Hello, there my name is Sveta, I am a 28-year-old girl. I am a little busty with a 36C-34-38 figure. I have a curvy figure and a plumpy ass. My family belongs to Bihar, and we shifted to Mumbai just a couple of years ago.

I was brought up with a very conservative and restrictive upbringing. So I never had a boyfriend and was still a virgin. All my friends were either busy with their boyfriend’s or were married by now. I was the one left alone. So just for timepass, I joined a matrimonial site and met my boyfriend Aakash there.

Now Aakash was not the most handsome guy, but he had a charm. He is dusky but well built. And yes, he has an amazing cock and wonderful stamina. We both were working in the same area, and we started chatting. I never realized how his talks made me fall for him, and we started meeting.

In the fourth meet, he was already pressing my boobs, and I was kissing him like crazy. Then, we decided to go out for a weekend, and I lost my virginity to him. We booked in a resort as husband-wife lying to our parents. And those 24 hours were bliss. He pounded me like an animal, and we just fucked and fucked.

All this happened just 3 months before the lockdown. And in those 3 months, we fucked regularly. I was not very keen on sex earlier. But since I tasted his dick, I wanted it, and we fucked at least 2 times a week. He taught me drinking and even smoking, and we would do it together.

Just a month before the lockdown, I was transferred to Bangalore, and he got transferred to Pune. We both had a tough time managing as we couldn’t fuck. Finally, before the lockdown, we decided to meet at his place in Pune for the weekend.

Aakash stayed on the 12th floor, and he was the only one staying on the floor. The other flats were closed. I took an overnight bus, and he picked me up in the morning. I was so horny and already wet, thinking of his cock. But due to the virus, I couldn’t kiss him. I sanitized myself and sat on the bike.

While riding, his dick had got hard due to the cold winds and was making a tent in his track pants. I pulled his dick out and was giving him a handjob. We reached the building, and he took the elevator. It was 4 am. As soon as we got in the lift, he pulled me and kissed me, we couldn’t control now.

I was rubbing his dick, and he pulled my top and started pressing my right boob. I was too turned on by this. He pulled my leggings down and exposed my ass and was pressing my ass. We kissed with our tongues fighting. The lift stopped on the 12th floor, and he opened the door.

I moved out of the lift in the same condition with my boob out of my bra, and my ass exposed. He opened the door of his house, and as soon as we got in, I pinned him on the wall and was stroking his dick

Me: Kitna miss kiya maine isse! (How much I missed this!)

Aakash: Haan chinaal, teri gand ko yaad karke raat se hi kadak ho raha woh.( Yes, my slut he has been hard thinking of your ass.)

I bent on my knees and started giving him a blowjob. He removed my bra and was pressing my boobs hard and pinching my nipples. I was too turned on and leaking below. I got up, and we got separated and removed all our clothes. I pushed him on the sofa and started riding him.

I was riding him hard, moving up and down, and my boobs were bouncing. He held them and started sucking them.

Aakash: Kya geeli hai teri choot aur garam bhi.(Your pussy is so wet and hot).

He was biting my boobs now.

Me: Haan mere raaja. Kitne dino se pyaasi thi woh. Bas aj bujhade uski aag puri tarah. Bas chodtey reh.(Yes, honey, it has been waiting for long now. Just keep fucking.)

He moved me and pushed me on my fours and entered me from behind. I gasped because of his size. I was talking dirty with him today, and he loved it.

Me: Kya lavda hai tera. Ghusa, phaad meri choot, chod apni kutiya ko. Is randi ki pyaas bhuja hi de. (What a dick you have, keep fucking your bitch)

Aakash: Haan meri randi, ye do din to tujhe randi ki tarah hi chudvana hai. Chodne hi vala hu main tujhe. ( yes my slut, I am going to fuck you like a whore only )

He pulled out and lifted me and put me on the table, and started fucking me from the front. He was kissing me, holding me by my nipples and pounding me hard. We fucked for a nice 20 minutes, and then he came all over my boobs. We went and had a bath.

In the bathroom, he got me hot again, wiped me, and make me lie on the bed. He started licking my pussy. He always made me cum while licking. He was a great pussy sucker and a strong fucker. I was moaning loudly.

I came over him, and we were sucking each other in 69 position. His cock was glistening with my saliva. And he licked me so well that I had my orgasm on his face. He made me lie on my back, lifted my leg, and started pounding me. He was speaking dirty with me, and that was turning me on.

We fucked for 30 minutes, and he pounded me like a bull. And then when he was about to come, I asked him to come inside me. It felt so good. We slept after that. We got up in the afternoon, and I was naked and sitting in his lap. Pune is known for its beautiful balconies, and he also had an open one.

We were sitting there naked in his balcony and smoking. He had brought liquor and stuff. He kept me naked all the time I was at home, and we fucked like 6 times the whole day. We were simply licking and sucking each other’s bodies till the next afternoon.

And it was my time to leave. I had booked a bus at 5 pm. I was dressed and all ready to leave. Aakash started kissing me, he put his hands in my leggings to find that I was wet, I was also rubbing his dick over his track pants. I stopped him from opening the door

Me: Time nahi hai, yahi karte hai. (We don’t have much time, let’s fuck here)

I lowered my leggings, leaned on the wall, and bent. He lowered his pajamas and started pounding me from behind. He lifted my top and was pressing my boobs.

Me: Harder, baby, spank my ass.

He made me naked, and there I was, in the common area naked with him and fucking like rabbits. He fucked me very hard and came inside me. I did not realize it’s already 3.30 and had to leave. I was sweaty. I was wearing my clothes, and just then my phone ring.

It was the bus driver. He said that the bus has been canceled, and they are not allowing any movement of vehicles. I told Aakash about it, we picked up the bag and clothes and went inside the house. I did not bother to wear anything after that.

Aakash was checking his phone and found a video on WhatsApp, where the police announced that Pune will be locked down from the evening. No movement of vehicles will be allowed owing to the coronavirus. And there I was stuck and locked in the house with my boyfriend.

We sat there thinking about what to do. But then realized we could do nothing about it, and I have to stay until things opened up. We both were a little tense but still very happy as we were getting more time to fuck. We hugged each other and kissed each other passionately, getting ready for another session.

But I stopped Aakash and asked him to get birth control pills. Aakash went down at once. He came back after an hour with a carton of whiskey, a carton of cigarettes, birth control pills, and viagra tablets!

I was too happy about getting to have more sex with him for at least a couple of days. As soon as he came, I removed his pants and was sucking his dick. I was naked all the while. Aakash also got wild, and he pinned me to the wall and started biting my body.

He held my hair and kissed me hard bent me and mounted me, and fucked me like an animal! We were fucking like nymphomaniacs. That night I was sitting in his lap naked and drinking whiskey. It was then our PM announced a complete lockdown for 21 days.

My happiness knew no bounds, we both kissed each other deeply.

Me: I am all yours for the next 21 days!

He sucked my boobs. And that’s it.

Since then it’s been 70 days I have had a cloth over me. It’s been 70 days since Aakash and I have been in the house, naked. My boobs have grown big, and so is my ass. We simply eat, drink, smoke, fuck, repeat. That’s all we do. His stamina has increased even more, having sex regularly.

He keeps pounding me like an animal. He would attend his meeting wearing only his shirt, and I would suck his dick during that. I would sit with his dick in my pussy during my audio meetings. We have had sex so many times in between our work from home meetings.

It’s been 70 days of nakedness! I haven’t let him wear clothes. We fuck in the balcony, and I love to have him from behind in the balcony. He fucks me on the kitchen platform. We are like glued to each other, sucking licking each other’s bodies.

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