Interest Payment Part-3

I was sitting naked in the hall, and all these men had some discussion with Daniel in our bedroom. I was wondering what they were discussing, and what else is on their filthy minds. The discussion went for about 15 minutes, and all of them came out.

Ismail was having a cover in his hands and said, looking at me, “Selena, for the next 48 Hrs you will be our wife. You will please us in every possible and impossible way. Today is going to be our First Night. You have got an hour to get ready. Take these clothes. Have a nice bath, put on some sexy makeup, and be ready for us in this attire.”

“Daniel, go to the liquor store and get some more drinks for us. Come within an hour, you don’t want to miss the show.” He said cunningly.

I did not have any other option other than obeying their orders. Daniel left for the liquor store, and I took the cover from Ismail while doing. He pulled my hand towards him and ran his hands all over my back, hugging me.

Meanwhile, Shekar spanked on my butt. All of them laughed while I rushed towards the bedroom to get ready for the ordeal. I was feeling very dejected and scared. Because, firstly, no one had seen me naked before this other than my husband. But now the 4 of them have seen and felt me.

Secondly, I haven’t had sex with anyone other than Daniel. But today I will have to be fucked by 4 of them at their whims and fancies. In all this tension, I had my bath and came out only in my towel. I went towards my bed and took the cover to check what clothes are inside.

To my surprise, they had chosen a black and red saree with matching lingerie from my wardrobe. It had only saree, bra, and panty. With no other option, I wore than with black heels. I applied my makeup and other stuff. I was now ready for the ordeal. It is almost time.

I went out of my bedroom to my hall. Daniel was serving those drinks, and all started whistling and ogling at me. Vikram said, “Guys, our slut bride is ready. Let’s take her to the bedroom and fuck her.”

To this, Ismail said, “Yes, we will fuck her. Daniel, we have ordered some food from Swiggy. Let me know once he arrives. We are taking our wife to the bedroom to warm up.”

Vikram now came towards me and lifted me on shoulders and took me to the bedroom. We went inside the bedroom. I was made to stand next to the bed, and all four sat on four corners of the bed. First, Ismail came towards me and started feeling me up.

Meanwhile, Vikram started recording the scene on his phone. Ismail pinned me to the wall and started smooching me. He felt me from top to bottom without removing a single piece of cloth from my body. Then he ordered me to open his zipper and play with his dick.

I was shaking and then sat on my knees to open his zipper. I somehow found some strength and opened his zipper, and his dick sprang out. He then asked me to play and suck it nicely. So I started playing with and sucking with it. Once I started sucking it, his dick went deeper into my mouth.

It started releasing its precum. He stopped me, made me stand up, hugged me tightly, and smooched me hard. While doing so, he explored my whole upper body. This session was interrupted by Daniel, “Swiggy delivery is on the door.”

Ismail said, “Good. Mahesh, go and get the things done”, and winked at him, like some sort of understanding. Mahesh and Shekar went out to get the parcel from Swiggy delivery. Daniel was made to sit on the bed in our room, and Vikram was recording what Ismail was doing to me.

Suddenly Mahesh and Shekar entered the bedroom along with Swiggy delivery person. Mahesh looked at me told, “Selena darling, this is Moin from Swiggy. You need to make a payment to him by a tight hug and a 1-minute smooch.”

Daniel and I were in complete shock. Daniel tried to protest, but Vikram interrupted, stating, “Darling, we now have a recording of all your acts. So just cooperate and do what we tell.” I was completely dejected.

Before I could make a move, Moin came forward pinned me to the wall and started smooching me. While doing so, he felt my body. I was in a complete shock and feeling like a cheap escort being used just for fun. He did so for the next minute and then left our premises.

I came back to my senses and was thinking, I was made an escort in my own house. Daniel was right; they were really very smart, badass people.

Vikram had recorded Moin’s scene too. I was now made to feel like a pornstar. Once Moin left, Shekar signaled Daniel to leave the room. Ismail and Mahesh too left with Daniel. I was now left with Shekar and Vikram, who was recording.

Shekar stripped my saree, and now I stood only in my bra and panty. He lifted me and threw me on the bed. He, too, jumped on me and started feeling me vigorously. He removed my bra and was squeezing my boobs while smooching me hard.

He took his other hand and was rubbing my pussy, which was wet by now involuntary. He too got naked now and took his dick straight towards my pussy, and rammed it in. I was in complete pain. But he started fucking me mercilessly. I was screaming in pain.

Vikram was enjoying recording all this. Ismail just then brought Daniel inside and showed him how Shekar was enjoying me. Daniel was ashamed of seeing me like this. Ismail came in and made Daniel stand at the door so that he could hear me scream.

Mahesh fucked me for 20 straight minutes, but luckily dint come in my pussy, but he sprayed it all over my body and got down from the bed. He said, “Ismail, this slut can’t be satisfied with us in 48 hours. She is a masterpiece. Maybe we should take her for a vacation with us.”

Ismail grinned and said, “Let us first enjoy her for this time. We will surely plan that too.” Shekar left the room, and now I was left with Vikram and Ismail. Ismail said, “Slut, just go and get yourself cleaned up. We have very little time.”

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