Submissive Slave

I love to spend my weekends partying around the city. I have some friends who love doing it and sometimes I love to go and make new friends out there. On many weekends, my parents visit our farmhouse outside the city, so I am practically all alone till Monday mornings. This is a story from one such fun weekend.

It was a Friday night, I came home from work a bit early. The week had been hectic so I was all pumped up to bust the stress (and maybe some balls too) through the weekend.

I called up a few of my friends but none of them was free that night. Mom and dad had gone to our farmhouse. I had an early dinner and decided to venture out for partying all alone.

I took a nice long shower, I dried myself and walked naked to my cupboard and looked at myself in the mirror. “Some guy is going to have the time of his life tonight obeying this gorgeous body”, I thought as I gazed at my naked body in the mirror.

I opened the cupboard and pulled out my favorite black Brazilian short panties. I wore a black one-piece, it had a nice fitting so it revealed my figure real nicely. I did not wear a bra and my tight boobs were well complimented by the dress.

The dress was a bit revealing, showing the curve of my boobs when I bent down. It was a perfect combo to tease guys. I pulled on some fishnet stockings up my legs and wore my heels.

I drove to a nearby pub, it was jam-packed due to the weekend rush. I found a nice spot near the bar and also met a few acquaintances.

I ordered a drink and sat down looking around. The music was nice and there were people dancing around. Suddenly, a guy sitting beside me opened up a conversation.

“Are you a local?” he asked.

“As local as the first person in the city,” I answered with a smile.

“I did not know they had such stunning ladies in this town,” he said in a firm voice.

I was flattered. “Haha, you’ve got a good flirt game, I see.”

“I am good at many games,” he winked while saying this.

“Getting naughty already?” I asked as I inched closer to him.

This guy was tall and one could see his jacked-up body through his tight shirt. He was wearing blue denim jeans and a blue shirt. I could smell his musky cologne as I moved closer.

“By the way, I am Varun. I am new to the city. I got promoted and transferred to the city last week.” He spoke.

We got to know each other through the conversation that followed. He happened to be a high-rank manager in a software firm in the city and a fitness freak too. We connected real nicely as we happened to have some common interests. He was a very open-minded guy it seemed.

I noticed him glancing at my cleavage occasionally. To tease him, I bent down every once in a while. He kept on talking but took some quick gazes. Taking one such opportunity, I bent down as if to adjust my high heels and gazed at him suddenly. He was looking at my tits cupped by my dress. Me suddenly looking up, got him startled!

He tried to say something, but before that happened, I stood up.

“What were you looking at, huh?” I asked in a stern voice.

“It’s impolite when someone is trying to show something so badly and you don’t see it,” he smirked while saying.

I knew I had found my weekend-toy at that very moment. I placed my hand on his thighs and squeezed real hard.

“Mommy doesn’t like just teasing, she needs a worthy man. If you know what I mean and think of yourself as a worthy guy, follow mommy,” I whispered this in his ear and left.

I came to the parking lot and stood near my car. In no time, I saw Varun walking towards my car. He approached me and said, “I had no idea, I would get to explore my kinks so soon in the city.

Where do we go Ma’am? You’ll have to give me a ride. I came here by a cab.”

I simply sat in my car and he knew what to do. He sat in the car. I started driving. It was pretty late in the night. As we headed towards my home, there were very few people on the streets.

“You know what Varun, guys don’t look good in their clothes in front of their mistress..”

“Understood, ma’am,” he said as he started undressing. He took off his trousers first and then he took off his shirt.

“Don’t worry, the windows are tinted. Outsiders cannot see through,” I assured him.

His pecs glistened in the dim light, I could see his toned body. His dick was all up and left a precum stain on his undies.

“You rascal, you’re already up. Did madam’s cleavage do this?” I held his dick like a gear shaft, over his undies.

He kept mum and just looked at me.

I spat on my palm and held it in front of him. He knew what to do and licked it off my hand right away.

I drove with one hand and the other hand was pinching his nipples, twisting them and once in a while, squeezing his dick over his undies. He was quiet but moaned in pain every now and then.

We reached my house, I parked the vehicle in my bungalow’s garage. I asked him to crawl down and follow me inside. I had picked up his clothes, so he was forced to get on his knees in just his undies and crawl behind me.

I latched and bolted the door as soon as we entered. I pulled his hair and walked till the sofa, dragging him. I removed his shoes outside but walked in my high heels.

“Hey cunt, this is my dungeon. You’ll serve me here,” I declared.

“Okay madam, glad to serve you,” he replied.

The guy bent down and kissed my heels. He looked at me and took off one heel and held my feet in his hand. He started kissing it and licked from my toes till my ankle. I was happy at his submissive attitude.

I kept my other leg on his thighs as he licked. I pushed my heel on his thigh and as he screamed, I thrusted my toes in his mouth and he gagged on them. I took off the other heel and allowed him to lick both of my feet. He was behaving like a really nice slave. I ordered him to stop licking now.

Then I placed both of my feet on his undies and started feeling up his dick with my toes. I could feel his long and hard erect dick. It was warmed up and throbbing.

I decided to play with my babe, before pleasuring his tool. I walked to my bedroom and he followed.

We entered my bedroom. I stood looking at him. He knelt in front of me, waiting for orders. I tugged on my one-piece and slowly unzipped it. I started pulling it off. I took it off seductively and threw it away.

“Mommy wore no bra, to tempt a slut like you,” I held my boobs in front of him after throwing the dress away. I was now standing topless in front of him. My milky boobs with erect dark pink nipples held in my hands.

The Brazilian briefs covering my pussy and revealing my buttcheeks. My long legs were covered by fishnet stockings. My slave guy was drooling at the sight.

I sat on the bed’s edge and spread my legs. Varun crawled forward and I pushed his head between my legs. He started licking my wet panty. His tongue glided over my thin panty and he could taste my juices over the panty.

I held his head tight with my thighs. My hands were busy squeezing my boobs and pinching my nipples gently. He licked all around my pussy and inner thighs over the panty. My panty was dripping due to his saliva and my juices. I couldn’t control it anymore.

“You lick real nice, cunt. Lie down on the floor and show mommy some more of your skills,” I slapped him and ordered him.

Varun laid down on the floor. I stood on him and kicked his crotch lightly, and he screamed out. As soon as he screamed, I spat on his face and made him gulp it. I stood above his face and took off my panty. I cleaned my pussy lips with it and kept my panty on the dresser.

I stood just above his face so that he could clearly see my dripping wet pussy lips. Then I sat on his face and he started licking my pussy.

The touch of his wet warm tongue on my oozing pussy was heavenly. I moaned out loudly. I was moving my hips on his face.

Then I sat on his face and took off his undies. I held this submissive Indian guy’s dick and started jacking it. I couldn’t resist having it in my mouth. So, we got into the 69 position.

I placed my lips on his dickhead and spread the precum all over. I spat on it and spread my spit all over his shaft. It was all wet by precum and saliva.

I sucked it from top to tip real nice. His dick was not fitting in my mouth, I gagged when I tried to take it in fully. I sucked him and kept it in my mouth. I grinded my pussy on his face as I gagged on his dick.

I was about to cum on his face due to the increased pace of his licking. Varun started licking around my clit and pussy lips real fast. I stopped blowing him and adjusted my pussy on his face.

“Make mommy cum, you nasty slave” I shouted and started squeezing my own boobs. His tongue licked real fast on my clit and pussy! I squeezed my boobs real hard and finally, came on his mouth.

The orgasm was really nice. I literally sprayed over my slave’s mouth. Varun gulped every drop of my juice and kept on licking till my pussy shivered.

It was now time to pleasure my slut. I pulled him over to the bed.

“You nasty boy, now is the time to fuck your mistress,” I said as I got on all fours and handed him a condom from my purse on the dresser.

Varun wore the condom and held my ass. I tightly held the bedsheet. I had seen his dick and couldn’t imagine it pounding my throbbing pussy. I just held tight.

Varun held my ass and slid his dick inside my pussy. I screamed out in pain. His dick was big for my tight pussy.

He slowly slid it inside and I pushed myself pussy on his dick. It was stretching my pussy and penetrating deeper. My pussy gripped tight on his dick and I started fucking by moving my hips grinding on his cock. It was a heavenly feeling.

We started increasing the pace. The bed was rocking and I was screaming my brains out. His huge dick rammed my pussy real nasty.

Gradually, we increased our pace and suddenly he screamed, “I am going to cum soon, ma’am, please allow me to.”

I was already huffing due to the intense fucking. I grinded on Varun’s dick faster. He held my ass tight and he came inside the condom. Then he took his dick out and we laid down on the bed, panting.

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