Sex Urge

Okay, let me introduce my heroine to you all. Her name is Rakshitha and she is 4 years elder than me. She was my college senior in a reputed college of Coorg.

She had dusky coloured skin with a very well built decent figure of 34-28-34, a figure where anyone could fall for her beauty. One day, I got a friend request on FB. But the name did not sound too familiar. When I saw that she was from my college, I accepted the request. After a few days, I got a message from her.

She: Hi! You look so stylish.

Me: Thank you

She: Do you know me?

Me: No, not exactly but I saw other mutual friends and so I accepted your request.

She: Okay. But I have seen you in the college. You were an impressive junior in those days.

Me: Ohh. Thank you.

Later on, in the same decent way, our chat continued for many months (almost 8-9 months) and so we became best friends. She was actually staying with her husband in Thane, a suburb in Mumbai. But during her delivery time she came back to Coorg and then her baby was 1 year old. But she didn’t go back to Mumbai as there was no one to take care of her and her kid since her husband had heavy routine work.

After a few months of chat, we decided to meet up. I forgot to tell you that I’m working in a Management team in a reputed MNC in Bangalore. So, when I came back to my home town on holiday, we thought of meeting.

We met in a nearby city restaurant, had a cup of coffee and I saw her for the first time. It was a casual friendly meet which ended up in coffee, some conversation, and then went back to our respective houses.

After 2 days, at night time I was reading stories and at that time I was horny. All of a sudden, she messaged me on WhatsApp.

She: Hi, what are you doing?

Me: Nothing, busy watching TV. I shall text you tomorrow. Bye.

She: You are so much busy in watching TV. Okay, tell me what are you watching and let me also watch that program.

I lied because I didn’t want to tell her, what I was doing. I didn’t have any bad intentions on her. Now when she started cross-questioning, I didn’t know what to tell her.

Me: Nothing, I’m sleepy, Good night.

She: What’s wrong with you? You were normal till evening and now all of a sudden you have changed.

Me: Will you stop. I will talk to you tomorrow.

She: No, promise on our friendship, you will tell me what’s going on in your mind.

Now, since she had made me take an oath and promise to tell the truth, I couldn’t lie anymore.

Me: I was reading sex stories.

She: Hahahaha. You are crazy. Don’t lie.

Me: I’m serious. And I’m out of control so I told you to sleep.

She: Pick my call now, you idiot.

She called me and started convincing me that it was not my problem. This was the age that makes one read such stuff. Then she asked me what you are feeling now and what are you doing? I said I’m stroking my dick and trying to masturbate. I told her to cut the call and go to sleep.

She: OMG, You even made me lose my control. I was happy without sex for 2 years. Now I’m hungry for sex and all.

She started crying and told me everything about her post-marriage story. She was unsatisfied and never slept with her husband. After 2 years of marriage, all her family members started asking about a baby.

She then forced her husband for a baby. That was their first and last time they had sex. No foreplay nothing. She got pregnant and she came back to her hometown.

After hearing all this I felt bad and started convincing her. Don’t be upset. She was begging me to have sex with her. As a friend, I didn’t find any other way to convince her, other than satisfying her. I said okay. I promised her that the very next day I’ll be coming to her place.

Her parents were out attending a Function. So suddenly she called me and said I have made baby sleep and none are at home and requested me to come. I went to her home after taking some chocolates for her. She invited me happily with a smile and asked me to sit down.

She went inside and brought me juice. I was drinking it sip by sip. Suddenly she said, “Let me show you our house” and took me inside. It was a very huge bungalow. After seeing the kitchen, hall, and other rooms we finally reached her bedroom. She was standing in lust. She was wearing a short skirt and a t-shirt. I couldn’t control it anymore. I went and hugged her from the back.

I kissed her earlobes, bit her collar bone, and slowly my right hand went inside her t-shirt pressing her stomach. I came to know that the control of a lady lies in her belly. When I touched by my warm hands she lost control.

Rakshita became a lioness and turned back and undressed me. She made me sit on her bad she removed my pants. She kissed and licked me on my neck, chest, stomach, and my thighs. Then she removed my underwear and held my erected 8.5 inches penis in her hand. She slowly pushed back the foreskin and started to lick it with her tongue tip.

She then started slowly blowing it and she increased her speed. She said that she had a wish to suck it but never got a chance and she never saw bigger dick even in porn movies. After a blowjob of 45 minutes, I came in her mouth. She swallowed each drop and cleaned the tip of my penis with her tongue.

Now it was my turn I made Rakshita sleep on the bed and started from the bottom of her feet. I was licking them and her sweat was making me mad. When I went to her thighs, she started moaning loudly.

I licked her pussy which had some light hairs on it. She widened her pussy lips. I licked it with my tongue deeply for around an hour. She squirted 3 times on my face. I licked her nicely and didn’t even waste a drop of her cum.

I was pressing her boobs with one hand, and my tongue was in her pussy and she was in heaven, moaning very loud. After an hour she shouted telling me to put my dick inside her pussy. I inserted my hard dick inside her.

Within 5 shots it went neatly deep inside and we both were in heaven. I slowly increased my speed as her sweat smell and her moaning made me crazy. I increased my speed and after 40 minutes when I was about to cum, I took out my penis and gave it in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum.

After that, I fingered her pussy and started with one finger but made her bleed by inserting 4 fingers inside her. She thanked me for satisfying her and said, “Gowtham, it was the best experience of my life. We lay down for half an hour naked and then she made me promise that I would come and fuck her whenever she needs.

We are still the best couple and she has the best glow on her face after that day. I still have a lot more experience with her and with others to share in the next part if I get good feedback.

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