Pounding a NRI

I get a lot of emails from my readers. One fine day, I came across an email from a person named Satish. Satish was a married man who was 46 years old and he had a gorgeous wife Aarya who was 39.

The couple were born and brought up in Mumbai. It was a love marriage. However, after marriage, they both migrated to the U.S and settled over there. They had an amazing sex life until age started catching up with Satish. He couldn’t satisfy his wife like before.

Their sex life began to get boring due to work, kids, stress, etc. Hence, they decided to spice up their sex life. Satish who was a regular reader came across my stories and kinda liked it and he read it to his wife Aarya. They both got turned on with my stories.

He liked the idea of watching his wife get fucked by a young blood and even Aarya too liked the idea. So, Satish decided to reply to my stories. We used to have a casual conversation in the beginning, so we could build each other’s trust.

Then we started video calling. That was when they started having fun again. I used to tell Satish things that I couldn’t do to Aarya. I used to tell him to apply chocolate syrup and ice cream on her pussy, boobs, ass, navel, neck, and I used to tell him to lick the fuck out of her.

No matter how late and tired Satish came from work, I used to always encourage him to make love with his NRI wife. Since I was after him, he would fuck her for at least 7-10 minutes. Aarya used to become very happy because Satish used to listen to me.

When Satish left for work and when she was all lonely, Aarya used to video call me and we would both pleasure ourselves virtually. I would tell her to insert dildos, vibrators, butt-plug – all these cool things since it was easily available in the U.S. It used to be so amazing to watch this Indian married woman squirt and hear her moans.

Aarya began to get very free and she began to vibe with me. I would tell both of them to send me videos of them in a role-play, where they played different characters and had sex. We used to do all kinds of crazy things on video calls. All this continued for 8-9 months.

Then they thought of taking things further and they decided to surprise me. It had been nearly two years since they last visited Mumbai. They thought about coming down for a short visit as they also had a family wedding, which they had to attend. They thought it would also be the best time to finally make their fantasies come true.

They did all this without even telling me. They booked a room in a five-star hotel. The next thing I know was, I got a video call from Satish with the view of Aarya in a hot lingerie and stockings spreading her legs wide open and the view of Gateway of India!

He was like, “Surprise! Get your ass over here as soon as possible!!”

Immediately, I got ready and boom off to Taj.

I went there and whoa!! I finally got to see the hot NRI wife Aarya there. She looked so pretty like a doll. She had perfect boobs and her ass was big and curvy, which really made me hard as fuck.

I quickly jumped on Aarya and we both started kissing each other wildly. We ate each other’s lips while our hands were pleasuring each other’s private parts. I quickly put my hands in her pantie and fingered her while kissing.

I could see Satish sitting down and jerking his dick off. He was enjoying watching his wife get fucked by a young blood and so was Aarya.

I ripped off her sexy pantie apart and began to lick her legs. Then I slowly went to her inner thighs. I could feel the warmth of her pussy. I gave her clit a nice kiss and began eating the fuck out of her. We then did 69. Aarya tasted my young cock. She gave me an amazing blowjob and sucked my balls too.

I began to fuck her in missionary position. I slowly increased my pace. She began moan damn loudly. Satish was enjoying every bit of it. He just kept stroking his dick.

The horny NRI wife began to ride me. She just kept going up and down. Her beautiful melons were bouncing and her ass was jiggling. It was amazing.

I spanked her with Satish’s belt and made her ass red. They both enjoyed it. I even applied oil and gave her a massage.

Then later, I took her to the shower and was giving her a bath. I applied soap all over her, massaged her ass, boobies, pussy, and kissed her too.

After getting dried, we took a short break. We had a drink and then I pounced on her again. I fucked Aarya for one last time before leaving. This time, I was very wild. However, I still hadn’t cummed. So I began to pound her hard. I could see her boobs just bouncing with every thrust of mine.

Her body was literally shaking so much. Her moans got louder and louder. I rubbed her clit very fast and she told me to cum in her pussy and boom I came.

Thank you guys and all you beautiful women out there for always supporting me with your feedback. Please do continue.

You all can reach out to me on lustfulstory@gmail.com or hangouts – lustfulstory@gmail.com

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