Illegal Orgasm Part-7

After chit-chatting for a while, Mumtaz and Lissy parted. Lissy was a strange woman, but she smelled exactly like Mumtaz. But Mumtaz was engrossed in chatting with her secret admirer.

“How do I look?”

“Like a glorious slut!” came a reply, “Feel like doing everything we did at the mall again.”

“Show me who you are, we will do more than that!” Mumtaz smiled as she typed.

Mumtaz was offered drinks by multiple men owing to how slutty she looked. They had seen women exposing or covering up their skin. But none of them had seen a woman who used a head veil and dressed like a whore.

Mumtaz asked Lissy for a glass of juice or water to avoid the invitations from men. Lissy immediately called out a bearer and demanded a glass of juice.

“What a handsome boy!” Lissy whispered at Mumtaz as the bearer offered what she requested. Mumtaz just smiled to avoid the conversation, but he seems to have heard it. He smiled at them.

Alex called Mumtaz to the fabulously decorated dining table with different varieties of dishes and wine. Alex was making a toast.

“This wonderful woman dressed in killer attire is my lawyer, and let me tell you, guys, she never loses or gives up. I can vouch for that, the best criminal lawyer in this city.” The event continued, Mumtaz listened to more flattery remarks and men trying to hit on her. She was not bothered about all that.

“You know, I can make you leak juices now!”

Mumtaz stared at her screen. “That’s funny!” she replied.

“I literally can. You are wearing custom made vibrator panties from ‘Enchanted’!” Mumtaz’s eyes rolled as she read that. “And I have the remote.”

Mumtaz could feel her panty oscillate for a second. It had two vibrating points, one right above her clit and another on her pussy hole. She felt it moving, and it rubbed her pussy very gently. She clenched the glass and closed her eyes.

Mumtaz separated her lips and was taking in the erotic effect when it stopped. “That’s the first mode, it has 2 more modes.” The text made Mumtaz scared, but she was wet too.

“No, please. Not here!”

The vibrator revved up again in her panties, and she squirted. She could notice Lissy talking to the waiter. Mumtaz closed her eyes again. Lifting her chin up and opening her lips, she let out a gentle moan. There she stood holding a glass and feeling her insiders get moist.

Mumtaz didn’t hear Alex’s speech about her. She just stood there, crossing her legs and let out gentle moans and sighs. “Mumtaz, are you so tired with work that you sleepwalk?” Alex mocked her.

“No, nothing,” She was searching for words. Alex invited her over to the dinner table. Mumtaz placed a step, and she felt her panty vibrating waster. The revving sound was barely audible, but the effect was seen on her face.

“Mode 2 now,” Mumtaz’s phone clinked.

The table was just a few steps away from where she stood. But it was very tiresome for her. Mumtaz arched backward a bit and clenched her fists. She moved her hand towards the region just below her belly and gently walked, taking baby steps.

She made a clenched fist to suppress the shiver the panty send through her pussy. She felt it get moist, she felt her legs widen. But she was quick enough to squeeze her muscles too. Her eyes showed pleasure from the vibrator. Gently holding the chair handle, Mumtaz somehow managed to slide the chair out.

Quickly she sat on the chair and clasped the edge of the table, but the sudden movement she mad sitting caused the vibrator panty to poke her clit. Mumtaz cupped her mouth with her palms, but still, the moan was audible.

“Are you alright?” Alex asked.

“Nothing, the muscle cramp,” Mumtaz lied.

Mumtaz placed her mobile on the table and moved her hand to her pussy region over the saree under the table. She tried to pinch and pull the panty to give a gap between the vibrations and her bare pussy skin. But she was wet, the panty was already tight. The wet cloth stuck to her skin.

“I know you are enjoying it! Don’t climax in front of all these people!” Her screen lit up with texts. “You squirt with loud moans, be careful!” The texts seem to mock her.

The panties were smudging her clit. Mumtaz grabbed a glass of water and gulped it down, trying to hide her moans and expressions. With her left hand, she squeezed her pussy over her saree under the table and let out a deep sigh.

“Can I get some more water?” Mumtaz moaned at Lissy.

“Are you alright?” Lissy asked, confused. She called the same waiter and smiled at him. Then took a glass of water from his tray and offered it to Mumtaz. Mumtaz’s hands shivered as she held the glass.

“Mode 3 coming now,” the phone lit up again.

“Hell no!” but Mumtaz was not able to complete her sentence. She moaned out loud for the first time. All the men at the table stared at her “Sorry, muscle cramps,” She said quickly. Her eyes rolled backward. With the half-closed eyes, her lips formed an ‘O.’

Mumtaz arched backward on the chair. With her right hand, she grabbed her hair over the veil, and left hand squeezed her panty over the saree. Mumtaz bit her lips to silence herself, but the pleasure was immense. Her clit was being rubbed vigorously, and her pussy hole was being poked continuously.

The pallu or shawl of the saree, which was draped across her blouse, fell down as she wriggled. All the men at the table, including Alex, gaped at her breasts and cleavage. This might be the widest cleave they have ever seen. The lining of her bra was visible at the boundary of the deep necked blouse.

Mumtaz opened her eyes to see the men staring at her bosom. She had to leave, her eyes searched for Lissy, her only hope. But she was missing. “Where is the washroom?” Mumtaz asked in a weak sweet seductive tone while grabbing her panty over her saree.

Alex couldn’t speak. His eyes were still on her breasts, but he pointed at the direction of the washroom. Mumtaz draped back her saree pallu and started sprinting towards the washroom. She stopped within a few steps and arched back. She was close to her climax.

“That doesn’t look like a muscle cramp,” the ladies at the table murmured. Mumtaz started walking again. Then sprinted. She clenched her saree over her pussy with the right hand. She knew her head veil will fall off now, so she grabbed her veil with the left hand. But then even her saree shawl fell down.

She wanted to drape it back, but the veil was important now. Her breasts jiggled as she sprinted. With each step, the boobs seem to bounce. She could feel her breasts sliding along her inner blouse. It could jump out any second. Mumtaz was at the washroom door.

She pushed in with all her might and kneeled on the tiled floor. The floor was neat and dry. Mumtaz moaned aloud, closing her eyes. She turned around and lay down on the floor. Her saree shawl was spread across, exposing all her navel and blouse.

Mumtaz grabbed her right breast and squeezed it. But then Mumtaz opened her eyes to see something she never expected. It was Lissy. She was standing at one corner, rubbing her body against the same waiter who provided Mumtaz with juice and water.

His pants were on the floor, and Lissy had his fully erect penis on her palm. The waiter’s face was covered with lipstick impressions. But Mumtaz had a serious issue to worry about now. She moaned and screamed as her inner skin got vibrated.

Lissy smiled at Mumtaz and went back to jerking the waiter. Her lips were locking with his lips. She licked all over his face.

“What’s this woman doing?” Mumtaz thought. “What am I doing?” Mumtaz moaned, along with her thoughts. Before Mumtaz could comprehend, she had reached her climax. She released all her juices over her panty and her saree. There was a wet spot on her black saree.

Mumtaz stared at the couple on the corner. She watched Lissy jerk the waiter, his eyes closed when he ejaculated right onto Lissy’s palm. Lissy licked her palm and sucked each of her fingers. Mumtaz watched her lick out the white slimy liquid.

“Now, get the hell out!” Lissy ordered at the waiter. The guy seems scared despite the fact he got a hand job by Lissy. He held his pants and ran out.

Mumtaz was tired and resting on the floor. She put her hand between her legs rolling up the skirt of her saree, and peeled the wet sticky panty out. She then threw it at one corner.

“Oh, vibrating panties! Isn’t it from my boutique, ‘Enchanted’?”

“Yes,” Mumtaz groaned

“Who was your guy?” Mumtaz asked Lissy.

“Don’t know! Who was yours?” Lissy said with pride adjusting her saree.

“I don’t know either!” Mumtaz answered with pride for the first time.

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