Cousin Sister

Hi, my name is Amit, and I am from Bhilai city from Chhattisgarh state. I am 23 years old. I recently finished my B.teck and was now in Bangalore in search of a job. It was my first visit to this glorious city. Back in Bhilai, I was from a developing city that isn’t that glorious as Bangalore.

Here I was asked to stay at my uncle’s house, who is my mother’s elder brother. He had his house in a very posh apartment named Kumar Apartments. When I reached Kumar Apartment, I was amazed by the view and its surrounding. It had a swimming pool and a well-maintained park.

The people were also very modern in every way. Even the kids were talking English so fluently. I felt ashamed as my English is not that great. It was 12 in the afternoon when I reached there. I was having a very hectic day as at 3 o’clock, I had a job interview in a company.

I hurried to their flat and rang the bell. It was my aunt, uncle’s wife who opened the door and it took her no time to recognize me.

Aunty: Amit! I thought you will be here by 10. Come inside. I was worried if you got lost finding the house.

I greeted her by touching her feet as our tradition.

Aunty: God bless you, Amit. Come in.

Aunty was of 40-45 years of age. The way she talked was exactly the same as my mother. I felt the same love and affection from her as from my mother.

Aunty: How was your journey, Amit?

Me: A bit tiring.

Aunty: Ok, you first go take a bath, I will get the lunch ready for you. Then later, you take rest.

Me: No, thanks, aunty, I have an interview today at 3 o’clock. So I don’t have much time. It’s my first interview.

Aunty: Ok, Amit, but at least eat something and go. You must have not eaten anything from the morning, I guess.

Me: Ok, aunty, where’s the washroom?

Aunty pointed to a closed room and said: That’s your room. The washroom is attached.

I went inside and hurried to take a bath. After 30 minutes, I came out in my formal wear for my interview. By then, aunty was all set up with the lunch on the dining table. I sat for lunch and aunty too sat with me to give me a company. She started talking about normal stuff about my family members.

Aunty: So how is your mom doing and others at your home?

Me: All are fine aunty, mom keeps talking about you a lot.

Aunty: You should have brought her too with you.

Me: She wanted to come with me. But as you know, dad isn’t keeping well. So there is no one to care for him and other things at home.

Aunty: Hmm, ok. Your uncle is at the office, or else he would have dropped you to the place where you have your interview.

Me: That’s not an issue aunty. If I am going to work here, I have to be familiar with the places myself. By the way, where is Swati? (Swati is my cousin sister, aunt’s daughter)

Aunty: God knows where she is. She doesn’t care to inform me about anything. She just keeps hanging out with her friends, and when she wishes, she comes back.

By then, it was 1:20, so I hurried up with my lunch and got ready for my interview. As I was leaving, aunty came with a little curd and sugar in a cup and said: Amit, just have this. It’s for good luck.

Me: You’re just like my mother. Even she does the same thing.

I touched her feet and took blessings from her and went off for my interview. It wasn’t that hard to find the company. It was in a well-known Tech park named Manyata. I was right on time, and by 5:30, my 3rd round of interview got over. I gave my very best, and all was now in God’s grace.

As I was leaving, a person from HR came and informed me that the company will call me back in a few days. I left the office building. I still had time to go around and check out the new city. But I also didn’t want uncle or aunty to think that I am roaming around on my first day itself in the city.

So I made my way straight back to home. It was around 6:15 when I reached home, and it was again aunty who met me at the door.

Aunty: How was your interview, Amit?

Me: It wasn’t as I expected, but I gave my best. And moreover, the bus journey from there to here was tiring.

Aunty: Why didn’t you took a cab, you should have called Swati to book a cab for you.

Me: No, aunty, it’s ok. Why should I bother her for that? By the way, where is she? Is she back?

Aunty: Yeah, the princess is in her room, maybe busy with her WhatsApp, Facebook, and all. Nowadays girl children are of no use for house-work. All they want is a mobile and internet. Wait, I will call her.

Me: It’s ok, don’t disturb her. I have to go for a bath and get done with my evening prayers.

Aunty: So nice of you! Teach some of these habits to Swati as well. Give her some advice to routine her lifestyle.

Me: Hahaha! I think city girls are wiser, and they know what’s good for them.

I went back to my room and took a quick shower. In the next 15-20 minutes, I was out in my towel to light up a diya. I had a small idol of my favorite lord Hanuman. I was all set for the prayer when I noticed I don’t have a matchbox to light the diya.

I searched for it in the room, but I was unlucky in that. I thought of nothing and walked out of the room wearing my towel straight to the kitchen. To my surprise, as I reach the kitchen, there was a beautiful girl of age around 21-22 standing facing her back towards me.

Aunty saw me. She asked: What happen, Amit? Do you want anything?

The young girl turned towards me. My God, she looked like a fairy princess. She had a very fair complexion and such a sweet smile. She made me speechless when she said: Hey Amit bhaiya! How are you?

It was then when I came to know she’s Swati. God damn, she is so big and beautiful now. I felt ashamed standing there in front of her in just a towel, I brought my hands to hide my bare chest to which she started laughing beautifully. She was wearing tight sportswear stuck to every curve of her body.

Aunty hit on Swati’s hand as to tell her not to make fun of me and ask: Tell me, Amit, you want anything?

Me: Yes, I needed a matchbox.

Swati: Oho! See mom, Amit bhaiya needs a matchbox for smoking.

Me: No, no, I need it to light the diya for prayer.

Aunty started taunting Swati and said: Learn something from him. He’s not like your college friends who smoke and drink. Being a girl, you don’t even say the name of God once in a day.

Aunty opened a shelf and then gave me a new matchbox. As I moved a bit forward to take it, Swati hit me with her hip and said: Priest of the year, huh!

Aunty gives her a scolding look for that and gives me the matchbox. I hurried to my room when Swati caught my arm and said: You are so bad Amit, it’s been so long we met, and you are not even talking to me.

Me: It’s getting late, I have to do my prayers first. I will be back.

Swati left my arm and says: If you keep calling God, who will take care of your goddess? Hahaha!

Me: Who… who goddess?

Swati teases me and says: Hahaha! Goddess, your goddess!

Aunty: Offo! Stop irritating others, idiot.

Swati: What? What did I say wrong?

Aunty: I know exactly what you mean, you and your words can never mean the right thing. It’s all because of your friendship with that Teena. Don’t make me talk too much about it.

Swati was now angry at her mom. She protested: She’s my friend mom, why do you always have to think bad about her? You have your own misconceptions.

Aunty: Yeah, I know a lot about you and your friends, don’t make me say it in front of Amit.

Swati: Whatever, I don’t care.

Aunty: Amit you go finish your prayers, she has no manners to talk to elders.

I was totally confused about what the argument was about.

Me: I am not getting what you both are talking and Swati, aunty is right. Have some manners while talking to elders. And don’t call me with my name, after all, I am 5 years elder to you.

Swati: Ok, if you want me to call you bhaiya, it’s your choice. Mostly laborers from the north that come to work here are called bhaiya. Hahaha! Shall I call you ‘bhaiya’? Think twice?

Me: Seriously? Laborers, I am a postgraduate, not laborer. If that’s the case better, you call me by name.

As I finished my line, Swati took off the top of her t-shirt, and now she was in her sports bra right in front of me. I was dumbstruck, and aunty just went back to work as if nothing is gonna change this spoiled brat. Seeing her in her tight sports bra, I was almost drooling inside.

She has those perfectly round boobs. I was trying my best to hide my inner feelings, but I guess I couldn’t hide it from Swati. She started yawning, raising her arms up as if to show me her perfect curves more clearly. She was looking straight in my eyes as if she is reading my thoughts.

Swati: So, Amit bhaiya! Hahaha! Why have you come to Bangalore?

Me: Job! What else?

Swati: You think it’s that easy to get a job here in this city?

Me: I have a post-graduation, and I know to work well, what else is the requirement?

Swati: Just being hard-working won’t get you a job here, you should have an x-factor, something different from others.

Me: X-factor? What’s that?

Swati: Don’t worry, I will help you in getting your x-factor out. Hahaha!

Me: Stop fooling me around, you are just blabbering. Which company won’t appreciate a hard-working person? You just see I will get a job soon and work hard and will grow so high…

Swati didn’t let me finish and said: Stop! Being hard-working won’t take you anywhere in the corporates. You should be cunning and smart.

Suddenly aunty intrudes into our argument and says: Stop listening to her Amit. You believe in yourself and nothing else you need.

Swati: Oh god, mom, it’s not your village. Morals won’t work here. You don’t know about IT companies and their corporate politics.

Swati then turn to me and continues: Listen Amit, I know many people who live in this society who can help you to get a good job. Just be ready to do whatever it takes.

I was not convinced by her and said: I am a well-educated person. What else do you think I need?

Swati: Oh god, Amit, please come out of the fact that you are educated, so that’s all is the required qualification. Ok, you tell me what happened in today’s interview?

Me: They said they will call me back soon.

Swati: 1st lesson – if they said they will call you back soon, that means they are never gonna call you, ever.

Me: Is that so? Then what should I do now?

Swati: Compatibility. To secure your future, what are you gonna do, and to what level matters a lot. Right now, you better go and finish your meeting with your God. Hahaha!

I almost forgot about my prayer. I started making a move to my room when Swati teasingly said: By the way, Amit bhaiya, You look hot in the towel. Hahaha!

I was feeling ashamed and walked fast to my room and closed my door while she was laughing out loud. After finishing my prayers, I wore a t-shirt with a cotton pant and went out. Aunty was still working in the kitchen, so I thought to help her out with some work.

I went to the kitchen and asked her: Do you need any help, aunty?

Aunty: No, you aren’t here to do all that, you go watch TV or something.

Me: No issue aunty, I use to help mom in cooking whenever I get a chance.

Aunty: Lalita (my mother) is such a lucky mother to have a son like you. And look at my fate that has a daughter like her.

Me: Don’t worry aunty, she’s still studying, right? Once she gets a job, she will start acting responsibly.

Aunty: Ok, I agree with you, Amit, but you tell me. When you will search a girl for you, what will you expect in her? This girl doesn’t even know to prepare tea properly. Considering her as our single child, your uncle spoiled her so much. She doesn’t even put her clothes in the machine for a wash. I have to do that even now. You are elder to her, you should advise her strictly.

I had no words to defend Swati. After all, aunty was right.

Aunty: It’s time for your uncle to come back, better I cook something for dinner.

I went and took some onions and potatoes and said: You start with the chapatti and I will make some potato curry for it.

Aunty: Hahaha! Ok, I think you are obsessed with cooking tonight. Let’s see if you have the same cooking skills as Lalita has.

After that, aunty and I started our cooking, and within one hour, we finished. Rice, dal, chapatti, and my potato curry were set for the dinner. By then, the doorbell rang, and I went to open the door. As I opened the door, my uncle saw me and was extremely happy.

Uncle: Oh my dear Amit, how was your journey, and what about your interview today?

Me: I did my best uncle, just waiting for their call.

Uncle: Oh! What did they say?

Me: One of their HR members said they will let me know. They said they will call me.

Uncle: Aww! Don’t get disappointed, but they won’t call. It’s their simple way of saying no to the candidates. Ok, wait, I will freshen up and be back, then we will talk.

At around 8:45 pm, I saw aunty placing the plates on the dining table. I got up and went to the kitchen to help her. Then uncle came from his room and sat at the dining and was busy on his cell phone. As aunty and I were placing the food on the table, my uncle said: What’s special today? Smells good!

Aunty: Today, you are going to remember your sister. Amit has prepared a very tasty potato curry that Lalita taught him.

Uncle: That’s appreciable Amit that you know to cook.

By then, Swati opens her room door and comes out holding her phone. She was busy smiling and texting on the phone. She was not seeing people at the dining table.

Aunty started scolding her: Always busy with her phone. Come and have your food Swati, today Amit has cooked.

Swati: Oho, mom! What’s your problem with me?

Swati was now in a tight t-shirt and a pajama. I was trying my best to not stare her with any wrong intentions. Her boobs were so perfectly bulging out covered in her t-shirt and her smile. I was lord Hanuman devotee, and she was my sister in my relation. I still was having little dirty thoughts about her in my inner core.

As she sat at the dining table, she saw us all, and then she kept her phone down.

Swati: Oh! So its chef Amit special, first a priest and now a cook. Let me taste if everything is perfect in it.

To this aunty said: As if you know what all ingredients you need to cook simple daal. Huh! Better you learn something from him.

Swati: Ok, mom! Don’t worry am gonna learn a lot more things from Amit bhaiya.

Me: What more things you want to learn from me?

Swati: When the time comes, I’ll let you know my sweet Amit bhaiyaaa!

Every time she used to stretch the word ‘bhaiya’ as if she was teasing me for calling me her brother. We started with our dinner. It’s a 6 seat dining table, uncle and aunty were sitting on one side, and on its opposite, it was Swati and me.

After taking the first bite of chapatti with the curry I made, uncle said: Mmmm! No doubt Amit, your aunty was right when she said I am gonna miss my sister. It tastes exactly how she cooks.

Swati: I will agree with that Mr. Chef, it tastes good, and spices are perfect. Perfectly hot and spicy. Mmmmm!

Aunty: Yeah, as if you are the one to judge him, what do you know? To boil milk and take the cream out of it for your face!

I couldn’t stop my laugh when aunty taunted her. On that Swati said: Don’t worry, mom, I will teach Amit as well, how to extract cream from him, I mean from the milk.

I knew she was definitely making some double meaning talks but wasn’t that sure. I didn’t want to get in any miss conception about her. Maybe she was just innocent enough to not understand what she says. Suddenly her phone lights up.

Since she was sitting beside me, she kept her phone close to me. The text message popped on the screen. It was “age and rate.” As I looked to her text message, she pinched me on my thighs under the table and made me jump.

Uncle: What happened, Amit?

I nodded my head, indicating nothing and looked at Swati. She was having a gesture of anger on her face. She took her phone, and then I guess she started replying to that message.

Aunty saw that and immediately said: Look at her, one hand food and another hand, phone. I wonder who that idiot who invented this mobile phone is?

I started laughing on her taunt to which uncle said to me: You will listen to a lot of it in here, Amit, it’s natural. I somehow don’t get a good sleep without listening to these mom daughter arguments.

Me: It’s true uncle, somewhat they are making me feel like I am at my own house and everyone’s here, mom sister dad and all.

Swati: Sister? Let me remind you, Amit, I am not your real sister. If you ever call me that in front of my friends or anyone else, I am never gonna talk to you. Call me Swati as it is.

Aunty: What kind of friends do you have who feel it shameful for a brother to call his sister as a sister?

Uncle was now getting a bit irritated for these mom and daughter argument.

Uncle: Will you two, please be quiet? She only said to call her name when she’s around her friends.

After uncle spoke, there was a sudden silence in the house, everyone had their food with a pin drop of silence. Suddenly Swati’s phone lit up again with one more message saying, ‘Pic.’ It didn’t take her long to notice I was staring again at her phone. She kicked my ankle with her toe.

Swati: Manner less, you should not look into others’ text messages, idiot.

Me: I am sorry. It suddenly lit up, and my eye went in that direction, but seriously I didn’t read anything. Trust me.

She took and kept her phone on the other side, and soon we finished dinner. I was trying to puzzle out her text messages in my mind and then kicked it out of my head.

To be continued.

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