Illegal Orgasm Part-2

“Hello, admirer?” Mumtaz spoke, staring at herself in the mirror. She looked like a woman aching for a man between her legs. She was wet. The person on the other side cut the call immediately. Was he shy, or was he acting? Mumtaz couldn’t differentiate. She called him again!

“Never thought you would call me!” The man on the other side said. The voice was very manly, attractive, and had a pinch of erotic effect to it. Mumtaz was thrilled.

“I don’t know who you are, but thanks for those gifts,” Mumtaz whispered. This was the first time she spoke to a man other than for official matters. She hadn’t even spoken to her husband like this, not even once.

“I can’t disclose my name yet,” He stopped. “Call me admirer itself, have been in love with you the moment I saw you a year back. I didn’t know how to approach you. I didn’t know how to face you. But I knew I wanted you. Sorry if I stalked you.” He pleaded like a kid but with his rough manly voice.

“Oh, no! You should have asked me out. But yes, a stalker is creepy,” Mumtaz giggled to a stranger. The orthodox lady was open to a stranger for the first time in her life. Mumtaz surprised herself.

Mumtaz talked to the stranger for hours. They poured their heart in. Never seen him, but Mumtaz started liking the voice that was attracted to her. Mumtaz didn’t realize it was already the morning. Finally, she asked him the question, “Are we going to meet?” Mumtaz was careful but excited for the answer.

“Yes, we will. Wait for my text today evening!” the admirer said. Mumtaz had lost track of time, and it was past 12. She forgot about her dinner, her bath, and she was lying in her bed dressed in her gym clothes. She giggled and bid him goodnight.

As usual, she had to touch herself to please her thirst that was never quenched. She took a quick bath and went to sleep. Mumtaz was too excited to concentrate on her work. The current case was pretty serious, but anyways she had asked a few day time to collect the resources.

She didn’t want to piss off Alex and blow her chances of earning crores. Mumtaz left early from her office and rushed to the spa nearby. She spent more than enough for pedicure, manicure, facial, and everything that would make her look better. She had never let anyone touch her hair. But this time, she decided to smoothen her hairs too.

“What if he is not from my religion?” Mumtaz was hesitant about that, though. But she decided to meet him anyways. Back home, Mumtaz grabbed another package placed at her doorstep by the admirer. She was excited to know what it contained. She ran inside her room and opened it. It had a note on the top.

“Wear them for me. These clothes will bring out the seductress inside you. This will celebrate your body.”

But Mumtaz was hesitant. The clothes inside were too modern for her. She immediately called him. “I can’t wear these. It’s against my religion. I don’t even take out the head veil!” Mumtaz was furious at her admirer.

“I have personally handpicked these materials. They were custom made to suit your skin color, your hair, and even your hourglass figure!” He said in his irresistible manly tone.

“So? It’s not my type,” Mumtaz argued.

“Fine, guess you won’t budge. I told you, I fell for you for what you are. You are too scared to even explore your beauty. I don’t think you can even accept me then. Bye,” he answered rudely.

“Please, I can’t do this. Society won’t accept me!” Mumtaz started pleading. The lioness who used to frighten men at court with her words had succumbed to a teen girl desperate for a man.

“You are an independent woman! You don’t have to bother about the society! Whatever, I will be waiting for you at Bay Pride Mall. Your choice to come,” saying that the admirer abruptly cut the call.

And that’s how Mumtaz ended up at the entrance of Bay Pride Mall! She was wearing the same costume she was gifted along with the black lipstick and black pearl earrings. But the most important part she hadn’t worn her head veil. Her straightened hairs were let loose for the first time. It reached till her elbow.

Mumtaz wore a pale white two-piece costume. The top was a sleeveless crop top with a thin thread-like elastic transparent strap holding the top to her bosom, which made it look like it was strapless and only reached below her breasts. It was as if a white cloth was rolled around her breast and back.

Mumtaz, for the first time, had exposed her entire bubbly navel. Even the milky pinkish belly button glistened in the air-conditioned mall. The white top also exposed an adequate amount of cleavage. Thanks to the white push up bra with a backstrap.

The upper portions of her breasts and her cleavage formed by the bra pushing the 34 B melons upwards. Mumtaz looked sluttier than any modern girl. The bra had swirly patterns all over it except on the cups. But Mumtaz ruined the scenery with a black shawl over it!

On her waist, 2-3 inches below her glistening belly button, Mumtaz wore a slender white skirt with blue lines on the thighs that reached her knee. The skirt was tight and skin-hugging. It seemed to squeeze her meaty thighs and plump buttocks.

The panty that came along with the bra was a classic brief. It held her buttocks together and had similar patterns with semi-transparent stripes on both sides. Mumtaz had worn a high heeled black footwear and looked like a dominant monster queen. People could not take eyes off her seductive white skin.

The costume even surprised her maids, who hadn’t even seen her without the head veil. She also had the fragrance that made teenagers and older men to drool. Mumtaz was brought back from her frozen state by a text notification. She was scared and shy to move forward, especially owing to this sultry avatar of her.

“CCD, 2nd floor, corner table reserved under Mumtaz. The lift doesn’t work, and you are hot as hell.”

Mumtaz walked towards the CCD. She could observe the lustful eyes preying on her shining skin. She never knew she could make men weak with her simple smile. Mumtaz was walking carefully and slowly since she didn’t have much experience with heels.

She stood on the escalator that took her to the first floor and then the second floor. The air-conditioned room gave her a chilling sensation. After all, more skin was exposed than covered. She held the shawl close to her bosom. But that couldn’t prevent the eyes of horny men staring at her exposed breasts and cleavage.

A young man on the opposite escalator moving down had a boner already, Mumtaz giggled. Mumtaz walked towards CCD, holding the shawl closely to her breast and navel area. She had a wide and large bellybutton, which was as fair as milk.

When she pulled the shawl to cover up her bellybutton, she would expose more of her upper breasts. When she tried to cover up her breasts, it would give away her trademark navel and belly button. Absence of her veil that she always used made her hands run to her hairs all the time.

Mumtaz’s long hair strands moved and flowed along with the slow breeze, and she was not used to it. With every step, her ass swayed and jiggled, attracting more men. The skirt was too tight for her to walk freely and she was not used to wearing heels.

If you looked at her cautiously, you could not just see her panty boundaries and impressions but also her bra cups trying to hold her melons through the costume.

Mumtaz walked into CCD, pushing open the door. She made all the staff pause for a second, and the only customer inside almost poured his coffee on his pants. Mumtaz giggled, did she love the attention?

The staff directed her to the last corner table reserved under her name when she enquired. It seems to be the perfect spot. The camera angle wasn’t directed at her, had a wall on one side, and only one customer inside. She let out a sigh. It was past 7 pm already. Mumtaz texted to her, admirer, “Where are you?”

One of the bearers came up with a large cup of latte, a pastry, and a jewelry box. He was shy but was ogling at her. He almost hit the wall as he walked, staring at her. Mumtaz giggled again.

The box had a nice necklace with another large black pearl pendant. She was excited and wore it quickly, lifting her arms. She had exposed her neatly waxed milky soft armpits and her seductive neck. Gently she locked the necklace behind her neck.

Mumtaz slowly sipped the coffee and took a spoon full of pastry. She waited another 15 minutes when her mobile gave a notification.

“You don’t have to cover up the most beautiful creamy valley with cheap cloth! Lose the shawl!”

Mumtaz was enjoying the attention she received from both men and some women. “I have exposed my more than half of my navel, my belly button, and an ample amount of my breasts with this costume already. This shawl wasn’t helping anyway!” Mumtaz murmured to herself.

She took the shawl and folded it gently into a square and stuffed it in her leather bag.

“Thanks, now that’s perfect! I hope you loved the refreshments. Now take off your bra and panty, then place it in the jewelry box and give it to the billing staff at ‘Enchanted’ on the 4th floor.”

Mumtaz looked at her mobile screen for a few seconds when she received another text “Sorry, forgot to add, you look like a mythic evil queen that can steal any man’s heart. You can take them off anywhere and anyhow, but it should be neatly folded and submitted within the box at ‘Enchanted’”

Mumtaz didn’t know how to reply. Whoever this guy was, he was watching her from somewhere. This was to the extreme. She could never do that.

“No,” Mumtaz replied and started walking away from her table.

“Bye then!” she got another text.

Mumtaz stopped as she reached the entrance of CCD. “I can’t do this. I won’t do this, chuck him!” She murmured to herself. But Mumtaz knew deep inside her, she was wet!

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