Missing Essence

I faced a lot of problems with my life. But now I forgot those problems, and I am living for my kid and mother. I am a working woman drawing a good salary to survive life in Mumbai city.

Without wasting any time, I will start my story, which has multiple parts. I belong to a small town in UP. My father was working in the central government, and my mother is a housewife. My younger brother and I were both toppers in school.

My dad moved to Mumbai to provide a good education for us. Initially, I hated Mumbai, but later I loved this city. I completed my graduation in Mumbai and got a job at ICICI Bank. My parents were happy with my achievement.

I had a boyfriend when I was in graduation. His name is Mukesh. He is my dad’s colleague’s son. They are from UP too. Mukesh and I both were classmates and college mates. He stays in the same society, so I used to interact with him.

He, too, got a job in ICICI bank. For namesake, we both were love birds during our college days. But I never allowed him to kiss me. I wanted to focus on my career and wanted to top on every skill that helps me to grow in my professional life. I am a very career-oriented person.

I spend two years in ICICI bank, then I moved to another company in Pune. Mukesh, too, followed my footsteps. My parents and Mukesh’s parents knew about our love story and mutually agreed for marriage. Since we both moved to Pune, we started living under the same roof as wife and husband.

I lost my virginity with him in Pune. Mukesh licks my pussy and fucks me, and some times he sucks my boobs. That’s what my sex life with him was, and I was happy. I never gave a blowjob to him. He forced and begged me for a blowjob. But I never gave him because I hate a dick in my mouth.

It’s been over two years in Pune. I got the promotion and got a good hike in these two years. Mukesh, too, was performing well in other processes. We both were happy about the company. We were reaching the financial stability level to meet our expenses.

But life is not smooth. Madhan joined my process, and I had to train him. Madhan is a fresher. He looks like a 22 years old kid. He is south Indian, and his Hindi makes me laugh. But he never took it badly and always looks for improvement.

It’s been two weeks since Madhan has joined the company. But due to the bandwidth issue, we could not train him at all. So my manager asked me to train on the weekend. I agreed and left for home. I had sex that night, and Mukesh fucked me 5 times. He made me sleep nude beside him.

The next day morning, we were both getting ready for the weekend office. The climate was too good for an outing, not for work. Mukesh is a romantic person, and after the shower, he had fucked me again. I dressed up with traditional chudidar. But he removed my dress and asked me to wear a hot dress.

I didn’t say no to him and wore a transparent top and skirt till knees. My top was small and easily showed my waist and navel hole and even my pink bra. Mukesh was happy with my hot dress and asked me to wear a jacket in the office.

We both left for the office. He works on the second floor, and I work on the 4th floor. Mukesh and his all team members were in the office. So I decided not to disturb him. Since its a weekend, the office air conditioner was off. Madhan and I started training in the training room on the 5th floor.

The training room has around 70 computers. Also, it’s easy to train new joiners with the assistance of the projector screen. I train him on how to use applications and other stuff with the help of a projector. After that, he has to work, and I have to supervise his work.

He is a funny person, and his English and Hindi have his mother tongue’s influence. It makes me laugh every time. We had our lunch, and everything looked good. But all of a sudden, the projector stopped working. I called for assistance, but no one was there due to the weekend.

So I decided to sit beside him to do supervision. It’s an afternoon, post-lunch. I feel a little sleepy. The air condition was not there in the training room. I felt suffocated and removed my jacket. I forget about my dress sense and supervised his work.

All of a sudden, Madhan stopped working, and I looked at him. His bull eyes are on my body, and I can see his huge bulge in his pants. I realized that I wore a transparent top with a pink bra. I decided to wear my jacket back as soon as possible. But he held my hand and took me to the last row of the room.

Madhan closed the training room bolt on both the entry sides. To my surprise, I didn’t say anything. My heart was beating like a drum. I can hear my heartbeat, and I was breathing heavily. My handbag, jacket, and mobile were in the front row. I am in the back row, and Madhan reached me.

He kissed on my forehead and hug tightly. With this act, I was clueless and exhaled heavily. He whispered in my ear, “Don’t be panic and trust me. I will be smooth without hurting you much, baby.” I felt shy, and unknowingly, I hugged him back.

After that, he put his tongue inside my mouth and twisted with my tongue and licked my lips. I felt awesome with his kiss as I never experienced from Mukesh. He is such a good kisser, and he kissed for around 10 minutes. I started feeling shy.

My legs started shivering, and my private parts were getting wet. I was not able to maintain eye contact with him. He noticed that and raised my hands up and removed my top. He threw my top to the first row where my jacket was. I was in a bra, skirt, and panty.

I covered my cleavage with my both hands and was feeling shy. I didn’t get this beautiful shy feeling when Mukesh was doing it. I literally submitted myself to Madhan at that stage. He didn’t try to remove my hands from my cleavage. Rather he was down on his knees and kissed my navel smoothly.

I moaned little with his kiss. I removed my hands and put it inside his hair and pushed him for more kisses. He slid his hand in my skirt and press my thighs softly and sucking my navel hole smoothly. I moaned a little louder and had a huge orgasm with his act. I was in his control now.

He unbuttoned my skirt and removed my skirt too. I closed my eyes and was moaning softly. Then he made me turn and removed my bra hooks and removed my 32 bra size. He made me sit on a chair, and he started sucking my melon one after another. I was in a different world with his sucking.

I was enjoying and rubbing his head. Slowly he moved his hand to over my panty and press my pussy. I got the goosebumps, and he bit me both nipples hard. I enjoyed his bite and pressure of his finger over on my pussy. I just was moaning.

Then he slid his hand inside my panty and touched my treasure. It was wet and kissed on my neck smoothly. He rubbed my pussy lips. I lost my control and pulled him up, and gave lip lock kiss. Both the saliva was exchanged, and no mood of breaking our lip kiss.

My legs were shivering, and my hands were in his hair. My tongue was deep inside his tongue, and my body was in goosebumps. I never had this feeling, and I was dying for sex. Finally, we broke our lip kiss, and I pushed him down. He was on knees and removed my panty.

I was nude completely. He sniffed my panty and threw it to the first row. He removed his shirt and made me sit on the computer table. He spread my legs wide and ensured I sat at the edge of the table. He sat on the chair, and he adjusted perfectly that he can eat my wet pussy.

He inserted his middle finger inside my pussy. I bit my lips hard without my knowledge. He touched my G-spot and bite my nipple hard. I was in a different world with his actions, and I had a huge orgasm. My pussy juice was dripping on the floor. I was breathing heavily.

I raised my legs up and kept on Madhan’s lap. Then he inserted his index finger in my pussy. My pussy was feeling heavy with his middle and index finger. Both his fingers hitting my g spot perfectly and makes me moan louder. He started to increase the pace and lip lock my lips due to heavy moans.

His to and fro motion makes me shiver, and my body wants him to fuck hard. I completely enjoyed his act. Later he got down me from the table and pushed me under the table, and removed his pant. He didn’t wear lower, and his dick pops up to 90 degrees. It’s hard and thick.

He pushed his dick into my mouth. I took his dick and started giving blowjob to him under the table. Madhan was pushing his dick hard inside my mouth. But I could not take fully. I was sucking the head of his dick. He cum twice, and I took his warm cum.

He gave instructions to suck hard, and I followed his instruction. I sucked his dick for more than 15 minutes. I never had this with Mukesh, but Madhan is making me his slut. Then he moved me in doggy stylr under the table. It’s completely new to me as I fucked in a missionary position so far.

Madhan rubbed my pussy with his dick. I felt something different with his rub. Then he moved his dick to asshole and put a scarf in my mouth. Then he rubbed my asshole and insert his dick in my asshole with a powerful shot. Since he put the scarf in my mouth, my voice did not come outside.

I felt pain and raised my hip up. But Madhan did not stop and kept drilling his dick in my asshole. It reached deep into my asshole, and he started to and fro shots. His shots were powerful. Whenever he was pushing inside my asshole, his thighs were hitting my ass cheeks hard.

He fucked my ass for around 10 minutes and cum in my ass. My asshole was filled his cum, and he sat on the chair. He stopped fucking me, but still, I was in doggy style for a minute. Then I stood up and sat on his lap. He removed the scarf from my mouth and kissed my cheeks.

Then we kissed for the next 5 minutes. We both were sweating. Madhan was ready for the next round and asked me to doggy style again as he wanted to fuck my pussy from back. I said my knees were in pain asked him to fuck me on the table. He agreed, and I sat edge on the table.

I asked him to kiss on my pussy before he fucks me. He sat on the chair, and he put my legs either side of his shoulder and started kissing on my pussy. I was in a different world with his licking. I put a scarf in my mouth and pushing his head as hard as possible inside my pussy.

He is such a good pussy eater. He knew where to lick and how to eat pussy. Without any break, he sucked my pussy for more than 5 minutes. He licked just over my pussy lips and covered my pussy. I orgasm more than three times, and he drank all the juice.

His tongue was making me crazy. I was pressing his head hard to lick my pussy hard. He twisted his tongue very beautifully inside my pussy lips. I was shivering and enjoying his pussy eating. I never had this experience with Mukesh even though he licks my pussy.

He licked my pussy for around 15 minutes in three to four rounds. I was very horny and wanted his dick in my mouth and pussy hole. I removed my scarf from the mouth and asked him to put the dick in my mouth. Then he asked me to lay on the floor. Without any hesitation, I laid on the floor.

Then he too laid on the floor in the opposite direction. His mouth is near my pussy, and his dick is on my face. He parted my pussy lips and licked inside my pussy. His tongue was making me crazy. I held his dick and put it in my mouth. I was sucking his desperately and drinking his warm cum.

After a few minutes, I was on his top and sucking and kissing his dick and dick balls shamelessly. He was biting, licking, and sucking my pussy and enjoying his act at the most. After a few minutes, he was on me and licking my pussy. I was sucking his dick.

After a few minutes, I felt heavy and could not spare his weight on my body. I requested him to stop and proceed for fuck. As soon as he stopped, I got up and adjusted myself to computer furniture. I spread my legs wider for his invitation. There was no condom with us. But I was not thinking about what will happen next.

At that moment, I want him to fuck me hard. He started to rub my pussy, and all sudden, my mobile started ringing. My mobile ringer volume was high, and suddenly I realized that I was nude. I pushed him back and ran to the first row without my clothes and attended Mukesh’s call.

He was asking when to leave. I said in 15 minutes and asked him to pick me up from the 5th floor after 15 minutes. Madhan was behind me and kissing my back. I said to stop, but he was not in the mood to stop. I pushed him hard, and he lost the balance and fall on the chair.

Then I powerfully kicked his chair like a kung-fu style. It reached enough distance to quickly wear my skirt and jacket. I quickly opened my bag and dropped my phone, top, bra, and panty. I opened the door and ran away to the ladies’ washroom.

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