Comforting Sister

My mom and dad were in Pune and me and my sister stayed in Bangalore for work and studies. We lived in a rented 1 bhk apartment. So, we shared the bedroom and of course the bed also. My sister was an HR and I was doing my college. suddenly the lockdown was announced, it was extended to months and months. We could not reach out to our parents and they could not reach out us either. But we managed to survive on our own as we know how to cook and other household activities. We were so close, we often act as a sibling, but as friends the most time. To my best of knowledge, I was never been in a relationship, on the other hand, my sister was in a relationship with her colleague for 6 months before the lockdown situation. And later they had a breakup. Reason unknown.

Things went fine, we used to play shuttlecock in the evening, and have some chat, watch tv. One day my sister did not speak anything to me, from the morning till the afternoon. I asked her many times, ‘what’s bothering you’ she did not say anything. finally, in the afternoon, she asked me to buy some booze. ‘what’s the occasion.’ I asked her ‘and tell me why were you upset from morning?’ ‘nothing, I was little mind fucked. I thought some booze might help me clear my mind.’ she said.

Considering her request, I bought 2 bottles of vodka. I was also purchasing it for future use. She might ask another day. So, I bought 2. I went back home after buying some snacks as well. I went home in the evening after a long struggle. She was wearing shorts which barely covered her thigh and t-shirt. I was wearing a t-shirt and pyjamas. I placed the vodka bottles in the fridge and waited till the late evening. we cooked and had our dinner by 7:30 itself. We both went to the balcony; the balcony had the mat used as a curtain. We rolled it down and sat to have our drink peacefully. After 4 shots with sprite, my sister insisted on drinking raw. I denied giving, but she forcefully grabbed and had 2 raw shots. I drank 4 shots; the 1st vodka bottle was over in no time. After a while, I sat leaning against the wall, her head resting on my lap. My hands were running through her soft long wavy hair.

‘why were you upset this morning?’ I asked. She looked at me for a second and her eyes started to swell with tears. She started crying, I asked her ‘why are you crying, what’s wrong?’ She raised from my lap and hugged and started crying out loud. I hugged her back and tried to comfort her. I was gently tapping her back. She sniffed and looked into my eyes; her face was not far than an inch from my face. Her breath was hot, blowing onto my face. I never got a hard-on thinking about my sister, or while hugging her. we even cuddle while sleeping. But this was different. I hard an erection, horny as never before. Not even while masturbating thinking of Lana Rhoades or Hayley Atwell.

She placed her lips on my checks and gave a wet peck. ‘I love you, Shiva’ she whispered in my ears with a drunken slang

‘I love you too, sis.’ I told. A few seconds later she started crying again. I hugged her tight this time. And placed a kiss on her forehead and said ‘everything will be alright. I am here for you. Just tell me what happened, and I might be able to help you. Is it your ex?’ She wiped her tears and came forward to me again, her lips just an inch apart from mine. ‘I have a disgusting secret. Will you judge me if I tell you?’ she asked.

‘no’ I whispered,

‘I slept with our father a year ago. I
could not get that thing off my head. That is why I broke up with my Rajeev. (Kushi’s ex). That is why I needed a drink. So that I can try to forget, and to find some courage to tell you’ saying that she rested on my shoulders and started to cry. I was in shock for some time. I convinced her that, I forgive many boys do fantasize about their mom. This is not such a big mistake.

‘really, do you?’ she asked,

‘yup, sis. That’s true.’ I said. She instantly kissed my lips. I clenched my mouth, but I could not resist her kiss. She was sucking and nibbling my lips. a few seconds later. I loosened my mouth and opened a bit. Her tongue found a way inside my mouth. It was wrong. At the same time, I could not resist it. I responded to her kiss by sucking her lips. my tongue crawled inside her mouth. We were kissing for minutes. Our saliva was dripping out of our mouth through the edges.

Then I knew, I cannot fight her sexiness and so I decided to go with it. She broke the kiss and started to kiss my forehead, cheeks, nibble my ears and kiss my nose and lick my cheeks. I bent my head down to kiss her neck. I started kissing her neck, and gradually started to kiss her shoulder bone. Her t-shirt was a barrier, so, I started to kiss back her neck and her ears. She grabbed my hand and placed it on her breast over the t-shirt.

‘press it, press it, do you like it, press me’ she repeated in a drunken tone. I was not voluntarily pressing her; I was just reacting to her actions. But that was only for a few minutes. She came close to me and started kissing my lips and tongue.

‘what do you want? What do you want?’ she kept on asking me. I simply said, ‘I love you, sis.’ She looked at me for a second with her cute seductive eyes. She kissed me hard on my lips leaving a heavy sniffing sound. she grabbed my hands again and placed it on her breast. This time, I went with the flow. My hands crawled underneath her t-shirt; I was caressing her boobs over the bra. It was soft and chubby. We were kissing and playing with our tongues. Meanwhile, my hand reached her boobs and my other hand was removing her bra hook. Her hand moved until her hand was finally on my crotch and grabbing them over my pyjamas.

Once I unhooked her bra, I removed her t-shirt as well. Freeing her soft juicy handful boobs of my sister. I was squeezing them, tickling, and playing with her nipples. Seconds later I found that her nipples were perky and hard. Then her hands started to slide inside my pyjamas and my underwear. She played with my pubic hair before grabbing my penis and toyed with the foreskin and the bud of my penis. She tried to lower my pyjamas along with my underwear. She could not. so, I helped her remove it. And I also removed t-shirt along with it. I was completely naked exposing my 6 inches hark cock standing upright, with a drop of precum on the top of my penis, and she was topless, exposing her beautiful and handful perky boobs.

I moved over her, I was on, kissing her on the boobs and sucking her nipples and meanwhile my hands moved to her shorts, unbuttoned it, thus losing it, so my hand could get into her panties. My hands reached her pussy after sensing her bush near it. I started with gently rubbing over her pussy which was already wet with her orgasm, which she might have had while kissing and making out. I rubbed her pussy, making it wetter She let out moans in a low volume ‘argh…. Ummm, deeper’ she said.

Then I started using my index finger and my middle finger. Her moans got higher every minute I was fingering her. then I pushed my finger deeper inside her pussy along with that I slowly pushed my ring finger inside along with the other fingers.

Shortly I felt her warm juices spurting out of her pussy, wetting my hands, her panties and even her shorts got wet, she the struggled to remove her shorts. I helped her remove the shorts and she removed her wet panties. Now she was completely naked exposing her soft melons and her bushy cunt filled with droplets of her juice. My hand was still wet with her juice. I tasted and licked my hand. I went over her face and oozed out saliva from my mouth, she opened her mouth to swallow it.

Then I bought my juice-filled hand and pulled her tongue and spat in her mouth once again. She swallowed it again. I then inserted my hand inside her mouth, grabbing and playing with her tongue. I bent forward, started kissing her and wetting with my saliva. I kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose, I spat on her closed lips, which she licked it using her tongue. T

I kissed her neck, her shoulder bone, her boobs, nipples. Then I started licking her from her boobs to her navel and reached her pussy. I gently licked the outer part of her pussy and kissed the inside of her thighs and all around her thighs. She then pulled my head and placed it in front of her cunt. I licked and inserted my tongue and rubbed her inner pussy. A few minutes later, she spurted out her juice once again, all over my face. My face was soaked in her pussy juice.

Then we rustled until she was on top of me. she bent forward and licked all the juice from my face. and she held my mouth open by her hands and spat in my mouth. Her saliva tasted sweet and spicy due to the raw vodka in her system. She kissed all over my face, she played with my nipple using her tongue, again started kissing my tummy and reached my dick. She grabbed my ball sack so tight, that I started to suffocate in a second, as she saw my face grow red, she released, and I took a deep breath to get back normal. She pulled my foreskin back and started sucking the tip of my dick. It felt so good. She spat on my penis and stroke it for a few seconds and then, she tried to deepthroat by taking my entire dick in her mouth. I held a thick strand of her hair and pushed it against my dick. A few seconds later she let out a suffocating moan.

then she started liking again, taking my ball sack in her mouth. And later she stroked it to and fro so firmly. Minutes later my dick spurted out cum all over my sister’s face, her hand and on my bed. Thank god it was the balcony. Not much effort needed to clean though. She drank the cum on her hand and her face by wiping it clean and licking it. She lied on top me, with her head resting on my chest. I kissed her forehead and ran my hand through her hair.

I was wasted for the day, but she was not. she stood up and pulled me up. She was not steady though but managed to stand and walk around without falling. We left the dress on the balcony and she pulled me to the bedroom. as soon as we reached the bedroom, she started giving deep passionate wet kisses. Her tongue rolled inside my mouth, tasting every corner inside my mouth, and next to my tongue rolled in her mouth tasting her sweet mouth inside and out. I then pulled her to my waist and kissed her. I walked around the bed and threw her on the bed. I went on top of her. I started kissing her lips, and her boobs.
I was kissing and sucking her boobs, my hand reached for her lips and played with her lips. sensing how smooth and soft it is. Then I turned her over and fucked her from behind. She was on her knees, bent. I slowly started to insert my dick inside her wet pussy, and gradually increased my speed. I was fucking her in the doggy style. We rustled and she was on top of me, she held my penis and slowly sat on my dick. S
humping on my dick in a cowgirl style. Meanwhile, my hands were on her boobs, squeezing and caressing her boobs. Her hands were on my mouth, playing with my lips and tongue. Her soft baby fingers tasted sweet in my mouth.

‘do we…do we need a condom?’ I said. With exhausted pleasure.

She started humping hard, on my dick. ‘I am not ovulating, I…think, I, it’s safe.’ She said her voice shivering and shaking. We were fucking in cowgirl position for minutes, then we shifted to the missionary position. I thrust my dick in her pussy and moved my lips too and fro, meanwhile we were kissing hard on the lips and neck.

After 30 minutes of fucking, in the second session, I finally cummed in her pussy again. We attained orgasm at the same time. She let out a loud moan, so did I.

Then we laid there beside each other her, my head on her breast. We were taking deep breaths. Then a few moments later. We got up, took a shower, we shared the tower. While having the shower, she was about to throw up. I had the warning. She rushed to the bathroom and vomited. I helped her clean up all the mess.

Then bought her to the shower. she started to gain consciousness by now. Then we both stood under the shower naked, my hands on her waist. I explained to her everything that happened so far. She hugged me, her wet damp hair hit my face, gave me a hardon for the third time that day. We stood there hugging each other in the warm shower. her perky firm boobs pressing against my chest. ‘This was a mistake Shiva; I am going to regret it for my entire life’ she said in a dull sobbing voice.

‘We don’t have to tell anyone sis.’ I said. We both looked at each other, and she gave a cute smile.

Later that night around 11. We went to bed; we did not get dressed since the sex. I laid beside her, soon we started to drift asleep. I have the habit of cuddling my sister very often. I cuddled her, she bushed her ass back and rubbed my dick. I had a hard-on again. and I could not resist. I slowly pushed my dick inside her pussy, and moved my hip in and out, in a scoop me up, position. I cummed again in her pussy. I did not mind pulling my dick out of her pussy until another hour. We slept naked for the rest of the night and the rest of the days. But we do not fear pregnancy anymore, she started taking anti-pregnancy pills later.

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