Illegal Orgasm Part-9

Mumtaz knew someone who could help them nab Alex. He was a police commissioner, a middle-aged man. He could easily use the evidence Lissy provided to get Alex in prison.

“He will ask for more than evidence. He will demand that I satisfy him,” Mumtaz groaned. But Mumtaz always resisted any advancements from this cop. Even though she badly wanted a man, he was not from her religion.

“I can satisfy him,” Lissy said with pride. This is the best choice she had. Last night before the final hearing, Mumtaz and Lissy decided to meet this pervert cop.
Mumtaz was driving the car. She had a smile on her face. It’s almost after a week her admirer had contacted. He had even gifted her another pair of yellow inners now. It was a bikini. Even though Mumtaz wore a formal suit, she had the yellow bikini inside.

As usual, she had worn a black jacket over a neatly tucked yellow formal shirt and formal trousers. Her head hair was tied behind back with the head veil, covering that and her entire back head except for her beautiful face. A light pink lipstick made lips seductive too.

Meanwhile, Lissy was dressed like a whore. She had worn a white saree with a red blouse. It was a sleeveless blouse made of cotton material with a wide neck that reached almost the lower end of her blouse. Since the white pallu or shawl was semi-transparent, which ensured her cleavage was well exhibited.

From the nipple impressions, it was evident that she was not wearing a bra and, most probably, neither a panty. Lissy’s dusky navel, her belly button, and the love handles were open to all.

“Why are you dressed like that?” Mumtaz asked.

“Dressed for the occasion,” Lissy giggled.

By 10 pm, Mumtaz and Lissy had reached the cop’s guest house. Dressed in formal clothes, he had a seductive fragrance. The cop invited them in and offered them coffee.

“Fist my end of the bargain!” he ordered.

Lissy was more than happy to hear that. She stood up and walked towards the cop and dropped her pallu.

“Sure, you can handle this?” she mocked him.

“I thought it would be Mumtaz. But you are much more exciting!” He said as he grabbed her breasts over her blouse.

Mumtaz watched them suck each other lips. He had torn apart her blouse, letting her dusky breasts out. His strong hands squeezed them. Mumtaz felt her insides tingle.

Lissy was an expert when it came to sex. She kneeled immediately and unzipped his pants. As she pulled it open, his fully erect cock sprang out. Just as Lissy was starting to suck the tip, he grabbed her by her face and pushed his cock inside her mouth. Mumtaz watched him pump inside Lissy’s mouth.

“Care to join?” he asked moaning.

But what surprised him was Mumtaz actually came forward. She was wet. She no longer hid her needs behind her orthodox beliefs. Mumtaz pulled out her head veil and walked towards him when her phone beeped.

“Come now!” It was another message from her admirer with a location hardly a kilometer from here.

“I will be back!” Mumtaz said and ran to her car.

The cop wasn’t expecting this. But Lissy was more than good in sucking. His cock had already started leaking into her mouth.

Mumtaz ran to her car, holding the evidence Lissy had provided in her hand. She threw it on the front seat and drove to the location. Just as she reached, she received a message.

“Park the car and walk to the lamp on the other side of the beach.”

That’s when Mumtaz noticed she had parked her car adjacent to a beach. She got out of the car and took a message when she received another text.

“In bikini!”

Mumtaz knew there was no point in resisting. She immediately took her black jacket and threw it on the sand. She unbuttoned her trousers and unzipped them, giving off her yellow panty. Bending down gently, she rolled it to her feet and kicked it aside.

Next was the yellow shirt, quickly done with the buttons, she threw it aside too. The yellow bikini bra was very thin and hardly covered her huge breasts. Her pink nipples were partially exposed on both the boobs and had formed a thick impression since it was hard. She was horny.

The bra was held to her body by a thin thread tied behind her neck. It looked like it will fall off at any moment. The panty was more like a thong hardly covered her butt. Actually, it went right between her ass crack. It was tied over her thighs on both sides of her legs and barely was covering her pussy.

There were a few horny couples here and there on the beach. All of them watched Mumtaz strip and then walk towards the other side. Mumtaz was so much better than the female counterparts they were nailing.

Mumtaz didn’t know her admirer was behind her. He had made a copy of all the evidence when she was stripping. He walked behind her very quietly and waited for Mumtaz to reach the lamppost. Mumtaz waited for him at the lamppost.

She closed her eyes as he touched her butt. She closed her eyes, expecting him to blindfold her. But he didn’t. Mumtaz turned around to see his face. But he cupped her eyes with his hands and untied the knot of her bikini bra. It fell on the sand immediately.

Slowly removing his hand, he kissed her. Mumtaz stared into his eyes for the first time. She felt him undoing her panty too. Within no time, Mumtaz was completely naked. She stared into his face. He was a handsome young man. She wanted to ask who he was. But she had to try what she learned from Lissy.

Mumtaz kneeled in front of him and unzipped his black pants. She felt his crotch, pulled apart his underwear to expose his slightly hard cock. Mumtaz touched his cock, her first one after years. She held it in her palm and jerked. She felt it grow.

She jerked it till it grew to its full size. Holding it with a tight grip, she pulled down the foreskin exposing the round tip. She was not bothered by his religion. Mumtaz wanted his manhood.

Mumtaz felt the tip glisten with precum. She kissed it and touched it with her tongue. Then widely opening her mouth, she took it in. This was the first cock she tasted. She sucked it slowly from tip to end. With her other hand, she grabbed his balls.

Mumtaz, the most famous criminal lawyer, was sucking a stranger naked on a public beach. This cock was harder than the few cocks she had seen. She sucked it from top to bottom for another 10 minutes. She loved the taste of his skin. The air was filled with slurping sounds of Mumtaz.

Combined with her saliva, his precum made his cock wet. For the first time, Mumtaz heard him moan. He was very manly, and he was close. He grabbed Mumtaz by her cheeks with his strong hands and held her face. Then for a few minutes, pumped inside her mouth.

She felt it touch the backside of her mouth. He was huge. Then he came into her mouth. It was the first time she had tasted raw juicy cum. She sucked him again. Mumtaz loved the taste. Just as he withdrew his cock Mumtaz grabbed it also and sucked.

She squeezed his balls to see if he can release anymore, then licked his entire groin clean. She had returned the oral favor he did for her. “Who are you?” Mumtaz asked. She wanted to kiss him, but he stopped her.

“Your admirer,” He said again. Mumtaz was happy she saw his face. “We will meet again soon!” he said as he started walking.

Mumtaz knew he would come back. Even though it was her first blowjob, she had sucked him dry, and she was sure he will come back for more Mumtaz walked to her car naked, shaking her ass and boobs. There was a glow to her face. The same horny couples stared at her again. She was naked now.

She waved at them and got in her car. She then drove to the cop’s guest house. Naked, she walked it holding the evidence. Mumtaz pushed open to see the cop resting naked on the couch. Lissy came out of the kitchen holding a water bottle, she too was naked.

“How did you get naked?” Lissy screamed.

“Long story!” Mumtaz said with a smile.

“Whatever, he came three times already. I don’t think he can do it anymore. So, let’s go!” Lissy said.

Mumtaz nodded her head. She placed the evidence over the cop’s belly and squeezed his dick. “You know what to do,” She said to the cop.

The two naked women drove off. Mumtaz dropped Lissy at her home and went to her house. Mumtaz’s maids were shocked to see their boss walking out of the car naked. A few weeks back, she wouldn’t even go out without a head veil. The maids had no other work than gossip about their boss.

The next day, the final hearing of their case. It was evident that Mumtaz would win this case. The victory was easy. Mumtaz parked her car at the court’s parking and walked towards Alex. She had done enough to get Alex in prison.

Alex, who had no idea about this, had already paid Mumtaz’s payment since victory was evident. Mumtaz stopped when she saw the man with Alex. She took a few more steps. Mumtaz gasped. She was perplexed and angry!

“You?” Mumtaz screamed. The man turned around to face Mumtaz. It was her husband who left her 10 years back.

“Hey Mumtaz, Let me introduce you to my business partner Ali Khan,” Alex said.

“Mumtaz?” her husband Ali khan smiled.

Mumtaz’s husband was back. But Mumtaz was giving blowjobs to strangers in his absence. It was against her religion. Mumtaz being an orthodox Muslim lady, could still taste the raw cum in her mouth. The taste of cum of her admirer. The person whose name was still unknown.

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