Interest Payment Part-2

I stripped my jeans in front of them near the dining table and stood there, only wearing my red panty. I now had a sinking feeling in my stomach. These 4 lecherous men are going to use me as per their will for the next 48 hours in my house.

I regained my senses when I felt Vikram trying to touch my pussy over my panty. I moved his hand, after which he smacked me but softly and said, “Hey Selena, go put some sexy heels and then serve us drinks and snacks.” I just nodded affirmative and went to my room.

I stood in my room for a moment, thinking about what the hell I was going to go through if we lose the next 2 hands. I opened my cupboard, took out a pair of matching red heels, and wore them. Just then, Shekhar entered the bedroom and saw me and stood stunned.

For more than a moment, he just scanned me from top to bottom. He then said, “Hey, Selena, if you were an escort, I would book you for every weekend.” To which I shamefully said, “Shekhar, I am not an escort, Please don’t talk to me like that.”

He came closer to me and hugged me tightly. He tried to kiss me, but I pushed him back and rushed to the kitchen to save myself. There I refilled the drinks and snacks tray and went to serve towards the dining table. All 4 of them had their eyes glued on my almost nude body when I was serving them drinks.

I went and first served Vikram, then Shekhar, then Mahesh, then Daniel and last to Ismail. When I turned and started moving towards Daniel, Ismail held my waist while he was sitting and pulled me back. As I was wearing high heels, I lost balance and fell on Ismail’s lap.

I could feel his hard dick touching my butt. He meanwhile hugged me tight, kissed my back, and squeezed my boobs. Daniel looked embarrassed and ashamed. I somehow got up and went and stood behind Daniel.

Ismail said, “Daniel, this is the second last 50,000. If you lose this and the next one, we will forgive your interest. But will have Selena serve us for the weekend as per our wish and way. Mahesh, lets play. Mahesh set out the cards, and all played.

The game was intense and went on for the next 30 minutes. Daniel was left with only 10,000. I was beginning to feel the predicament. All 4 of them now knew I would be at their mercy for the next 48 hours very soon. In the next 15 minutes, Daniel lost the balance 10,000.

Ismail took out the last 50,000, threw it towards Daniel. He looked at me, and told, “Mahesh, go and delicately strip the slut’s panty and give it to me. I want to smell her wetness.” Mahesh stood up came and stood very close to me. He smelled me from my lips and reached my navel, sniffing my boobs.

He kept both his hands on my waist right above my panty and slowly slid it down, feeling my thighs. I had to widen my legs a bit to let him remove the panty below the heels. While doing, he had a nice view of my pussy and also went and sniffed it. I felt a current in my body.

When he moved towards Ismail to give him the panty, all of them had a clear view of my nude body. I was feeling ashamed of standing completely naked in front of 4 of them. I tried to cover my boobs and pussy with my hands. To which Vikram yelled, “Don’t do that, slut.” So I removed my hands.

For the next few moments, all of them enjoyed watching my nude body from top to bottom. Daniel interrupted their joy, and optimistically said, “I still have to lose this 50,000 for you guys to do anything to her. Let’s see if I can win her back.”

Ismail said, “It’s good that you are so optimistic, Daniel. But when we win this last round, we will make your wife do things you would have never even thought of.”

These words from Ismail gave Daniel and me a run of chill down our spines. I went to the kitchen and did the refill. I served them all again, fully naked. All of them ran a free hand all over my boobs and pussy as I was fully naked. Ismail even tried to finger my pussy and feel my wetness.

Yes, I was wet there because of fear and imagining what would happen then. But Ismail enjoyed my wetness and said, “Good that you are already wet, slut. It would be easy to glide our dicks into your pussy.” I felt ashamed of his words.

The finale began, and it was an intense round of close to an hour. Daniel tried to hold on till the last penny. But as luck was not in our favor that night, so that moment came when Daniel lost his last shot of 50,000. When he lost, there was a moment of silence.

All 4 of them were just trying to believe that I was going to be at their mercy for real for the next 48 hours. They were lustfully looking at me and imagining what all they were going to do to me. Daniel was in total shock that he has lost his wife to 4 of them for the next 48 hours.

Now we are at their will and mercy to do anything they want to do to me. All 4 of them stood up and asked Daniel to come to our bedroom. I, too, started to move towards the bedroom with them.

But Ismail stopped me and said, “Slut you wait here. We need to discuss with Daniel, and then you can come in and serve us tastefully.”

To be continued.

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