Smoking Hot

As I walked out of the airport, I saw a smoking hot girl holding an iPad with my name scribbled on it. I was a bit surprised as my luck wasn’t really as good at any point of time in my life. I took a brief glance at her. She was too damn pretty; in fact, to good to be real.

Approximately 5’6” in stature; light skin-tone. She had straight blonde hair (I thought she must have dyed. But they were naturally blonde. She had hypnotic light blue eyes, was slim, and honestly, I couldn’t take eyes off her pretty face to check-out the rest.

She was wearing black jeans, a black hoodie, and a pair of white sneakers. As I walked out, she waved a hand, looking at me with a wide smile across her face. “Hello, I’ve seen your photos. So it wasn’t hard to recognize,” she said before I could introduce myself.

“Yes, thank you for picking me up. And sorry, if you had to wait for too long. The flights were delayed,” I said as we shook hands. We had a small talk as we walked up to the car and drove to the hotel.

She was my manager and translator. She clarified that she was my manager and would be keeping track of my schedule and arranging for any of my requirements. I went to the hotel, and the next few days went pretty great. Wherever I went, Karen would be on my side.

We used to roam around the city after getting over with the routine tasks. Used to take a walk at the beach (It was a rocky beach and not a sand beach. There was a long stretch like Marine Drive of Mumbai along the beach, except it was less crowded).

The weather in the evening would turn extremely romantic with pink skies and cold breezes. We used to hold hands as we walked, discussing our lives, sharing incidents. That night we were roaming around in the city. We already had some beer and vodka, and we both were feeling a bit dizzy.

It was cold. I was telling her about one of my funny incidents, and she had a laugh attack. Her arm was interlocked around mine as we walked down the street. The street was empty, lightened by the yellow street lights. I stared at her gleaming face as she was laughing.

And I couldn’t hold myself. I took the glove off and gently placed my palm on her cheek, caressing it with my thumb. She turned silent and looked up towards me. She gently moved close to me. I moved in front of her and moved the other hand around her waist, while our lips touched. I gently kissed her lips.

But she suddenly broke the kiss. “It’s late. I think that we should get back at the hotel,” she said, looking down. I didn’t know how to react at the moment. “Yes, I should take a rest, or I’ll miss tomorrow’s conference,” I said nodding. We didn’t talk as we walked back to the hotel.

I was just feeling embarrassed and guilty at the same time about the incident. A couple of days passed, and Karen was really frank, which made me feel a bit more relaxed (less-embarrassed) about the kiss. It was evening, and we were heading back to the hotel, walking along the beach.

She was talking, telling me about her hometown and I was just listening. After a while, she held my hand and interlaced her fingers with mine and clasped the forearm with her other hand. We were walking really close to each other. We walked down to the end of the boardwalk at the coast and sat down on a bench.

It was dusk. There was complete silence except for the sound of sea waves, and there was no one except us on the boardwalk. She gently leaned her head on my shoulder. After a while of silence and staring at the sea, I asked, “Do you wanna talk about it?” I really wanted to get it off my chest.

But I was further surprised by her reply, “Mhmm.” That’s it. I wasn’t able to figure out what to say next as it was the most unexpected reply. Again, after a while of silence, she held her head straight towards me, staring at me. I tried to pretend that I didn’t notice her staring. I wasn’t able to figure out how to react.

I just kept staring at the sea straight ahead. She placed her palm on my cheek and turned my head towards her and landed a kiss on my lips. That was the most passionate kiss I had ever received. She gently sucked my upper lip and then the lower lip. I was just going on with the flow.

“You’re so lovable,” she said, breaking the kiss. (Yes, I’m quoting her exact words.) I wasn’t able to figure out what the adjective ‘lovable’ really meant. “We should get back to the hotel,” she said, and we walked our way back. As we reached the hotel, she followed me to my room.

Her room was on the next floor. It took me a bit longer to process the signal. As soon as we got in the room, I pinned her on to the wall, holding her wrists up on the wall. I pushed the door shut with my leg and kissed her (a bit more roughly). I sucked her lips. Hold her lower lip with my teeth and pulled it gently.

I held her thighs and lifted her as she wrapped her legs around my waist. We were still kissing as I carried her to the bed, holding her up with my hands on her ass. I pushed her down. She sat up on the edge of the bed and took off her hoodie while I pulled off my sweater.

She had a tight white T-shirt underneath. As she took her hoodie off, it was the first time I saw her curves. She always wore loose t-shirts whenever I had seen her without a hoodie. Her curves we’re better than I had imagined with perfect boobs, flat belly, and ass, round as an onion!

I pushed her down on the bed, getting over her. I kissed her as my hard dick rubbed against her clit, over the pants. Gently sliding down, I kissed her neck, moving on to bite her earlobe, pulling it with my teeth. She let out a soft moan.

She slid her hands under my shirt, moving her nails on my back gently (it gave me goosebumps like never before). I moved down and raised her t-shirt up and gently kissed her belly and slid my tongue around her belly button in circles.

She was completely turned on by now. She arched her back and tilted her head up. She moved her fingers into my hair and pulled them hard. I pulled her pant and inner down and slowly slid my tongue down from her belly button. Before I could reach further down, she pulled me by my hair and pushed me down on my back.

She pulled her t-shirt off and got rid of her pants. The only piece of cloth on her body was her bra. I looked at her gleaming body. Her face was a bit red (her light skin would turn red even if I gripped it tight). She moved on my top, kissed me, and unbuttoned my shirt.

As I got rid of the shirt, she had already pulled my pants down. She slid her hand inside my underwear as she laid down on her side beside me. She started stroking my rock hard dick. Her soft and cold hands felt so good. In a moment, she moved down, pulled my underwear off.

After a while of a handjob, she gently kissed the tip of my dick. The touch of her soft and perfect lips was heavenly. She started giving a blowjob with slow strokes and twisting her tongue around the dick. I gathered her hair into a pony and held them tight. The other hand gently pushing her head down.

She slowly started increasing the pace. After a while, I pushed her head down hard and slid my dick deep inside her throat, loosening the grip of my hand as she gagged over my dick. I pulled her up; she got over my top as her crack molded on my dick. Her legs folded beside my waist and leaned over me.

I kissed her, raising my head up a bit. Her crack still rubbing on my dick. I slid my hands on her boobs over her bra, squeezing them gently. Unhooked her bra and freed her perfectly shaped and sized boobs (must be 34). I sat up straight and pushed her back.

She tilted backward, sitting in my lap and legs around my waist (like lotus position with my legs straight). My dick was still rubbing her wet clit. I squeezed her right boob. She was moaning slowly as my tongue encircled around her left nipple.

Slowly increasing the grip and squeezing the boob hard, I gently bit her nipple. That really drove her mad. She pushed me down and got on top like a cowgirl. After a while of rubbing her clit on the dick, she gently guided the dick inside her. She let out a moan as the dick pushed it’s way inside till half of its length.

She drove me crazy as her perfectly round ass bounced on my lap. I moved my hands on the boobs, squeezing them hard. After a while, I pushed her down into a missionary position. I teased her by rubbing my dick for her while. She desperately wanted the dick inside her.

It was evident from her nails burying into my arms. I guided the dick inside and after a while of gently stroking the dick in and out till half it’s length, I lifted her legs up onto my shoulders (anvil position). I pushed the dick deep inside her in a stroke (even in the cowgirl, she couldn’t take the complete dick inside).

She let out a loud scream. She must’ve taken my blood out as her nails buried on my back. Her one arm on my belly trying to push me out. I could sense her pain. Hence I started stroking the dick gently and slowly increased the pace. She was screaming in pleasure after a while as I fucked her with full force.

We had hot and sweaty sex (even with the air conditioning and such cold weather). After having dinner, we again had rough sex. The best part was the pleasing banging sound of my thighs on her perfectly round and bouncy ass. I fucked her hard in doggy style till her ass looked like a red tomato.

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