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This is a story of multiple characters of an apartment called Kumar Apartments. You will be finding a lot of characters in it. I hope you enjoy what I give to you. Anyone who wants to give me their feedback can mail me

Hi, my name is Akash. I was going to Bangalore (a city in India) after finishing my M.Com. It was the end of the year, and there were no openings in any of the good companies. So I thought of taking a break before joining anywhere.

I have never been to Bangalore. But my cousin brother Rakesh was living there from the past few years with his wife. He has his flat in one of the famous apartment. I was unable to attend his marriage as I was having my semester exams at the same time. So, I have never met his wife.

My train was scheduled to reach by early morning. So I had already taken Rakesh’s address from him in the previous night. I didn’t want to bother him in the early morning with my phone call. I started thinking about how my sister-in-law would look. I heard that she is very beautiful and very sweet as well.

I was getting excited to meet my cousin brother and especially his wife as it was the first time I was going to meet her. The journey was about 18 hours long, and I had no other option than playing some games on my phone. Sometime later, I fell asleep and didn’t know when it got to be 5 in the morning.

The pantry guys in the train woke me up with their howling sounds of “chai, chai.” The train took me to the Yashwantpur station at its scheduled time. But to my bad luck, my phone was switched off as I drained its charge playing game. I stayed on the platform for 10 to 15 minutes, getting my phone charged.

Then I went out to the cab stand and showed the address that Rakesh had sent.
It took almost 1 hour from the station to reach the given address. His flat was in a very well maintained apartment by some company named Kumar Enterprises.

At last, by 8 o’clock, I was standing right in front of the flat number Rakesh mentioned in the message. The whole apartment was dead silent. I rang the bell and stood for a minute. But there was no clue of anyone opening the door. I rang it again. Then after a few seconds, I heard some voices from inside.

In a few seconds, the door opened slightly. I saw a hand showing me a steel vessel, I wondered what’s going on. But I noticed that the hand was of a woman. She was trying to indicate to me to take the vessel or something else.

I knocked on the door and said hello to the person inside. She opened the door and peeped out to address me. Damn, she was as beautiful as an angel, in the early morning look with no makeup, sleepy eyes and messed up hair. As if she just landed from heaven.

She: Yes! Who is it?

Me: I am Akash. This is Rakesh’s house, right?

She: Aww! Akash, it’s you. Wait a minute.

She opened the door and said: Rakesh told me yesterday that you were arriving today.

As she opened the door, I just lost my senses. Till now, in my imagination, I imagined my sister-in-law in a decent Indian sari or maybe a nightgown. But here she was standing in front of me wearing a sleep shirt which ended right at the mid of her beautiful thighs.

She: Which train did you come in?

I tried not to stare her anymore and answered her: Ra…Rajdhani.

She: Rakesh told me you will be arriving by morning, but I wasn’t expecting this early.

Me: Oh! I am sorry to bother you guys if I knew it arrived so early I would have taken some other train.

She: Aww, it’s ok, don’t be sorry. Anyways in some time, the milk guy will be here to deliver milk. Actually, I thought it was him.

She started walking in her house, and I followed her with my luggage. I was unable to take my eyes off her bare sexy legs.

She: By the way, do you know who I am?

Me: Yes, you are Rakesh’s wife, right?

She started walking again and said: Ha Ha Ha! At least you know that. But do you know my name? You didn’t even show up in my marriage.

Me: Yeah. I was unable to attend the marriage at that time. I was having my semester exams.

Suddenly she turns back to me, and I guess she caught me staring. But she acted normal and said: Do you know my name?

Me: I am sorry, I don’t know exactly. I saw it then on your wedding card, but I forgot.

She: What a brother-in-law you are, you don’t even know your bhabhi’s name. (Bhabhi means sister-in-law in Hindi.) My name is Shobha, now don’t forget it ever.

As she said, the word bhabhi, a spark went tickling my entire body. I answered her with a smile.

Me: Ok bhabhi, I will never forget it again.

She: Oye, hello! I was just kidding. You just call me by name, this bhabhi, and all sounds very typical.

Me: No, I can’t call you by name, you are elder to me, Rakesh will kick me out.

She: Offo! In this place, everyone addresses each other with their name. Ok, do one thing, you can call me bhabhi while Rakesh is around. But anywhere else if you say that, I will be the one to kick you out.

She tucked the collar of her sleep shirt and raised it in a gesture to show her dominance. While doing it, her shirt raised from the bottom. I was able to see a few more inches of her smooth white thighs. It did a very dirty effect between my crotch, and I started having a slight boner.

Since I was not wearing any underwear inside my three/fourth, my cock started developing a small tent in it. I hurried and sat on the sofa to hide it. But to my surprise, she had a smile on her face as if she already saw it. Shobha pointed her finger towards the common bathroom in their house.

She said: If you want to freshen up, the washroom is right there. Rakesh might get up by then. I wonder where this milk guy is today. Do one thing I will keep the vessel here if he comes, take the milk from him. I will just change and be back.

She walked back to her room and closed the door. A few seconds later, some sound came from her room, might be Rakesh was awake. But I didn’t try to be nosy and started gazing at the house interior. Suddenly the bell rang up. To that, Shobha said from inside her room.

Shobha: Akash! It must be the milkman, please take the milk from him.

I took the vessel and went to get the milk from the milk guy.

As soon as he gave the milk, he asks: Who are you, sir? Where is Shobha madam?

Me: I am Rakesh’s brother, Shobha madam is busy.

Milkman: Ok, I guess Rakesh sir is also inside, that’s why. Ok no issue. Just tell Shobha madam that I asked for the payment.

Me: Ok, sure, I will tell her.

I closed the door and went inside with the milk, thinking of what did he meant when he said, “Ok, I guess Rakesh sir is also inside. That’s why.” That was weird of him. I went to the kitchen and placed the milk on the kitchen counter and started checking out the kitchen and other parts of the house.

It was a very well furnished flat. It had a very spacious living room, a big kitchen, three bedrooms, and also a balcony from where I could see the entire city. I was able to hear more giggles and talk from inside their room. They were not only just having talk but also maybe some husband wife romance as well.

But I tried to maintain my manners by ignoring their talks. Rakesh was always famous in flirting with his college girls and getting them to his bed. He was a kind of womanizer in our locality then. And now, to his luck, he has such a beautiful wife.

I was lost in these past thoughts when their bedroom door opened, and Shobha came out. Now she was in a long satin nightgown. Maybe she didn’t want to walk around in her sleep shirt in front of me. But still, she was looking damn pretty woman who could make any man go crazy.

Her nightgown had a slit on one side, which still gave a slight view of her thigh while she walked around. She saw me admiring her for which she raised her eyebrows as if asking me what happened.

To this, I squeezed my eyes and indicated nothing in my answer. While walking to the kitchen, she said: So Akash, did you like our house?

Me: Wonderful, I mean above wonderful, how much is its rent?

Shobha: For now, we are paying 25000 per month as its EMI, 20 lakhs down payment has been done.

Me: Damn, that’s a heavy price.

Shobha: Yeah, but you should check on its amenities.

Me: What are those?

Shobha: 24-hour power and water, swimming pool, gym, park, and also a bar. It’s a reasonable amount for it.

Me: Wow, swimming pool too?

Shobha: Yeah, why? Do you go swimming? I guess you go to the gym, right?

Me: Yes, obviously, we are from the coastal region. Every one of us in our place knows swimming.

Shobha: Ok, then I will introduce you to the swimming in charge here, and you can go swimming as well.

Then Rakesh came out of his room and looked at me, saying: Hey Akash! How was your journey?

I was seeing him after 5 years for now. But to my surprise, he is still as he was then, fit and fine like a young stallion ready to fuck any bitch right there and then, no change at all.

Me: It was good bhaiya (bhaiya means big brother in Hindi). The only thing was that I wasn’t aware of the changes made in train time. So it was like a rush before departure. And also it arrived so early that I have to disturb you guys.

Rakesh: Ahh, nothing like that, I told Shobha about your arrival. But even I was unaware of the timings.

Shobha: And don’t feel you disturbed us, anyhow the milkman was going to wake us up at the same time.

Suddenly I remembered the milkman and said: Oh yeah bhabhi, that milkman asked for his payment.

Shobha: Oh ok I will pay him next time, I almost forgot about it.

Rakesh: Pay him off a day after tomorrow. I will be leaving for Mumbai by tomorrow morning.

Shobha: Ok. You guys have some talk. By then, I will get tea for everyone. I don’t want my brother-in-law to go back to his place and say that his sister-in-law didn’t even offer him a cup of tea, Ha Ha Ha!

Me: Oh, bhabhi! Don’t embarrass me now. I am nothing like that.

Shobha: Oh, really! Just give me a chance Mr. Akash, I will prepare such an amazing tea that you will act like Zakhir Husain and say “Wah Taj” Ha Ha Ha!

Rakesh: Will you start preparing it rather than just blabbering about it? Make it quick, I have to get ready for my office.

Shobha makes faces to Rakesh and says: Huh, stop being bossy over me in front of your brother.

Shobha stormed off towards the kitchen. I notice that her nightgown is backless at the top part and had just two strings crossing. This gave me a very clear view of her bare shoulder and back. It means she wasn’t wearing any bra inside. Suddenly she turned back and looked at me with a wink.

Shobha: Rakesh also likes my leg so much that he can’t resist pulling my legs.

The way she winked at me means that she saw me staring at her bare legs when I arrived. I was like a bit ashamed of myself. She started preparing the tea and was busy with her own.

After that, Rakesh and I were busy talking about the family members in our old place. Shobha came up with three cups of tea in a tray. As she bends over to place the tray on the low height center table, I got a perfect view of her cleavage as the neck of her gown went hanging down.

Suddenly she lifted her head to face me and said: Akash! Will you just stare or want to have a taste of it?

I was like dumbstruck and re-hearing what she just asked when she continued: My milk tea?

I was like what the hell is she saying. Seeing me completely clueless, she said: I said my tea made of milk, it’s not a black tea, right? What are you confused off?

Rakesh started laughing and said: Stop it, Shobha, poor guy, stop teasing him. Anyways Akash, are you planning for an interview here in Bangalore?

Me: Yes, bhaiya, I have got a call from some company in Indira Nagar

Rakesh: That’s good, it’s an expensive place in Bangalore. So definitely the company must be good as well to have their office there, which means a good salary.

Shobha: Oh, that’s great. Even Shivani stays there.

Rakesh: Shobha, why don’t you ask her to help him out with the place?

Shobha stares at me with a naughty look while sipping her tea from the cup.

Shobha: You don’t have to tell me that, Rakesh. I would love to help Akash in every way possible.

I tried changing the topic and asked: By the way, who is Shivani?

Shobha: My sister, Shivani. She stays and works in Indira Nagar. I will ask her to help you out with the places and locations there.

Me: Thanks a lot bhabhi, if I wasn’t new to the city, I wouldn’t have bothered anyone.

Shobha: Don’t worry Akash, I will make sure you pay well for every help of mine. After all, I am the daughter of a businessman, Ha Ha Ha!

Rakesh: I wonder why you are so excited and blabbering so much today, Shobha. Go and wear something over your gown, stop teasing Akash with your talks and things.

Shobha: Ok, ok! Big brother is talking, Ha Ha Ha!

Shobha got up and started walking to her room. While she was going, she tickled Rakesh in his ears and said: I was about to go grab something to cover up. It’s so cold today.

Rakesh: Yeah, it is, I think it will rain today.

Shobha: Oh, definitely, it has to rain today. As Akash after 5 years came up to see his 5-year-old newlywed brother and sister-in-law, Ha Ha Ha!

Shobha goes to her room and immediately comes out wearing a translucent robe over her nightgown. No matter what she wore, short cloth, or fully covered, she is just the hell lot of beauty in everything. By then, Rakesh finished off with his tea and got up.

Rakesh: Ok, I will go get ready for my office. Get the breakfast ready, Shobha. Yeah, before that, please show Akash his room.

Shobha teased him and says: Ok, Mr. Rakesh, I will make sure of it. You can go finish your work and come for a tasty breakfast.

Rakesh turned towards me and said: Just look at her Akash how excited she is by your arrival. She’s acting crazy like a kid who had a lot of chocolates.

Me: No, bhabhi, you don’t have to. It’s fine with me if you be normal as you are. I am not going to complain to my parents about you.

Rakesh: Yeah! That’s my bro Akash, see Shobha, my family members aren’t like yours, Ha Ha Ha! Now go and get breakfast ready.

As Rakesh left, Shobha sat where Rakesh was sitting. But now, she was silent. Seeing her face, I asked: What happened bhabhi?

Shobha: Our marriage was a love marriage. We had the cast issue, but still, unwillingly, our families got us married. You may not know, but you are the first person from your family to visit us. That’s why I was so excited.

Me: Come on, bhabhi, you don’t have to lose your smile for that, let’s cook breakfast together. Just show me my room first. I will freshen up and come back, and then we’ll cook poha. Rakesh bhaiya loved eating poha back then when we were small.

Shobha: Yeah, he often says about it, ok, come. I will show you your room.

She took me to one of the closed bedrooms and said: Here it is, from now it’s your room, and that’s the attached bathroom.

I looked to the other closed door just beside the room I got and asked: And what is that other room?

Shobha: That? That’s my sister’s room, not her, but basically, when she comes here, she stays in there. Ok, you go have a bath and all and come for breakfast. Rakesh will be ready in a flick of time, I have to hurry and make something for him.

Me: Then what about poha?

Shobha: That we will make some other day. No time today.

To be continued.

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