First Date

They sat across from each other, the flicker of the candlelight adding to the glow of sexual anticipation on Lucy’s face. The conversation was strained, as she dropped her shoe to the floor and reached for Dan’s crotch. With every mouthful of succulent lobster, her foot rubbed his manhood, teasing. He tried ignoring her but Lucy still insisted on flirting.


“If you continue, you will be punished my sweet” Dan warned.

“Is that a threat or a promise?” She quipped.

“That’s it, no dessert for you, we’re going” Dan stood ready to leave.

Lucy was stunned, she stood then turned back, bending over to pick up her stray shoe from under the table. Dan caught a glimpse of her breasts, loosely hanging beneath her sheer black dress, leaving nothing to his imagination.

They walked to his car in silence, Lucy feeling like a berated schoolgirl. Once at home Dan relaxed, kissing her passionately yet unexpectedly.

“You didn’t believe I would deny you dessert, did you?” A spark of mischief in his eyes.

With the unexpected kiss and with his hands teasing her, as he ran them over her dress, Lucy’s knees were getting weaker, her heart beating faster and her pussy wetter, he then led her to the sofa. He sat her down, still kissing her and avoiding the temptation to roam under her dress… but not for long. After hours of kissing and teasing, Lucy needed to freshen up.

She returned, Dan waiting for her.

“You smell so good babe,” he whispered.

“I taste good too,” she teased.

Dan decided to find out for himself, leaning closer, nibbling, in fact, biting her neck.

She gasped, leaning back on the sofa, her legs spread slightly, accidentally of course. By now Dan found Lucy even more tempting. Her spread legs, even if accidentally, didn’t help.

Eventually Dan couldn’t resist and ran his hand under her dress. Lucy lay down; her legs spread more, revealing her shaven pussy. Dan was on his knees in a flash, licking her; she shuddered with every teasing tickle of his tongue. “You do taste good, my sweet”. Lucy grinned.

Now it was Dan’s turn, with his trousers down. Lucy sat up, a little dazed yet willing, taking his cock in her mouth. Teasing him, stroking him and briefly sucking his balls.

They continued to tease each other, Dan lightly touching her inner thighs, as Lucy traced the head of his cock with her fingertips. Then he swooped her up in his arms, taking her upstairs to his bedroom; an elegant four-poster bed complete with canopy as the centrepiece. She felt like a princess and he was her prince.

He laid her down on his black satin sheets, his hands roaming all over her, in particular her pussy and breasts, whilst she stroked his cock and teased his balls.

“It’s time my love,” he announced.

“Time?” She questioned.

“Time for me to take you, what else?”

As the question went unanswered, his rock hard cock swiftly entered her extremely wet pussy. He fucked her fast, he fucked her hard. She was on her back, close to orgasming and then Dan slowed the pace, teasing her.

Sucking her nipples as he gently squeezed her breasts, then encouraging Lucy to her knees – there was nothing like deep penetration and Dan wanted to fuck her every which way. As his rock hard cock fucked her dripping pussy, Lucy moaned, groaned and gasped, pushing back on Dan taking all of his cock as far as she could. She was fucking him and before long, he came.

But then he stopped, still denying her pleasure, Lucy was so close, begging him,

“Please let me cum”.

Sliding a finger into her pussy, teasing her sensitive clit, Lucy begun to shudder. Dan gently pushed her down, holding her wrists above her head. His flaccid cock working its way into her throbbing pussy, slowly teasing her until he was hard, then he was fucking her again.

The harder his cock became, the harder he fucked her and Lucy bucking like a wild horse trying to be tamed but nothing would tame her passion. Then she screamed from deep within, orgasming.

Lucy collapsed, satisfied though exhausted yet Dan still wanted more. He rolled her over and pushing her head down. He wanted his cock sucked and despite her exhaustion – she did. Sucking, licking, teasing his cock… and he was hard again.

Snuggling up behind her, spooning her, his newly erect cock rubbing her arse cheeks, teasing her as he gently probed her arse… Lucy gasped…

“No…please no”. Dan ignored her plea, pushing his rock hard cock into her tight arse.

Holding her close, kissing the nape of her neck, clasping her hands in his, fucking her until once again he came. Sleep then enveloping them.

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