that people could die for.

Rajesh had to attend his cousin’s wedding in Mumbai. He had left for Mumbai on 22nd March with his 12-year-old son. Lata could not join as she had some important client meetings and stayed back at Hyderabad.

On 24th, the lockdown was announced. Rajesh and his son were stuck in Mumbai and could not return, leaving Lata all by herself at Hyderabad. With the sudden lockdown, people were hoarding, and it was very difficult to get proper provisions in our apartment.

We had to stand in hour-long queues just to find nothing on the racks in the supermarket. During the 3rd day of lockdown, I got a call from Lata asking if I was in Hyderabad or stuck somewhere. I said I am very much in Hyderabad and stuck here.

Then I realized that she is also alone here, and Rajesh is stuck in Mumbai with his son. She wanted some help with getting provisions as she was not getting any. It was the same state as me. We tried to gather whatever resources we could. We managed a couple of days, after which things started getting better.

She would come to my house frequently to borrow something. We would share meals to save on the cooking and washing vessels. I would also go to her home to have a meal, which got us comfortable. Rajesh was also relieved that his wife was not stranded alone, and I am there to keep her company.

Slowly we started getting comfortable with each other. She spent most of her time at my house, working on her laptop and cooking and eating. She would go to her house to shower, change, and sleep. I have a projector at home, and she loves watching movies on the big screen.

So we would watch some nice movies in the evening. This started becoming a practice. We would sit next to each other on the sofa and watch a movie till late at night, after which she used to go home.

One night while she was scanning through my list of movies, she saw a movie called ‘Open Marriage.’ She asked me what is it about. I said it may not be appropriate for both of us to watch together as it a story of couples swapping.

The minute I said it, she had a spark in her eyes. She said it is just a movie, what is wrong, etc. So finally she convinced me to watch it. The film was filled with couples swapping their wives and having an amazing time. She seemed quite restless while watching.

She was shifting a lot on the sofa, and I guess she was getting horny. She kept staring at me from time to time and could see the bulge between my legs, which I was trying to cover. I asked her if she was ok or if we should stop the movie. She said she likes the movie and gave me a wink.

Being with married women is not new to me. Lata was around 5′ 7″ and had the best set of boobs and ass. She was 34C – 30 – 35. I always admired her ass and wanted to ravage it if given a chance. She asked me if I liked the movie, I said I too love it, which is a very bold concept.

She kept asking me questions about what I liked in the movie and if I have been with an older woman before etc. I honestly replied, and she was quite shocked. She shifted closer to me on the same sofa. She was resting her head on my shoulder and continues watching the movie.

I could see her squeezing her legs from time to time. I knew this lady was damn horny, and if I made the right move, I would have her on my bed. I was slowly started asking her what she thought of the concept of couple swapping. She said she always thought it was very adventurous to even imagine.

She admired people who were bold enough to try. I asked if she has ever fantasized about it. She openly said she has, and her husband may not be ok with it. But what she said next surprised me. She said she was willing to try it discreetly with someone else with her husband knowing.

She was also telling me about her colleague’s husband on whom she had her eyes on. If given a chance, she would like to swap with him. She was moving her hands on my thighs, and my dick was getting harder and harder. She could see it. She suddenly asked me if I was uncomfortable.

I said I am getting damn horny with such a hottie next to me, rubbing my thighs. She said she is also horny and suddenly held my dick and said it is so big. The movie was over by then, and it was absolute darkness in the room. I let her play with my dick and silently mentioned it is already 11:30pm.

She held my hand and brought it to her boobs and asked me if I really wanted her to leave. I squeezed her boobs, and my god, they were so soft but firm. They did not appear like the ones on an old woman. She started kissing me and also put her hand inside my shorts and held my dick.

She was wearing a loose tee and 3/4th shorts. I put my hand inside her tee and started squeezing her boobs. In one swift motion, I removed her tee, and she was in a black bra. She said she wants to move to the bedroom as it will be more comfortable.

She has been waiting for this ever since the lockdown. We moved to my bedroom. I removed her shorts, and she came on the bed wearing her black bra and blue panty. She was looking absolutely stunning. I removed my tee and shorts and dived into the bed.

We hugged and kissed and spooned for some time while she was playing with my dick. I had got her naked and was busy sucking her nipples. I deliberately did not touch her pussy. I like to get women so horny that they begged to be felt between their legs, and I wanted them to be in my control.

I kept on sucking her nipple and was moving my hands on her thighs and around her pubic hair. She had quite thick pubic hair as she had not trimmed it in a while. She was going mad and was pulling my hand to her pussy. I left her nipples and went down, kissing every inch of her skin.

I teased her for 15 minutes around her pussy but not touching it or kissing it. I could see she was going out of control and held my hair tight to make me lick her. I came up. I started kissing her, and she was now literally begging me to touch her pussy. I asked her what I would get in return.

She said I can take whatever I want, and I just smiled. She was stroking my dick hard, and finally, I touched her clit, and she jumped. I rubbed her clit for good 10 minutes driving her to the edge every time and stopping. I stopped and made her suck my dick, and man, she was a pro in giving a blowjob.

Rajesh was a lucky man to get a blowjob like this every single time. She said Rajesh is not as big as me. She doesn’t allow him to cum in her mouth as she finds it very disgusting. But she kept going on and on, and I was getting close, and she was driving me crazy.

I told her that I am going to cum. If she wants me to lick her, she better takes all my cum in her mouth. She was so desperate that she agreed. I shot glob after glob into her mouth. I am sure I filled it fully, and I made her swallow it. She was disgusted about it, but she did it

She spread her legs wide and ask me to eat her. I licked her clit alone for almost 15 minutes, driving her to the edge. I also fingered her simultaneously. She was dripping wet, and the bedsheet was also soaked in her pussy juice. I tried to stick my finger in the ass hole while I licked her.

But she stopped me and said she doesn’t like it. I asked her if she has ever been fucked in her ass. She said she has never allowed it as she doesn’t like it. I said, “Let us explore that today.” She looked worried. She was damn horny and had not been fucked in the last 2 weeks.

She was desperate for an fuck. I slowly started licking her pussy hole and gradually moved to her asshole. The minute my tongue touched the spot, she jumped, and she was trying to push me away. I asked her to stay still if she wanted my dick in her pussy.

She was controlling and allowing me to lick her asshole, with time, she started liking it. I slowly started moving one finger inside, though she was screaming in pain. I was fingering both her asshole and pussy at the same time and also licking her clit.

So the pleasure was overtaking her pain and dislike, and she had to give in. she was now one hell of a horny bitch, and she was willing to do anything to get fucked.

Lata finally screamed, “You bastard, you want my asshole, right? And you want me to beg you for a fuck? You nasty asshole, fuck me, you bastard, fuck your friend’s wife.”

I slowly guided my dick into her asshole, and she was screaming with pain. I was in no mood to listen as I like keeping women under my mercy. I started humping her slowly until she got used to my dick in her asshole. Meanwhile, I asked her to rub her clit while I fucked her ass, and she was starting to like.

She was close to having an orgasm. I stopped and pulled her hand from her clit too. She was furious and was using all kinds of bad words. There she was, Lata, a decent working wife of my colleague, completely turned into a slut in heat, desperate to do anything for an orgasm.

She was screaming and scolding and even begging me to give her a release. Finally, I pushed her to the wall with her kneeling on the bed. At the same time, I entered her pussy from behind. I started fucking her really hard. With every stroke, she was able to feel me fully inside and was screaming in pleasure.

She was pushed to the wall and could not move forward and had to get fucked hard. She started screaming as she reached her orgasm. I fucked her continuously, and she had her 1st orgasm and still wanted more. I got her on the missionary position and fucked her looking straight into her eyes.

She was moaning in pleasure. I asked her to look at me and tell me if I was better than her husband. She kept chanting that I was better than her husband, and she wanted my dick forever, and she wants to be my slut. Saying this, she had another orgasm, and I was in no mood to leave her.

I knew she was exhausted, but I wanted to use this piece of meat while she is hot. Then I made her stand on the floor and fucked her in standing doggy for another 15 minutes. While she was reaching an orgasm, I also reached my orgasm and cummed a lot into her pussy.

She was begging me to stop as she cannot take it anymore, and her pussy is paining and is becoming sore. Finally, I laid her on the bed, dipped my fingers into her cum filled pussy, and made her lick my fingers. She was feeling disgusted and was pushing my fingers away, but I made her lick it.

She was so exhausted, she slept on the bed naked. I went and washed my dick and came back to the bed and slept naked with her. She had passed out completely and was drained out.

The next morning, when I got up, she was still sleeping naked. I got up and went to the kitchen, made tea, and was sitting on the sofa and having tea. She walked out of the bedroom, totally naked. She was not able to walk properly with all the fucking.

She came and sat next to me and said, that was the best sex that she has ever had in her life. Her pussy and ass were so sore that it hurt even when she was pissing. I rubbed her pussy slightly and massaged it and said, this pussy will be ravaged day and night from now on, and she better get used to it.

She smiled and kissed me and started stroking my dick again. She wanted another round in the morning.

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