Lustful Rendezvous Part-4

The next day, I woke up, and the first thing that came to my mind was Sandy and the desperate sex I had with her. Her beautiful body and especially her beautiful sexy ass. How I wished I could ass fuck her. But in vain she had gone away. I wondered she had taken my number, but I did not have hers.

I thought of asking mom, but I did not want to give rise to any doubts at all. I imagined being with her and started wanking off in the bed itself. It was a wonderful orgasm. This was the first time in my life that I actually fucked a woman and still wanked off imagining her.

I then showered and got ready. And it was midday. I already had kind of got desperate. Sandy wasn’t around, neither did she message me or call me. I knew heart in heart. She wouldn’t do that. But I was still hoping that she does. I somehow passed the day with high desperation.

I wanked off at least 5 times that day, just imagining being inside Sandy. The next day morning, I went for my usual jog and passed Sandy’s home. I found it locked. I did the same routine in the evening, expecting her to be back home. I still found the house locked.

I started having an unusual feeling with butterflies in my stomach. I had begun wondering if Sandy has moved houses or rather cities. I didn’t know what to do. I felt like I was lost in a dark jungle. However, I jogged the next day morning, hoping that she may be back, but in vain.

This went on for a week. Sandy had said that she would be back in a couple of days, and this dragged on for a week now. I continued to jog, though, and on the 8th day. Early in the morning, I saw the gate wide open at Sandy’s place. There was a car just parked, and someone was getting down from the car.

It was her. My diva was back. I tried to grab her attention by doing burpees right in front of the gate. She saw me but chose to ignore me. Then a man got down from the car. It was her husband. He was a good looking chap with decent fitness. Both of them went inside the home and locked the door.

I headed back, and I was somehow desperate to hear from her. Her look was indifferent to me. But I thought maybe I should be ready and surprise her. For the first time, I shaved my pubic hair in life. I used my trimmer and cleaned off every single hair around my dick and waited for some sign from Sandy.

My mom came by to my room and started speaking to me out of the blue.

Mom: Sandhya had told me that she was coming back today. I am not sure if she has or not.

My mom knew about her, and maybe she wanted mom to know so that I also know.

Mom: I hope she has got some things. I wanted it from Mysore.

V: Why don’t you just call her and ask her?

Mom: Yeah, that’s a good idea.

She called Sandy stepping outside the room. After a few minutes, she came and announced.

Mom: She said she will be here in the evening. I can shower without worries. Then go out to Granny’s place and come back by evening.

V: As you please, mom.

Mom: There will be lunch prepared before I leave. If you are home, we can have lunch together. Ok?

V: Sure, Mom.

It was around 9:30 in the morning, and my phone beeps of a WhatsApp message. It just read. ‘11 AM, my place.’ I stared at my phone for a moment and then I started jumping and pumping in the air. I was elated. I replied, “Yes, yes, yes, yes.”

I couldn’t wait for it to be 11. I was right at her doorstep, ringing the bell at 11. She opened the door. I could see her a little pale, though. I immediately rushed at her and held her in my arms and hugged her tight. She pushed me away with all her might.

S: Don’t be a despo all the time, dude.

She was wearing tight white leggings. A black kurti reaching just below her crotch. A gray hoodie. Her hair was left open. The hoodie was trying real hard to conceal her beautiful big boobs.

S: Vikki, I haven’t had a bath yet. Is it ok for you, or would you want me to take a bath and come?
V: I just love it the way you are, Sandy.

She just smiled and nodded her head, kind of dismissing me. She got up from the couch. She took off her hoodie. Her kurti rose a bit to show off her midriff. What a woman she was. Not a single wrinkle or stretch mark. I started getting hard. She walked ahead, as usual, swaying her beautiful ass.

V: Sandy, can I ask you something? Why do you sway your hips so much, especially when walking ahead of me?

S: Hahaha, that’s to entice you, babe. I know you like it that way.

We were in the room. I held her from the back.

V: I missed you, Sandy.

She took off my hands and turned towards me.

S: I had some mishaps in my family. That’s why it took so long. I had informed your mom and thought you might know.

V: No, I never asked her about you ever.

S: Well, that’s ok, and during this one week. I decided many times that I don’t want to take it any forward with you and had decided as well. However, today when I was alone, I changed my mind. Vikki, young boy, you are definitely worth taking a risk. And yes, I missed the sex with you.

V: My heart stopped beating for a moment, Sandy.

S: Hmmm, and I have a surprise for you.

V: Hmm? Then that makes two of us.

She held my hand and pulled me towards her and put my hands around her waist. She was now in a sexy white legging and sleeveless black short kurti with some embroidery. She put her hands around my neck and was staring into my eyes. All I could see was a fire of lust.

Since she had not worn any perfume, the feminine scent from her armpits started driving me crazy. We slowly started kissing. I think this feeling lasted till we moved on later after years. Her kiss was always out of the world and intoxicating. I slowly moved hands over her back while kissing her.

We were chewing each other’s lips. She moved her hands over my ass over my jeans and started caressing and squeezing them. It was hard now. I slowly traced my hands to her sexy big beautiful butt and pulled her with force towards me.

She broke the kiss, and as customary, she started removing my tee. I got rid of my jeans. I was in pure white underwear with a huge bulge. She ran her palm over my bulge.

S: Mmmm. I like candy. I love my men in white undies, great choice, babe.

V: Mmm, anything for you, diva.

And we started kissing for a little more longer. Our tongues fighting and loving each other. Saliva from our mouths was a free flow into each other’s mouths. While kissing, I removed the zipper of her kurti on the back. We broke the kiss, and I helped her get out of her kurti.

I noticed that she had worn a tight black spaghetti.

V: What is this for?

She was holding me tight on my ass and pulling towards her while squeezing my butt (though it is only muscles). My bulge was pressing her at almost her sexy navel.

S: Well, you know, doll, don’t you? My boobs are a little bigger. This, with a normal bra, helps keep them in a check and does not draw unwanted attention.

Her cleavage was sexy and thick.

V: Little big? Your boobs are out of the world. I am sure I could fuck them and orgasm.

S: Really? You think so?

V: Wanna try it?

S: Some other day. Let me go for a sec. Need to send a text quickly.

I let Sandy go but just kept staring at her. She noticed. I just kept staring at the sexiest woman I have been with standing in front of me looking awesomely hot. I was just wondering how Sandy becomes so cool and friendly when we fuck and otherwise becomes so stern and rigid.

S: Vikki, do you have time today, or do you have to rush?

V: Of course, I have the world for you, Sandy.

S: C’mon, stop bullshitting, and come. What are you waiting for?

I went close to her and held her by her waist and pulled her towards me.

S: I just wanted to take it slow and for a longer time today. Hope you don’t have a problem?

I did not respond but started kissing her. Soon we were in a frenzy of kissing. Our tongues were fighting each other, making love to each other, and our saliva was copiously getting exchanged. Her arms were around my neck. I could smell her sweet natural feminine fragrance from her clean armpits.

It was driving me crazier for her. We kissed for a long time standing, Almost for about 15-20 minutes. My hands were all over her sensuous back at first, and then slowly, I moved them to her gorgeous sexy ass. I took my time and caressed her for a long time and squeezed them to my heart’s content.

Trust me, they are so big, firm, yet so soft. The beauty is that she does not have a single wrinkle or a stretch mark anywhere on her body. She seems chiseled and that with her big sexy ass, not having a stretch mark makes it absolutely loveable.

Finally, I started jiggling her asscheeks. Then she broke the kiss and started laughing. She looked into my eyes.

S: My calculations came true doll. I guessed you could go long since you are a runner, and I was correct. I love the time for which you can go on.

I just smiled and picked her up her feet and placed her on her bed. I spread her legs went over her and started kissing her. Later at some point in time, we realized that we loved kissing each other a lot. That turned us on a lot.

While I was kissing her, I was rubbing my dick inside my undies on her crotch over her legging. I broke the kiss and wanted to go down on Sandy. She held me by my arms.

S: Babe, let me return the favor today for the first time.

I was a little confused. She pulled me over to the bed and spread my legs wide. She knelt down, and her cleavage was like heaven. She removed her mangalsutra and gave it to me to put it on the desk next to the bed. She then rubbed her face over my dick, still in undies.

S: Doll, you smell very delicious too.

Saying this, she kissed my dick over my undies and kissed my scrotum as well.

S: Today, let me also make your undies wet? What do you say, babe?

V: Your wish is my command, baby.

She started sucking my dick over my undies. Rather clearly making my undies wet with her saliva. Slowly she removed my undies, and my dick sprang like a pole.

V: Surprise!

She saw my cleanly shaved dick. The area around my dick and my balls were cleanly shaved. She smiled for the first time with a sign of acknowledgment and thankfulness.

S: I do love it, babe! First time in my life in reality. You are beautiful, babe.

V: All for you, Sandy, and its all yours.

She started licking my balls, and I was in heaven. Slowly from the bottom to the top of my dick. Then she rolled her tongue over the area of my shaven pubic hair and started licking with a copious amount of saliva. Then she slowly started pulling my foreskin to expose my mushroom head.

S: Babe, you are fucking big!

V: Hope you like it, babe. Can you over on the top, I can’t just feel you.

She came towards my right and continued. She started sucking my dick with so much concentration. I was prepared so that I don’t cum soon. She teased me by licking the slit on my dick.

Meanwhile, I was squeezing her sexy ass over her leggings, and then I slowly started rubbing her crotch. I had guessed what her surprise was by then. She got a hint of it as well, and she stopped.

S: Babe, just watch. Let me get undressed.

She stood over me in the bed, and she removed her legging. She wore sexy gray lace panties and what a divine scene it was. The woman of my dreams was in gray panties with a black spaghetti and gray bra inside oozing oomph and sex unlimited.

She got rid of her spaghetti as well. She finally got rid of her bra and threw it at me. She knew I would love to smell her bra cups and which I did. She was standing there only in her panties, looking like a goddess.

Her beautiful big breast, the most symmetrical, drove me crazy yet again. Her nipples were taut and as erect as my dick.

S: Close your eyes.

I did.

S: Open. Tada! Surprise!

She had shaved her enormous bush very carefully. There wasn’t a single strand of hair, and this was the best scene in the world. The most beautiful pussy in the world I had ever had. Absolutely no deformities. Straight as a line with her legs closed and her clit peeking out very small.

S: Do you like what you see, babe?

V: I love it. I just love it. You have the world’s most beautiful pussy hottie.

S: C’mon. Stop the crap.

She came towards my right and resumed blowing me. By now, she was sweating, and her fragrance was heavenly.

V: Sandy, why don’t we do a 69 position?

S: Sure.

I adjusted myself, and she placed over her legs to my side. This was the first of the best moments of my sex life. Sandy’s huge bum and her shapely thighs were right at my face. I put my face in her ass crack and squeezed and jiggled her ass cheeks. The feeling was heavenly.

I wanted to smack her ass cheeks, but I did not dare. I spread her ass cheeks, and I noticed how much of care she had taken to shave. There was not a single strand of hair anywhere at all. Not even on her ass hole, and this was another most beautiful thing about her.

Her ass hole. Slightly dark brown in color, puckered. I knew it immediately that one day, I would fuck her in there. Meanwhile, she went on sucking my dick, and I knew she was a pro. She took long strides of her tongue from bottom to top and all around the girth.

Bending ahead and sucking my balls as if they were sucked by vacuum. I moved my foreskin back from the dick, and she just sucked on it. And her heavenly boobs crushed over my tummy. What could one ask for more? I started to open her pussy lips to suck her clit, and she was dripping.

V: Sandy, baby, you are dripping.

S: What do you expect, doll? To be dry as a desert in your presence? You do that do to me. Frankly, though I have a good sex life, I haven’t been so wet in a long time.

She said that, and she continued. I started slapping her clit fast with my tongue. She started moaning with gagging my dick I varied the pace – sometimes slow, sometimes fast and sometimes super fast. After a few minutes, I without giving a hint abruptly chewed on her clit with a mild force.

She took her mouth off my dick and moaned like a horse. I knew she had her first orgasm. She screamed, “Bitch! That was hot,” and laid down for a minute. Then she started at my dick again. This time she used her teeth as she went down inducing a pleasurable pain.

I dug my face again in her pussy and started sucking her clit and slapping it with my tongue. Did that for a few minutes, and then I inserted two fingers from the top and started slowly finger fucking her. Sandy was moaning and sweating. I was eating her clit like there is no tomorrow and finger fucking her slowly.

In between, I took my fingers and extended it to her. She stopped at my dick and licked her fingers clean. It was a huge turn-on for me. I continued eating her clit and finger fucking her for almost 10 minutes. Then accidentally I pressed her asshole with my thumb.

She left my dick and rose above, holding my thighs really tight. She had her second orgasm.

S: Baby! You are good, you know how to please a woman. Let me show you my skills now.

She went back to her original position between my legs and started sucking my dick. What a scene it was! I could see her legs spread in the mirror at the end of the bed. Her dripping pussy and her asshole was a sight to watch. Though I loved the sight of her at my dick.

I was engrossed in looking at her in the mirror. Suddenly out of nowhere, she scratched the surface below my balls with her long fingernails. It triggered me off. I screamed and orgasmed into her mouth. I ejaculated spurts after spurts, maybe 4-5 times of thick semen.

To my utter astonishment, she gulped down the whole thing.

V: Sandy?

She got up.

S: What happened? No big deal, babe, after all, it is fructose and glucose. Plus, I wont get pregnant that way as well.

She laughed and came over to kiss me. I hesitated for a moment. Then I thought of having no inhibitions with Sandy and kissed her. Kissed her deep. I tasted my semen for the first time in my life. Frankly, it was just a little sour and nothing great about it.

Strangely I did not feel disgusted. Maybe it was because it came from Sandy’s mouth. We laid there like that for a few minutes, with both of us sweating. I guess we both loved to sweat while having sex. We had never turned on AC usually unless it was peak summer.

Sandy got up. Stood next to the bed.

S: Do you mind sharing a shower with me?

V: Of course not, It will be my pleasure.

I got up and followed her into the shower.

What happens in the shower will come in the next part. For any feedback, please do write to

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