Tired of my boring daily life and workload, I got really pissed off and wanted some time off for myself. I just wanted to have some fun so I could completely forget about work and spare a couple of hours just for myself.

I heard of a music concert and food night being organized in my city that coming weekend. I immediately called my friends, and they were ready for it too. It was on Saturday, and the day finally arrived after much waiting.

I dressed up in a modern attire (an all-black one-piece sleeveless dress which stopped right above my knees) and started working on myself. I wanted to make every eye turn. So, I put on some light makeup with a red lipstick, which I hoped somebody would eat in the night.

I took some time to get ready, and my friends were already calling me. I finally arrived at the concert and saw my friends waiting for me. My eyes were looking for a hot guy with whom I could spend the night.

The three of us were dressed in what pleases your eyes (of course, we were not naked), exposing the right curves at the right places. As we were heading inside, I noticed a group of three guys standing at the gate. It looked like they were waiting for someone.

One of the three guys in a black shirt and black wayfarers looked right into my eyes. We shared a rather short stare, but it was just enough to spark up our thoughts about each other.

Soon we all headed inside and acquired our seats. The concert was an extravaganza of some bands and solo performances, which I enjoyed to the fullest. It was then that I wanted to grab some juice and snacks. I headed out towards the drinks section and bought some juice for myself and my friends.

But I couldn’t find any snacks there. As I turned, my eyes fell on the guy I had seen earlier at the gate, and he was carrying some snacks. I immediately went up to him to ask him where he got the snacks. He told me about it and even accompanied me.

During that time, we talked a little about ourselves, got introduced, and talked about how good the concert was. We gelled up (or we can say we were expecting the same thing from each other, which made us gel up). He was Abeer.

He was an open guy, and he was maintaining his physique pretty well (which, by the way, is the first thing I notice about any guy). He was tall and handsome and had made a good gym body. Also, he had put on a good perfume (I love when guys smell good. It shows that they are aware of being noticed).

We went back in and, along with the concert, enjoyed our delicacies. I was really flattered by that guy I met some minutes ago and started dreaming already. I was turning around, again and again, to look at him. He, too, was responding likewise.

Finally, the concert ended. My friends and I were chatting when he walked up to us to say a ‘Hi.’ My friends didn’t interrupt much and left after making an excuse. He asked me if he could drop me off. I was literally waiting for this, and I immediately replied in the affirmative.

It wasn’t a very long drive, and he took me to my place. As we were sitting in his car outside my building, he asked me about my weekend plans. I told him that I had no plans. I asked him if he would like to have a cup of coffee. It seemed like he was waiting for that and immediately agreed.

I was so excited. Just the thought of him doing me was making me wet. I am sure my panty was wet already. We went inside my house, and I asked him to wait until I changed (into something even more hot and sexy). I changed into just a sleeveless top and yoga shorts. His face brightened, seeing me like that.

When I was making coffee, I suddenly felt two cold hands running on my stomach and fingers playing with my navel. He was exploring my navel from behind, and I was enjoying it. My body was shivering, and I started panting and closed my eyes.

Just then, he planted a hot peck on my collar bone. I could feel his breaths on my shoulders. I couldn’t resist anymore, my body couldn’t hold back, and I gave in to his actions.

I turned around for a kiss, my hands running through his hair and also feeling his back. We kissed, and the kiss was getting more intense by each second. Soon, we were licking each other’s tongue and sucking the lips. I was pulling him closer to me and wanted us to merge into the same body.

His hands were continuously massaging my hips and slapping them gently. I felt those little spanks on my ass. Seemed like he loved my round 34 ass. He cupped my ass and took me in his arms, and I instantly wrapped my legs around his waist.

The kiss was so passionate that when we broke it, we were both trying to catch some breath. I guided him as he carried me to my bedroom. He threw me on the bed. He unbuttoned his shirt to give me a view of his well-sculpted body.

He then turned me around on the bed and started kissing my neck and collarbone from behind and caressing my navel. He then worked his way inside my top. (I wasn’t wearing a bra) and cupped my tits. I let out a loud moan when he pinched my nipples real hard.

“My Queen,” he said, and I could feel his cock on my asshole. We were completely absorbed in lust. I was letting him work his way with my body. I was trying to recover and process what was happening. But lust had taken over me completely.

He took off my top and unbuttoned his shirt completely, which I removed while feeling that sexy body. We were both then naked from the top. I pulled him over me on the bed and started kissing him. He went down on me kissing my cheeks, ears and earlobes, neck and collarbone, cleavage.

He finally stopped at my boobs, which he kissed, licked, and sucked to his complete satisfaction. Then, he moved further down on my belly. He started circling his tongue around my navel and also blowing air around it. I jumped in ecstasy because it made me go nuts.

He went further down and removed my shorts. (I wasn’t wearing a panty inside). He licked a little around my pussy area. My pussy had already oozed some love juices. He came up to kiss me again, but this time, his hands were exploring my pussy with rubbing it and, at times, finger fucking it.

I looked into his eyes and said, “Fuck Me, Abeer.” But he had other plans. He wanted me to long for it. I was already on the verge due to the long foreplay. He laid down beside me on the bed and asked me to help him. I understood and immediately positioned myself near his crotch.

I then removed his denim and, along with it, his underwear. His cock sprang up, and I immediately took it in my hands and started stroking it. I played with his balls. He asked me to use my mouth, and I complied. I took the huge piece of meat in my mouth and started milking it.

I deep throated his cock and then took it out and repeated the process while playing with his balls and also feeling those abs and chest. I pinched his nipples, making him moan, and then, my mouth started paining. So, I asked him to do me.

He came over me and positioned his dick on my pussy. He gave a huge push and let his cock slide in my pussy in one go. Had he not been kissing me, I would have moaned like crazy. The dick filled my hole completely, stretching my walls and hitting me deep inside.

The room was filled with our moans and an ecstatic smell. Our bodies moved in synchronism, feeling all the pleasure. He kept pushing his cock deeper into my pussy and increased the pace. He quickly rolled on the bed, and I was on his torso with his dick still inside me.

I was panting, but my body wanted more of that. He started massaging my melons while moving his ass, continuing to fuck me. I started moving my ass to match the rhythm. Me moving made my boobs bounce. He pulled me towards him in that position and started smooching me, not leaving my tits.

He was holding my waist and moving his ass to slide his dick in and out of my pussy. I was enjoying every moment of it. I felt my orgasm building up, and even he started moaning louder. I knew he was on the brink of cumming too. We kept fucking in that position.

When I was about to cum, he immediately rolled over again and came over me. He started thrusting with full force. I enjoyed it, and soon, I couldn’t take it anymore and had my first orgasm with this man. But he wasn’t done yet and continued pounding my pussy.

He then got up and brought me towards the edge of the bed. He kept a few pillows below my ass and kept my legs on his shoulders. I was too tired to do anything. In that position, he started circling his dick on my asshole. He then held my waist, put his dick on my pussy again, and easily slid inside.

He started fucking me in that position. I was in much pleasure and didn’t want him to stop. After a good fuck, he finally ejaculated all his cum inside me with a loud moan. He came out loads. I was very tired but also satisfied. My weekend plans were a success.

He then collapsed beside me on the bed and said, “That was intense.” I was too tired to clean the pussy, oozing our love juices. I lay on his chest and could just say, “My King.”

I don’t know when I slept with him naked. I don’t know what else happened that night. I woke up the next morning to find him sitting on the chair in front of me and extending a cup of coffee towards me, saying, “You forgot about the coffee yesterday.”

I took the cup from his hands, smiling that he got much more than just coffee. As soon as we finished the coffee, he said, “Shall we?” We ended up fucking twice more that day before he finally left for his home.

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