Air Hostess

Hi, my name is Shreya. I am a former air hostess and currently a high profile prostitute. I have a figure that every man would want to have.

Let me describe myself. My breasts are of size 36 uplifted which makes them look bigger and pointed. I have a 38 size hip and 32 size waist. I hope you can imagine my figure now. My skin tone is white and my eyes are black. I have a cute smile and an amazing cheekbone. I have little brown hairs and goes till my back. My height is 5.7 feet.

Ok, now let get straight to the story. I completed my air hostess training and then got a job in a private company. I was given a starting salary of around 60 thousand which was good considering it was my first job.

Within a few months, I was quite experienced and was happy with my job. One day there was a flight from Mumbai to Delhi in a chartered plane. The flight had only one passenger, who was a businessman. I was serving as an air hostess on that flight.

The businessman had a huge built. He was very attractive in a bad manner. When I saw him, I almost had a crush on him. In my mind, I had a feeling to be the slave of this man.

Unknowingly, I was looking at him when he saw me and gave me a smile. My heart melt and my vagina became wet. I somehow controlled my feelings and went to check myself in a mirror. I adjusted my dress and made my cleavage more visible. Somehow, I had a feeling of being a slut.

The flight took off and the journey started. After some time, I went to check if he needed anything. While doing that, I bent to make my cleavage more visible to him. He saw it and then he looked in my eyes and asked me if I was new here. I said, “this is the first time I am flying with you.”

This man was straight forward, he immediately placed an offer to me. He said that he had a business where he needed young and talented girls like me. I knew what was he saying and I said okay.

He then said that he has an offer for me wherein I can be a part of that group and can earn 3-4 times the salary that I was getting right now. I just needed to serve his clients. It was one of the most shocking things I had heard in my life.

For the initial few seconds, my legs felt weak. He then gave me his card and asked me to confirm the offer on call. He also said about taking care of any contract that I might have with my current company.

I said okay and went back to my place. I didn’t speak anything throughout the flight.

I had to say yes, but being a slut for money was hitting me. I was bold and decided that I will take this offer and see what happened next.

The flight landed and I went to my hotel. The thought of becoming a prostitute was making me wet. I masturbated after reaching my hotel.

Then I took a nap and I called that man at around 5 in the evening. He asked me to meet him at 8 in the evening at his place. He also asked me to wear a saree. I agreed.

At 8 pm, I rang his doorbell. I was wearing a black transparent saree with a low-cut blouse with silky red inners. I was looking sexy enough to make people cum just by looking at me! He opened the door and asked me to come inside and be comfortable. I went and sat on the sofa.

The room was on the top floor and there was an amazing view outside the window. He offered me a drink and I said yes to vodka. He also offered me cigarettes. I was an occasional drinker and smoker. Then he sat opposite to me and asked

He: Do you have a boyfriend?
Me: Yes.

He: Does he know about this offer?
Me: No.

He: Do you have prior experience of sex?
Me: Yes.

He: Before signing a contract, I need to test you, is it fine?
Me: Yes, but I am nervous.

He sat beside me and put his had on my shoulder. He gently placed the other hand on my chin and started to kiss me passionately. Now I was in a room with an unknown person being tested if I can become a prostitute!

He then slowly took off my pallu and started to squeeze my breasts. I started to breathe heavily. He then took off my blouse and threw it on the floor. I was completely surrendering myself to this man.

Then he took off my bra and started sucking my melons. I was moaning slowly. While in the process, we had eye contact. My eyes were full of lust and I was breathing heavily by looking at him.

He smiled and took me in his arms and placed me on the bed. I held the bedsheet tightly. He then took off my saree. I was now only in my panties. I was cooperating him and he liked it.

Then he took off my panties and sniffed it. I was never so much excited about sex. I had it earlier with my boyfriend but it was never so exciting. Then he gently placed his hand over my pussy and I shivered with excitement. He was now sucking my boobs and playing with my pussy. I was moaning slowly.

He was still in his clothes. I started to undress him. Soon, he was nude. I was so excited that I started to take control. I kissed his whole body and took his tool in my mouth and started to give him a blowjob.

I never had the experience of giving a blow job but he was enjoying it. I didn’t care what his size was or how he was smelling. I was just behaving like a prostitute!

He then held my hairs and pushed me in the bed. He started to kiss my boobs. He kissed it each boob for 10 minutes. Then he went to my navel and licked it. He moved down and started to kiss my pussy. I was breathing heavily now. I thought that I might even pee! I think it was the first real orgasm in my life.

I held his hair and pushed it hard into my pussy. All his face was wet due to my fluids. He then stopped and asked me to pose in doggy style. I did that. He wore a condom over his penis and penetrated it in my pussy. Oh my God! It was so amazing. I felt the heat of his dick in my pussy.

His penis entered easily inside as I was wet. But It was too fit for me. It had reached the places where my boyfriend didn’t ever reach. Never have I ever felt so much tightness in my pussy. I gave a huge moan in pain and excitement. He started ramming me and I was moaning like anything..

“Ah… ah ah….ah ah ah ah ah…fuck me..I am your slut.. for a lifetime.. fuck me hard master.. aaahh ahhh aahhh ahhha aahhh ahhh.. oh my god.. this is sooooo goood.. ahh ahhh ahh ahh..I am your slave for lifetime.. I am ready to be your personal slave.. ahh ahhh ahh ahh.. ummm ummmm ummm ahhh.”

With every stroke, I was giving a moaning like this.

After 5 minutes, I lost all my energy. I was completely satisfied, but this man was not stopping. I was enjoying it and was just moaning. We were still in doggy position.

He then started calling me slut.

“What happened, you are tired so early, slut? This is just the starting. I will make you my personal bitch. I will make you fuck 5 people at a time.

You are just tired by a single person? Just imagine what will happen when you will be taken by a group? All your holes will be filled while fucking. You will need to give a blowjob while your pussy and asshole will be fucked.

You will be chained and will be kept in a cage. You will fucked in private bedrooms to open balconies. Are you ready to be a prostitute? You fucking slut! Tell me, are you ready?” he said.

I moaned loudly, “YESSSSS” and kept saying yes yes yes yes till he finished.

I was moaning even after he finished. It was the best sex I ever had in my life. I was sleeping on my tummy and he was sleeping on my back with his semi-erect dick still in my pussy. I had lost all my energy. I still wanted to pee but didn’t have the energy to do that.

The man went to the washroom. It was 9.30 pm now. I was still sleeping naked in his bed. I was half asleep due to pleasure.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my ass. He had returned after taking a bath. He spanked me hard and asked me to get up. I woke up and started to search for my clothes. He stopped me and asked me to make a peg. He ordered me not to wear anything till he say so. I said yes and made a peg for him.

He again offered me alcohol and cigarettes. I sat near him, took a glass in one hand and a cigarette in another. He called someone and the doorbell rang. I was planning to hide. He asked me to relax.

It was room service. The room service man saw me naked. I was feeling ashamed. Then I thought, “I am a prostitute and this is an experience.” I gave back a brave naughty look to that guy. He blushed and went.

The man now said that in this job, the contract will be of 1 year. I might need to travel to other countries. I can keep the tips and gifts from clients. I will have off on my periods. I will be tested every month. I will be on pills for not getting pregnant. There were other clauses, which were boring.

I signed the papers and I was officially a prostitute. He called someone, who took my measurements for new clothes. I was nude while everything happened.

He placed a kiss on my lips and said that I was his property now. We had sex multiple times that night.

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