Begging for Satisfaction

I was once again passing my time in my office doing some boring work and I received a message on hangouts, it was a girl named Piya!!

The message just read a hi!! I knew she must be a reader, I asked her who she was! She told me she is from Kolkata but currently residing in Mumbai after her marriage. She was 28 years old, married for two years! She told me that she liked my story very much! I said thank you and we started chatting. She told me that she had a love marriage but it hadn’t been that great since last few months.

We chatted about many things. I asked her for a picture but she refused to that. She wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t force her so left that matter there. We kept chatting for many days even talked on a voice call on hangout but she never showed me her pics. We even had sex chats but I never saw her.

She saw me and told me that she liked me!

I asked her when she will be visiting Kolkata and if we could meet but she always ignored that or replied with a let’s see!

Though our chats never ended but my hopes for anything real ended right there!

Then after some days she told me there is a wedding at her place and she will be coming to Kolkata but wasn’t really sure if she will be able to talk to me or meet me since she will be surrounded by her relatives, though her husband was going to come right on the wedding day still she was unsure if she could meet me or not.

I had zero hopes but still gave her my no. And told her that whenever there is a chance to meet she can call me directly and I will come whatever the time it may be.

Then she arrived in Kolkata! The last msg I received from her was from early morning which I saw only when I reached the office.

It stated that she has reached Kolkata and will call me whenever she thinks she might have a chance!

I didn’t even have her no. And it showed she was offline on hangout since morning so I didn’t even reply to her, got busy with my work. Later that night I signed in to hangout and messaged her. Asking her about the chances of the meeting but still didn’t get any reply! I logged out and waited for the next day.

Next morning in the office I received a call from an unknown person.

I picked it up and a very sweet voice speaker from that side

She- hey Sroyon how are you??

I knew it was her.

Me- hello Piya! Finally, you called. I am fine but have been waiting for your call since yesterday.

She- sorry ya, I got busy with my relatives never got a chance to call, even now I have come to the washroom to talk to you, ok listen I will be going to a parlor with my sister in the south, I have told her that I will be meeting an old friend from college there, so if you can then be there by 3 and we can sit somewhere, for half an hour!

Me- sure I will be there! Let’s meet at CCD! But how will I recognize you?

She- don’t worry I will recognize you and will call once I reach there!

Me- okay! Cool, then I will see you today at 3.

She – yeah sure, now I have to go will call you from there!

Me- bye Piya!

The conversation ended there! Her voice was very sweet but I didn’t know anything about her looks. But meeting her for the first time excited me!

I reached there 10 mins before and waited for her call after a while she called me!

Piya- hey Mayank are you the guy in a blue shirt?

Me- yeah!!

Piya- turn around m coming there!

I turned around and she waved at me! And wow I couldn’t believe my eyes there she was! And wasn’t she the sexiest woman I have ever seen she was in a black dress which just ended above her knees! She was slim with a face like a doll, she had a perfect jawline and cheekbones which all models die for, her lips were full and pink and looked very juicy and all this over her fair coloured flawless skin with eyes that twinkled like diamonds, her midnight black hair was long and straight! With flicks over her forehead and they flowed over to her shoulders!! Her neck was long and ended with a hint of cleavage, her dress was hugging her breasts tightly, they looked so big on that slim body frame, she almost resembled Diana penty but definitely looked better than her!! She was a hottie!! I couldn’t get my eyes off her and there she was inches away from me, smelling like flowers! I was speechless couldn’t utter a single word!

Piya- hey

Me- you are beautiful!!! You shouldn’t have hidden your face from me!

Piya- no I am not ( blushing )

She laughed and her nose and cheeks turned red!

I went forward and gave her a little side hug! She was a dream come true!

Me- so finally you got time for me!

Piya- you don’t know how many lies I had to make to meet you!

Me- it’s okay you are worth the wait! So where should we sit?

Piya- let’s have coffee

Me- sure!

And we started walking towards a cafe and she was walking in front of me! My eyes shifted to her ass! Which was swaying like anything! Her dress was pretty decent but still was tight around her ass which was perfectly round looked so hot! She had a slim body frame and that made her assets look all bigger! Her ass came out of her slim waist perfectly! And her breasts looked firm and looked bigger because of her slim body! She was a dream come true.

We went to the coffee shop and ordered coffees for both of us! I was having a hard-on in my trousers! It was really getting hard. We were talking about random stuff but my eyes were travelling from her eyes to her lips to her neck to her cleavage which was very visible now, I knew I had to do something quick to get her!! So I started touching my feet to her! She didn’t react much. So I got bolder and started rubbing her feet her calves till her knees with my toes! Wow her legs were so smooth! Her skin was soo soft. I slowly held her hand. And we both crossed our fingers! Wow-what a feeling it was!

Me- I can’t stop myself now!

She- me too

I asked the waiter to pack our coffees for takeaway. And paid the bill quicker than ever and took Piya’s hand started moving quickly to the car.

Piya- Sroyon I don’t have much time.

Me- just come with me.

She didn’t refuse, she wanted the same too though I was getting desperate. I took her to my car and we both got in, my car has tinted window screens, as we got in, I grabbed her and pulled her closer! And we started kissing each other! We didn’t start slow. We didn’t wait for anything we were all over each other and didn’t stop kissing.

We were all over each other!! My lips were sucking her. We were eating each other’s mouth literally!! She was the hottest thing I have ever touched! We both were going crazy! My hands were inside her dress, she had already unbuttoned my shirt. I was feeling her breasts! Pressing them over her bra Ummm they were the softest breasts!! Our kiss didn’t stop! My lips in between traveled to her neck her cheeks! But we’re always ending on her lips!

She tasted so good… I grabbed her again and opened the zip of her dress from behind! And pulled her dress from her shoulders she had by now removed my shirt completely we were both kissing each other’s neck, shoulders, I was licking her kissing her! And bit her hard. She moaned and bit me back, she was a tigress! I asked her if she wanna move to the back seat, she readily agreed and started moving to the back seat, I followed her we started kissing each other again this time softly to start. My hands were busy removing her dress completely. And her hands which were till now feeling my bare upper body had moved to open my trousers!

She was now just in her black bra and panty! Wow, I took a second there to admire her beauty. My hand travelled from her thighs to her pussy to her navel and to her breasts! I wanted to touch her, to feel her! Ohh she didn’t feel like just another girl. She was all more special! My hands were on her breasts and I pressed them! She moaned again and I kissed her again Ummm my hands were removing her bra! And my lips travelled from her lips to her neck to her naked boobs! Ohh they were big.

We had slowly moved to a position in which she was lying on her back on the car seat and I was on top of her! Space was a little less but we both really didn’t care! My mouth was on her breasts! And they were big, her nipples were hard!! I was sucking them. Biting them! My hand went down inside her panty! She was shaved. And my hand reached her pussy…Ohh and it was dripping wet! I rubbed my finger on her pussy! And my lips were on her breasts! She was moaning like anything!!

Her hands reached my underwear and pulled it down taking my cock out and holding it in her hand… I told her I didn’t have a condom, but she was in no mood to stop neither was I got on top of her and started rubbing my cock around her pussy! My hands were holding her hands around her head and I was still rubbing my cock around her pussy!

She- come on fuck me! She shouted!

Even it was hard for me to control now! I pushed it in finally.

Aahh! She was tight! And I was at my hardest!! I pushed it further in her! She moaned out loudly!

She- ohh Sroyon it has been so long!

Me- same for me piya and I am gonna fuck you hard today! I kept pushing it harder aaahhh

I was fucking her hard it was hard for me to control! Her face looked so edible at that time half open mouth closed eyes! I was so much in awe of her that it was really getting hard to control myself!

Me- ohh piya I am gonna cum soon!

Piya – ohh Sroyon I am closer too!!

Aahhh yeahhhh I was very close trying to control! When I felt a jerk in her body! And I quickly took out my cock and sprayed my cum all over the seat and her thighs! I fell over her!

I was damn tired after the fuck but she looked all hotter right now! She was covered with sweat, her face was glowing! Her body fragrance was awesome…

Her phone rang! And it was her sister! She picked up the phone, I told her that she will be there in 5 minutes. I didn’t want to leave her!

But we got up, cleaned ourselves and got dressed. And came back on the front seat!

Me- it was just wow!! But m not finished!

She- neither am I, but what to do!

Me- I am calling my wife and telling her I have work and won’t come back tonight!

She- okay, take a room in Salt Lake, it’s near my place. I will sneak out once everyone will be asleep.

Me- sure why not!

We both kissed each other and I joined back my office! About my experience with her at Salt Lake will be continued in the next part!

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