Illegal Orgasm Part-4

“Is that you? Admirer?”

“Yes,” an eerie whisper landed on Mumtaz’s ears. She could feel her skin getting aroused. She had goosebumps. Mumtaz could not resist his advances. “Who are you?” She asked again, “Please show me your face!”

His strong hands slid through her wide waist and grabbed her open, exposed milky belly. He ran his fingers through her love folds. His rough palm was feeling Mumtaz’s belly from the bottom of her top to the beginning of her skirt.

Mumtaz let out a sigh when his fingers traced her belly button, circling like a bull around it with his finger. She had a large navel hole and was very sensitive to touch. Mumtaz arched backward when he poked her belly button with his pinkie finger, she could feel his boner on her ass.

“Please show me your face!” Mumtaz moaned, “I will let you have me after that!”

Even Mumtaz couldn’t comprehend what she just said now. She was ready to open her legs for a complete stranger. Even though not divorced, she was legally married still. She still had her wedding ring, and here she was ready to spread her legs.

“Please,” Mumtaz moaned again, slowly finding pleasure in grinding her ass against his groin.

“Not Yet!” The reply was stern and rude.

Mumtaz could hear the sound of elastic stretching and unzip behind her. She rubbed her ass again over his groin. But something was different. It was his naked cock rubbing against her ass cheeks now. He had unzipped his pants!

The last time she felt a penis was ten years back, she was grinding herself on his hard dick. Meanwhile, she felt his hands running down her belly to her thighs. His fingers grabbed the skirt-end at her knee, then quickly pulled it up.

The skirt was too tight for her thick thighs and her huge ass. It didn’t budge from her ass cheeks. Mumtaz knew what to do. She slowly unhooked the skirt locked at her waist. It had loosened now, and he rolled it up at her waist.

Mumtaz was letting a stranger look at her naked ass for the first time after her wedding night. Never seen sunlight, it was a treasured prize milky fair as milk itself. His two hands grabbed both her ass cheeks and squeezed.

Mumtaz grabbed the table in front of her and arched her ass for him to do everything he wanted. He rubbed his fully erect cock on her ass cheeks, and Mumtaz complied. She gained pleasure from her cock and its tip rubbing against her skin.

She widened her stance to let him rub it right between her ass. She felt it move between her ass cheeks and almost poking in her butt. She wanted him, but she was scared. His hand tiptoed across her waist to her upper belly and her neck. It then grabbed her top and pulled it down, letting her bosom breath.

Her breasts were exposed to this chilling atmosphere, and she didn’t resist. His huge palm cupped her right breast, and her nipples were squeezed. She moaned gently and seductively. But his hands wouldn’t stop there. Even though it was squeezing her white right breasts, giving it light red impressions.

He wasn’t satisfied. He forced himself on her curvy body and ran his other hand down her waist to her skirt. Pushing it through the upper opening, he found her neatly trimmed pussy. He had forgotten that he made her take it off. His long slender finger wriggled between her pussy lips, grazing against the clit.

It found the clit’s entrance, which caused Mumtaz to let out a loud moan. He didn’t have a choice but to move his hand from her breast to her mouth. He cupped her mouth, but she still moaned through it. His fingers were that good between her legs. Simultaneously he pumped his dick between her ass.

He drilled her pussy with his fingers for another 10 minutes. First, it was just one finger, and when she started getting wet, he pushed another in. Her pussy was now wet and lubricated for him to explore it. He moved in with his fingers like an explorer and found her G-spot.

With every touch, she moaned through her hands, Mumtaz was oozing out cum. The room was filled with her muffled moans and the wet sound of skin rubbing against each other. He stopped.

“Why, what happened?” Mumtaz could hardly gather words. He grabbed Mumtaz by her ass and turned her around. Then lifted her up and placed her on the table. He was so close to her, that his lips almost kissed her. But he didn’t!

With a quick movement, he rolled her skirt again over her waist. He took a moment to enjoy the scenery of her wet milky pussy. He didn’t waste time, kneeled down, and jumped in between her legs. Holding her with a hand on her ass and another on her thigh. He started devouring it.

Mumtaz had to cup her mouth herself to prevent her loud moans from attracting people. His tongue was magic. It created fireworks inside her. It licked her clit like it was ice cream. He licked her juices from top to bottom of her pussy lips. He was rolling and circling his tongue around her clit.

His tongue was made for her pussy. It licked her hole and rolled to whatever extent it could go inside her hole. Mumtaz couldn’t hold much longer. She was hardly touched by anyone else than herself in the last 10 years. This stranger had not only licked her pussy, but fingered her and ground her ass too.

“Please, who are you?” She moaned again, trying to push his head away from her pussy. But instead, she grabbed his hair and forced him more between her legs. “Please! I am close, move.” She moaned through her hand, cupping her face.

Mumtaz was scared to piss him off by releasing it on his face. But she also wanted to. Mumtaz felt his strong hands squeezing her bare butt and forcing it towards him. He was simultaneously grabbing her thighs and pushing his face between her legs. She realized he wanted it.

She locked his head between her thighs and forced her pussy over his face, then arched backward, giving him full access. His rough tongue was as good as a driller. She tightened her palm over her mouth. She was there.

Then came her loud muffled moan along with her juices flowing through her pussy on to his face. Mumtaz squirted! Mumtaz loosened her grip on his head and fell backward tired. He grabbed her again and slowly placed her on the table and wiped his face.

One last time he looked at Mumtaz. What a beauty! There she was lying on a table. Her top pulled down with her breasts exposed – nipples hard and a breast reddish due to all the squeezing and pressing. The top rolled and placed between her breasts and belly above the belly button.

The skirt too was rolled up and placed on her waist, with her entire pussy still exposed. It was still wet and glistening due to the juices. Her thick thighs resting tired. The admirer took out his phone and snapped a pic! He looked at her face again.

All this happened with Mumtaz being blindfolded, and she had still not seen his face. “Please, who are you?” Mumtaz pleaded in her tired sweet voice. She could hear him walking out, she couldn’t stop him. But he sent her a message soon.

“You taste like candy! Taking your lingerie but left another pair and a shawl at the table. Go home!”

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