Wild Sex with Wife’s Cousin

I and my wife had come to Goa for a family wedding on my in-laws’ side. It was a grand affair and at a beachside property.

A little about Ridhima, she was my wife’s cousin and stayed abroad and we had never met before. She was 28 years old and a real bombshell. She was very sensual in ways I cannot describe. The way she spoke, the way she dressed, etc were really amazing.

My wife’s cousin had fair smooth skin, sharp features, and a fit body with ample curves (34C-30-36). The best feature of her was her pouty lips.

Finally, upon arrival, my wife introduced her to me and she gave me a tight hug, “Finally, I get to meet you jiju. Sorry, I couldn’t make it to the wedding.”

I could hardly say anything but mustered up, “It’s ok, we can make up for the lost time.” To which she burst out laughing. I was awestruck and felt an instant connection with her.

The first night was Sangeet and I was looking pretty handsome dressed in a suit. Throughout the night, we were all chilling in groups and had a gala time.

I noticed that my wife’s cousin was stealing glances at me throughout the night. Since my wife was also there, I was very careful how I spoke and reacted. But deep down, all I wanted to do was to take this little minx and kiss every inch of her body!

Ridhima was dressed in a backless black lehenga with a good amount of cleavage visible and hair open. She looked perfect.

After some time, my wife told me that she was going back to the room as she was tired and will come back in a while. I was relieved as this would give me a chance to talk to Ridhima more openly.

The moment my wife was out of the view, Ridhima changed her seat and sat next to me. This only gave me more courage and I started getting a little flirty with my wife’s cousin. She responded well and we had a good time getting to know each other.

I wanted some alone time with her and test the waters. So I told her that I was going for a smoke and will be back in a bit. She asked me where I was going. She said she will come and join me after 5 minutes. I told her to come to the parking lot.

Then I went ahead and found a secluded well-hidden spot in a corner. Ridhima came 10 minutes later and I signalled her to come to the corner. We were both smoking and staring at each other. Both were waiting for the other to make a move!

Ridhima: So jiju, looks like di is very happy with you. Maybe I can guess why! 😉

Me: Is that so? Haha..Why should I believe you?

Ridhima: Well, you are quite a catch, and honestly, I am a little jealous.

Me: Well, it’s me who is jealous. Very jealous.

Ridhima: Of what?

Me: Your boyfriend 😉

Ridhima: Well, he isn’t here but you still have di. So I guess I am the one who is heartbroken.

Me: Haha. You are so cute and naughty.

Ridhima: What’s the use.. 😦

I couldn’t hold back any longer and suddenly, I pulled my wife’s beautiful cousin close by her waist and kissed her! Instantly, she started sucking on my lips madly and we couldn’t stop!

Ridhima was in a heavy lehenga and backless blouse. I was feeling her back and stomach and squeezing her ass throughout this time. Then I took her hand and kept it in on my bulge. My wife’s sexy cousin got hold of it and started jerking it over the pants. I could feel my precum dripping like Niagara falls.

My wife’s cousin tasted like cranberry and her smell was intoxicating. We kissed madly for five minutes and then stopped as someone might see us and it had been a while we were gone.

While walking back, I told her, “I want more of you tonight.”

Ridhima just spanked my ass and said, “Be ready.” We exchanged numbers and went and mingled with the crowd.

After the sangeet, there was a DJ night and it was only for the youngsters. My wife was back by then and we all were drinking and dancing. Time and again, Ridhima came up to me and started dancing. But it was all well within reason and we all had a great time.

Around 2 am, I and my wife went for dinner as she was hungry and I was pretty tipsy. I was horny since kissing Ridhima and took my wife back to the room and banged her in doggy style very roughly! She loved every bit of me and our session.

While fucking my wife, I couldn’t stop thinking about Ridhima. Soon, my wife passed out like a baby with so much alcohol in her system and a good fuck. But I was still thinking of Ridhima.

I messaged her asking where she was and she replied she was waiting for me but now she was going back to the room. I told her what I was doing and she got pretty pissed! It gave me a kick and I told her I wanted to see her. She messaged her room number and said she was staying alone.

Since it was a 5-star property, it was huge and had a lot of different areas. My room was quite far from my wife’s cousin’s room which was a good thing. Ten minutes later, I was outside her room. I rang the bell and it opened up instantly. Ridhima was standing behind the door and she shut it quickly.

I could not believe what I saw, it was heaven. She had taken off her lehenga and was standing naked just in her pantie. It was black in color and perfectly complimented her fair smooth skin. Her breasts were good-sized (34C) and nipples were light brown in color.

The moment the door got shut, I pounced on my wife’s cousin but she stopped me with some force which surprised me.

She said I had made her wait while I was having fun and she wants to punish me by not letting me fuck her tonight! But I wasn’t going to listen and started kissing her madly everywhere and squeezing her breasts and pinching her nipples. I was licking her neck and face and literally eating her with my hands.

Unable to resist anymore, Ridhima quickly opened my pants and put her hand inside my boxers. She had a wicked smile as she gripped my thick cock and started stroking it while we were kissing.

I pinned her to the wall and started sucking her breasts. She was moaning loudly and it was making me even hornier. I grabbed her by her hair and pushed her on her knees, she quickly took off my boxers and took my cock in her mouth.

My wife’s cousin started licking my head with her tongue and was doing fast movements, which was driving me mad. I shoved my cock inside her mouth and she could take only one third as it was too thick for her! But I forced it furthermore and she started to choke on it. She took it out gasping for air.

Then I ordered her to lick my balls and thighs and she gladly obliged. She kept sucking me and jerking at the same time for ten minutes and I could feel myself coming.

I then lifted her and took her to the washroom and made her sit on the tabletop and spread her legs. I started kissing her and sucking her boobs again. I slid her out of her panties and slid my fingers in her pussy. I was finger-fucking her while kissing her and it was getting really hot.

I gave her a love bite on her neck. She slapped me and started madly kissing me again, she came quickly after that and I licked all of it and exchanged it with her in our mouths.

Then I pulled her and turned her around and entered her from behind in one go! Ridhima let out a big scream. I was fucking my wife’s cousin in front of the mirror which only added to our arousal. She was tight and I loved being inside her.

“Ahh!! Fuck me!! You dirty bastard! Fuck me..”

The room was filled with our moans. We kept calling each other with dirty names and fucking harder with each minute. I was biting her neck and squeezing her tits while I was fucking her from behind. Soon we both came together and collapsed on the floor.

It was one hell of a fuck session. And I was exhausted. Later we kissed for five minutes and I bid her goodnight. We took some photos of us naked and made plans to fuck the next day.

To be continued.

I hope you all liked it. Girls and women who would like to get in touch with me, mail me at lustfulstory@gmail.com

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