Fuck Buddy Part-1

This fantasy is about a woman of 33 years old, unmarried, working in a tech company named Ria. She happens to be my boss. Our meet started when I got promoted to her department. She was a bit strict, and silent nature doesn’t talk much apart from work. She was sincere and honest in her job.

She was 36DD-34-44 5ft 8inch. She was fair and black shoulder-length hair. She used to wear a formal office suite with a half knee-length skirt and looks always gorgeous.

Our conversation started when I got an assignment for an upcoming project. I completed it within 12 days and presented her. She was amazed to see the accuracy of my presentation and complimented me.

One normal day it was lunchtime. I got a table where I was sitting alone because not many people were there in the canteen. That was the moment where she showed up and ordered her food. She was looking at where to sit. She then turned to my side. She saw me and smiled and came to me.

Ria: Hi, can I have a seat?

Me: Sorry, mam, I should be the one to ask permission to sit with you! So if you do not have a problem I can sit with you else I’ll change the place.

Ria: Wow, it’s okay to have a seat. Anyway, its canteen so no needs to be formal.

Me: Thank you. Mam

It was a normal conversation. We became a bit close as we always used to sit together in the canteen and crack jokes and talk. While leaving office we used to wave hands to each other and say bye for the day.

One day she didn’t come to the office and it continued for 3 more days. I started worrying and texted her. She replied by saying, “Not feeling well having a viral fever.” I asked if she can manage things because she was living alone in her flat. She said, “I am okay.” I offered my help, and she said thank you.

After three days when there was no response, I texted her again. She asked me to come home. I went to her home after office hours and rang the bell. She opened the door with a smile and welcomed me. She gave some water and started talking.

She was wearing night pajamas and a tight white t-shirt. Her boobs were looking so enormous that I got an instant pulse rising in my veins.

Ria: I got you worried?

Me: Ah, no… I just asked as I didn’t see you around. Yes, I was worried!

Ria: (smile) it’s okay. I am fine now just taking rest for a few more days.

I was about to leave when she requested me to see her laptop for some issues. I agreed and she called me to her room. I entered her room, and the laptop was on the bed. But her inner wears were lying on side of the bed, which she forgot to take, I guess! She quickly moved it to her cupboard and gave a blushing smile.

I checked her laptop. I suggested her it would require a new installation of windows on this laptop. She agreed and asked me to do it whenever possible. It was the weekend, So I asked it would be okay if I come tomorrow and fix it in the morning.

The next morning I came at 10 am as asked. We greeted each other and I asked can I start my fixing job. She replied sure let me know if you need anything. I was taking a backup of her PC. I came to know there were lots of porn videos and images she stored.

I was amazed and excited to see her collection. Meanwhile, she joined me and asked how the work is going. I said it will take time. She saw the name of files being copied which was titled related to porn. She got embarrassed. I consoled her saying its fine, even I do watch sometimes. She smiled in relief.

Ria: Will it be lost when you restore my laptop?

Me: No, I’m taking backup of all so you won’t worry.

Ria: Thank you, and please let it be between us!

Me: Are you serious? Who will share these details and with whom? (Laughed)

She patted my shoulder with a laugh. We were much close that apart from office time we were like friends. I never wondered how time use to fly. I fixed her laptop and saved the data. It took almost 3 hours. I was taking permission to leave when she invited me to join her for lunch.

We had lunch together. After lunch, we were casually sitting and talking when she asked about my life.

Ria: So how’s your life going?

Me: Good, not much tension, fair play.

Ria: You have any girlfriend or single?

Me: Oh! No had in college time, which didn’t work out. What about you, why you’re not married yet?

Ria: Oh, striker! Had a boyfriend in an internship when I was 27 years old. It was going smoothly. We loved each other like there is no tomorrow. We even had sex daily. But it lasted only for 6 months! He moved on. Then it took time for me to come out then job and got busy with it. Parents look for a match but I refuse marriage now I want to enjoy it. You know.

Me: Wow, so you had both sweet and sour life. It’s okay. I can feel the pain of separation.

Ria: What about you? Had sex before?

Me: Nope!

Ria: Jeez, how you survived till now with it!?

Me: What? Do you mean excitement? Porn was helping me! LOL! No one tried approaching you these many years? I mean, you’re beautiful, you look amazing.

Ria: Really? Am I?

Me: Yeah, anyone would like to have a relationship with you?

Ria: But I don’t want a relationship. I want it to be open, you know like no commitments just fun.

Me: Okay, that depends on what kind of fun you and your partner would like?

Ria: it’s like… I want fuckbuddy! Just for physical needs and like friends with benefits kind.

Me: Oh, wow. Must be a lucky guy to have you then.

We both giggled. It was time to leave. She hugged me to say bye and I was awestruck. Her big melons just crushed on my chest when she squeezed me tight. It gave me hard-on and vibrations, which she also felt. She gave a naughty smile and said, “I hope I didn’t give you erection!”

I was shocked and, with wide eyes, said, “No, I am okay.” She was staring at me with that naughty smile and said, “Take care, see you soon.”

Later that night at 8 she texted me.

Ria: Hi, had dinner?

Me: Yeah, thanks, you had?

Ria: Yeah, completed, so what are you planning tomorrow as its Sunday?

Me: Nothing interesting! You?

Ria: Same here. How about you come to my house we’ll watch some movies.

Me: If its porn, I’ll come!

Ria: Are you serious?

Me: Sorry, just kidding.

Ria: No no not at all, I’ll be happy to watch porn with you!

Me: Really, you sure about that?

Ria: Okay. Let’s break the ice. Can you be my fuck buddy? I need something inside me. I am craving for it.

Me: Damn, you’re horny?

Ria: Like hell!

Me: You know what, you are good at talking dirty. You make me feel good. I like dirty talks.

Ria: oh you have no idea what all I am good at…

Me: Oh, okay, you’re giving me an erection. Looks like I want to find and experience what all you’re good at.

Ria: Well, for that you have to be here!

Me: Really! Can I come? Now?

Ria: You can? Come fast, I can’t wait, and hey, bring the condoms also.

Me: Sure, honey.

It was around 9 and I was afraid if any shops are open. Luckily a supermarket was open I rushed in and bought 2 packs in a hurry. I thought it’s only one inside (buying the first time) later come to know one pack contains 10! Lol was it a jackpot? Who knows?

Anyhow, my prize was waiting for me. So took the bike straight to her home and rang the bell. She opened the door and looked at all sides. She grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me inside.

Ria: What took you so long?

Me: Condoms! Looking for it.

She was so close to me that her lips and her aroma were seducing me. I grabbed her waist and pulled her closer. I looked at her eyes, and we both knew it was time. I smooched her, and she let the moan. She started caressing my head and I was pressing her waist and squeezing it tight.

She pulled her right leg to my left waist and I grabbed it for that awesome pose of lovemaking! Her thighs were so thundering thick that I started massaging her thighs in the same position. She broke the kiss and asked, “You want anything?” I replied, “Right now… I want you.”

She bit her lips and asked to follow her by holding my hand. She was wearing the night pajama. So her onion-like booty was clapping inside her pajamas. I couldn’t control to hold grab and pinch. We went to her room and she pushed me to her bed.

She started undressing me from the top by giving a passionate kiss. While she was removing my top, I was holding her waist with one hand and was pressing her right boob with the other hand. She was moaning which made me precum while removing clothes and pressing hard action.

Ria: You want to fuck me hard? Say ‘yes’.

Me: I would love to fuck you hard in every possible way.

She pulled my pants down. My dick was so hard and oozing with precum. She started rubbing my dick slowly up and down and she pulled my foreskin back. It was painful but she managed to do slowly and I thanked her. She started licking my tip with her tongue and slowly she started giving me a blowjob like a pro.

She was so good at it I can’t tell how I felt! She spat on my dick and started slurping my dick like a lollipop. That sound of blowjob was making me uncontrollable. This continued for about 10 minutes, after which I was unable to control.

Me: Baby, I think I’m about to cum.

She didn’t mind what I was saying she was busy sucking my dick. I was afraid to cum in her mouth. But she increased the pace and I cummed in her mouth. I closed my eyes. I couldn’t see her reaction.

Ria: Why your eyes are closed?

I opened my eyes and saw she was licking the cum from my dick. Then she was smiling.

Me: You are amazing. You suck my dick like a pro actress in porn but where’s my load of cum? I’m sorry I didn’t want to do that…

Ria: Shut up. I liked it you’re amazing.

Me: My turn to return the favor.

Ria: I’m going to enjoy it

I started kissing her sucking her juicy lips while moving my hand under her waistline. I was slowly caressing her back and stomach and gently rubbing her navel. She was moaning, and I was progressing towards her massive boobs. I came to know she didn’t wear any bra.

When I started exploring her one boob she was shivering and her breath became intense. I started kissing her neck and slowly I lifted her top till her neck making her boobs visible. Oh, what a pair of tits she has. Perfect round melons with the light brown nipple.

I started sucking her nipple slowly and gently making the atmosphere more intense and romantic. She grabbed my dick and was thrusting slowly with the rhythm. That was one hell of the feeling. I removed her top completely and laid her down in bed.

I pounced on her and started sucking her navel and her tummy by groping her boobs.

Ria: Pinch it, hard baby, slap my tits.

I pinched and sucked at the same time. Then slapped her tits gently which were moving like jelly. Then I slowly started undressing her legs – what a curve she has. I can’t imagine a perfect woman than her. Clean shaved pussy with wet cum already making an invitation to be explored.

I started kissing her toes by worshipping her legs. I sucked every inch of her leg and gave kisses with love bites. She was making a sound, which encouraged me more to give love bites to her. By the time I reached her pussy she already leaked a lot to make her bed wet.

I didn’t waste time and started fingering her pussy gently. She became wild so bad that she started humping her ass in bed and pushing my mouth close to her pussy. “Lick it, hard honey.” She became irresistible and squirted all her juice directly in my mouth and all over my face.

She was exhausted and taking a sigh relief. I lay beside her after sucking and making her pussy clean

Ria: I never experienced this much of orgasm and feel. How come you know how to please woman horny?

Me: All credits goes to porn videos!

She came and rested her head in my chest and one leg on my leg. She started massaging my dick which was making me hard again. We were kissing each other like that for 15 minutes. She was sucking my lips and I was sucking her. She asked me to open her mouth and spit on my mouth.

Then she smooched me hard almost choking me to death! What a feeling. I turned towards her and grabbed her by the waist. I spanked her juicy ass. She left a scream. “I want to eat you,” I said, she replied by kissing me, “All yours.”
I turned her upside down making her ass face me in bed.

I parted her legs a bit wide and opened her ass cheeks to see her love holes. Her pussy juices had made her asshole moist and looking shiny under the light. I went between her legs and started licking her pussy. I was exploring her inner alls and licking every inch while inserting my thumb inside her asshole.

She was moaning. I then spat on her asshole and started massaging my dick on her ass cheeks. She suddenly turned around.

Ria: Baby, fuck my tits.

She sat on the floor and placed my dick between her tits. I started humping her boobs slowly to pace. In between, she bent her head, was taking my dick also in the mouth. I increased my pace. I cummed on her face, and she started wiping her face and licking it with her fingers.

I joined her by smooching her passionately letting her know that I am going to give her the best pleasure in her life. We both were exhausted and laid down in bed.

Ria: You know baby, I felt awesome. This much love and orgasm without even fucking. Foreplay is after all awesome, I guess.

Me: It’s just beginning my love. Foreplay is one act that I like most. It’s something that shows how much one adores you, worship you, and love you. I just wanted you to have the best I can give.

Ria: I wish you could have met me before!

Me: Why? Now is it late?

Ria: The age! If I want you, what people will think?

Me: Hey, you only said fuck buddy, right? So I’m going to be there as long as you want, okay! (I kissed her forehead and she kissed me) Anyhow if we met before we would have the same age difference.

I then made her stand and told, “Let me praise your beauty.” She said, “Looks like you’re up to something.” I made her stand in front of the mirror and I stood behind her. I kissed her neck and said, “You see how beautiful you are, you have the perfect curve where it’s required. You like to be treated as my queen.”

I started rubbing her pussy and pressing boobs at the same time. She was aroused so much that she couldn’t stand properly and her leg was shivering. I whispered in her ear, “You might wanna grab my dick?” she immediately held my dick and started shaking vigorously.

Her expression and body movement in front of the mirror was so tempting.

Ria: Fuck me, baby I can’t hold more, please fuck me hard.

I kept rubbing her clit until she squirted. Her boobs were slightly red because of groping and sucking.

Ria: Please, dear, fuck me, fuck me like I’m your bitch baby, please.

She held my dick and took a condom and applied in my dick.

Ria: Put your meat inside me baby I want to feel it, fill my pussy with your seed.

I pulled her close and inserted my dick halfway in standing position. She moaned with a deep voice. After a few seconds, I started thrusting her in standing missionary and sucking her boobs and kissing her madly. She made me pull a little bit out and spat on my dick.

She grabbed my ass stated passionately humping me. She started rubbing her pussy on my dick in a circular motion. It made me feel horny and I squeezed her ass from behind by stretching it wide and thrusting her pussy vigorously. The lap clapping sound and her moan were filled in her room.

She was looking gorgeous while fucking me in front of the mirror. We fucked like that for a whole 20 minutes when she was about to cum. I pulled my dick out and knelt in front of her. I started sucking her pussy by fingering her.

She started fucking my face madly. All the juices she squirted were inside my mouth which I was happy to receive. I sucked every drop of her love juice.

Ria: I just don’t want this night to end, baby.

Me: Honey, I want to suck your asshole?

She looked at me and went to bed and gave me the doggy position.

Ria: It’s all yours, baby.

I went near to her ass started worshipping her ass inch by inch. I gave her lots of love bites on her ass cheeks. I parted her ass cheek and inserted one finger and fingered her gently by licking her pussy. Then slowly, I put two fingers gently and was fingering her for 10 minutes.

When my two fingers were inside she felt a bit relief and took my fingers out. I started sucking her asshole deep and below, rubbing her clitoris wildly. I spit on her asshole and sucked every inch of her asshole as deep as I can. She was pushing my head inside her ass.

I licked her for almost 15 minutes. She was sweet her skin was sweating like strawberry juices. I made her lie on her back in the edge of the bed and made her legs wide. Both love holes were visible, and I resumed sucking both holes, giving an equal amount of time.

I fingered her ass and licked her pussy at the same time. She was about to cum and I was ready to take it. She was made to orgasm the fourth time in 3 hours. We both were exhausted. I insisted she take a rest we can continue tomorrow.

Ria: It’s because I’m exhausted that I’m obeying you. Else I would be riding you now.

Me: Okay, honey I’m looking forward to it.

I hugged her hard and slept by cuddling and smooching each other.

Thank you for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed it. Soon I’ll meet you with the next part of this story. To reach me please drop your comments at lustfulstory@gmail.com. HangoutID is also the same.

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