One night Stand

Hello to one and all, I have been a regular person to get entertained by the erotic stories which kindles my imagination and lights the fire in me with excitement. Thanks to all the stories and the lucky soul to have got such an experience to enjoy with no limits.

The story is one exciting event that happened in September 2019 where I met a girl who is healthy and plump to my liking with curves in the right places. She was from the northern states of India and me as a south Indian not fluent in Hindi bumped on to her in a night club in Delhi during my day off from flying were like always I was trying my charm on all women possible and there she was dancing with her friends safety in a corner protected. I was high on alcohol and high on courage and not bothered about being embarrassed as the night had many earlier in stock. Made my way through the crowd and there were many hawks trying their luck on the group of single girls. I didn’t bother pushed them and went direct to the girl and said “hey sorry would have been very angry with myself after seeing such a beauty to my taste and didn’t say one Hi in this crowd” then I started dancing along not know if I was lucky but kept on and there came the sign she danced along and made eye contact.

In between all this her protective friends were bulldozing me with all their fuck off eye glares. I was excited and went closer and closer to her danced freely and then came the lightening that struck me hard when her friends wanted to leave and she was being pulled away forcefully. Ran all the way to the entrance and by hook or crook somehow managed to take her number and my bad day just turned lucky. Went back in being abused by all the attitude of women in the dance floor.

Next day messaged her on whatsapp and I came to know she was from Jaipur on holiday with friends and she is an event manager at her place. Didn’t bother texting much the whole day as I was in crazy hangover. Later in the night messaged her I’ll be in the same club waiting for her. There was no reply and almost at 10pm she shares the location of another club I was flying to the moon now. Took a cab and went straight without any hesitation and there she was glowing in the dance floor with fewer friend then yesterday. Went straight and gave her a greeting side hug and got a drink for her and her friends and danced and danced, with no expectations.

Suddenly the scene changed her friends wanted to leave she said she is going to be safe with me and winked and they left. I was scared and super excited and we planned to go to my hotel that when it struck me this is really happening. As we stepped out I grabbed her in the by lane pushed her by the wall and started kissing her and making out. It was some hard kissing and feeling her curves in the dark alley way while she held my manhood and that gave me shivers this broke the ice we stood in the dark going wild. Happy and sad that the taxi arrived on the way got a packet of condom and some juice.

As going up the lift we checked for camera and when non was found started making out and as I carried her to the room and once inside it was like no tomorrow and we were on high octane energy and kissing while stripping each other. The time we become naked I threw her on the bed and for a minute stood there admiring her real beauty while she was roaring like a lion asking me to jump on her. There we were 2 strangers naked on the bed going wild, we were like a snake twitching and turning and biting each other there my dick touched her sweet spot I felt a shiver in her while eating her perfect 38 size boobs slowly we relaxed from the wild start and kissed my way down to her sweet hole via sucking here naval and biting her tummy.

She was fully wet as my fingers had already been going in and out and touching the G spot now and then while she was ramming her lips on mine and while eat here sexy melons. The smell of the hole was making the room erotic and I placed my tongue with up and down licking on the clits. She was all in moving her hips and pushing my face harder and wanting me to bite and lick, then had her spread the clit when my real talent was shown to her with my tongue did it until she was screaming with pleasure and then the big jerk she reached her climax and my tongue was tired. But then my fingers got into the action started with slowly with one and then she forced my second finger to enter to touch the spot. The screaming and the sweat smell filled the room.

By now she was in her seventh heaven and then she jumped on me made me go flat on the bed and the real animal in her was out eat my dick, DAMN what a blow job she eat it and choked on them but didn’t stop spat on it lubricating them and sometimes she had her teeth scraping it was painful but got it say crazy fun. That’s it after all this I had to blow my load, we went to the shower and my fantasy of fuck in the shower was going to be realised took the condom while under the water she held my dick and started eating them again and it raised she helped me with the condom and there she stood on the by the glass and I entered her slowly while she bit her lips and gave a moan and little by little I entered her and she screamed in pain. I was going full power on 5th gear ramming my rod in to the soft holder her boobs up and down what a lovely scene moved her hair off her face and bit her so hard while I was Cumming. What a feel with this sexy stranger.

Dried ourselves ordered some food and chilled with few beers and chit chatted naked admiring each other and my dick raised again on the first sight her hungry eyes lit up and we straight hugged and kissed without any time waste, took another condom and drove straight into her in missionary position ramming her and she was all sound this time screaming this round went a bit longer while she bit me all over in pleasure and I sucked her mouth dry with no words came with full force inside her. That was one hell of a tiring round.

Washed myself and we opened the juices while I feed her the juice from my mouth and vice versa felt very energetic and gulped the remaining beer. As we laid on the bed the food arrived and I got it and had the fruit salad ordered from each other’s body. While licking and kissing and playing with butter on us. The night was coming to a close and we decided on one final sex session first in 69 and finished it off in doggy morning had the hotel buffet breakfast while many time in PDA which excited us further and bid bubye as she rode away in her taxi. is my mail do send in your comments. Have fun cheers to all.

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