My Curvy Friend

I am Vimal and I am 22 years old. This is about how I had sex with my closest friend Sreenidhi. She had a fair complexion, nice curvy body, 32 B-cup boobs and a bubble butt which gives off small jiggles when she walks. I’ve always fantasized about sucking those boobs and fucking my best friend.

As she was my best friend, I would often visit her as she lives alone. One day when I went over to her place. She was wearing a simple half t-shirt without a bra that day. Her nipples were visible. Her jeans short was not even up to her thighs. Just by looking at Sreenidhi like that, I was having a hard-on.

Sreenidhi was sad so she hugged me tightly and I could feel her nipples piercing my chest. My dick was already rock-hard and I hoped she wouldn’t notice.

We talked for a while and she asked me to stay for that night. It was awkward but I agreed in the end.

I was having glimpses of her cleavage and ass whenever I could and I felt that she was doing it willingly.

After dinner, while Sreenidhi was doing the dishes, I could see her ass wiggling. I couldn’t control myself anymore so I went straight to her and put my hands on her waist, rubbing my dick on her ass! She looked up unsurprisingly, gave me an evil smile, and said it took me long enough. It was then I got to understand that she wanted me as well.

We locked lips and our tongues were wrestling and our hands were searching each other’s bodies. My hands went from Sreenidhi’s waist to her neck to her boobs and finally settled on her ass. We kissed like for 5 minutes and then started removing our dresses.

I cupped her boobs while slowly kissing her neck. She started moaning slightly. I caught hold of my best friend’s nipples, pinching, and pulling. I lifted her and took her to the bedroom and laid her on her back. Slowly, I started sucking on her boobs. She was moaning loudly.

Then I went slowly lower while laying kisses and removed her panties. I admired my best pal’s shaved pink pussy which was already dripping wet and the aroma was driving me crazy.

I started licking her slowly and then increased the pace. Sreenidhi was moaning, “Ohh yess Vimal.. right there! Please please..faster, I am going to cum soon.” and with that, she came all over my mouth and I licked her clean.

Then Sreenidhi said, “Let’s see what we have got here” as she was removing my underwear. She said, “Omg, it’s so big” and started taking it in her mouth! It was heaven!! My bestie was sucking my dick, bobbing and rolling her tongue over the head. Soon, I came in her mouth. She drank every drop of it saying, “Not to be wasted. So tasty”.

Sreenidhi was surprised that I was still hard and said, “I can’t wait anymore. Put it inside me fuck me like there’s no tomorrow.”

That was it! I couldn’t say no to something sweet like that and I rammed my dick into my best friend’s love hole and started fucking her. She was moaning and shouting, “Yes, fuck me.. fuck me..make me your slut..don’t stop.. yes..yes!”

We fucked wildly, me on top of her and my dick sliding right into her pussy. Her boobs were bouncing and I caught hold of them. Then I told her, “Turn around. I wanna fuck you in doggy style”. She said ok and was on her all fours.

I gave a lick to her pussy and put my dick inside her again. Sreenidhi started moaning and shouting my name in my ear. She orgasmed back to back. And finally, when I was about to cum, I asked her, “I am about to cum, where should I do it?”.

“Do it on my boobs and face,” Sreenidhi said and with that, I rolled her over and came all over her luscious lips and bouncing tits.

We laid beside each other. My hand was still on her pussy, rubbing her clit and slowly fingering her. She licked all the cum off her boobs and face. And seeing her naked like that got me hard all over again. I asked, “One more session?” She was like, always ready. But, this time, I wanted to try something different.

So I asked her to lay sideways and she did. I put my right hand under her and reached her boobs and started fondling. With my other hand, I was rubbing her ass slowly went to her pussy lips. I spread them and started finger fucking my best friend. Sreenidhi was enjoying it very much.

Slowly, I started inserting an extra finger – first one, then two, then three and I put my whole hand and started fist fucking her! She was shuddering and screaming loudly.

Then I removed my hand and moved it to her asshole. She suddenly said, “No! Don’t do it! It will be painful”.

I assured her that it would be fine and she will enjoy it very much. She was scared but she still agreed. So to clear her of her fright, I slowly went low and started licking her ass.

I licked it and started pushing it inside her ass making it wet and slimy. Then I inserted my middle finger and she moaned softly. I was pushing it deeper until the whole finger was in.

I fingered my best friend’s ass like that for some time and when she was ready, I slowly penetrated her ass with my dick.

“Holy heavens! It’s 100 times tighter than your cunt,” I said.

“Go slow, please! It hurts a little” she said.

I let her adjust for a few minutes and when she was ready, I sped up. Soon I was fucking her so hard she was screaming so loud that I was afraid that the neighbors might hear it.

“Fuck! Right there! Fuck me harder. Show me what you can do, fuck me so that I won’t be able to walk for a whole fucking week” Sreenidhi shouted.

I then pulled her on top of me, spread her legs, and soon, she was riding me. Her boobs were bouncing like hell. I grabbed them and pulled them, pinched them, and slapped them. I pulled her face close to me. Our tongues fought again.

Soon I came in her ass while we were still kissing and for the first time, she squirted. I was surprised to know that she was a squirter. By that time, we were heaving and breathing heavily.

“I love you,” she said. “I love you too,” I said.

With that, we went to sleep. My bestie was on top of me, my dick still in her ass.

The next few days I and my best friend fucked like animals whenever we got the chance – in the kitchen while watching TV, under the shower, etc. Soon, we became a couple.

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