Lustful Rendezvous Part-3

I reached home from Sandy’s place around 1:30 pm. I had a bit of a scolding from mom as to where I was and stuff. We all ate lunch at home. The whole time, I was thinking only about what happened in the afternoon. I seriously couldn’t believe a bit if I really had sex with Sandy.

I was desperately waiting for the evening at 5 pm. During this time, I wanked off twice. I was all prepared. It was 4 pm. I shaved clean, brushed my teeth, and took a bath. I wore the best perfume that I had. I did not wear a boxer. Instead, I wore black jockey underwear.

I wore low rise jeans with a red t-shirt. It was at about 4:45 pm that I headed to Sandy’s home, walking. I was there at 4:55 pm. I waited till it was 5 and rang the bell. She did not answer. I stood there for about 5 minutes. I rang the bell again, and there was no answer yet.

The first time in years, I started feeling untellable fears, experienced butterflies in my stomach. I started looking around and pacing in the compound. Suddenly a flurry of thoughts came into my mind. Was it an illusion that happened in the afternoon, was it just once? Will I be shooed away now?

By this time, I was at the gate, and I heard the door click. The diva opened the door and called. I rushed inside. At the doorstep, she asked.

S: It looks like you aren’t interested, you were going back?

V: Oh, no. Not at all. I was just pacing around. I don’t know, I am a bit tensed.

S: Alright, come in. You didn’t look like a punctual boy, after all. So I never thought you would be here promptly on time.

I was just staring at her. She had just finished her yoga. She was wearing a dark grey colored tight tracks and pink sports vest. It held her big beautiful boobs very tight. Nobody could ever guess she was 34d in that vest.

I could make out under the vest, she wore a sports bra. She walked ahead, and her deliberate swaying of ass came again.

S: I’ll get you something to drink.

She walked towards the kitchen, and I was just lost staring at her sexy beautiful bum tightly wrapped. She came back with two bottles of Gatorade. As soon as Sandy was close to the couch, I stood up and tried to hold her by her waist and kiss her. She pushed me and looked at me, sternly.

S: Sit down, Vikki, have this one. I need to talk to you.

Though I felt dejected, I just sat down.

S: Listen, Vikki, I want to tell you something. I thought of telling you in the morning itself, but since there was no time and the heat of the moment was too much. So I couldn’t say anything

V: Sure. Please tell me. I am all ears.

Inside, I was praying that she shouldn’t say that it was a one-time mistake or some crap like that.

S: Vikki, you must understand, whatever happens between us is pure lust. Please don’t ever be under the assumption that there is anything beyond our relationship. It is only physical.

V: Sure.

S: At any cost, we don’t discuss my marital life. But for your information, our sex life is decent, and there is enough love in our relationship. Beyond this, you need not know anything and don’t dare ask anything.

V: Of course, I mean, ok.

S: with some amount of trust, we have got into this relationship. Please ensure that this is not broken. I dare you again, don’t even think of speaking about us to anyone in this world. I know you youngsters have this false pride in bragging amongst your friends that you humped a sexy aunty. Don’t even think of it.

S: As I told you if something like that should happen, then you will end up in prison. My uncle is the police commissioner. Therefore, this has to be discreet and only between us.

V: Sure, Sandy. Trust me, I wouldn’t give you any chance at all.

S: As I said, my sex life with my husband is decent. But somehow my intuitions tell me that it is going to be better with you. If it isn’t, no regrets. But having said that, I have got myself operated for non-conception. So, you don’t have to use condoms or worry about pulling it out.

S: But, be careful. As long as you partner with me, I would strongly suggest that you don’t have sex elsewhere. If at all, please ensure it is totally safe. I don’t want to end up having any std.

V: Of course, Sandy. Don’t worry about it at all. I promise you.

S: I hope you understand all that I am asking for Vikki. I hope you understand that I am a married woman.

V: Of course, and a very beautiful one.

She chuckled for the first time since the evening.

S: Don’t flatter me.

V: Sandy, can I ask you one thing, please?

S: Sure

V: I request you to have no inhibitions with me.

She looked at me questioningly

V: I mean, at least when we get physical, please. I mean, can you be liberal. Else it will be suffocating for me. I hope you understand.

She smiled.

S: Sure, but please ensure that you don’t cross your limits and take me for granted.

V: I will always take care of that.

She got up, ruffled my hair, and said, “Now, if you will follow, we can go upstairs. I must say, don’t ever touch me on the ground floor. It isn’t safe.”

I also got up and walked behind her. They had a spiral staircase to the first floor of their duplex house. Sandy was leading me and just before she started climbing she turned back and said

S: By the way, you look good cleanly shaven, and you also smell very good.

V: Thanks, Sandy, I am glad you liked it.

Sandy started climbing the stair, I waited till she climbed on 3-4 steps ahead of me. Man! That piece of an ass is something out of the world. Big, firm, tight and beautiful and so shapely. I just got lost and mechanically climbed behind her. She swayed her bum crazily to tease me.

At the end of the stairs, she turned around, looked at me, and smiled erotically. When we reached her room, she said.

S: Vikki, make yourself comfortable. I have a little texting to do, and then, I am all yours

I paced around the room while she was texting. I found the dirty linen closet. In that, I found her petticoat from the morning with her sexy yellow bra and panties. I don’t know what came over me, I reached and picked up her bra and panties. I started sniffing her bra cups.

Wow! Her fragrance oozed out of it. It was purely heavenly. Then I reversed her panties and started sniffing them as well. I was just purely lost, I started becoming rock solid. I had closed my eyes.

Her panties smelt of her womanhood. It was an exotic mixture of her juices and her pee. It was pungent and sweet.

S: Vikki, what are you doing?

I came back to my senses

V: Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

S: Crazy.

V: I must say, both of them smell just heavenly.

S: Shut up, crazy. Alright, listen, you may keep holding them. Let me just go get a bath and come back.

V: Why?

S: C’mon, let me just get fresh. I finished an hour’s yoga, and I had been sweating profusely. As it is, I sweat a lot. I have to catch up on strength and stamina now that you are here. I assume my thoughts are right?

V: Sure, try me out. I promise no dismal performance like morning anymore. But I prefer you just like the way you are.

S: I have sweat a lot and had not worn any perfume or deo.

V: That’s more the reason to have you just as you are. Sandy, I insist, please.

S: Alright! If you are done with my bra and panties, then you may approach.

I put the bra and panties and went close to Sandy.

V: Sandy, so far, you are the sexiest woman I have ever seen in real life. This is not flattering

S: Come along tiger, what are you waiting for? Christmas?

This was the moment of my life. I slowly held her by her waist and pulled her close. We were looking deep into each other’s eyes. There was a pure fire of lust. I bent down a little, and we started kissing.

Wow, it was heavenly. I started thrusting my tongue inside. Sandy stopped me

S: Easy, babe! We have a lot of time.

I went slow, and we were kissing slowly but passionately. I could smell her breath, and it was divinely seductive. I moved my hand to her hair and removed her hairband and let her silky hair loose Sandy had two huge mirrors facing each other. She used them for dressing up.

After I removed the hairband, I slowly slid both my hands down to her sexy, beautiful butt. Her hand was inside my tee on my back, caressing it. I slowly felt her entire bum for almost 5 minutes but without stopping our kissing.

We chewed on each other’s lips while I only caressed her beautiful bum. She seemed to love it as I could see that was watching intently in the mirror opposite to her She broke the kiss and was looking into my eyes

S: You seem to like my bum a lot, babe?

V: Yes, it’s the most beautiful one I have ever seen so close.

S: It is all yours.

She started kissing again. This was the first time I squeezed her bum quite firmly and juggled them. They were soft but tight and firm and beautiful. She broke the kiss again

S: The world over is crazy about my boobs. But for the first time, someone likes my bum so much. I like it very much, Vikki.

V: I like it? I can worship it all my life.

I started kissing her, and the kissing had become profuse now. We were fighting for breath as I squeezed her bum harder. I pushed my tongue now deep into her beautiful mouth and started sucking on her tongue. I sucked her saliva, and what I did not expect happened, she reciprocated and sucked my saliva

As we kissed, I tried to tug her vest up. She pushed me and said

S: Babe, gentlemen first, if you are one.

V: Alright, Sandy.

Here I was a 21-year-old guy in front of a 34-year-old bombshell shamelessly getting naked. I got rid of my tee and jeans, and she just stood there watching me undress.

S: Wow! Nice black ones, huh? Looks very nice, babe. Is it fresh out of the box?

V: Not really hottie, I usually wear boxers since it is freer. But I wanted to display a well-hung one, so wore this one today.

S: Yeah, I can see your well-hung little brother. (She laughed) Turn around.

I did

S: Your mom said you run. Is it true?

V: Yeah, 6 km every day.

She came closer caressed my ass and said

S: Guess what, babe? I love your bum, just like the way you love mine.

V: Wow, all yours.

S: Do you want me to get undressed, or will you do me a favor, tiger?

V: Sure, by all means, and I will be more than glad to do it forever.

S: But slowly, we have a lot of time and be careful about my clothes.

I went behind her in my black undies fully erect. I started rubbing my dick over her tight tracks over her bum. And we continued kissing non-stop, chewing each other’s lips. I slowly started raising her vest. When it came to her boobs, it became really difficult to take it off.

We had to break the kiss, and she helped by raising her arms. I finally got rid of it. She wore a real tight grey sports bra. It was so tight that the cleavage was looking as if it was someone’s bum.

S: Vikki, do you know what? I love long and slow foreplays when I have time.

Here she hit the nail on the head, and I loved the same, playing with a woman’s body

V: That makes two of us hottie.

And we went on kissing with her in front of me, head tilted. My dick inside my undies was rubbing her sexy bum. My fingers in the front fingered her deep navel for some time. I slowly moved my right hand to her huge boobs trapped in the bra.

I searched for her nipples over the bra and finally found it for both the boobs, and I started playing around with her taut nipples over the bra. I slowly moved my left hand between her legs over her tracks and started massaging her clit over the tracks.

She started moaning as we continued kissing. I broke the kiss.

V: Sandy, what if your neighbors hear us?

S: Don’t worry, babe, this room is soundproof. I’ll tell you the story some other time

We went on kissing. I broke the kiss, went in front of her and kneeled down and slowly pulling down her tracks. Wow! She wore skin-colored cotton panties. I brought my nose close to her panties. I could notice it was wet both due to her sweat and juices. She smelt heavenly.

She smelt heavenly because of natural body odor as well. Her sweat smelt amazing. I stared at her for a moment.

S: I know, baby. But sports bra don’t come in too many colors.

I held her close and continued to kiss her, and from behind, I unhooked her bra

Literally, her huge boobs just sprung out. And she sighed a huge relief. Her huge boobs, perfectly round and symmetrical with brown areolas and nipples were glistening with her sweat. I kept staring at her and took a bead of sweat from her left boobs and put it in my mouth.

She raised her eyebrow and then smiled sexily. Her sweat covered boobs was one of the best ever things to see in the world. I picked her off her legs and carried it to the bed. I laid her and got beside her and started kissing her while rubbing her clit over panties.

She moaned and moaned but never let go of my mouth. I could see the wet spots on her panties, getting bigger and bigger. I slowly inserted a finger inside the panties, and in her warm wet pussy just see and feel the wetness. My fingers were soaking.

I brought the fingers out, put it in between our lips, and started tasting the juices. To my surprise, she sucked my fingers as much as I did, and then she winked at me. I went down and removed her sexy panties. She had a huge bush, again soaked with sweat and juices.

I spread her legs wide and at first munched at her bush, slightly pulling it and inflicting a sweet pain. She twitched and screamed. I knew she orgasmed. I separated the hair and found her clit. Trust me, friends, she smelt and tasted out of the world. Complete musk and sour and salty tastewise.

I dug at her clit and started tongue, slapping her clit. I did that straight for 5 minutes at a rapid speed. And then I slowly inserted two fingers inside her pussy and finger fucked Sandy. After a few minutes, she pulled my hand and put it on her left boobs and pressed her boobs by pressing my hands.

I ate her clit. Her legs suddenly became rigid and tight, and her thighs became tight. She held my hand extremely tight. She had another orgasm. I looked at her. There she lay glistening in sweat and a sexy smile on her face.

S: Baby! Go for it.

I got up, removed my undies, and slowly glided my dick into her wet pussy. I wouldn’t say she was tight, but it was a snug fit. My dick glided smoothly. I went fully inside, and my balls were between her pussy and asshole hitting the wall. She gave me credit for the first time.

S: You fill me completely, tiger! I love it.

I just started kissing her. She let hands slide over my back and on to my bum and started caressing it with her long nails and squeezing them intermittently. I slowly increased the speed. For about five minutes, I took short, fast strokes straight. Then I slowed down and took long strokes for almost 10 minutes.

I again increased the speed like crazy for about 5 minutes straight. Her legs were wide open and in the air. She suddenly screamed.

S: Baby! Fuck!

She held me tight, and she orgasmed again. She was looking so sexy with sweat glistening all over her and her sexy, seductive smile. I started kissing her and went about fucking her slowly. I went on for almost 15 minutes with the same speed, and she kept caressing my ass and my ass crack

I started increasing the speed again. This time she had locked me with her legs, and I went about banging at high speed as if there is no tomorrow. I could feel my balls hitting her asshole almost.

We finally orgasmed together as our body shuddered, and we both screamed of ecstasy. I lay in her for about 10 minutes, and I fell next to her. After a few minutes, she said.

S: Babe! You are definitely worth the risk.

There was a smile of satisfaction on her face.

V: Thank you, Sandy. Pleasure is all mine.

She looked at her phone and said

S: Oh my god! It is already 8. I guess you better get going. I will see you after a couple of days. I am going to Mysore tomorrow for a couple of days.

V: Oh! That’s bad news

S: C’mon! Don’t act desperate now. Get up and get going.

I bent over, and we kissed for a few minutes. I left after washing myself and getting dressed.

As I walked out of the gate, I turned back to see her. But she wasn’t there. I guess she meant what she had said during the sex conversation. However, I walked towards home in full contentment and high spirits. I was looking forward to the next day when I would see her.

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