Getting Friendly

After I reached my cousin brother Rakesh’s house in Bangalore, I met my friendly sister in law for the first time. That moment when I saw her in her sleep shirt, exposing her milky white thighs just changed my entire view of a religious Indian bhabhi.

After the introduction to her and talk with my brother Rakesh, it was time for me to have a bath and then breakfast. As Shobha went to the kitchen I closed my room door.

I stripped off my clothes and went to the washroom. I finished my daily routine, including a good masturbating. I was unable to take the view of Shobha’s smooth thighs from my eyes. It was weird for me to think about it as she was my sister-in-law. But my mind and body were now taking two different paths.

I finished off with the bath and got ready in a clean t-shirt with 3/4 shorts and went out. Rakesh was at the dining table, reading a newspaper. He was all set to go for his office in his well-ironed formal wear. I went and sat beside him, and soon Shobha came up with sandwiches.

She placed the plates for Rakesh and me and went back to the kitchen. Without any delay, we both started to satisfy our appetite. Shobha came back with a tetra pack of fresh juice and sat beside Rakesh. She poured the juice into three glasses.

Seeing her just having the juice, I asked: Bhabhi, aren’t you eating with us?

Shobha: No, not now. I was thinking of going to the gym after Rakesh leaves for work.

Me: Gym? So you go to the gym too?

To this, Shobha made a disappointed face at me and asked: Why Akash? What do you guess after seeing me? I have to maintain myself, right?

Me: I didn’t mean that I was just making a conversation. So you go to the gym alone?

Shobha: No, by the time I go to the gym, most of my apartment friends will be there.

Me: Male or female?

Shobha: Obviously, females, and here no one cares if males are there too. I guess you are thinking a lot. Let Rakesh leave for his office. I will take you with me.

Me: So I can come too? Like, don’t they ask for any membership?

Shobha: Do you have anything to wear for the gym?

Me: No, I don’t. I wasn’t planning to join a gym here. So I didn’t bring any.

Shobha: It’s ok, you can come today in normal wear, and don’t worry about the membership. Let me take care of that.

By then, Rakesh finished his breakfast and got up. He washed his hands and went back to his room. Now Rakesh was inside.

So I asked Shobha: By the way, bhabhi, why do you have to go to the gym? You already look so awesome.

To this suddenly, with anger on her face but with a low voice, she asked: What do you mean Akash? You can’t say such thing about me, and what will Rakesh think if he hears it?

I realized that I have over spoken and said: So… Sorry bhabhi, I didn’t mean that way, I am sorry.

Seeing my worried face, Shobha started laughing and said: Hahaha! Just look at your face Akash. I was just messing with you. I love myself, and Rakesh also loves the way I am. So I have to maintain my shape. Anyways you finish your breakfast, and we will go to the gym after Rakesh leaves. If possible, I will introduce you to swimming in charge as well.

Rakesh comes out of his room, holding a laptop bag and says: Ok, guys, I will make a move. See you in the evening. And Akash, feel at home, ok?

Shobha: Don’t worry Rakesh, I am here right, I will take every possible care of your brother. You can relax and go to your job.

Mein: No issue bhaiya, I feel a lot comfortable here already.

Bhaiya: Ok then, bye, Akash, bye, Shobha.

He went off, closing the main door behind him. Now it was only me and my sister-in-law Shobha in the house. She sat on the living room sofa and switched on the TV. I looked at her while she was surfing all the channels.

She was sitting cross-legged. It made the slit in her gown go a little spreading and gave me a clear view of her thighs once again. She turned on to some music channel in which the song named ‘Barish’ from the movie ‘Half Girlfriend’ was playing on.

After watching the song for a few seconds, Shobha asked: So Akash! Do you have any girlfriend?

Me: No! Not yet, bhabhi. (To be honest, I was lying, and I do have a girlfriend in my college)

Shobha: Why?! Don’t lie, you do look good. I just have to use my common sense that you must have been with more than one girl in your college.

I was now getting shy about the fact that she thinks I am capable of getting girls around me. I said: No, bhabhi, I am not lying. I really didn’t have any girlfriend.

Shobha: Ok, maybe not a girlfriend but maybe a half girlfriend.

Me: What is a half girlfriend you’re talking about?

Shobha: Like a girlfriend. Not committed one but with full benefit.

Now, this was something I was not expecting from Shobha to ask me so openly. She wasn’t elaborating on the terms clearly, but I was aware of what she was speaking about.

Me: Oh god, bhabhi, I neither had a full nor half girlfriend. Trust me.

Shobha: Oh, why so? Are you a bookworm type of nerd who didn’t get a chance to spare his time for girls? Tell me, Akash, don’t be shy with me.

Saying that she literally moved her gown from the slit part. She started itching her thighs, exposing it to me as if she wanted to indicate that she isn’t shy to me, so neither I should be.

Me: Ok, I admit I had one in my college, but no one now, I’m single.

Shobha: Oh single ready to mingle and bingle, Hahaha! Ok, who was she?

Me: In my second year, when I was doing B.Com. But after final years we broke up, somehow it didn’t work out well.

Shobha: Ok, so it wasn’t a proper love relation, just the attraction may be.

Me: Yeah, maybe.

Shobha: So did you guys just been casual boyfriend girlfriend or also took it to any other level.

With that question and her shameless show off of her smooth thighs, I was losing control of the naughty bulge growing in my shorts. Her questions appeared to be stroking my cock virtually. The way she sat showing me her thighs was just making things uncomfortable in my short.

Suddenly she said: Ok, I think I am making you uncomfortable.

I thought if she saw anything raising in my clothes to know my exact feeling or something.

Then she said: I mean, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable thinking about your past. So I won’t ask about it.

I got a bit relaxed now, and we both started watching the TV again. This time the song named ‘Oonchi hai building’ from the movie ‘Judwa’ was playing. In the song, the actress named Jacquelin was showing off her thighs in her small dress while dancing.

While watching the TV screen, my eyes often tried to steal a glance at Shobha’s thighs. Her gown was still open at the slit and gave an open invitation to stare her. Suddenly Shobha said: Sexy legs, isn’t it Akash?

I stumbled with her sudden question and answered: Wha…What?! Am sorry. What you said?

Shobha, with a smile, replied: I said, she has sexy legs, don’t you think so?

It was sure that Shobha must have seen me peeking over her thighs. But I maintained my fake innocence and answered: Yeah, I think so. Very fair.

Shobha: What’s fair, she or her legs? Hahaha!

My face went almost rose pink out of blush, and I answered: Oh bhabhi! What and all you keep asking?

Shobha: Don’t be so innocent, Akash, you aren’t that good in acting.

Me: What do you mean? Acting? Who?

Shobha stared me with a naughty grin and said: I know you aren’t that innocent as you are trying to pretend. I saw it earlier when you arrived.

Me: I … I don’t get you bhabhi, what do you mean?

Shobha: Damn, Akash, I am trying to be so frank with you while we talk. But you are just going on trying to be more prude kind of. Honestly, don’t you like to stare legs and thighs of a girl?

It was like a very straight question she shot on me like a bullet.

I said: Why on earth do you think so? Why do you feel am acting to be innocent? And what are you asking about legs? I am not getting any part of it.

Shobha: Aww, really, I am talking about legs and thighs. Do you think I didn’t notice your gaze on my legs and thighs when you arrived in the morning? Your eyes were down rather than seeing my face.

I felt nothing but sank in the water of shame. I had no more escape root. She knew I was staring at her legs and was guilty. But to my surprise, I was also feeling a little freedom towards her as she was talking frankly to me now.

So I said: Ok, Ok. So you caught me. Ok, I admit I was admiring your legs, I couldn’t help my self, you came up in your sleep shirt. I couldn’t control my eyes and…

Shobha: And… And what? Say it out.

Me: And… And you are so beautiful.

Shobha: Just beautiful? That’s all? Tell me.

Now she was really pulling me to talk further. Definitely, she was into naughty talks, and so I was not planning anymore to restrict myself.

I said: And you are really a sexy woman, damn I said it. But I really mean it. Rakesh is really a damn lucky guy.

Shobha was now enjoying this naughty interrogation and asked me further:

Why? Why do you think he’s lucky?

Me: I just felt so.

Shobha, with a dominant tone, asked again: Why?

Me: To be honest, if I was in his place, I would have never left you alone here and went to my job.

Shobha: Then… Then where would have you gone?

Me: Don’t force me bhabhi, if I say it, you might kick me out right now. Hahaha!

Shobha started laughing and said: No… Don’t worry. I won’t kick you out. Tell me now.

Me: I would have gone nowhere but been at home all day and night, making love with a wife like you.

Shobha: Making love? Do you mean just romance or something else?

Me: As if you don’t know. Aww, see who is acting to be innocent now.

Shobha, with a beautiful naughty laugh, says: Hahaha! I know exactly what you mean, was just checking how far you would go with it. Anyways, you like my legs, don’t you?

I knew now it was the time when I can tell her my thoughts and said: Yes, bhabhi, a lot. And I wish to see it more.

Shobha knew if this conversation went further, I would go crossing my boundaries. So to change the topic, she said: Hahaha! Ok ok, enough of the talks, it’s getting late. Let’s go to the gym or else it will be crowded.

Me: It’s fine for me if the crowd is of ladies.

Shobha winks at me and says: Maybe for you. But what’s the fun for me without any other male around when I workout? I won’t mind if they stare at me while I sweat in my sportswear. That makes a woman feel beautiful and sexy.

Me: That means when I was staring at you, you liked it too, right?

Shobha: Then what did you think, why I was giving you a free show. Hahaha!

Me: Damn bhabhi, you are crazy.

Shobha: Hahaha! You don’t know how crazy you are going to be further, just wait and see. And… Don’t run off, Hahaha!

Each and every word of her was seductive, she was intentionally trying to tease me. She got up and walked to her bedroom. While closing it from inside, she said: Just give me 5 minutes. I will change into my gym wear. Don’t peek ok, Peeping Tom.

She winked at me as she called me Peeping Tom and locked the door from inside. Damn, I said to myself, what was that just happened. What was I talking to my sister-in-law? For a moment, I felt I was dreaming about what all talks happened.

5 minutes later, Shobha comes out of her room and one more bloody whirlpool to my male hormones. Seeing her, my eyes got glued on her. She was in a tight sports crop top and very tight shorts. As she came out, she started stretching her arms to her side and then upward.

Her top and shorts were so tight fit on her skin. When I looked to the shadow of her cast over the wall behind her, it looked like it’s her shadow with no clothes on her. While she was stretching, I noticed that there was no impression of any kind of straps of bra on her top.

Nor any impression of her panties over her shorts. I started wondering if she’s naked inside or is it some kind of inner that doesn’t show over the cloths. Is she wearing nothing other than those two pieces of cloth? By then, she turns and faces her back towards me and bends over to touch her feet with her hands.

Damn goodness! She did it for a few more times. While she did it, her ass cheeks were stretching towards my direction in her tight shorts. I was able to draw the outline of her perfect curvy ass in my mind. I was not feeling anymore shy towards her, nor was I not feeling to hide my thoughts from her.

Shobha already admitted that she liked it when I admired her. So I wasn’t trying anymore to take my eyes off her sexy body and said: Wow, bhabhi! You are looking so damn hot chick!

Shobha got up and turned towards me and said: Hahaha! Chick? Hot chick?

Me: Yes, bhabhi, really, you look hot in your sportswear.

Shobha was laughing as well. She had a blush that she was unable to hide from me and said: Hahaha! Really! Do I look that hot? Like a hot sexy bhabhi?

Me: Oh yeah, very hot and sexy bhabhi.

Shobha: Oho!

Me: Yes

This was the second time again when I thought she wanted to end this conversation about porn comics. She walked to the main door, saying: Ok. Enough of the talk now, we are getting late for the gym. Come fast now, comic reading pervert. Hahaha!

I got up with a little boner inside my shorts and followed her out of the house. The way we talked so much of naughty stuff, including the topic of Savita bhabhi. Then in the last the way, she called me a pervert with a wicked laugh. That word from her beautiful lips was so naughty.

Oh god, this day was just getting better and better, I guess.

To be continued

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