Love for Anal Part-2

The guys arrived about 8:30. James and Mike turned up in a taxi together. They knew they would be drinking and would crash on the sofa.

Pete was dropped of on his way home from work. He often stays over unless he gets a better option. In Amber.

Amber is the local easy who works at the Roundhouse nightclub. When she doesn’t pick up for the night she calls Pete.

It was a semi-permanent arrangement.

Pete, the fool, would believe it was love. Then the next day she would be sucking someone else’s cock or cunt. She didn’t discriminate. Pleasure was her game and she knew it well.

I asked Mel and Diane to wait upstairs until I settled the guys in. The girls had no problem with this…

… in fact Melissa was put to work licking Diane’s pussy and fingering her ass as while they waited.

It looked so good I didn’t want to leave, but the guys were at the door.

I let the guys in and we headed to the lounge room.

Chips and dips were set up around the TV. Blues vs Stingers. We were all Stingers fans. The game started at 12. Until then cards.

They all tossed in their $20 and I dealt out the chips. The cash wasn’t the point – it covered the pizza.

We settled in and I told the guys Diane was back in town.

‘No way! I haven’t seen her in years.’ Pete said.

‘Fuck me is she still smoking? You know she gave me my first blowjob?’ said James.

‘Yes she is. She has a friend with her. Just as hot and a totally great fuck.’

‘Piss off like you got a fuck!’ James said throwing a chip at me.

‘A fuck? I got more then that. I fucked both of them today.’

‘Piss off you’re a fucking liar.’ said James

‘I’m telling you they are upstairs. They’ll serve us beers if you want one. Be like our beer wenches and more – you’ll see.’

I called Melissa’s mobile number and she answered but didn’t speak. I could hear Diane in the background.

‘Yes slut lick it lick it hard! I am cumming. I like it all oooohhhhhh.’

‘Hey you.’ I said into the phone. ‘I sure could use a beer.’

I hung up. A few minutes passed. James laughed.

‘I told you. You are full of it.’

‘He is full of what James?’ Diane asked as she walked in the room with a beer for me. Wearing her high heels only.

‘What?’ James choked on a chip almost spilling the whole bowl over himself.

‘The only one full here is me after Rick dumped his load in my ass earlier today.’ said Diane ‘Can I get you a beer James?’ she asked with a smile.

‘I told you guys. They are here for a few days and want to entertain.’ I smiled. ‘Mike deal would you.’ Hey Diane – beers all round!’

‘Mel can you bring more beers?’ Diane called through the door.

Little blonde-haired Mel walked into the room with the beers. She looked totally hot in her teddy and six inch heels.

‘Here’s your beers guys. Is they anything else I can do for you?’ she said with a giggle as she handed the beers round.

Diane sat on my lap rubbing my cock as we played cards. She seemed to be my good luck charm – the cards to were flowing my way.

‘Hey Diane – my cock sure could use some of your beautiful sucking – how about you jump under the table and suck the cock of the winner?’

‘Sure!’ smiled Diane. ‘Mel you get under here with me. But first guys drop them. James I’ve seen yours before don’t be shy. By the way talking about cocks – where’s Dale? I was hoping he would be here.’

They slipped under the table.

Diane crawled up between my legs I lost interest in the game, throwing my cards in the middle of the table and emptying my beer.

Mike jumped up and grabbed two more. Then sat back at the table again.

James had Mel on the end of his pleasure stick and had lost interest in the game as well. I gave Diane the cold beer and she filled her mouth with it then started to suck my cock again.

‘Fuck that’s cold!’

My cock throbbed, but she kept sucking it swallowing the beer as she went until it was warm again.

Mike had gone quiet. Melissa had found his small cock and was doing her best with it.

‘Rick.’ said Diane. ‘How about we become the entertainment?’

Without waiting for an answer she pulled the chair away and crawled out from under the table with Mel following her.

‘How about a round of beers first? I said.

‘For you Rick… Anything!’

They walked back in the room with the beers a couple of minutes later. Mel chugging down a white wine like water and Diane rubbing her slit with my bottle.

‘So guys… you in?’ asked Dianne. ‘If you’re shy… go home now.’

No-one moved.

‘Diane gave me my beer and climbed on the table. She pushed the cards away and laid dead center. Mel picked up a bunch of chips and put them all over her dropping them like gold and diamonds coving her sexy, touchable body.

‘Slut!’ Diane commanded ‘Eat me! Rick I need your cock. Boys watch. Join in when you’re ready.

I wasted no time pulling of the rest of my clothes the other guys followed.

‘I’m in.’ said James.

‘So am I.’ said Mike.

Pete walked away to the kitchen. I didn’t bother following.

‘His loss’ I thought.

My cock was now back in Diane’s mouth. She was laying flat on her back my hand cupping the back of her head pulling it into my cock as I pushed into her face. Wow it felt good.

‘Come on guys. Don’t be pussys!’

James jumped up and walked behind Mel. His hard cock didn’t take long to find its mark as she was still bent licking Diane’s sweet hole.

I ran my hands over Diane’s tits squeezing her nipples pulling them as far out as they world stretch

‘Ooooohhhh fuck Rick that’s good!’ she moaned. I ran my had down and found her wet spot. Melissa tongue was still licking as my fingers slid inside.

James wanted better action so he pulled Melissa off Diane’s pussy and made her kneel in a chair. Then he shoved his cock back inside her grabbing her hips and pumping into her without reservation.

Mike got the idea and walked in front of her and slid his cock into her mouth split rodding her. Mel was in woman heaven being double penetrated by two guys she had never met.

‘Hey slut having fun?’ Diane called.

‘Oh yes. Fuck yes. I like your town Diane we have to come back.’

Mike grabbed her head and shoved his cock back into her mouth.

‘So we have a slut here Di do we?’ James asked.

‘Yes James. She is a full on slut dirty fuck hole. She is yours to enjoy. Don’t be nice.’ said Diane.

‘Pete get in here.’ I called. ‘We have a pussy that needs fucking.’

Pete walked in and said

‘OK I’m in. She’s not coming.’ Amber was obviously getting filled elsewhere.

He his clothes off, grabbed Diane’s leg and dragged her round the table.

I repositioned my self as Diane hung her head off the table letting my cock slide straight into her mouth.

Pete spat on hand and rubbed it on the end of his cock. Then he entered Diane. He lifted her legs high and held her hips tight as he fucked her hard. Pound after pound he rammed into her. Unrelenting.

Pete was fucking the anger out of himself using Diane’s cunt as his take-out hole.

She loved it and didn’t miss a beat sucking my cock as her second set of lips was being pounded.

‘That’s it baby – you fuck that hole. Give it to it.’ Diane said.

I decided to head into the living room. Mel and Diane got up and followed holding the three hard cocks in their hands behind them.

Pete fell on to the sofa chair as I laid Diane over my square foot stool. Spreading my legs I lowered my self to cunt height and slid my cock into her well-fucked hole. As I fucked her I spanked her ass and she was sucking hard on Pete’s cock hard.

‘Come on Pete shoot in my mouth. Come on.’ she egged him on as she sucked.

Mel had pushed Mike down on the lounge and jumped on top. James never shy jumped on top and had is cock buried deep in her ass.

She deserved her only empty hole filled. I pulled my cock out of Diane, walked to the head of the sofa and stood with one leg on the seat so my cock could fit into Mel’s mouth.

Pete had picked up Diane and moved her on the armchair. He shoved his cock back inside her. Her arms were laying over the back of the chair and Pete was fucking her on fast forward. Diane was lost in the pleasure – her conversation had turned to moans.

The more she moaned the harder he fucked.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up high.

‘Smile you fuck!’ he said.

‘That’s it give it to me you fuck! Smack me go on.’ Diane yelled.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The slaps rung down on her ass cheek. Her white pearl cheeks were now glowing red.

Smack! Smack! Smack! The other cheek had its turn.

‘Yeeeeeeeeessssssss that’s it!’ Diane came so loud screaming like he was killing her. Pete fucked her relentlessly giving no mercy when she started to subside from the orgasm her had just given her.

Mel was busy sucking and fucking taking James deep inside her well-used ass.

‘Good little slut.’ I said as I pulled her hair making her suck my cock with better attention. I pulled my cock out and rubbed it over her pretty little face as she took my friends in her other holes. She pounded into Mike as James pounded into her ass.

James had run his race for now anyway and screamed loud as he squirted hot cum deep inside Mel’s ass sending her into overdrive. Mel came all over Mike’s cock in turn making him shoot his load deep in her sweet hot pussy.

I stood back and watched as her body trembled between this two guys still pumping themselves into her.

‘Oh fuck thank you guys.’ she said.

Diane was still busy being fucked by Pete – he was still pounding into her with all his might

‘Take that Amber you bitch! Take it!’

Doing man damage to Diane’s pussy thinking it was Ambers seemed strange to me – but hey – when I woke up today I would laugh if you told me this would happen tonight.

‘Take thaaaaaaaaat!’ he came pulling his cock out and dragging Diane by the hair around so he could shoot his load straight in her face.

Her mouth opened with the second load landing on her cheek and tongue and dripping into her mouth.

‘Yes Pete that’s it. Empty it into my mouth. Do it.’

Pete pumped the rest of his load into Diane’s mouth until he was spent and Diane could suck no more Pete juice out.

‘Three down Rick. Your turn.’ she said.

Mel had just got back from the fridge with some beer for the boys.

Diane threw a pillow on the floor.

‘Lay down Rick its your turn.’

I laid down and Diane lowed herself onto my face.

I licked like a man possessed – her pussy was well parted and hot. I licked inside and from rim to rim. My tongue run up and back as I found her clit and sucked it into my mouth.

My pole must have looked inviting as Mel positioned her self right over it. Her ass cheeks spreading as she slipped down to the base her ass spread wide. Both these girls were riding me my tongue slithering like a snake as my pole was standing to attention deep in Mel’s hot little ass.

The guys all sat catching their breath drinking their beers as the girls rode me to pleasure town.

I could feel that pleasure on its way so I pushed Diane off me and pushed Mel away. Diane and Mel both on the sofa, doggie lets go.

They both complied. I went behind Mel and shoved my cock in her ass and fucked it good and hard.

‘Hold it open slut. Spread it. Go on.’ Her hands spread her cheeks wide as I drove in as hard as possible gain feeling the special feeling of pleasure that only is only cured by shooting.

I pulled out and walked behind Diane.

‘OK Di your turn.’

‘Yes please!’ she said.

I slid my meat back into her ass where I had blown hours before and fucked it slow at first working a up a rhythm.

‘Fuck Rick you getting bigger!’ cried Diane.

Mel crawled off the lounge and across to the guys sitting in front of them and rubbing their cocks as they all watched me fuck Diane. It was too much.

‘Yes Rick do it. Do it Rick. Cum. Cum up my ass. Do it again. Fill me!’

I lost all thought and fucked until I felt the cum start to flow up my shaft. Diane felt it too she screamed…

‘Aaaaagggggggggghhhh you’re splitting me fuuuuccckkkkk!’ she came again her orgasm this time making her lose strength in her arms as well as her legs.

‘No, no girl! Keep that ass here! I shot my load deep in side her dark hole with her moaning and screaming and shuddering until I had drained my malls empty deep inside her.

I slid out and dropped beside her. She fell to the lounge spent.

Mel smiled…

‘Wow babe that was so good to watch! He fucked you good.’

‘So who’s up for a beer?’

We had lost all track of time but the night had just begun…

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