Sexual Perks

I’m a 25-year-old security guard in a large, upscale department store in Long Island, New York. I like my job well enough. It’s even interesting sometimes. But mostly I like it because it gives me the opportunity to meet lots of pretty young women. I’ve dated and fucked a few of the sexy sales associates who work here, but my most memorable sexual encounter happened with a customer.

I was wandering around the women’s department of the store a month ago. It was a slow day, and to pass the time I flirted with a very attractive older woman who looked about 40.

She had straight black hair down around her shoulders and wore a tight black dress.

Her breasts weren’t huge, but they were round and jiggly, and I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra under her dress.

She was sensational and she knew it.

She was looking at some lingerie and nighties. Every so often she’d glance my way and smile. My cock started getting hard.

Finally, she shot me a look that would melt ice and headed for the dressing room with a baby blue silk nightie tucked under her arm. I took a chance and followed her in.

I would get fired if I got caught, but I couldn’t pass up a chance like this. I stepped through the curtained partition of the dressing room and reminded myself to breathe.

There she stood, her slender frame wearing the nightie and nothing else.

I could see her bush and my prick sprang to attention. She stared at me boldly.

“You like it?” she asked.

I was out of my uniform and into her arms in seconds.

She gasped when my giant uncut cock rubbed up against her pussy through the silky fabric. I stifled her moans with a hot kiss, penetrating her warm mouth with my searching tongue, tasting her as my hands traveled to those firm, beautiful breasts.

I slid the nightie off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. I cupped her breasts, gently kneading the flesh and brushing her nipples with my thumbs. She grabbed my erection, massaging it gently with her hot hands. I stuck a finger into her dripping snatch.

This woman was incredibly hot and horny. I knew she was married by the diamond ring on her finger, and I wondered when her husband had last poked her.

Then she stuck a finger into my asshole, and suddenly I didn’t care. I lifted her in my arms and inserted my throbbing manhood into her steaming, creaming vagina. I pushed her against the dressing room wall and started pumping in and out slowly, making her squirm with pleasure. She threw her legs around me as I impaled her over and over.

I lowered my head and took a nipple into my mouth, sucking it like a hungry, horny baby. By this time I was really slamming into her. Short, sharp strokes had her writhing in ecstasy.

She started to cry out as she came; so I cut her off with another burning kiss. I pounded her sweet pussy until I spasmed, sending a special-delivery of hot, white semen deep into her warm body.

I pulled out of her, and she collapsed on the floor, breathing heavily.

I thought she’d had enough, but she surprised me by reaching up and grabbing my now-semi hard cock. She lay spread-eagled on the floor as she pulled me down on top of her. She guided my raging hard erect penis into her warm, wet throat, and I slowly face-fucked her. She took me in all the way down to my balls, something most of my sexual partners can’t manage. I instantly got another erection as she swallowed my cock with wild abandon.

I wanted to taste her sweet cunt; so I swung my body around until we were in a 69. I split her pussy lips with my tongue and shoved it in. She was well-lubed, and her cunt juice tasted like salty nectar. The sensation of my tongue deep in her vulva while my hard cock was being gnawed on by this sex goddess was indescribable.

She came several times, thrusting her hips wildly with each orgasm as I lapped up her sex juices. I held my own orgasm back until I couldn’t take anymore. I finally let go and nearly fainted with pleasure as she greedily swallowed my thick load.

We’d been going at it for quite a while; so I figured it was time to get dressed and out of there before we got caught.

We quickly put our clothes back on and took turns leaving the dressing rooms, but not before we exchanged phone numbers.

We’ve gotten together a handful of times since that day, and I always enjoy myself. We usually do it at my place when her husband is out of town, but sometimes we return to our dressing room for that extra-special thrill.

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