Illegal Orgasm Part-8

It has been 3 days since Mumtaz’s admirer contacted her. His number seems to be switched off. With the help of some influential people, Mumtaz tried to track him. But to her surprise, they said the number doesn’t exist.

The last time he contacted was at Alex’s party through the vibrating panties. Mumtaz still wondered how she moaned and almost climaxed at the dinner table. But what caught her attention was Lissy and the way she jerked off a complete stranger.

Mumtaz stared at her computer screen at her office. She was dressed in a formal black suit with a red shirt inside buttoned to the neck with normal black lingerie inside. The head covered her hair and formed a circular boundary around her round face.

She was checking her files of some important cases when her staff said she had a visitor. Mumtaz nodded to let the visitor in.

“Good morning, Mumtaz Khan,” Lissy said as she pushed opened the door to her cabin.

“Hey?” Mumtaz said in a very surprised tone. Mumtaz was seated on the other side of her office table, staring at the computer screen.

“Wearing vibrator panties now?” Lissy chuckled as she grabbed the chair and sat down. Lissy was wearing dark blue jeans and a very light but tight formal shirt that was tucked in. She had carried a handbag.

The shirt was very tight, which gave off her round breasts and the thick padded bra she wore inside. Lissy had unbuttoned the first button of her shirt due to which her cleavage was visible.

“Please be quiet about all that!” Mumtaz shushed, “Also, I didn’t know I was wearing that. Only when it was turned on, I realized it,” Mumtaz whispered at Lissy.

“That’s dirty. I came here for another purpose,” Lissy had an evil tone. “I want you to play a double game.” She stopped for a second, “I know where Alex is hiding half of the gold. Get Alex in prison, and I will pay you the double of what he offered,” Lissy asserted.

“Wait, are you asking me to betray my client?” Mumtaz was always ethical and honest.

“No, not at all. If you win this case, Alex will disclose the location of the other half.”

Mumtaz realized Lissy only wanted the gold, and this marriage was just an adjustment. She nodded.

“Check this,” Lissy threw a pen drive at Mumtaz. “This has all the details of every crime Alex has ever done. It even has a couple of murders – photos, video evidence, and everything. I worked hard 3 years to collect it all” Lissy sounded dangerous.

“Win the case for him. Let him disclose the location, trap him in this.” Lissy stopped. “This has enough evidence to frame him for life imprisonment, and I get the gold loot.”

Mumtaz knew it was a solid plan, “I need some time,” Mumtaz said.

“Remember, you will get double of what you are offered now!” Lissy groaned and stood up quickly, then started walking.

“What happened yesterday in the washroom has to remain a secret, and you have to help me find someone. Then, this is a deal,” Mumtaz was making a deal now. She felt she had the upper hand. She didn’t want her orgasm secret to go out.

Lissy jumped back into the seat. “Consider it done, it’s a blood pact!” Lissy promised.

“And…” Mumtaz had more, “Teach me!”

“Teach you what?” Lissy asked, confused.

“The way you touched that waiter, the way you controlled him. I want to learn that!” Mumtaz’s demand sounded funny.

“Oh, girl. You are one naughty bitch. Listen, lady. No man can resist a woman unless he is gay. Be assertive, be dominant, every cock belongs to you, take it, and demand it. Then you will be a monster. You will be addicted to their protein shake leaking out of their puny cock. Understand?”

This was the most erotic talk Mumtaz had ever had with another woman. Her inner thighs felt moist, and she squirmed. “That’s it?” She whispered.

Mumtaz shivered as she heard, “May I come in. ma’am?” from the door of her cabin.

“Please be quiet,” Mumtaz whispered to Lissy and said out loud, “Yes, be quick!” The office boy walked in. 25 years old maybe, but a decent looking young man. He wore a white shirt and formal black pants. He walked towards Mumtaz’s table and smiled at the two ladies.

He then placed a large file he was carrying on her table and said, “Thank you, ma’am.” That’s how Mumtaz’s employees were. Very honest and punctual at work.

“Shall I show you in practice what I just said?” Lissy asked Mumtaz with a dirty smile. Mumtaz didn’t expect this. “Please, no!” She said, rolling her eyes.

“Hey, help me with this!” Lissy ordered at the office boy.

Just as he came close to her and leaned towards her, Lissy grabbed him by his neck and placer her red pout lips on his. He was perplexed. He didn’t know what to do. Lissy was literally eating his face right in front of Mumtaz. Mumtaz, seated opposite the office table, stared at them.

Even though Lissy was sitting and the office boy leaned towards her. She kissed him with all her might. Her tongue was finding its path inside her mouth. Lissy stopped and stared right into his eyes, “Whatever happens here stays here!”

Mumtaz couldn’t stop noticing his cock growing through his black pants. Lissy immediately grabbed it and squeezed it. She, with ease, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zip, exposing his black underwear with red elastics.

Moving her fingers inside, she pulled the underwear down along with his pants till his upper thighs. His semi-erect cock sprang out. This was the second time Mumtaz saw a cock on Lissy’s hand. With her right hand, she held his cock and pulled down his foreskin.

Using thumb, she touched his penis tip and. Lissy’s left hand grabbed his balls and squeezed. He was well-groomed, giving Lissy better access. “Shut the hell up!” she roared at him as he opened his mouth.

The innocent office boy had no choice but to consent. After all, he was getting jerked by a pretty hot Milf woman. His dick grew its full strength in her hand. “Not bad,” Lissy whispered as she started jerking him.

Mumtaz observed him close his eyes and moan very gently. He was enjoying this. Lissy was vigorously jerking him now. His penis started leaking precum already. The tip was glistening, which was clearly visible to Mumtaz.

Lissy was jerking him faster and faster. His skin made a wet rubbing sound as she moved her hand up and down. He grabbed the edge of the desk. His eyes were tightly shut, his muscles around his neck to his groin tightened. “Is he close?” Mumtaz asked.

Lissy stopped for a second, rolled her thumb on his tip, and jerked him even faster. Her grip on his balls tightened. Lissy opened her lips wide and took it in her mouth. Mumtaz never expected that to happen. Lissy’s lips were wrapped on his cock, and she moved up and down on his cock.

Just as he moaned rather loudly, Lissy squeezed his balls. Within seconds, he unloaded right into her mouth. Mumtaz was surprised to see how good Lissy was in this. Lissy waited till he released all his juices into her mouth and then licked the tip of his cock too.

“That’s how you do it!” Lissy stated with pride. Taking a tissue paper from her bag, she wiped her lips. “Hope you go for it. Practice makes you perfect!’ She joked as she walked out of the cabin. The innocent office boy stood there with his now limp cock out.

“Get dressed and get out,” She ordered. Mumtaz was evolving.

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