Lockdown Fun

So, it was 29th March 2020, the lock-down was in full swing and I was bored as fuck with nothing to do except WFH. To top it up, one positive case was found in one of our society towers and our society was sealed. For all essential items, there was a van that came and everyone had to fall in line to buy the commodities.

I didn’t go downstairs much but that one day, I was standing in the line awaiting my turn and I saw a lady standing ahead of me in the queue. She had brown hair which was shining in the sunshine wearing a yellow dress till her knees and her 38 ass protruding out.

Seeing that ass, I had a rush of blood since I was sex-deprived for almost 20-25 days. Anyways, I controlled myself in anticipation of a front visual of the lady. She bought her stuff and as soon as she turned around I was awestruck.

She must be between in her mid-30s, light brown eyes and perfect upright boobs. She smelled excellent as she walked by me. Anyway, I cursed my luck and bought my stuff and as I turned around to go back to my tower, I saw her standing under a tree looking confused.

That was the opportunity I was waiting for, I went to her and said:

A: Hi.

She: Hi.

A: Is everything alright?

She: Yes, just the bags are too heavy and I had called for domestic help but she isn’t responding.

A: Don’t worry, I’ll walk you through. Which tower?

She: It’s alright, I’ll wait

A: Arre it’s fine, too hot here. I’ll help you.

She agreed and we started walking. She told me that she had her flat in the tower the same as mine. I was super excited to hear that. She had her flat on the 7th floor and I had mine on 5th.

In the lift, she was telling me that she shifted to Noida last year with her husband and her husband was stuck in US due to flight restrictions and she was stuck in India. Although I said I was feeling bad for her inside, I was already imagining licking her melons.

Well, we reached her flat and she invited me inside for coffee and I denied saying that I would just have a glass of water. She had a beautiful flat. I sat on the sofa and she came with a glass of water.

As soon as she bent down, her dress being loose fell a little forward giving me a glimpse of her milky white cleavage and purple bra. The most gorgeous boobs I have seen so far. She understood and immediately got up. I also acted that nothing happened and after a few minutes, I told her that I would take leave.

In my mind, I was continuously asking myself, should I ask for her no? Should I? Should I? As soon as I was about to leave her door, she said, “Can you give me your number? We can go for a walk in the society in the evening if that’s okay with you.”

I was so happy hearing this, probably the best things I have heard in the lock-down. I immediately gave her my no and asked her to ping me. Her name was Archana.

I came to my flat, took off my clothes, and masturbated looking at her WhatsApp DP, imagining her cleavage and purple bra. I slept for about an hour and when I woke up, I saw a message from her saying, “Up for a walk in the eve?” I was over the moon and said Yes.

We met at 6:30 in the evening. She was wearing a tight fit jogger and tight fit top and I had a hard-on as soon as I saw her. We went down the stairs and began to stroll in the society. She told me about her past life, college, wedding, etc.

I took some courage and asked her if she missed her husband to which, very boldly, she said, “Yes, physically.”

I was taken a little aback with the response since I wasn’t expecting it. It was about an hour we were taking rounds of the society and I asked if she would like to come to my place for drinks and dinner.

She was apprehensive initially but she said that she would go back, change and meet me in about an hour. We both returned to our flats. I immediately cleaned up my flat, took a bath, wore my favorite shirt and perfume, and put some pasta to boil.

The bell rang and my heart rate increased. I opened the door and there was she, looking like an angel, wearing a tight pink dress, dark red lipstick and was smelling fantastic. I was awestruck looking at her and she interrupted me saying can she come in.

I apologized and welcomed her in and gave her a compliment that she was looking gorgeous. She said that she wanted to wear something good since she hasn’t gone out due to lockdown.

I pour down some wine for her and opened a beer for myself. I am a great music buff so she was checking out my collection on my PC. I went to the kitchen to check on the pasta and she followed me to check what I was doing. She was impressed by my cooking skills and wanted to come and taste off the pan while I was resisting.

While doing so, she lost her balance and kind of stumbled onto me. I picked her up slightly. It was a kind of awkward moment where we both were looking right in each other’s eyes.

I made the move and leaned forward to kiss her. She held on to it initially but after a few seconds, she dived right into it. I was smooching her passionately, licking her tongue with mine, sucking her lips.

My one hand was over her waist and another one on the back of her head and I was pushing her more and more towards me, smooching her so hard that she was out of breath. She broke the kiss and said that this was her best kiss so far. I replied, “The best is yet to come” and winked.

We smooched again and I pushed her a little so that she could sit on the kitchen slab. I went down and started to kiss her legs, her thighs, licking her thighs, biting them slowly, moving up to her inner thighs. I could see her pink panty which had a wet spot already.

I moved her dress up exposing her panty. I licked her over her panty and she started to moan slowly biting her lips. I removed her panty and there was this clean-shaven dripping pussy ready to be eaten. I pounced on it, licking it vigorously and pressing her boobs with my hand.

She was really aroused and her moans were filling all my rooms. She was pressing her other boob with her own hand and moaning. I put my tongue in her love hole and she pushed my head against her pussy and came on my face.

I stood up and smooched her. She unzipped my jeans and made me stand and went down on me. She was a pro and took the entire dick in her mouth in one go. She kept sucking me and after 10 minutes I came in her mouth.

We were exhausted we had some more drinks. We took off each other’s clothes and went to the shower. I was sucking her boobs very hard, her light brown nipples were erect acknowledging my work, I was biting her boobs giving her love bites, water flowing over us.

Then I placed her legs on the bathtub and pushed my entire length into her in one go. She screamed in pain. I went on and on full speed and she was moaning loudly. I made her sit on the basin slab and fucked her.

After 20 minutes, we came out of the shower and I made her lie on the bed, came over her, and fucked her in missionary position. She had already come twice in between. I was about to come after 10 minutes and she told me to cum in her. A sense of satisfaction was there on her face and she slept like a baby cuddling me after the session.

Any girls/ladies want to contact, email ID is lustfulstory@gmail.com

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