First Time

Workweek over, we headed to the local bar to welcome in the weekend. Most of the office was there – including Mason.

Mason was the same age as me – 24 – and had joined the company about 8 months ago. Although we worked in different sections… it seemed like we were always bumping into each other.

Annabel leaned over the table

‘Kyle, I’m out of here,’ she said. ‘I’m heading home for some fun. The kids are at Bill’s Mum’s and I am not going to tell you what we are going get up to… You night hear me if you listen hard enough!’

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and waved goodbye.

The table was almost empty and with no game on the big screen it seemed like an early night was on the cards for all.

Mason walked into the back main bar.

‘Kyle, you’re still here?’ he said with a cheeky grin.

‘Yep I am.’ I smiled.

‘I’m heading out with Ben to get some dinner. Do you want to join us?’ he asked.

‘I was feeling hungry and a bit tipsy from the four rounds of drinks.’

‘Sure!’ I said ‘Where are we off to?’ I stood up grabbing my coat.

‘I know a fantastic little Thai place,’ said Mason as the three of us walked out together.

We jumped into Ben’s car. The conversation centered around Ben’s favorite team with Mason taking him to task. I was impressed they knew about the game and great places to eat.

‘Things are looking up.’ I thought.

Ben’s phone rang. He hit the blue tooth and answered. It was his Mum.

‘Ben can you come over? Dad isn’t too well – I’m quite worried about him…’

Ben answered quickly

‘Of course I can Mum. I’ll just drop some friends off and head right over. Love you.’

‘Love you too Ben.’ Ben’s Mum sounded relieved and she hung up.

‘Sorry guys, this counts me out. But you’re here you may as well enjoy it,’ said Ben.

Mason reached over and gave Ben a hug.

‘Share that with your Mum for me.’

We headed into the Thai restaurant and Mason hugged the waitress.

‘Table for two on the balcony Mason?’ she asked smiling.

Mason led the way upstairs to the balcony. We sat and took in the view.

‘The night sky always looks amazing from up here’ smiled Mason, ‘the stars twinkle like jewels.’

The waitress came. Mason ordered a beer and looked at me. I nodded.

‘Make that two,’ he said. ‘Are you ready to order?’

I hand never eaten Thai before so I deferred to Mason. He ordered quickly for us and the waitress went away to fetch our drinks.

‘Well this is nice’ he said smiling.

‘It is’ I smiled back ‘Hope the food’s good.’

‘It’s great. I bring all my friends here to start the night off. I’ve have seen you around the building quite a few times but never had the nerve to speak to you…’ he said looking shy all of a sudden.

‘Strange…’ I thought, ‘he’s been so comfortable and confident all night.’

Our beers arrived and we got chatting. The food followed not long after and we ate and talked laughing and covering every subject from our favorite cars to footy teams from fashion to adventures. Then the conversation moved on a little.

‘Do you have a partner?’ asked Mason.

‘Not right now; every girl I meet recently seems to want to settle down and have kids!’ I laughed. ‘I am way too young for that shit!’

‘OK’ he said ‘I thought you were gay. Sorry my mistake.’

‘Me – gay? No. Not that I think anything is wrong with being gay.’ I quickly stated. ‘I just always found myself attracted to women I guess.’

‘Ah so you haven tried it? Hey it might surprise you?’

To my own surprise I wasn’t shocked or scared about Mason obviously coming on to me. Another round of beers arrived as I finished my main course. I had so much in common with him it amazed me. He didn’t fit my pre-conceived ideas on what a gay man was or did.

I found myself talking out loud

‘I have always wondered how can you tell if someone is gay. I didn’t pick you were at all.’

‘There are little signs people give off. Then there are blatant ones as well. I guess when you grow up gay you learn the signs.’

This made perfect sense.

‘So what made you think I was gay?’

‘Well it’s just how all the girls in the office love you but you never seem to hook up with any. Like it’s Friday night. Where is your date for this evening?’

‘Date? Oh no. I have some hook up girlfriends but that’s all I want I for now. I guess I just didn’t get lucky tonight hey?’ I said

‘The night’s not over.’ He replied putting his hand on mine and stroking it softly.

‘How about we head back to my place for a night cap . I live just around the corner.’

I stopped for a second and thought about where this was going… and I listened to the little voice in my head that said

‘Go and have a drink with him.’

True to his word he lived just around the corner – but it was raining heavily so even though we ran through the puddles we arrived soaking wet.

Mason reached into the fridge and pulled out a couple of beers.

‘To new friends!’ He said.

‘Cheers’ I said as I took off my soaked jacket.

Mason walked into his laundry and took off his shirt. His body caught my eye. He was small but his body was well shaped.

‘Your soaked through.’ He said ‘Do you want to toss your clothes in the drier?’

I chugged the beer down and feeling light headed replied

‘Sure – that would be great.’

I took off my pants and shirt and studied my reflection in the mirror. My body looked good and the nipples on my shaped chest stood firm.

Mason walked back into the room with a T-shirt and some shorts. He walked behind me and put his hand on my shoulder.

‘Here you go’ he said passing me the clothes.

But before you put them on how about I massage that neck and back of yours, you seem really tense.

Before I could answer he hands were going to work on my neck and scalp. It felt great – he sure knew what he was doing.

He started to rub my back then stopped.

‘Come on. Come and lay down so I can do this properly.’

I knew what he was doing but I didn’t care. I followed him into his bedroom.

‘Lay down there and I’ll grab my oils. Be right back,’ he said.

I laid face down on his bed; his soft fluffy pillows had dark-blue slips matching his duvet cover. I felt calm and very at ease.

He came back into the room and sat on the bed next to me. Starting at the top of my head he massaged all the way down my back, legs and feet. It felt amazing; he loosened muscles I didn’t even know were tight.

‘Roll over so I can do your front.’ he said ‘It’s OK, I won’t bite.’

I rolled over and lay back down on the bed. My cock was now semi-hard made a bulge in my Calvin’s.

‘Nice Calvin’s’ he said as he started to massage my feet and work slowly up my legs. His hands went around my groin staying away from my covered parts. He massaged my firm stomach, chest, arms, neck and face.

‘Now lie and relax for a while,’ he said turning on some soft music and lowering the lights.

My cock started to harden. I know I not gay but I wasn’t running scared either.

I felt him lay back on the bed beside me. My eyes stayed closed. His fingers were running over me softly.

‘You have a beautiful body Kyle.’

‘Thank you. Why don’t you kiss it?’ I heard myself say.

Mason lowered his head and started kissing my chest. My cock flicked again. His kisses were so soft and delicate. His tender lips sucked on my nipple. It felt so good that I cupped his head and watched him delight in his trade.

Slowly he kissed down my stomach until he found my semi-hard cock looking out from under my Calvin’s.

He licked the eye and around the head then looked up at me with pleading eyes.

‘Well what are you waiting for?’ I asked.

Mason didn’t need to be asked twice. He pulled my Calvin’s down and engulfed my cock in his soft tender lips. He sucked slowly and tenderly, like nothing I had ever felt before. It was good. Real good.

My hands went down and held the back of his head willing him to suck harder and faster.

‘No Kyle, let me.’ he said with a smile as he moved to between my legs. I opened them as wide as I could to let him in.

He licked my groin, sucking different points sending me wild and making me thrash about. He had found some spot never found by the numerous girls in my life. For the first time I wanted my cock inside him.

Then slowly he started sucking my now completely full snake again. Then teased me again by sucking my hairy balls into his beautiful tender mouth. And then back to my throbbing cock.

He delighted in sucking me over and over. I loved it too. He knew what he was doing and I was happy to learn.

Mason stood up and asked

‘Do you want a try?’ He had slipped off his clothes when my eyes were closed. He had a nice sized, cut cock. My head was saying no, but I tapped the bed next to me. He sat. No words spoken.

I just had my cock sucked by a guy for the first time, and I craved his cock in my mouth to repay the favor. He laid back as I got to my knees.

Not knowing what I was doing I sucked his head of my cock and licked it like an ice-cream. He moaned and this only egged me on more. I decided to suck this cock as I would like mine sucked trying to find the spots he found on me to make me squeal.

My was cock, harder then ever in my life before, rubbed against the bed as Mason’s cock sunk deeper into my mouth. I gagged. He laughed.

I didn’t stop. I pulled and then sucked and pulled and sucked again and again until Mason was moaning wildly.

‘Yes Kyle. Yes! Oh you do that good!’ My finger found the entrance to his ass. It was tight, very tight. But as I sucked his meat it opened and let my middle digit slid inside. I work one then two fingers inside him until I could not hold back any more.

‘I want you’ I said.

Mason smiled.

‘Sure thing. I have been looking forward to this.’

He kneeled on the end of the bed and I stood firm and strong behind him.’

He tossed a bottle of oil at me.

‘Please lube me. It’s been a while.’ he said. I opened the bottle, coated my and sunk two fingers back inside him. He bucked with the rhythm I created, bucking back harder and harder with every go.

‘You ready?’ I asked as I stood behind him.

‘Yes! Do it! Lose your male cherry in me.’

I slid my shaft in, first the head, then inch by inch I slid deep, deep inside him.

I grabbed hold of his hips and slid myself in and out using full-length strokes. I delighted in him. It felt amazing.

I could see through the double glass mirrors he was pulling his cock hard as I fucked his tight ass.

My motion went from walk to a run as I enjoyed his tight, firm ass. I fucked it good and hard blowing my load deep inside and shooting him off into another direction.

‘That’s right Kyle load me up,’ he said breathlessly.

I watched in the mirrors as his cum spurted out of his cock, his ass gurgling in pleasure.

‘Milk me good boy.’ I growled pumping his ass until I was dry.

I pulled out and laid next to his collapsed body on the bed.

‘Amazing Kyle! Just fucking amazing!’ he said.

Me and Mason still catch up every now and then. It’s great having a mate to talk and share with and fuck occasionally.

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