Uniformed Officer

I’m a part-time dispatcher for a small police department in the Yukon provinve of Canada, and wanted to share my most enjoyable recent sexual experience because it was so unusual.

It was a typical arctic winter night, The wind was blowing fiercely, snow was forming large drifts, and I was all alone in the small police station. All the officers were out on the road.

It was a very slow evening, and I was bored; so I wandered around the other offices of the station to look for something to read, leaving the door to the radio room open so that I could rush back to my desk if any calls came through.

I went into the lieutenant’s office, and there, on his desk, was an iPad tablet I had seen him using once or twice before. I suspected it might require a password, so I turned it on to check. Nope–it let me log on without a password.

I clicked the browser icon and the next thing I know I’m looking at the PornHub homepage.

That’s cool, I thought to myself. I always thought the lieutenant was a horny dog. He certainly filled out his trousers better than every other guy working in our small office.

I was curious, so I clicked the login form, and low and behold it filled in his username and password. His username was BruiserXXL, causing me to chuckle, then flush with heat in my crotch.

I was really excited by what I saw: a pair of beautiful women being fucked by a well-hung stud. I took the tablet into the women’s room and fingered myself into oblivion. I rubbed my lips rhythmically and pinched my nipples though the blue uniform shirt. I brought myself to the brink of climaxing three times, but each time I got close, I would feel a rush of shame that kept my big-O at bay, shame about what I was doing.

After a few minutes of trying unsuccessfully to butter my own muffin, I left the bathroom unfulfilled. I walked back to the lieutenant’s dark office to put his tablet back on his desk, and when I bent over to place it on is desk, I felt a warmth and hardness of a man’s crotch rub against my butt. He was behind me in the dark.

Instead of turning around to discover who the bulge belonged to, I reached back and started stroking it through the fabric of his dark police-issue trousers. That just got me more aroused, so I began to push my ass back at his dick. While pulling down my pants and panties, I wiggled my ass cheeks back and forth across his big bulge.

Judging by the hardness of his erection, he liked it from behind, and he planted his long, thick rod between my cheeks, pulsing with warmth through his uniform.

My pussy was overflowing with juice, and he could no longer restrain himself from unzipping his pants. He released his mammoth cock, which enabled my unknown lover to tickle the edges of my labia majora and minora.

I wanted that love monster inside of my cunt so bad I could literally taste it.

Officer X finally obliged my wishes by driving his long barrel into my warm, slippery love hole.

After about 20 strokes back and forth, the mystery cop inserted his middle finger into my asshole, simultaneously bucking into my snatch while fingering my tight rosebud.

I was in sexual heaven, but nearly exhausted from pushing my hole back onto him to get his cock even deeper when he shot a moose-sized load of Yukon gold into my love box.

This was the greatest sexual experience I had ever had, and I wanted to know who this mysterious stranger was.

But in the ten or 15 seconds it took me to put myself back together, he zipped himself up and silently headed out the back door. The only clues he left were footprints scattered in the snow.

After a few weeks of non-stop sexual fantasies, I realized that my mystery man in blue would never step forward so I decided to do my own special type of detective work.

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