Paying Guest

I had joined my office in Global Village and was hunting for paying guest accommodation with good surroundings since I was missing my home town a lot.

It was the 4th of September and it was raining heavily. All of you know about water logging in Bengaluru especially at the underpass. I was waiting for my driver to take me to the hotel that I was temporarily staying.

I suddenly saw an aged man pulling his scooter as it had failed due to rain. At first, I tried to ignore him but then felt some pity and walked up to him to help him. I said hello uncle, what happened?

Uncle- “Yaar, start hi nahi ho raha hai”

Me- “ Let me try”.

Uncle- “Yes please”.

I tried but it was of no use. Suddenly, I spotted a mechanic and called out to him. I explained the problem to him. The mechanic said it will take time to repair as it was about to rain again.

He said he will take the scooter to his workshop and repair it and Uncle could come the next day to collect it. Meanwhile, my driver came with the car. I told Uncle that I will give him a lift. He agreed as it had already started raining.

We both entered the car. Uncle said he stayed at Kengeri. We then started talking to each other and introduced ourselves. I learned that uncle is a retired, Central Government Officer, and was originally from Ahmedabad.

He had a son who was a drug addict but had passed away. Now he lived with his daughter-in-law and his grandson. His source of earning was the interest he earned on his savings and some rental income from keeping paying guests.

I told him that I was looking for PG accommodation, as I was presently staying in a hotel. He told me that I could stay at their place as PG and pay the nominal charges. Since my work-place was nearby, I thought of agreeing.

We reached their home and for the first time, I saw his daughter-in-law, OMG. She looked smashing and a stunner. Her name was Diya. I immediately decided to stay there.

The house was two-storied with 2 rooms on the second floor and one room on the third floor. The first floor was already taken on rent. Uncle offered me the 3rd floor which was earlier the bedroom of his son and daughter-in-law.

I said hello to his daughter-in-law. Uncle instructed her to show me the room as he had difficulty climbing due to knee pain. She opened her lips for the first time and said “chaliye”.

Wow, that word turned me on, and my junior started his movements as if she has invited him. I said, “pehle aap”. She didn’t say anything and started climbing the stairs.

She was wearing a saree and her feet were visible while climbing the stairs. Oh god, I was confused about what to see and what not to see. Sometimes, I could see her neck, then waist, then round ass and her silky, smooth legs.

When we reached the third floor, she turned towards me. Wow, her boobs were awesome. I was staring at her boobs and belly. She noticed this and avoided eye contact, opened the door and said “dekhliye jo dekhna hai”

I said, “dekhna to bahut kuch hai”

She- “matlab?”

Me- I mean room, facilities, etc.

She- “fine”

She said, “are you from north India as you speak Hindi”. I said, “no, I am from Karnataka, but I know Hindi”. She didn’t say anything and we came down.

I told Uncle that the room was okay. He said 10k, inclusive all services. I was wondering what he means by all services!! Then he said, it includes breakfast and dinner + electricity charges. I gave 10k as advance and told him I will shift the next day

That entire night I was not able to sleep and eagerly waited for sunlight.

The next day I took leave from the office and reached their place with all my luggage. To my surprise, she was alone. Uncle had left to see the mechanic and her son was sleeping.

She was still in her nightdress when she opened the door. Wow, she looked desirable. I said hello and she said hi, aaiye ander aaiye. I felt like holding her tight but somehow controlled myself.

She told me to sit and bought a glass of water for me. I kept my luggage aside and took the seat. As per her instruction, I moved to the third floor. After some time she came to the terrace for drying the clothes. It was like a jackpot for me.

We chatted normally. Days passed like this, and soon it was 3 months, and nothing other than talks, but finally the day came as per my luck.

Diya called out to me, “Sid… Sid, please come down fast”

It was 11 p.m. I was in my half pants and ran down. Uncle was not in good condition; he was sweating badly. I said we need to take him to the doctor. I took my car and 3 of us went to the hospital.

While holding uncle, many times my hand touched her boobs. But she didn’t respond which might be due to uncle’s health condition. When we reached the hospital, the Doctor examined uncle and said we would need to admit him. A sum of Rs 20000 was to be deposited immediately. I paid the sum and completed the formalities and decided to stay back in the hospital.

She thanked me for the funds and told me to go back as she will stay. I didn’t agree and said that I will drop her and will come back. The Doctor said there was no need to stay as uncle will awake only in the morning.

Both of us decided to leave. Wow, for the first time I will drive her alone at night. I saw an ice cream vendor and offered her an ice cream. We started the journey. She was licking the ice cream and her hair was flying. I was looking at her continuously which she noticed and said “kya hua?”

I said you are gorgeous. She smiled and said thanks, dear. I decreased the speed of the car and suddenly her ice cream melted and fell on my half pant due to speed breaker. She was continuously saying sorry… sorry. I said its ok. ghar jaake saaf kar lunga

She said, “nahi aap kyu saaf karoge jab maine girai hai”. She took a tissue and started cleaning my half pant. My junior was already half awake and now it began to grow after her touch. She noticed it and at first had some hesitation, but then she was normal with it.

Ohh god, she was pressing with her hands and we reached home. Both of us were in a different world and our eyes were speaking. I parked the car and she got down.

Then she asked me to come to her house for coffee and to wash my half pant. I parked the car in a hurry and followed her. Now I had a feeling that I will get what I want. She locked the door as I entered and moved to the kitchen to prepare coffee.

I followed her and stood behind her back and started chatting with her. I don’t know how I managed to keep my hand on her shoulder. She stared at me and I was confused. She said, “what?” I said I love to have milk for which she asked “kiska”

I said “yours’

She smiled and I hugged her from the back. My penis was touching her ass and she started moaning. She turned the stove off and now I started to kiss her neck, her ears, her back and started pushing her ass. She was leaning on the shelf and I was tendering kisses on her body.

Ohh god I was so excited and she was so hot. I took her in my arms and move towards the bedroom.

I placed her on the bed and was smooching her all over her body. She was moaning and saying, “ohh Sid, love me hard”

I started undressing her, removed her blouse by unhooking all the five hooks, and started kissing over her black bra. Then slowly I unhooked her bra and started kissing her nipples and then her belly. Slowly, I undid her saree and petticoat in one go. Wow, now her milky thighs were in front of me.

I started moving my finger on her thighs and panty which was wet. Then I started moving my tongue on her thighs from top to bottom and made both thighs wet while my finger was playing with her belly and boobs. I turned her around and started licking her toes, then her feet and then her ass. I kissed both her ass cheeks and began moving inside with my tongue.

I told her to remove her panty, for which she replied its all yours, so you do the honor of removing it. She raised herself up so that I can easily remove her panty.

Then I removed the panty and kissed her pussy which had little hair. I started pressing her boobs and she started kissing me passionately. She took my penis in her hand and started stroking it and whispered in my ears “Sid please daal do, can’t control anymore”

I asked for protection, but she said no worries, safe time hai.

Without waiting for another command and without teasing her more, I started penetrating my penis in her pussy. A Rooh Afza cold drink bottle was on the table. I took the bottle and poured a few drops on her lips and boobs and started sucking her lips and boobs.

I was biting her boobs and moving my tongue on her neck, kissing her ears, and pressing her boobs. She was out of control and started biting my chest and her bails were scratching my skin from my back.

She placed both her palms on my ass and started pressing me so that I can reach maximum inside her. I was kissing her forehead, her eyes, her cheeks, her chin and sucking her upper lips and moving my tongue inside her mouth.

I asked, “kaisa lag raha hai, Diya”? She replied, “aisa lag raha hai mano larki se aurat ban rahi hoon”. I moved my hand towards her ass and pressed her ass and moved my finger inside her tight hole. She screamed and held me tight. Ohh god, what a lovely feeling. I was about to come so decided to change the position and shifted to doggy style.

She was on all fours holding the edge of the bed and I was taking entry from rear. Wow, I held her hair and started pulling her. Then placed my hands on her boobs and held them as they were jumping up and down in the air. I increased my speed and she was shouting “fuck me, fuck me, harder. Come inside me. I was starving for this. Diya is all yours Sid”.

I was about to discharge and told her. She said, “fine come inside me”. I released all my sperms in her and both of us lay down on the bed.

Wow, this was a different experience. We went to the washroom to clean up. I helped her wash her pussy and also get her dressed. We came back and slept hugging each other.

I kissed her forehead and said, you look beautiful in my arms. She curled up further and kissed me on my hairy chest. I will tell you in another story about how our relationship matured further.

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