Missing Essence Part-4

Sonali continues her story about the flirt.

Madhan was sucking my boobs, and I was doing handjob to Madhan. This continued for some time. Later, Madhan pulled me down from the furniture table and pushed under the table.

I was expecting that he will push his dick inside my mouth. I was saying no to him with a low voice. But Madhan had an advantage on me. He didn’t listen to me. Then he poured melted chocolate on his dick. I was excited about his kinky experiment.

But I don’t want to take his dick inside my mouth. I was on my knees under the table. His dick was making me crazy. I was lost with his foreplay. I want him to fuck because I didn’t get any experience from Swapnil. My heart was beating like a drum, and Madhan was seated on a chair.

He pushed me towards his dick, but he didn’t put it inside my mouth. He then gets up from the chair, and he asked me to sit on the chair. I sat in a chair. Then he came near me and started pushing his dick between my boobs. His dick was touching my chin, and sometimes it rubs my lips and touching my nose.

I was lost in his foreplay. I felt a current was passing throughout my body. My pussy was wet, and I had never been in that situation. I was enjoying his tit fucking. His dick was covered with melted dark chocolate. To be honest, I was enjoying his energy and foreplay.

After that, he put his dick inside my mouth in one go. His dick was big and hard. I could not take the whole dick. But he was poking hard inside my mouth. I love his chocolate-flavored dick. It tastes good, and I started licking his dick. I was licking his dick passionately, and he cum in my mouth.

I loved his cum taste as it was mixed with dark chocolate. I was too horny after swallowing his chocolate cum. I removed his dick and asked him to fuck me as my pussy was wet. I requested him to stop foreplay, as I can’t take it further. My pussy needs his big rod.

I was moaning, “Please fuck me, I can’t wait. I am too horny and itchy.” He smiled and spanked hard on my wet pussy. The sound of wet pussy made me crazy. He again spanked my pussy hard, and I moaned. Then he makes me sit on the table and spread my legs wider. I was relaxed and holding my breath.

He holds my thighs. I was excited but a little nervous. My legs were shaking. I was mentally ready that his thick rod will go inside, and closed my eyes. I was biting my lower lips and waiting for him to go on. But all sudden, I sensed tickling on my pussy lips.

I opened my eyes, and I saw his face is in between my legs and licking my pussy. His tongue has magic. It’s making me wet. I was moaning louder, but he put my dupatta in the mouth. My hands automatically moved on his head and pushing him hard inside my cunt.

Madhan licked my pussy for more than 5 minutes, and I was completely wet. I removed dupatta from my mouth and hugged him tightly. Then I held his dick and was rubbing on my cunt. I was begging him to fuck me hard. Now, I was very desperate because I did not do sex for the past three years.

I was moaning, “This bitch wants your rod in my pussy. I can’t wait anymore. Please fuck me.” He made me sit in the doggy style, and he tore the condom ( he had a condom in his wallet). He inserts his dick in my pussy from back. He inserted his dick in one go. He tore my pussy lips, and I was in pain.

I controlled my moans but can’t control my tears. His shots were powerful, and he started to and fro shots from the back. I was enjoying it, and he asked me to put dupatta in my mouth. I put it in my mouth.

Then he started spanking my ass slowly and fucking me. I was enjoying it, and deliberately he started spanking me hard. This continued for some time, and then he stopped fucking me. We both were breathing heavily. He sat on a chair. However, his dick was facing the ceiling.

I was lying on the floor, and my pussy and ass were paining. After a few minutes, he spanked my ass hard and adjusted me in scissors position. Without wasting any time, he drilled his dick deep inside my pussy. His dick went deep inside my cunt.

Luckily my dupatta was inside my mouth. Otherwise, my moans would be louder. He started pushing my leg vertically. I was in pain, but he firmly held my leg and fucked like a beast. I had all the time to remove dupatta from my mouth and say stop it. But I never did that and allowed him to punish me more.

I got the leg muscle cramp in that process but allowed him to fuck in that position. He fucked for some time and fell on me. I was hugging him and kissing his cheeks and lips.

After a few minutes, I said, “It’s enough, and it’s paining there.” But he has different plans. We both get up, and I was searching for my clothes. It was lying near the first row. His eyes were making me shy to stand nude in front of him.
His clothes were lying near to him, but he is not in the mood to wear them.

His dick was still facing the ceiling. He fucked me for more than 20 minutes, and that’s enough for my stamina. I sensed that he still wants more from me. But to be honest, I got pleasure from him. I told him to stop as it’s getting late.

He said, “It’s ok. Collect your clothes and wear them. We will leave now.” But I didn’t move an inch and covered my pussy with my dupatta. Madhan walked near my clothes, and he removed his condom. I was a bit relaxed after he removed the condom.

I wore my bra first and getting ready to pick the rest of my clothes. My panty and pajama were lying near his foot, and my top was there just ahead of my bra. I wore my top and was a bit relaxed. I covered my private parts now. Madhan removed his condom and wrapped it in a paper, and dropped in my handbag.

He asked me to throw it out once I left the office. I was getting ready to pick mine lowers. He wore his T-shirt but did not wear his lower yet. I reached my lower and picked my both lower. All of a sudden, he put his hand around my waist.

I felt happy, and we both smooched for some time. Then all sudden, he lifted my top. I was holding door handling for support, and he started rubbing my asshole with his dick. I was saying no, but he didn’t listen to me. He pushed his dick to my virgin ass.

He fucked my ass powerfully. I was in pain, but he didn’t show any mercy. After that, he fucked me in missionary position for the next ten minutes. I love his energy and allowed him to fuck without a condom. I felt I was a complete woman after his fucking but raised my eyebrows about taking precautions.

I left office with the loss of my virginity. I took pills to avoid pregnancy without Swapnil’s knowledge. But I was sore in my pussy and ass for the next three days and body pains too. I was addicted to sex, and we met the next weekend in the office for sex again.

Sonali Rane has shared her wild experience with me. I was wet after hearing her story. She fell asleep, and I was struggling to sleep. I did finger with my index and middle finger. I did it fast, but still, I was horny and wet. Finally, I managed to sleep at night.

The next day morning, I prepared breakfast. Sonali woke up at 11 in the morning. I gave lemon juice to come out from hanging over. After some time, Sonali asked me.

S: Hey, Girl! Why you made strong peg?

Me: It’s not strong, but you were drinking a lot.

S: Hmm. Thanks for that, darling. Not sure I can drink after my marriage. So I took this free opportunity. Did I talk rudely?

Me: No, you didn’t talk rudely. You were just sharing your experience with Madhan.

S: Why Madhan’s topic comes in between us? And I remember you were forcing me to talk about Madhan.

I don’t know how to respond to her, but she remembers night conversation. So I just said that I love to listen to gossip like other girls.

S: I don’t have any gossip with Madhan and nothing to hide. I slept with him for two months.

Me: You are a courageous girl! Why you break up with him? You should have married Madhan.

She exhaled and said, “You are an innocent bitch! Madhan is not going to marry me. He wants sex. And he fucked Divya Shinde, Kavita Patil, and Shilpa Mishra too. He fucked almost every girl. Don’t know why he missed you and Pavitra from our process.”

Me: I don’t know Madhan had an affair with other girls too.

S: You go on breaks with Mukesh, so you are not an updated lady in our process. No man likes to impress you because you are committed, and you have different preferences

Me: I am committed to Mukesh. I am going to marry him next year. Our parents agreed to our marriage. But I love to hear office gossip.

S: Are you sexually happy with him?

I didn’t expect this question from her and didn’t know how to respond to her. I said, “Yes. I am happy.”

S: What’s Mukesh’s size?

Me: What size?

She smiled and said, “Bitch, you don’t know which size I am talking about?”

To be continued in the next part. Leave your feedback at lustfulstory@gmail.com.

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