Missing Essence Part-3

Madhan pumped me and left horny. Mukesh had fucked around 5 times, but still, I was not satisfied. I felt incomplete, and I wanted hardcore drilling to satisfy my lust. Madhan’s dick was in my mind, and I remembered moments with him, especially ass fuck. He fucked me for a long time. His stamina is so far better than Mukesh.

Madhan’s pussy licking was amazing. He kissed, licked, and sucked my pussy at a consistent pace. I was mesmerized with him and thinking about him. Last night Mukesh did not satisfy me, and I started to compare Mukesh and Madhan.

Mukesh’s dick is smaller than Madhan’s. With regards to stamina, Mukesh was not standing near to Madhan. Madhan easily fucked my ass for more than 5 minutes in one round. His stamina is high, and Mukesh even can’t find my asshole. Mukesh never makes my pussy wet like Madhan.

Finally, with lust in my mind, I decided to fulfill my lust with him secretly. I was confident that I can manage Mukesh easily and run the show with Madhan smartly and secured.

Mukesh and I had breakfast, and then he was watching a porn video. I was getting ready to cook lunch. I wore a small nightdress with no inners. I started work in the kitchen, chopping veggies. All of a sudden, Mukesh hugged me from the back and kissed my neck. He slid his hand inside my chest.

I got angry with his act to ask him to leave. But in a flash, he removed my dress. I was nude in the kitchen, and he was nude, too. He bent my back and rubbed his dick on my ass crack. Then he moved inch down and rubbed his dick over my pussy.

I moaned a little. He was trying to push his dick inside my pussy. But it was slipping from the back position. He tried more than twice, but he couldn’t fuck me. Later I held his dick and guided to the correct place. But still, he was not capable to fuck me in that position.

I was horny and asked him to fuck from the back. I was moaning like, “Fuck me from behind.” He could not do that. After 15 minutes of struggle, he turned me to a missionary position in the kitchen. He drilled his dick inside me for less than 3 minutes.

I was angry inside and controlled my feelings. He tried around 15 times to fuck my ass, but he failed to do that. These non- action things make my mind clear to fuck with Madhan. Throughout the day, Mukesh tried to fuck in my ass, but he couldn’t.

Moreover, I was not pleased with him, even though I fucked more than 5 times in a missionary position. I want to fuck in different positions, but Mukesh was not good in this act. The next day morning, I was getting ready for the office and decided to tease Madhan.

So, I have dressed beautifully in a pink shirt and black skirt that ended just below my knee. I put my kajal and adjusted my eyeliner and red lipstick. Mukesh and I reached the office, had our breakfast and left for the respective work desk.

But I didn’t go to the work desk. I went to the washroom and put some more makeup. I unbuttoned my top button and adjusted my shirt to show a little part of my side waist. In short, I wanted Madhan’s attention and focus on me. I started exposing a little to attract Madhan.

I attained the work desk and saw Madhan. I felt shy, and something happened between my legs. I was really scared to see in his eyes directly. Whenever he saw me, I felt I was nude. This continued for two days.

After that, I found a red rose and dark chocolate in my drawer. I really loved his surprise and ate all the chocolates. The next day he kept a lacy pink panty in the drawer. It was soft, and I loved it. I loved his surprises and gift. This was continued for two weeks.

I was living in that moment, and Mukesh was fucking me at night. To be honest, I was sick with Mukesh. No pleasure for me. After two weeks, he stopped keeping gifts in my drawer. Slowly his attention moved towards Sonali Rane.

They both were going for breaks. Sonali was entertaining him with deep cut western dress and low hip pants. Sonali figure is 34, 30, and 36. Her boobs are bigger than my size. I have 32, 28, and 34. Sonali’s ass is heavier than my ass.

Two weeks back, Sonali took training for Madhan on the weekend. I got the periods before one week, due to daily sex with Mukesh and taking pills for not being pregnant.

Sonali is one year older than me and overall seven years older than Madhan. She recently broke up with Swapnil. Swapnil is Mukesh’s gym partner. They both are good friends from college. Swapnil helped us to get this job. He is from Mumbai.

Mukesh told me that Swapnil is impotent. Swapnil has an affair with more than 10 girls. But no one stayed with him no longer than one month. Swapnil is a cash party. He is too rich and supports Sonali by spending on her. But she broke up with Swapnil around a month back.

Madhan was freely touching her hands and walking close to her. I was jealous whenever they went for a break and talked to each other. In short, Madhan was not paying any attention to me. I heard the rumor that Madhan was fucking Sonali.

I was angry with both. But I wanted to confirm either from Sonali or Madhan. I asked Sonali, but she smiled and didn’t respond. I was curious to know if it’s a rumor or real news. Luckily on the weekend, Swapnil came to our flat to meet Mukesh. Swapnil was not happy.

I asked him about Sonali. He told me, “Sonali, that fucking bitch, left me and fucking with Madhan.” I asked, “Is it true or fake? How come you know she was with Madhan?”

Swapnil, with his teary eyes and told me, “They both were caught in front of me on my bed.” Mukesh asked me not to discuss this topic with him. Then they both left. I got the tears in my eyes and cannot believe my bad luck. I cursed Sonali, but I still wanted to fuck with Madhan.

I know it’s wrong, but my mind wants him on the bed. I tried to become close to him, but no luck. After two months, Sonali resigned due to her marriage. I was happy inside that I can grab his attention. But his attention moved to other girls.

After one month, Sonali’s notice period ended. And she was getting ready to leave Pune. I asked her to spend the weekend with me as Mukesh is going to Mumbai on that weekend. I wanted to spend time with her to know about Madhan and why she left Swapnil.

Sonali and I were in the flat. We both drink vodka. So first I made a small peg for her and asked about Swapnil. She didn’t talk much, then I made a strong peg to her. Then gradually, she started talking about Swapnil. She said that Swapnil has a problem with his dick.

He can’t fuck a girl because his dick can’t eject. Swapnil has a deficiency in his body, and no girl wants him. She was having a nightmare with Swapnil as he didn’t please her at all. So she decided to move on.

Then I asked about Madhan, and all sudden, she felt shy. I got angry with her and made her drink 60 ml of vodka. Now she was full drunk and told that Madhan is a favorite girl person. He does sex very perfectly. I asked her, “When did you fuck with him?”

She told me, “It’s in the training room at the weekend. I was giving training to him. He fed me dark chocolates throughout the training and made me horny. But post-lunch, he nailed me.”

I asked Sonali how he nailed her.

Sonali’s story:

I wore a churidar and covered my neck with dupatta. I didn’t expose anything as I was in a relationship with Swapnil. We were in the fifth-floor training room in the last row. It was good till post-lunch. Post lunch, we both entered the training room. He locked the training room, and I was not aware of it.

He fed me dark chocolates from the morning, and I was a little horny. He opened another dark chocolate on kept on the table. I was busy in training and post-lunch, I was feeling sleepy. My dupatta slipped from my body. Without an AC, it was difficult to keep dupatta on my body. So I removed it and kept on the table.

After a few minutes, the dark chocolate melted. He applied melted chocolate on my lips, and he locked my lips with his. I was mute, and my mind was blank. I don’t know how to reach him. And moreover, I want him to kiss as I am not getting this from Swapnil.

His kiss is making me crazy and wet. He locked my tongue with his tongue. I responded to his kiss with my hug. My body started to, shiver and my panty was wet. He unzipped my dress and removed my top. He threw it to the first row. I didn’t stop him and closed my eyes.

He then makes me stand me removed my lower pant. I was in bra and panty. Then he removed my panty till knees and applied melted chocolate on my pussy lips. I felt awesome and shivered. Then he inserted his middle finger in my cunt. I felt heavy and awesome.

I was in a different world as his middle finger reached deep inside my cunt. Then he put a little dupatta piece in my mouth and makes me a seat on furniture. He was doing finger in slowly, then increased the pace. My pussy started leaking, and droplets were falling on the ground.

Then he inserts his index finger too. I was on the moon with his finger in. First time in my life, I experienced g spot feeling. My mind was full of lust, and I was not able to see his eyes directly. He did finger in with his index and middle finger for almost ten minutes.

I was completely wet, and I didn’t realize when he removed my bra. I understand that I was nude and wet. Then he removed his pant, and his dick sprang up. I was full of lust after seeing his dick.

Without my knowledge, I touched his hard and long dick, and he was sucking my nipples. He was flicking my nipples with his tongue, and that made me wet. He was sucking my boob one after another, and I lost my conscious and submitted myself to him.

We will continue in the next episode. Feel free to submit your feedback at lustfulstory@gmail.com.

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