Illegal Orgasm Part-3

“I can’t do this, I won’t do this, fuck him!” She murmured to herself. But Mumtaz knew deep inside her, she was wet!

Mumtaz stopped at the entrance of CCD, holding the door handle. She stood there for a few seconds, She could feel the wetness between her legs. She walked back and sat at the same table.

“Why should I do this? Who are you?” Mumtaz texted him again.

“Either do it or leave!” the reply text made Mumtaz furious. What does this guy think about her? She is a well-known lawyer in town. She placed her mobile on the table and waited another 15 minutes. She was confused, she could leave, but she didn’t!

Mumtaz moved her hand towards her thighs. This was the first time she ever wore a mini skirt. She touched her bare milky skin. She was not ready yet! She tilted her head. The only customer in CCD was walking out now, and the staff was busy with billing and other stuff.

Mumtaz touched her neck gently. She was sweating and traced the transparent strap of her top. She then moved her finger over the top right above the bra cup. She felt the cup with her fingers. She had to get the strap first. The top had a very open back, and the bra strap was hiding very close to its boundary behind her.

Mumtaz grabbed the shawl and placed it over her breast and quickly moved her left hand towards her back. She slide her thumb and forefinger inside and snapped the strap within a second, and her hand was back at the table. She felt her melons ease and breath. After all, the strap was unhooked.

Slowly she moved her right hand towards the top, right above her breast. Gently and slowly, she slid her finger inside and touched the cup over the right breast. She pinched the cup and pulled it gradually, taking it outside her top through the neck. The cup was half out and above the nipple of the right breast.

Now she had to get the left cup part. Moving her hand over the left breast, she slid her hand inside the left part of the top through the neck and pinched the top side of the cup. With a quick pull, she got the entire cup out from the left breast. Now she simply had to pull the bra out through the top.

She folded it neatly, one cup over the other, and placed it on the box. Her nipples were poking through the white top. Taking off panty was difficult, but she had to do it. She moved to the corner of her seat. Her legs were under the table, making it less obvious for people even if they looked at what she was doing.

Mumtaz moved both her hands to her thighs under the table. She traced the mini skirt’s boundary just above her knee. She held the tip of the skirt and started pulling it up very slowly, making sure if people were looking at her. It crossed her thigh and reached almost to her pussy region.

Mumtaz looked down to see her white panty under the table. She moved her right hand towards her panty and slid her forefinger under the elastic edge of the panty. Gently she pushed the panty, opening up gaps on both sides of her legs.

Quickly she moved the forefinger of left hand towards the gap formed between her naked skin and panty. Mumtaz now slowly pulled the panty downwards, using her left hand on the left leg. Simultaneously she ran her right hand towards the right side and followed the process.

Very gently, she rolled the panty downwards from her crotch to the position of her mini skirt edge she had rolled up before. Gently rolling it downwards, the panty rolled across her thighs and then to her knee. She placed her hands back at the table and looked around once more.

Mumtaz had to just shake her legs, and the rolled panty fell on the floor. Mumtaz gently bent down and grabbed the panty from the tiled floor and placed it on her lap, and looked around one last time. Then she unrolled it on her lap and folded it from the middle and placed it on the box.

Mumtaz looked at her bra and panty placed inside the box and then shut it hard. Mumtaz walked out of CCD, talking to herself, “I can do it.” She took the escalator. The absence of a panty holding together her booty in the tight white mini skirt became a lovely disaster for her.

Her ass showed a perfect curve from the sides and the impression of a crack between the meaty ass. People behind her giggled. Every step Mumtaz took caused her uncontrollable ass to shake and sway. Mumtaz stopped for a second and tried to pull and adjust her skirt.

She placed her hand on her breast to prevent her ample breasts from showing off her cleavge as she bent. Mumtaz knew her nipples formed an impression on her white top. She had no choice. She wasn’t allowed to wear the shawl. But why did she agree to a stranger?

Mumtaz’s white top gave off her pinkish-brown nipples located exactly at the center of her breasts. Her breasts jiggled and almost popped out of her top. She was already causing wet dreams among horny men around.

Mumtaz slowly walked into the lingerie shop ‘Enchanted’ and dropped the box at the counter.

“I was supposed to drop it here.”

“Mumtaz?” The receptionist girl asked.

“Yes, please be quick,” Mumtaz had to whisper. The girl quickly took the box and placed it under something and grabbed a small black packet and gave it to Mumtaz.

“In case you need some hot lingerie, we are open!” the girl giggled, looking at the pointed perky nipple impressions on her top. Mumtaz received another text.

“Walk straight from the entrance, take the Fire Escape door, and go inside ‘Storage 2.’ ”

“No, thanks!” Mumtaz said, staring at her phone screen and started walking, holding the packet. She took the same route, walked straight to find an entrance with ‘FIRE ESCAPE’ on it with bold capital letters, and found ‘storage 2’ board on a blue door.

There were 4-5 doors there. Everything seems to be locked except this. She pushed the door open and closed it behind her. “Done!” She texted him.

“Open the packet and wear the blindfold.” Mumtaz got another notification. Mumtaz knew there was no point in resisting and asking questions now. She placed her phone and handbag on the old creaky wooden table at the center of the small room.

The room was very dimly lit and had racks all around, some empty, and some had large cartons. Even without the blindfold, visibility was too low. Mumtaz took the blindfold and placed it on over her eyes, stretched the elastic, and tied behind her head.

Just as she did a knot, Mumtaz felt something on her ass. She felt jeans cloth on her back. She could feel everything over her thin skirt. Mumtaz felt something rubbing against her back. It was his crotch! Mumtaz tried to slither and push him away when his strong hands grabbed her from behind!

“Is that you? Admirer?”

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