Illegal Orgasm Part-1

Mumtaz stood at the entrance of Bay Pride mall, staring into the abyss of the uncountable number of people moving around like ants. She could stop this right now. She could turn around and walk back.

But something twitched inside her, a potential soulmate, maybe a man who could satisfy her wet dreams. Mumtaz stood frozen. Maybe he would be the storm in her dry desert.

A month back, Mumtaz Khan was sitting in her office, glancing through the case files she neatly racked in her cupboard after every successful court hearing. Mumtaz never failed. She never lost any verbal battle in any case in a court. She was the only criminal lawyer in town who could win even the most fatal cases.

Her skills and ability made her a celebrity among lawyers. She was one of the richest women in town. Married at the age of 19 to a middle-aged man. He did nothing but rammed her like a wild animal on her first night and then left the next day to UAE.

Mumtaz completed her LLB all by herself with scholarships. She started earning more than her NRI husband, who never visited her after the first night. She was sure he was sleeping with other women, but her orthodox family never let her divorce him.

So Mumtaz had moved out and started a life of her own. She had a posh riverside villa worth crores and multiple luxury vehicles already. It was her 32nd birthday when she landed one of a kind case. Mumtaz was to represent Alex. Alex was charged for a bank robbery 4 years back.

Alex was legally acquitted for the crime he committed along with his partner Tarak. The investigation agency could only retrieve 2 kilograms from the 100 kilograms of gold they stole. The heist these two criminals committed inspired multiple movies and games.

But Tarak went missing soon after Alex was caught, and the cops could not find enough evidence to link the crime to Alex. Mumtaz was sitting on the red cushioned chair at her office having a discussion with Alex. She stroked her curly black hair over her head veil.

Mumtaz wore formal black ladies’ trousers along with a light pink shirt and a formal black jacket. But she never took off her head veil. She, too, was orthodox when it came to certain things. Mumtaz took out a black pilot pen from the inside pocket of her jacket, grazing against her 34B breast over her pink shirt. She was listening to the terms of Alex.

“Tarak is missing. I want to plead not guilty,” Alex said in a rather evil tone. Alex was a 40-year-old man. His wife had a lingerie boutique called ‘Enchanted.’ It was one of the most famous ones in town, especially among the high-class women.

“Consider it done! But the question is, how much will I get from your loot? I know you have the gold somewhere,” Mumtaz asked in a sweet stern voice. Mumtaz always wore red matte lipstick. She was very fair, and her lips were naturally pinkish red. She bit the end of the pen giving it her lip impressions.

“Smart! I have the gold with me – the entire 98 kilograms,” Alex stopped for a second, smacking his lips. “Get me out of this case, and you get 20% of it,” Alex said, throwing in a gold coin at her table.

“Fair Enough, you can leave now,” Mumtaz grinned. She knew that 20% was worth more than the cases she had handled before. Mumtaz drove back to her house, calculating the amount she would be adding to her bank balance. She had everything except someone by her side in bed.

After parking her car in the garage, she walked towards the door carrying her laptop bag and files. Mumtaz stayed alone at her house except for the two maids. It was a huge villa with separate reading rooms and a personal gym. She maintained her figure even at the age of 32, thanks to the personal gym.

Mumtaz was searching for the keys when she noticed a package with red gift wrapping near the flowerpot. She opened the door and picked up the package. Tucking in her hair through the head veil, she turned the package around to find the name of the sender. But she was unlucky!

She placed the package at her dining table when her maid provided her with a cup of hot coffee. Gradually sipping the hot beverage, she unwrapped the tender gift wrapping. It had a slender, thin perfume bottle of the brand ‘Erotica,’ a red rose and a note. She took the perfume and sprayed on her wrist and sniffed at it.

It was her favorite brand. It had a special kind of fragrance that would inspire a woman to spread her legs for her man. Mumtaz felt a twitch between her legs and picked up the rose. Mumtaz slowly and carefully kissed on the petals. She loved to do that on flowers.

She opened the note, which too had a fragrance of ‘Erotica.’

“We have never met, but I always had a crush on you. Red like a rose, your lips make me admire. Curved like in a dream, your neck made me fall in love. Curved like a Disney princess, you make me stare. Ample bosoms that make me blossom. Mad for you like a teenager, I wait! An Admirer”

Mumtaz sat awestruck for a moment. She immediately folded the note when her maid asked for the empty coffee mug. The last time someone sent her a love letter was in her school days. Being a married girl, no one bothered about her in college.

Mumtaz could not take the thought out of her mind. There was a high possibility it could be a prank, but she was thirsty for a touch. Taking off her black jacket, she read the note again. “What if it’s genuine?” She murmured to herself.

She quickly unbuttoned her formal trousers and rolled it down her thick milky fair hairless thighs. Mumtaz had worn a white panty with floral designs on the boundaries. She rolled it down her knees, gently grazing against her pussy, and she was slightly wet.

Gradually unbuttoned her shirt exposing her ample bosoms held together in her white cupped padded bra. With an ease that comes through the experience, she unstrapped it, letting her melons breath. Taking off her head veil, she covered herself with her long white bathrobes and walked towards her bathroom.

If you were quiet enough, you could hear the soft moans from her bathroom. That was how Mumtaz lived, touching herself aching for a man and desperate despite being filthy rich.

The next day too, Mumtaz was surprised by another package at her doorstep. It had a box of handmade chocolate, her favorite, a fountain pen with an ‘M’ engraved on it and a note.

“You don’t have to bite on cheap pens and grant it your heavenly lipstick impressions. Be a master to my pen, wrap your lips over here. An Admirer”

Mumtaz giggled, reading the note. She neatly folded the note and placed it on her laptop bag. Then kissed the fountain pen at its tip, the note was rather kinky, but it was romantic to Mumtaz. She thought no one was watching her, but his eyes were locked at her.

Trying to adjust her head veil, making sure no one watched her, Mumtaz drove to her office, memorizing the note. Back from the office, Mumtaz was early today. She had a cup of coffee, changed her clothes, and decided to work out at her personal gym.

She had worn tight yoga pants showing impressions of her thick legs and her perfect round ass. Her panty boundaries were easily visible through the yoga pants. On top, she had a sports bra that made sure her breasts didn’t jiggle when she worked out.

Being in her personal gym at home, she wasn’t bothered about the head veil. The sports bra could not cover up her entire cleavage. It gave off the valley and the mole at her valley as she swayed. But even this bra couldn’t stop her nipple impressions.

Mumtaz stopped for a second when her maid knocked on the gym door. She then handed over Mumtaz another package wrapped in red gift wrapper. Mumtaz jumped in happiness, surprising the maid who had only seen her expressionless.

It had a grayish-black lipstick, a pair of black pearl earrings, and a note. Mumtaz opened the note after closing the door.

“Red lips make you gorgeous, black makes you an evil, seductive queen waiting to pounce on your man. Confident in court, exotic in love! An admirer”

Mumtaz turned the note over to find a mobile number. She ran out of the gym to her bedroom to fetch her phone. Mumtaz dialed the number quickly and desperately. It rang, but no one picked.

She took out the earrings, facing the mirror, wore them, and smiled like a bride. Then she wore the lipstick over her juicy pink lips. The admirer was right. She looked like a predator in bed. Meanwhile, the call had connected.

“Hello, admirer?” Mumtaz spoke, staring at herself in the mirror. She looked like a woman aching for a man between her legs. She was legally, royally wet.

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