Illegal Orgasm Part-5

Mumtaz rested another 15 minutes on that table. She had a satisfaction that she had never got. She moved her hand between her legs. She was still dripping wet. Mumtaz got up and took the lingerie her admirer had kept it on the table. She didn’t wear it. She was wet, and she didn’t want to spoil the lingerie with her juices.

Mumtaz pulled back the straps of her top and pushed her boobs back into it, then adjusted the skirt. Draping the shawl over her breast, she walked out of the room and jumped into the partially open elevator.

It was just her and a young man inside. He couldn’t stop staring at her butt. Mumtaz tapped on the parking lot button and adjusted her skirt then growled at him “Pervert!”

Back at home, Mumtaz had to touch herself once more, then she took a bath. Wearing the bathrobe, she walked towards her phone.

“You touched me, but I don’t even know who you are!”

“You will know! But not yet.”

The reply wasn’t what Mumtaz expected, but she was satisfied. Mumtaz was in a world of her own from then. She felt loved physically and mentally for the first time. She felt like a man is waiting for her in bed the first time. She felt like she could open up her thighs and invite him inside. She was in lust land.

It has been 2 whole days since the admirer had contacted her. Mumtaz was depressed but fully active in her case.

Dressed in formal black trousers and a black jacket with a white shirt inside and a white tie, Mumtaz was dressed like a professional lawyer. Mumtaz had started an attraction to trendy colorful lacy lingerie and bought at least a dozen from ‘Enchanted.’

Right now, Mumtaz was wearing a pinkish white lacy lingerie with floral patterns inside her suit. She had worn a bra with padded cups, which made her breasts look larger. But the head veil still couldn’t be eliminated.

“So, I guess you are well prepared!” Alex had an asserting voice.

“Don’t worry! We are all set,” Mumtaz replied.

Mumtaz and Alex were waiting beside the room near the courtroom. It was their first hearing, and Alex had paid a hefty amount to Mumtaz. Alex was pleading, ‘Not guilty.’ Almost everyone knew he was guilty. But what they didn’t know was he knew where he hid the gold.

“Just say you were wrongly accused,” Mumtaz gave instructions to Alex, “There is no enough evidence to accuse you,” Mumtaz continued. “Make sure you don’t say anything out of what we have prepared.”

Mumtaz would never leave any loopholes for her opponent. Not that any opponent could match her level of intellect. Mumtaz’s face lit up when her mobile vibrated. It was him.

“Hello, sexy woman!”

“Hello!” Mumtaz replied.

“I know you are at the court. If you want to meet me, the gent’s washroom!”

That was not something Mumtaz would do. She had hardly 30 minutes for the hearing, and she would not even go near the gent’s washroom. “No! I have a hearing. Also, who the hell are you?” Mumtaz was trying to be rude.

“The man who did this to you!” came a reply with the same photo he took yesterday. Mumtaz resting on the table with her breasts popping out and skirt pulled up till her waist, exposing all of her pussy.

“Don’t even try to blackmail me!” Mumtaz replied, infuriated.

“No, never. Just showing you this. Trust me, I won’t leak this! Come to the gent’s washroom, you won’t regret this. I have a gift for you,” came another reply.

“Please, no! Maybe later the hearing and somewhere else” She texted him back.

“Hearing in 30 minutes, I will take hardly 10,” the reply was quick.

Mumtaz stared at her watch. She had just 28 minutes now. She looked at Alex. “Alex, go to the courtroom and wait. I will come there in 15 minutes.” She ordered at Alex.“Sure!” Alex trusted Mumtaz because she had never lost any cases.

Mumtaz grabbed her file with all the evidence and walked towards the gent’s washroom. She would never let confidential files alone, not even with her clients. She knew the value of information and how it can turn around verdicts. She stopped at the door of the washroom, she had the file on her left hand.

“Come in quick!” She got another text. Mumtaz looked around and gently pushed open the door, then walked in. Despite being a public washroom, it was very clean.

“Where…?” before she could complete her sentence, a pair of strong hands blinded her from behind. She could hear the door lock behind her. “Please, how long will you hide from me,” she begged.

“Long enough to make you dripping wet,” His rough manly voice said. He moved her slowly towards the hand wash area with mirrors. Mumtaz placed her file on the granite base. He pulled out her head veil slowly from behind.

He blindfolded her eyes by covering her face from just above her nose to the back of her head, where she made a bun with her hairs. Mumtaz looked like batman now.

“What’s with you and blindfolds, where is my gift?” she giggled.

“Wait, ma’am,” He whispered by kissing over her ears. His strong, rugged hands moved from the back of her head to her breasts. He squeezed them a couple of times over the jacket before going to her waist. He stopped as his finger found the buckle of Mumtaz’s black trousers.

He unbuckled Mumtaz’s trousers then quickly pushed it down through the sides. Soon as the elastic went down the curve of her ass, it slid down quickly. Mumtaz was standing in gent’s washroom without pants, and she arched to grind his groin.

“Not yet!” He was assertive. Then similarly, he rolled her panties and pulled it downwards till her knee. Then gently grabbing her naked butt, he pulled them apart, widening the ass crack. Mumtaz could hear him taking out something from his pocket.

With his fingers, he traced out the ass hole and gently touched it. Then whatever he had in his hands, he touched her asshole with it. It was made of metal and cold. Mumtaz shivered for a moment. “It’s a plug,” he moaned into her ears

Gently he rolled the butt plug at her asshole. The conical pointed end seems to go inside the hole a bit. Mumtaz tried to slither, and he held her tightly. It was well lubricated too. He rolled it gradually and let one-fourth of it inside her. With a hand, he covered her mouth to prevent any screams.

He knew this was her first time in ass, and she would moan. With all his might, he pushed half of it inside her asshole. Mumtaz let out muffled moans through his hand, or was it screams?

He was gripping her tightly. Mumtaz could guess he was about to do it, and then he pushed the entire thing inside. He took his hand away from her mouth. “Idiot, you don’t know how it pains, anal is against my religion,” she shouted but then reduced the voice.

“I know!” He said calmly and slapped her butt. Mumtaz wanted to scream, but she controlled. He kneeled and pulled up her panty then helped her buckle back her trousers. Before she undid her blindfold, he vanished. Mumtaz grabbed her file.

Mumtaz checked her watch. She was already late, and she wanted to run. “Ouch,” she moaned. The plug was ramming her insides. She walked slowly, gently increasing pace enough so that she was fast and not hurting herself.

“Where the hell were you?” Alex glared at her.

Mumtaz was late by 10 minutes. She apologized to the court and walked limping.

“Are you alright?” asked the judge from his podium.

“Nothing, your honor, just a sprain.”

Even if she told she had a butt plug up her ass, would they believe? The entire session, Mumtaz walked suffering the pain and enjoying the pleasure it gave. Initial pains had become a pleasure. She was wet inside her pussy despite debating with her foe. This was a win for her was sure. She never lost.

Alex cheered inside his mind. He was finally getting back his loot. But what Alex didn’t know was Mumtaz had an admirer and that admirer was sitting at the back of the courtroom. The stranger was swiping down his phone.

Mumtaz failed to notice that the admirer had clicked pictures of all the confidential matters regarding Alex’s case while pushing down the butt plug inside her ass with one hand.

“This is my game now!” the evil admirer thought to himself.

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