Lustful Rendezvous Part-1

The Beginning And The Initiation

Hello all, this is a purely personal story, and for the first time on this site. I have been reading here for a long time. And so, I have decided to give it a try by myself.

My story – I will try to make it a series. The reason is simple. This is a narration of multiple events that occurred in which I was involved with a woman for more than 4 years. Hence, a lot of details will be written. It will not just be a ‘wham-bam, thank you ma’am’ kind of a story.

This story is about a couple out of wedlock and purely lusting for each other. It is a story of me and the best ever woman I have been with. It has been the best ever a sexual time that I have experienced ever in my life.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Vivek, and I am 27 years old from Bangalore. I started working recently. This series that I am trying to narrate is with a woman for whom I have lusted.

Her name is Sandhya, and she was called Sandy. I am writing the story with her consensus. She is in Singapore now. Just for all of you to know, Sandy is now 40 years old. This all started when I was 21, and she was 34.

Sandhya was a very well learned intelligent woman married to a very senior gentleman in one of the Global Organizations. They chose not to have kids. They wanted to live a very carefree life, and so they did. She was my neighbor, in a sense. Sandy and her husband lived a couple of blocks away from mine.

Sandy was interested in classical music, and my mother is a classical artist. Therefore she struck a chord with my mom. She used to come home often, and I used to have a keen eye for her.

Let me tell you something about Sandy. As mentioned earlier, Sandy was 34 years old when I met her. Sandy was wheatish in color and not the typical fair aunty that most describe. But extremely beautiful and stark and striking features. Dark brown hair dense and flowing till half of her back.

Beautiful wide dark brown eyes. Slender long enough nose. Deep red full lips (she had always taken great care of her lips). Her arms and legs were in good shape. I later learned that she used to be a regular swimmer. Her fingers were really amazing. Long and slender.

She later told me that it is one of the indications of a horny woman. Now coming to the interesting part of her body. She stood 5”7 tall and maintained a toned body. She was of a really great figure of 34D-30-36. To add to the hotness, she was slightly wide-hipped. That made her even hotter.

One can imagine how big and beautiful her boobs were. Her areolas were of the size of old 2 Re coin and of light brown color. The shape of her boobs resembled more of a round coconut. Well rounded and tight. Her nipples were taut right in the center of the boobs and areolas pointing upright always.

Her boobs were the most symmetrical ones I have ever seen in my life in reality. She had that slight tummy to make her navel deep and wide enough to make it look awesome. Though not a completely slim waist, it was beautiful to hold. Maybe it can be compared to that of Madhuri Dixit’s.

If Sandy had not had those big, beautiful, tight, and juicy boobs, her ass would have become the superstar of her body. It was just heavenly amazing. Not a single stretch mark. Not a single mark on her really hot ass. Again her ass was beautifully rounded.

That was the best piece of ass I have ever seen. Her cunt was not the whitest or the pinkest. It was slightly brown without the hair, of course. Her inner labia and the interiors of the cunt was pink. Sweet and really beautiful. Her clitoris was one which was the easiest to find. In all sense, she was a sex goddess.

Now the not so interesting part is about me. My name is Vivek, and I am called Vikki. I am really not that athletic or hunk type. I am fairly good looking, fair in color. I stand 6”1 tall and slim in the physique. I run about 6km every day. I have fairly good stamina.

I think I am pretty well endowed. I am of more than 6 inches in length and a girth of 2 inches. Well, the thickness is something I am really proud of.

Sandy used to frequent my home to speak to my mother. It was always a glance and a rare smile between us. I sometimes used to stare at her from my room when she talked to my mother. I don’t know how many times I had masturbated, especially looking at the shape of her thighs.

She normally wore tight leggings and perfectly fitting kurtas, whose slit usually went up to her waist area. When she crossed her legs, her beautiful thighs would be visible through the leggings. It was awesomely shaped.

I knew I had to somehow get to sleep with Sandy. It was a very tough nut to crack. She had not even spoken to me once despite her coming over to my place many times. She was extremely reserve and tight. One could call her the stiff upper lipped British types.

I had no hopes, but I decided to give it a try. I started stalking Sandy from then on. I usually used to linger around her home and make an excuse somehow to follow her. I was absolutely sure that she had not noticed. I used to follow her on my bike whenever she went out on her scooter or by car.

One weekday, I had not gone to college. I was lazily riding my bike in Sandy’s street, and I noticed that she was on her way out. I followed her. Again, I was sure she wouldn’t have seen me. She went to the supermarket, something like D-Mart types. It was crowded.

I followed her into the supermarket discretely. She was between one of the shelves, and I thought this was the moment. She was looking at some product, and I walked stealthily, facing my back towards her. She was wearing a tight black legging and red short kurti.

It was one hell of a sight to see her from the profile angle. Her breasts looked divine, and her ass was out of the world. So I walked close to her stealthily and palmed her left butt cheek and tried to walk away. I couldn’t move anymore.

Sandy had held my wrist tightly. I turned to face her and immediately started sweating.

Sandy (S): Hey, what do you think you are doing?

Luckily for me, there wasn’t anyone on that aisle at that time.

Vivek (V): Nothing aunty, I am sorry. It was a mistake. I didn’t know.

S: How dare you?

V: I am serious, aunty. It was a mistake. (I was shivering and sweating both at the same time)

S: Oh, come on! Don’t act. I know you have been stalking me for days now.

I was shell shocked. I thought she had no clue about it.

V: No, aunty. Nothing like that. I am saying it was a mistake. Please let me go. Don’t make a scene here.

S: Don’t make a scene, is it? Alright, let me make a scene with your mother. Let’s go to your home, come.

V: No, Aunty. I am really sorry. It was a mistake.

I was literally begging her. But I still dared to stare at her sweet cleavage. She caught me again.

S: Look at you, disgusting fellow. What are you staring at? Let’s go to your mom now.

V: No, aunty. I will never even come near you again, ever in my life. Please let me go aunty. Please don’t say anything to my mom.

Now I was literally begging.

S: No, you disgusting brats ought to be taught a lesson. Such filth, you are.

V: Sorry, Aunty, This will never happen. It will never happen with anyone ever again.

She did not seem to relent, and this went on for quite some time. I heard someone walking towards our aisle, and my balls were in my mouth. She noticed it as well, and she decided to let me go.

S: I am letting you go now. Give me your mobile number. If I see you doing this stuff with any other woman, I will punish you.

I had no option. I gave her my number. She did not give hers to me. I remained scared for a long time. I was in my room locked up in a crazy state. Scared on one side, while the other side was imagining Sandy’s beautiful butt that I had seen earlier in the day. I got hard.

When I started masturbating, I went limp at the point of no return due to fear. Suddenly the bell rang. My mom asked me to get the door. I carelessly opened the door, and I was shocked. Sandy was standing right at the door. I almost had tears in my eyes.

S: Is your mother home?

V: Yes, Aunty.

She pushed me aside and walked in. I froze for a moment and again in a problematic situation. My goddess of lust just walked in wearing a teal-colored saree perfectly worn, showing every contour of her divine body, with a sleeveless blouse with her beautiful arms glistening.

As she walked ahead, the beautiful swaying of her hot ass covered in saree. (I later got to know that her swaying was intentional). Her saree tied below her navel, which was round and deep. It was driving me nuts while there was fear that she might spill the beans to my mother, on the other hand.

My dick was oscillating between being hard and limp. I went back to the room. I left the door open as my mom and Sandy sat in the living room. I could see them and hear them. I did not pay attention to what they spoke. I was concentrating only if my name would come up.

I somehow couldn’t control but stole looks at Sandy. She was just like a bombshell. From far away, I could see the shape of her beautiful big round tits caged in the blouse. She wore a black bra. I was imagining how she would be looking in her black bra and panties.

She looked at me as if she had a fire in her eyes, and she would burn me down. When she left, mom asked me to get the door again. I went to the door, and she hissed to me.

S: You are not the one who learns the lesson, isn’t it? I saw what you were doing. It is a very close time when I will have a talk with your mother. (she said spitting fire)

I was only looking helplessly at her. I immediately went back to my room and wanked off forcefully, imagining her beautiful ass. She came home several times after that and left me mesmerized every time. We had several encounters with each other, but she always looked at me with disgust.

As I mentioned, folks, I would like to go into the details of every story I write. Those who have liked anything at all in this story can always appreciate and comment. Please do send your appreciation at

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