Illegal Orgasm Part-6

Even with a butt plug in her ass Mumtaz was like a spider in court, trapping the counter-arguments of her opposition in the spider web of her wit and skills. The first hearing was a success, but there was more to come. Alex was more than happy. He was enchanted.

“Knew it! You can’t take failure as an option,” he said to Mumtaz. “Come home tomorrow night, let’s party,” Alex said with a firm handshake.

Mumtaz didn’t have time to waste here. The plug was making her uncomfortable. This was her first time with something pushed inside her ass. Mumtaz felt her panty getting wet.

“Sure, have to leave now,” Mumtaz was quick with the answer.

“Is everything alright? How is your leg?” Alex went on.

“It’s fine, have to go!” Mumtaz said as she started walking. She could only take small steps because larger ones would make the plug hit against her insides, and she moaned every time it happened. The pain had become a pleasure now.

Mumtaz got in her car and drove quickly home. Back at home, she had to struggle to get the plug out. Her panty was drenched with her juices. She decided to take the next day off too. After all, she had to attend a party tonight.

“What the hell did you do to me?” she texted her admirer.

“Something that made you moan in court,” came a reply immediately. She knew he was right.

“Thank you! I have a party tonight, send me something. It has to be traditional.”

Mumtaz was asking him to send something that will blow the minds of everyone. From orthodox woman to modern, classy slut Mumtaz was evolving. “Sure, saved something for you for another special occasion. Will send that,” came a reply.

Mumtaz was free the whole day. She decided to touch herself. Just as she was moving her hand inside her panty and poked at her clit the doorbell rang. Mumtaz took the veil and covered her head. Some parts of her were still orthodox.

Women were not supposed to show their beauty to men in her religion, but she had already shown more than that to a stranger. Mumtaz opened the door to find a courier on the doorstep, rather a very large package. She took it to her bedroom and opened it.

“Are you trying to make men jump on me?’ Mumtaz texted him.

“I assume you received the package!” came another reply.

She knew there was no point in arguing with him. She also knew she wanted to wear things like this. This was a black saree, the kind that will make men weak. Mumtaz gently moved her hands inside her panty. She was wet. Her maids didn’t know their boss was fingering like a slut inside her room.

She released her juices soon. Mumtaz went back to studying the case files. She had so much time at hand. By 7 pm, Mumtaz was fresh and neat after a hot water bath. She opened the package yet again draped in a long pink bathrobe. She took out the lingerie box from it and unpacked the bra and panties.

Slowly untying the bathrobe, she dropped it on the floor. Mumtaz stared at her naked in the mirror. Her nipples were pinkish brown, and her pussy had reddish-pink lips. Quickly she put her legs into the panty. It was dark black but very thin.

The material seemed like cotton and had smooth curvy designs across it. The part near pussy felt cold, she turned around. The thin panty could not hold her huge ass. Mumtaz grabbed the bra that too was one with a back strap. She placed the cups of the bra on her breasts and pulled the strap behind her, then locked it.

Mumtaz stared at the mirror again. The bra was extremely thin and like a net except for the cups. The cups were made of the same material but thicker. The cups were covered only half her breasts and barely came above her nipples. The cups seem to lift up her breasts to make an extremely wide and separated cleavage.

Mumtaz looked like a lingerie model, “Wow,” she said to herself. Then she quickly wore the underskirt. She checked the packet. It had the logo ‘Enchanted’ in fancy design.

Mumtaz took out the neatly packed blouse. It was made of cotton and greyish in color. The blouse was lighter in color than the black saree. It was a sleeveless blouse, and Mumtaz slid it into her breast region through her fleshy arms. Her armpits were clean and milky like her belly.

She always was cautious about her cleanliness. Waxed and neat as always. Mumtaz tied the blouse at her back and locked the hooks. The blouse had smaller thin cups that came right across her breasts, making it look even larger. Mumtaz adjusted the blouse again.

But no matter what, the wide blouse gave off ample amounts of her cleavage. She couldn’t hide it anyways. The push-up bra was doing its work. Mumtaz took her black saree and draped it over her curvy body. The saree seems almost transparent.

Contrasting to her white fairy navel, the saree exposed her skin from below her blouse to her waist. Her belly button glowed under the transparent material. Mumtaz wore the necklace and placed the pendant right on her cleavage. The jewelry, lipstick, and even the fragrance of perfume seems to be made just for her.

There was something else in the package, a piece of grey colored cloth that could be used as a head veil. Mumtaz tied her hair in a bun and wore the veil. Then pinned the corners behind her ears to her hair. Her face seems to glow, only her hairs were covered with the cloth.

Mumtaz knew it was pointless wearing the veil. Her arms, shoulders, deep sexy neck, very ample amount of breasts, her belly, and belly button were all exposed in this saree. The head veil only seemed like a distraction.

Mumtaz started her car when it was 5 minutes past 8 pm. Her maids winked at her as she left. Maybe they knew she was not the same woman.

Mumtaz had never been to Alex’s house. It was a huge mansion. Mumtaz wasn’t surprised as she knew Alex was a con man. She parked her car and walked through the open main door. There were hardly 10 to 15 people inside, including bearers who carried champagne in glasses.

Mumtaz could observe the eyes of all the men and women inside lock on to her. Alex rushed to aid, carrying a glass of champagne.

“Welcome, my cool lawyer,” he giggled, “Wow, never thought you could dress to kill.”

“Well, thank you!” Mumtaz whispered, retaliating to Alex’s flirty remarks.

“Get this woman a glass,” Alex roared.

“I don’t drink, not supposed to,” Mumtaz was stern.

“Well, you are not supposed to wear such clothes either,” Alex mocked. Alex had a point. However, Mumtaz was wearing a veil, but what good it a veil do with this attire.

“Whatever, let me introduce you to my wife, my gorgeous wife,” Alex said, calling out his wife from behind.

“Hey I am Lissy,” she said with an extremely seductive voice offering a handshake. Mumtaz shook Lissy’s hand gently. She was soft.

“Mumtaz Khan.”

“What do you do?” Mumtaz asked her.

“I own ‘Enchanted’ Lingerie.”

“I am wearing ‘Enchanted’ lingerie now,” Mumtaz whispered at her ears.

“How is it?” Lizzy asked.

“Smooth and hot,” giggled Mumtaz.

Mumtaz and Lissy were having their gossip talks when Alex left to greet other guests. Lissy was 35 years old, married Alex ten years back. Lissy was an amazingly sexy lady. She was slightly dusky and had pout lips. She wore red lipstick over it.

Wearing a yellow saree, Lissy looked elegant. Made of a similarly transparent material, Lissy’s wider hips and love-handles gave wet dreams to men. She wore a normal dark yellow blouse but had a very deep neck and back, giving off a great view of her valley.

“You look hot!” Mumtaz received a text from her secret man.

“Lover?” Lissy asked, observing Mumtaz’s sheepish smile as her phone lit up.

“No, Admirer!” Mumtaz replied.

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