Lustful Rendezvous Part-2

As I said in the previous part, the hate game from her side continued. It was one of the festivals exclusively for ladies that came 4 weeks later. My mom finished her pooja and asked me to deliver some prasad and stuff to Sandy’s house.

I was literally shaken. I was scared of her. Frankly, I never had the courage that some people speak of gaining an opportunity. I opposed, but my mother wouldn’t relent.

Mom: Vikki, go to Sandhya’s home. Give her the cover and get back home immediately. I don’t want you to go anywhere else.

V: Mom, why don’t you go yourself? I don’t want to.

Mom: I have a lot of chores to do at home. Dad will also be coming home for lunch today. So you better get going and remember come back immediately.

I went, and I was shit scared. I wasn’t even scared like this the first time I had sex. I knocked on her door and waited for quite a while. She opened the door, and I was literally standing there with my mouth open.

She was in a yellowish orange silk saree with the same colored blouse perfectly draped again. But I noticed it was above her navel. She was shocked, and immediately her disgustful look for me came on.

V: Aunty, Mom has sent this for you. (I extended my hand to the door)

S: Come in.

V: No, Aunty, Mom has asked me to get back immediately.

S: Come in.

She started walking ahead and with the same sway of her perfect bum. She had performed the pooja as well. I noticed vermillion on her forehead and mangalsutra in her neck.

S: Sit down, what will you have?

V: No, Aunty, I have to head back.

S: Listen, you have come home for the first time as a guest. Don’t overreact. What will you have? I can’t offer you drinks. But tell me.

V: I’ll have coffee.

She went towards the kitchen, and I was lost, staring at her bum. When she came back, I noticed her navel was now visible with the marks of saree being tied. In a moment, I imagined filling it with cream or chocolate sauce and licking it. I came back to my senses.

S: How old are you?

V: 21.

S: Don’t you think it is wrong what you do with me?

My fears started coming back again.

V: Sorry, Aunty. It isn’t like that.

S: Why are you sorry? You haven’t learned your lessons anyways.

I was silently sipping on the coffee.

S: Don’t you have girlfriends? Do you do the same with them as well?

V: Sorry, Aunty. I don’t have any now.

S: Aah! Stupid. I didn’t mean girlfriends like that. I meant friends who are girls.

V: No, Aunty, I don’t.

Inside I was thinking, I haven’t ever seen a sexier woman than you, and that’s why I don’t stare at my friends.

S: So you don’t have any girlfriends now? Did you have one before? Did your mother know about it?

V: Yes, Aunty. She was my senior. No. Mom didn’t know about it.

S: Now, I see you are the kind who ditch girlfriends, also.

V: No, Aunty, it was a no strings attached kind of a relationship.

S: (for the first time she let out a smile) Ah! I see what you mean. How long had you been together?

V: About 4 years. I have been single for the last one year, Aunty. Please don’t say this to mom.

S: Oh! (She seemed to be in a trance mode) Tell me, honestly. You have had a girlfriend, and you probably have many friends who are girls in the college. Why do you stalk and disgustingly stare at me? (Her anger seems to be coming back)

V: Honestly, Aunty, there is something about you that I have never seen before or experienced before. I can’t really say what it is. (I was scared but let myself speak). But don’t please say anything to mom. I beg you.

S: And I know what that something is.

I was silent with my head down.

S: It is my body that you keep ogling at, isn’t it?

My head was still down, and I did not dare look at her.

S: I know it is. Suddenly her tone went softer. Vikki, I know I have been really hard on you. Can I call you that?

V: Sure, aunty.

S: I have been testing you for the last month and a half. At first, when you stalked me and stared at me, I hated it. I even thought that I should be calling the police. The day when you crossed your limits, I wanted to slap you right in the store.

I couldn’t make out what she wanted to say or convey. Her voice was flat.

S: I decided to torment you from then on. I wanted to see if you could handle pressure and not break down. I think you have done it pretty well. Frankly, till the day you felt me or even the day you felt me, all I had for you was disgust.

My mom started calling me. I was about to answer the call. Sandy just put her hand over mine as if signaling not to answer the call. I let it be.

S: But then I started thinking of another risky perspective. What if I entertained you? Would you be able to keep a little secret?

The voice was flat. But I couldn’t just believe my ears, and my happiness knew no bounds. I contained myself by not jumping over and doing something crazy and remained silent for a while.

S: Shit! Should I take that for a no?

My heart was in my mouth. I immediately jumped.

V: No, Aunty, it is not like that. I just didn’t know what to say. I mean, you know, I don’t…(I kept stammering.)

S: Should I take that for a yes now?

V: Yes, Aunty, yes.

Here was my dream woman asking me for what I would die for, and was there even half a chance of saying No? No way!

S: Vikki, this should never ever get out. Trust me, if it does, that moment, I will file a suit against you.

She threatened me.

S: Secondly, there is no love or anything like that. It is purely physical, and let’s just keep it to that. I don’t want you to discuss my family or my husband or any of that stuff. Do you get it?

V: Of course, Aunty. I mean, why would I kill a golden egg-laying hen?

I had gathered some courage, but I never doubted that she wouldn’t do what she said. My mom kept calling me. I chose to ignore it.

S: Come with me. Let us embark on a new journey today. You will always be clean, going forward. Clean-shaven.

V: Sure, Aunty.

S: And call me by my name.

V: Can I call you Sandy if you don’t mind? That suits you very well.

S: Only between us.

She led me to her room. She had a king-sized bed. There was a couch a little distance away from the cot.

S: Here, since we are new, gentlemen first. Get out of your clothes till I say stop.

I removed my jeans and tee-shirt, I was about to remove my boxers, and she said to stop.

S: Sit down on the couch and don’t dare touch me till I say.

V: Yeah, sure.

I was half erect already. Here she was standing right in front of me in full glory. A woman who stood 5”7 tall and 13 years older to me kept talking to me, and I was answering in monosyllables. She undid her safety pin on the blouse, which held her pallu, gracefully put it on the table next to the cot.

She kept talking to me and removed her pallu. Wow! That was one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen in my life. Her huge boobs held tightly in a yellow silk blouse with a full cleavage, although short one peeking out. It was out of the world.

She kept talking and unwrapping her saree carefully and completely. She was a sex goddess standing right in front of me in a yellow tight petticoat that hugged her body below her divine navel. Perfectly tight, just allowing her to walk freely and nothing more.

With the tight silk blouse on top, she was the most beautiful woman in the world. She carefully folded her saree and walked towards the cupboard with absolute grace swaying her beautiful big bum. While she was near the cupboard, I dared to ask.

V: Sandy, what’s the size?

She burst out laughing for almost a minute.

S: You boys are always behind the measurements, isn’t it? It is a 34D.

OMFG! I was like a rock now and already oozed my precum even without touching my dick. She now turned her back towards me and bent down to hang the saree inside the cupboard. Her bum was the best ever thing I had seen in the world to date. Big, wide, Tight, and held in a tight petticoat.

I just wanted to jump, kiss it, spank it, and rub my hard dick all over her bum. I held myself back. She came close to me just in her petticoat and blouse. She put her feet in between my thighs on the couch and teasing me with her sexy cleavage and asked me.

S: Do you like me?

V: Is that even a question?

S: From what you have seen till now, what do you like the most?

V: Can I be honest?

S: Sure, go ahead.

V: your bum. It is the most beautiful thing that is ever made.

I blurted, and Sandy burst into laughter again.

V: Can I touch them?

S: Hang on tiger! You will get to touch them. Let me turn around for you then. But no touching until I say.

She turned around right in front of me and bent down. The feeling was indescribable. Huge, big tight bum covered in the petticoat right in front of my eyes. I would have cum, even if I touched my dick. I could see the thin lining of panties through the petticoat.

S: Did you like what you saw, tiger?

V: Can I see it without anything?

S: Your time will come, baby.

She then walked close to her bed and started removing the hooks of her blouse one by one, and finally, she removed her blouse. Wow is just not a word. She wore a lemon yellow lace designer bra that held those two most beautiful globes in the world. She walked back slowly towards the cupboard again.

Her back was as smooth as butter is. Beautiful and lickable. Her cleavage was even thicker now. Probably almost 2 inches. Once she reached the cupboard, she again bent down and hung her blouse along with the saree.

She turned around and loosened the string of her petticoat and slightly struggled to remove her petticoat. Here was the goddess of sex in lemon yellow lace bra and panties. Her panties were of normal style.

She had such an impeccable sense of dressing. The first time we had sex, she was bushy, and she was quite bushy. But not one hair peeked outside her panties. She turned around. I was just lost with my mouth wide open. Her ass was just divine. She walked to the bed and laid down.

S: Come on, tiger!

I jumped into the bed on top of her. Even before I kissed her, I was kissing her cleavage and licking it. I had made her bra wet. She started laughing.

S: Easy tiger easy! Don’t act like a novice.

I was trying to rip her bra off. She pushed me back.

S: I take great care of my lingerie. Don’t even think of spoiling them.

She moved a little forward and removed her bra hooks, and as if she was concealing her big boobs, she held her arms close to her chest, covering her nipples. She threw the bra at me. I smelt the bra cups, it was heavenly.

S: What are you waiting for now? Christmas?

I went close to her, removed her arms from her chest. Lo and behold! Here was the best pair of boobs I had ever seen in my life in reality. Huge, perfectly symmetrical, in shape and size. Tight and not a bit of sag but yet completely soft.

Her areolas were of the size of 2 Rupee coin perfectly in the middle of her boobs dark brown in color. Her nipples exactly at the center of the areola at the same place on both boobs. I just couldn’t take one of them in one palm of mine. I had to use both of them.

S: Do you like them?

V: Oh, my fucking god! I love them.

S: Carefully remove my panties now.

I slowly removed the panties. It was kind of stuck in the pussy. I exerted a little force and removed her panties. I smelt them, and they were just purely divine. Her bush was thick. I had never seen anything like that before.

But her body was completely devoid of a single strand of hair anywhere else. I got rid of my boxers and jumped straight in. She was sopping wet. I could coolly glide inside her. I felt it was tight, but I must say it was loveable friction.

S: Wow! You are a big tiger.

V: Yeah?

I am not a pornstar, but I am definitely thick. I had not even kissed her. I went into straight action. It was not even 5 minutes, and I couldn’t control, I orgasmed in her. We were in missionary. I felt miserable and ashamed. I started apologizing to her profusely.

V: I am so sorry, Sandy. I didn’t mean to. It was too much for me to handle, and I am so sorry I came inside you. I am so sorry, the next time, I shall carry a condom.

My dick was still strong and was inside her.

S: Shh! Shh! Its ok, tiger. It’s ok. Don’t worry. I wont get pregnant and secondly, I understand. Don’t worry, I already had orgasmed twice since you have come home. It’s ok. I relaxed a bit, and that was the first time I kissed Sandy. She was delicious.

We kissed for some time, and I did not know how long it was before her phone rang. It was my mother.

S: Hello, Akka.

Mom: Is Vikki still at your place?

S: No, he left a long time back. Rather as soon as he came.

Mom: He isn’t answering my calls. I am a little worried.

S: Don’t worry, Akka. He should be back home soon. Take care, bye. Text me once he is home, please.

She hung up.

S: I think it is time for mama’s boy to go home. (She teased me)

V: I don’t want to. (I was still on top of her.)

S: Just go now, and if you want, you can see me in the evening.

V: Ok, then I shall surely see you in the evening. What time?

S: 5

I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. I noticed my dick was completely drenched with Sandy’s juices. The aroma that was there was awesome. I got out of the bathroom and saw Sandy standing beside the bed, facing her back towards me.

What a sight it was. Her big beautiful bum. I went close to her and tried to hold her by her waist.

S: Vikki, Too much isn’t too good. Leave now and come back in the evening.

She was flat in her voice.

V: Ok.

I got dressed and tried to kiss her goodbye. She just denied it. I started for home. Thus started my great sex life.

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