Delivery Boy got Lucky

It was a winter night. At around 11:30 pm and after a busy day at work, I was relaxing at my place. I started feeling very horny!

My boyfriend was out of town and I didn’t find any source to quench my sex thirst. Anyways, I was hungry too and decided to order some food and placed an order from a nearby restaurant. It said that the food will be here in the next 14 minutes.

I was in a tank top and a boxer and thought of changing it before the delivery guy came but then I had a naughty thought to tease the delivery guy. So I removed my bra and was only in a transparent tight top. My pink nipples are protruding out. I was too sexy to handle in such an outfit.

Finally, the doorbell rang and I was very excited to open the door! To my disappointment, it was an elderly man who didn’t even look at me but handed over the order to me and went back without even noticing me!!

I got pissed off but I was so horny that I needed a mouth to suck my nipples. I immediately reached out to my phone and placed another order! And this time, I didn’t want to miss the chance at all! So, I chose the cash on delivery option and was waiting for the guy to arrive!

I removed my top and covered my body with a blanket and switched off the lights pretending I just woke up from my sleep to open the door.

Finally, the doorbell rang again. My hair was all messy and I acted as if I was half asleep. My upper body was covered only with a blanket and the lights were switched off. I opened the door. It was a young guy, aged around 27-30, very fair and good looking.

I was just acting normal and the delivery guy got shocked to see me covered only in a blanket! I asked him how much and asked him to wait while I get my cash from the bedroom.

I switched on the lights and went inside. I could see the delivery guy coming inside and locking the door! I pretended as if I wasn’t aware of it and was picking money from my wallet.

The delivery guy slowly approached me and caught my waist with both the hands from behind and pulled me towards him saying, “You bitch, I know you want this!”

I acted as if I was shocked and started shouting at him saying, “How dare you?!”

Meanwhile, the delivery guy was trying to pull off my blanket and I was resisting to him. But his grip is too hard for me to escape from. And finally, he succeeded in getting a grip of my firm boobs.

He cupped them with both of his hands and started to squeeze them. I was in heaven when his manly hands touched my boobs. He was kissing me really hard while pinching my nipples.

Then the horny delivery guy slowly lowered his face on to my boobs and started licking them. Meanwhile, I reached out to his pants and was pressing his dick over his pants.

“You bitch..You wanted this so bad and you acted so smart!” he said. I just nodded while I was enjoying his sucking on my boobs.

He said, “A bitch like you should be enjoyed more” and asked me is it okay if he calls his friend to join us. I was reluctant at the start and said no. He said it is okay and reached out to my pussy and started rubbing it over my boxer.

He slowly removed it to finger me. When the delivery guy’s hands touched my bare pussy, an electric wave passed through my body.

He slowly inserted his finger deep into my vagina and I was in seventh heaven. He slowly started increasing the speed and while he was finger fucking, he again asked if I wanted his friend here. I don’t know why but I agreed in the heat of the moment!!

The delivery guy immediately pulled me down to the floor and made me sit on my knees. I slowly unzipped his pants and took his dick out. I was shocked to see its size and circumference! It was a circumcised dick. I started stroking the delivery guy’s big dick slowly and then increased the pace.

He started clicking some pictures while I was giving him the blowjob and titjob. He sent those pics to his friends.

Then he caught hold of my head and started fucking my mouth until he cummed in my mouth. He made me swallow all him sperms!

Now, it was my turn to have an orgasm! The delivery guy lifted me up in his arms and took me near the front gate of the building! I was all naked in a winter night, freezing down in the cold breeze and was in the hands of a stranger who was making a feast of my body as if there was no tomorrow!!

I had love bites all over my body especially on my boobs as he sucked them for like 2 hours non-stop. He made me sit on the front wall near the gate. Any person passing by would clearly see me naked! And then he spread my legs and starting kissing and licking my pussy which took me into a different world!

Suddenly, I came back to my senses when I found another pair of hands squeezing and pinching my nipples real hard!

To be continued

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