Lustful Rendezvous Part-5

I followed Sandy into the bathroom as a lamb follows his master. My dick was completely limp. Her bathroom was tastefully crafted – a shower room with glass walls. There was a nice jacuzzi tub carefully crafted with wood-like marble.

Next to that between a cupboard and jacuzzi was the commode. The cupboard was right next to the shower cubicle, which usually has towels and a few pairs of Sandy’s awesome lingerie collection.

This was a totally new experience for me ever in life. Here I was, a 21-year-old guy who had sex with two girls more or less of my age. Never ever had I such detailed foreplay sessions. Never ever got into the bath with a woman. It was all new for me.

We got into the bathroom, and I went into the shower room. Sandy went towards the cupboard. The moment the feeling sunk in that I was going to shower with this sex bomb. My dick went up straight. Completely erect and completely thick.

Sandy came back with something in her hand and saw my erect pole-like dick and started laughing.

V: Can we do it again now under the shower?

She kept smiling controlling her laughter and handed a shower cap to me

S: Wear this. You don’t want your hair to get wet. Would you tell your mom of rain that never came, mama’s boy?

I wore mine. She raised her arms to tie her hair in a bun. I looked for the first time so closely into her cleanly shaven armpits. I immediately wanted to lick them. I did not, though. She smelt out of the world. Her beautiful areolas and her taut erect nipples were driving me crazy.

Her boobs were really huge and shapely. Here was my dream woman standing in front of me, 5”7, a beautiful face, full red lips, deep brown eyes. The most amazing pair of boobs. Slightly plump tummy with a soft curve above the pussy. Beautiful silky back with no love handles and a deep sexy navel.

The sexiest pair of thighs that I have ever seen in reality. Shapely strong and glistening. And of course a divine beautiful big ass with not a scratch or a stretch mark on it. She was really a woman to die for. She disturbed me from my thoughts

S: Babe! We are not going to do it now.

I was kind of let down.

S: We will resume back in the room if you have time.

I just nodded my head.

S: We are just going to have a lovely shower now. I will bathe you. I guess nobody has bathed you since you were a little boy. Isn’t it mama’s boy?

I laughed as well and nodded my head in agreement

S: And you shall bathe me. But strictly no fucking.

I was already rock hard

V: Sure, Sandy. But at least can we kiss. I love kissing you.

S: Sure, babe. That makes two of us. You are a damn good kisser.

I smiled with satisfaction. She turned the shower on and pulled me towards her. We just stood there in an embrace for a while. The hot water jet was flowing all over our bodies, and we let our bodies get wet. She opened her arms while I held her still. She reached out to the shower gel and started soaping my back.

She slowly was caressing with the lather and slowly started using her long sharp nails to caress my back. Wow! This was something I had never experienced in my life. She seemed a pro. Not only that. I was convinced here. That Sandy was completely committed to this lustful relationship.

She would return every favor and make me completely satisfied, as well. I felt like I was in heaven. I had my eyes closed. Those beautiful heavenly huge boobs pressed into my chest. Sandy’s hands caressing my back. Slowly she started caressing my asscheeks with soap.

And suddenly she ran her fingers through my ass crack. That was it. I opened my eyes, and I looked at her. All the while, it seemed that she was looking at me. I immediately pressed my lips on hers, and we began kissing. There were so much heat and lust.

Our tongues were fighting each other. Romancing each other and licking each other. Our saliva was exchanged copiously. We were kissing for more than 10 minutes while my dick was rubbing her cute tummy. I broke the kiss.

V: Let me return the favor now. (I wanted to ask her if she had done something like this before. But I let it be.)

S: Pleasure is all mine, babe. But go slow.

I took the shower gel in my palms. She turned her back towards me, leaning over me. The water from the shower was falling over my shoulders. She turned her neck and continued kissing me. I slowly started soaping her huge tits, slowly and carefully.

Gently massing her tits, pressing them both together. Holding one of them in both hands and massaging and then next one. Encircling my finger over her soap covered taut nipples. My dick was rubbing slightly above her ass. She could feel my tension. She broke the kiss looked into my eyes and said

S: Babe, don’t cum. I know you can hold for very long.

She started kissing me again. I moved one of my hands towards her tummy while my right hand was still massaging her lovely boobs. I slowly started soaping her beautiful tummy. I circled her deep navel with my finger and slowly fingered it. Sandy broke the kiss and laughed and said.

S: It feels ticklish. But good too.

She continued kissing. She is the best kisser I have found in my life. The best part is that we both loved kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. I took a little more gel and started soaping her pubic area.

She spread her legs, and I started to soap her inner thighs. I tried to slowly finger her by pushing my middle finger inside her pussy. She immediately slapped my hand and said

S: No fucking means ‘No fucking.’ Not even finger. Just soap it up.

I took a little more gel and continuously soaped her pussy for a while. Now she turned around. I started soaping her back and slowly moved towards her beautiful butt. I took a little more gel and start squeezing her sexy big bum with soap and shaking it up.

I also traversed my fingers between her ass crack but did not touch her ass hole intentionally. She broke the kiss. Looked at me for a moment. Moaned and started kissing me vigorously. The thing about women is that they can cum silently and multiple times. I knew she liked what I did, and she had orgasmed.

Now she sat down in front of me. I mean, squatted. I had never ever seen a woman doing that in reality. She looked divine as she squatted with her legs wide open. She took the shower gel and started to apply it over my erect dick and my balls slowly.

She slowly ruffled my foreskin back and forth. She soaped and cleaned the slit on my dick and then slowly soaped my cleanly shaven balls. It was a heavenly feeling. I turned around. She took some shower gel and applied it generously over my ass and my thighs and calves.

She massaged me with the soap. I went absolutely crazy. My dick, although free, was completely strained. But I could hold on for quite long since I had cum just a few minutes before. I turned around and pulled Sandy from her squatting position.

I must admit. It has always been the best sight of my life to see Sandy squatting with her legs wide open. We started kissing again. We went on for a few minutes with the warm water flowing over our bodies. We just loved kissing each other.

Sandy turned the shower off. She stepped out of the shower area carefully on the shower mat and waited for free droplets of water to fall off.

V: Can I ask you something? Did you cum while in the shower?

S: Of course, yes. Twice. And loved it.

V: Damn! I could make out only once.

She simply smiled and got two white towels from the cupboard. She threw one at me.

S: Babe, dry yourself clean. Don’t have even a single drop of water on your body.

We wiped ourselves clean and dry. I wrapped the towel around my waist and waited. To my utter surprise, Sandy wrapped the towel tight around her waist as well. I had always seen women wrapping the towel from their breasts till their knees in the movies.

There was a bomb completely going berserk. She walked out of the bathroom into the room. I followed her with my mouth open and dick, making a tent in the towel. She looked at me.

S: Don’t be surprised. You have seen every inch of me. Then what’s the point in hiding. I might as well be comfy… isn’t it?

V: Well… yeah, sure.

S: I will be a few minutes doll. If you want something to drink or eat. Go discretely below and get it yourself.

V: No. I am fine.

S: Then make yourself comfy.

I sat on the couch. Sandy went to the cupboard, collected an exotic body lotion, and stood in front of the mirror. With her back facing me. He beautiful silky hair falling freely over her butter like back. Her wide butt tightly wrapped in the white towel drove me crazy as ever.

She first applied lip balm carefully on her full beautiful red lips. She took out a small bottle of lotion and applied it on her face, diligently for almost 5 minutes. She then took out the body lotion and started applying it over her neck and then slowly over her huge boobs.

Wow! She took great care of her boobs. She took each boob in her palms. Carefully applied the lotion. Kneaded them softly. She did the same with both the boobs. Then finally, she took some more lotion and started applying on her taut erect nipples and massaging them. I broke the silence.

V: You must always have been having a lot of fan following, right?

S: You could say that, babe. I have always been a queen bee. I know I have always been good looking. But my boobs always drew a lot of attention. Not just from men. But also from women.

V: Hell! Really?

S: Yes, babe. Many of my girlfriends have spoken to me about it.

V: Saying what?

S: Saying, ‘You have such big and nice and round boobs. How did you manage to get them? Did you go for silicon? Does your boyfriend massage you a lot?’ Etc etc. I tell them it is God’s gift.

V: Has any woman also seen these beauties?

S: A couple of them. During our excursions, while I changed my clothes. Before my wedding. Back then, I used to be a little smaller but still huge compared to others.

V: What were you then?

I asked excitedly. She started laughing and said, “I was 33c.”

S: In the initial years of my working back then, I did not have lingerie of a good collection. Though I bought branded stuff, I couldn’t buy much because I was still borrowing some money from my folks.

S: Later on, when I went on to buy nice stuff. Some of my colleagues were envious of me. Both because of my size and my collection.

V: Wow! You are a bomb, hottie.

She was now applying the lotion all over her tummy and sides.

V: You must have had an even bigger fan base for your gorgeous bum, isn’t it?

She laughed as she dropped the towel, and her big beautiful ass was in full glory naked in front of me. She started applying the lotion over her thighs one after another by raising them to the dressing table.

S: I knew you would ask this as well. I don’t really know. I may have had. But you’re the first one to be vocal about it.

V: Vocal? I am mad about it.

The next thing that happened blew my brains out. Sandy applied the lotion, her ass cheeks, and carefully massaged her ass cheeks. She took out a little more lotion and then applied it on the crack and as I could see.

She carefully applied the lotion on her light brown, puckered beautiful asshole. Wow! It was mind-blowing.

S: Come on, tiger. Come to me.

She started climbing into the bed. I went over, and we started kissing. I broke the kiss and said

V: You smell erotic. Is it a special lotion?

S: No. It is the one I apply daily. I usually don’t wear perfume or deo. This lotion takes care of that

We went back to kissing. Sandy was here, caressing my dick over the towel. Our kissing started to get furious. Saliva was flowing freely. I loved the taste of her saliva and the smell of her mouth. She let her hand through the towel and started scratching the bottom of my balls. I couldn’t take it longer

I pulled her over me. With her boobs crushed on my chest and we continued kissing. My hands reached out to her beautiful bum and started squeezing them as if there was no tomorrow. I spread her legs touched her pussy. Damn! She was wet. Copiously wet.

I put two fingers inside and brought them back to my mouth. We started kissing over her juices. Both of us licking the fingers. I let my fingers back in her pussy. I started fingering her slowly as we continued our kissing frenzy. She started licking my face with heavy saliva.

I slightly had increased the pace of my fingering and after 3-4 minutes. I, without any notice, pinched her clit sharply. She rose and held my face in her boobs and screamed. She calmed down almost after a minute. I almost felt suffocated between her boobs. She had started to sweat and started to smell even lovelier.

S: You are beautiful. You are a great find.

V: You make me good, Sandy.

S: Really, doll?

Sandy lowered herself and started kissing me sweetly and slowly savoring every bit of my saliva. I was doing the same. She was fumbling to reach my dick, which eventually reached over the towel and started to stroke.

S: Wanna have more fun, baby?

V: Bring it on, sexy.

She started grinding her wet pussy over my stomach and started playing with her bombastic boobs. I could feel the wetness over my stomach. She let her boobs free. Stretched her hands behind and pulled off the towel from my waist. She slowly moved down and sat over my dick. It was a great feeling.

It was the sexiest and hottest feeling of her sexy bum over my dick. But on the other hand, the sweet pain of my dick being crushed. She stood up now and adjusted herself across my thighs and slowly lowered her pussy, holding my dick.

It was a smooth move. She was dripping wet. Slowly I was inside her completely, and she moaned satisfactorily.

S: babe. You fill me, and I love it.

V: So do I, hottie.

She slowly started grinding up and down. I reached out to hold her beautiful bum. I was lost in a trance. Her hair had fallen down. She raised her arms to tie them up into a bun. Her clean white armpits shone with her sweat and the aroma oozing out.

Her huge boobs, taut nipples were heaving up and down as she gyrated up and down on my dick. I couldn’t have asked for a better sight. Her eyes were filled with lust, and her smile was seductively hot. This was the first time I was experiencing a cowgirl position.

I bent down, and I saw that my dick was inside her completely. My balls were getting wet because of the juices overflowing from her divine cunt. Oh! We both loved that slow pace of fucking. It was out of the world, and Sandy continued to moan incessantly.

I reached my hands to her beautiful boobs and started squeezing them. She put her hands over mine and started squeeze with more force. I held both her nipples between my thumb and index finger and started to massage them. She smiled at me sexily

She said, “Babe, you know how to please a woman. I love what you are doing.” She started increasing her speed and what a sight it was to see her huge boobs dancing right in front of my eyes. I held her by her hands and pulled her towards me. Her boobs were crushed against my chest.

I wrapped my arms around her waist. We started kissing slowly. I started to fuck her now from below. Slowly and steadily with long strokes. I held her by my left hand and let my right hand roam on her sexy back. It was smooth as butter and boy! She was sweating.

Sandy went on moaning as we kissed. I now held her a little tight and started to increase my pace. I started fucking her with full speed for almost five minutes. The room was reverberating of ‘plock, plock’ sound. She was moaning quite loudly now.

After five minutes of rapid speed, I slowed down. I moved her hair strands, falling over my face to see her beautiful sexy face. Her sexy face was glistening of sweat. She looked divinely sexy. I fucked her slowly. I held her tight again and started to increase the speed, and she started to moan again loudly.

I held her head tight this time and kept almost tongue fucking her mouth. Quite miffing her moans. This time I went for a longer time. She orgasmed in between, and she wanted to rise. I simply held her tightly and continued to kiss her quite forcibly.

I went with high speed for almost seven minutes. I shot my load. I shot my load almost for a minute. I loosened the grip. She got up. My dick was still hard and in her pussy. She started to gyrate and said with a beautiful smile. Both of us were sweating like pigs.

For the first time, she started caressing my wet torso and started playing with my nipples. She had a smile on her face. I pulled her back to me. We started kissing with a lot of passion now and slowly chewing on each other and sucking each other’s saliva.

I turned around, and we went into a missionary position. We kept kissing until my dick became semi-erect. I pulled out and lay next to her. We were silent for a few minutes, and then I asked.

V: Sandy, can I please ask you something?

S: Go ahead, doll.

V: Can I see you get dressed as well today, please?

S: Alright, babe. I won’t disappoint you. But first, let me wash up and come, ok?

Then she did something that I never had ever thought would happen. She got up and went straight for my dick. It was covered with my semen and her juices. She just took my semi-erect dick inside her mouth and licked my balls clean.

Before I could realize what was happening. Sandy had gone into the bathroom to clean herself. A few minutes later, as I still lay in the bed, she came out of the bathroom with a towel and started wiping herself clean and dry.

S: Go on, baby. Clean yourself and come. Water is always cleaner.

I went cleaned and came back. She wiped me clean and dry, as well. She caressed my dick with the towel and wiped it. I put my hand on her sexy bum and pulled her towards me. We were kissing again. We really enjoyed kissing each other.

She broke the kiss and opened her cupboard. I saw at least 100 pairs of lingerie there. Some of them were extremely expensive and designer stuff. She had almost every color and shade you could name.

S: Choose a comfy pair. I don’t want to go out now.

I chose a white pair with flowers on them of cotton. I saw her wearing them, and then she pulled a tee and pajamas and wore them as well.

S: It is time you get dressed and get going, Vikki.

She was almost back to her cold self.

V: When can I see you again?

S: Tomorrow. I will message you.

I got dressed and was ready to leave. For the first time, we kissed a departing kiss, which lasted for about 2 minutes. Then I was on my way. I was excited and was looking forward to the next day.

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