Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-16


Seema’s scholarship got rejected rendering her with no source to pay her college fees. Mr. Singh stumbled upon the footage of Seema and Irfan making out in his restaurant. However, instead of firing her, he makes her an offer. He asks her to join his friend’s brothel for the high society men. A chance to earn thousands of rupees in few hours. Initially reluctant, Seema soon accepts the offer.


“Just do what they say, no questions asked,” instructed Mr. Singh as they drove through the heavy traffic of their city. Seema was sitting next to him in the car while he drove, nervously biting her fingernails and fidgeting in her seat. She was not anxious. She was terrified! They were going to the place where his friend conducted the sex racket for rich men who wanted to fuck college girls. One could go as far as to call it her first day at work.

“But…won’t you be there with me?” asked Seema.

“I will be outside, there will be an instructor waiting for you,” replied Mr. Singh. “Like I said, these guys are professionals, not your common flesh traders. They are going to teach you what to do, what not to do, how to do etc. It’s a business worth lakhs; they won’t just let you start straightaway.”

Seema swore under her breath and did not bother to check the name of the hotel he took her in. She wondered who this instructor would be, what all would he make her do. Her mind was occupied all the way up to the floor where they were supposed to meet her instructor. She shuddered back to reality when Mr. Singh greeted someone.

“Hello Rita, this is Seema. Our newest recruit,” said Mr. Singh addressing a woman in her early twenties in front of a room. She was as tall as Seema but attractive. She had an hourglass figure under the formal dress she was wearing, a round face shining in the hotel’s yellow lighting. Her hair was short and sleek.

“Thank you,” replied Rita. “See you later, Mr. Singh.”

Mr. Singh bowed and walked away leaving Seema with Rita who was smiling at her.

“Follow me.”

They walked into the closest room. Rita switched on most of the lights and dropped her accessories on the nearby table. Then she dropped on the queen-sized bed in the middle of the room.

“I’m sorry but I thought I was supposed to meet my instructor,” said Seema.

“I’m your instructor,” replied Rita.

Seema’s eyes widened as she heard that. She did not know whether to feel happy or sad on hearing that news. On one side, she was happy it was not a man because she would not have felt comfortable, on the other hand, she felt weird imagining what the female instructor would make her do.

“Take off your clothes,” commanded Rita.


“You heard me,” said Rita.

“Can I switch off the lights first?” asked Seema.

Rita smiled and stood up. Seem was halfway through a sigh of relief as Rita started walking but it was cut short by Rita’s sudden action. She grabbed the bottom of her tees and pulled them off aggressively revealing her partially naked upper body. She was wearing her best black bra, which barely hid most of her small breasts.

“First lesson, shyness is your ticket to getting fired,” said Rita as she slid her fingers under Seema’s bra and pulled them off too. Her breasts bounced and settled while Rita looked at them fondly and touched them gently.

“Hmm, nice. young and supple. They look like they have not been used enough,” said Rita squeezing her breasts with each hand. She bent and pulled down Seema’s skirt too and then the panty. Now she was stark naked in full lighting in front of another girl. Her arms automatically tried to cover her breasts.

“Don’t be ashamed of your own body,” said Rita as she pulled her arms away to reveal her breasts. She steered Seema towards the mirror and made her stand in front of it to stare at her own naked reflection. Then she started circling Seema like an onlooker in a museum does.

“No extra tummy or flabs anywhere else,” commented Rita and then she spanked her ass making those milky balls bounce, “the ass is the best part, some clients are particular about big asses, I think you’ll be valuable for them.”

Seema’s heart was pounding as she tried to digest what was happening. It felt surreal, everything was happening so fast. She had not even come to terms with being a call girl yet and now she was being assessed and touched by a woman. She had been naked with other girls before of course, her village did not have a bathroom so she used to bath in the river with the girls, but this-this was bizarre, to say the least.

“Hey!” Exclaimed Seema as Rita pushed her unexpectedly on to the bed. Seema fell on her back and lay there looking at Rita who had started undressing. She threw her coat aside and seductively started unbuttoning her white shirt. She removed it as slowly as she could, in a way teasing Seema, making her thirst for it. Underneath she was wearing a pink bra, which was definitely a D cup.

Rita did not remove the bra; instead, she bent down to remove her skirt, which made her boobs hang in air. The sight was so sexy that Seema was feeling horny for the first time. Rita smiled as she noticed the excitement in Seema and she dug her knees into the mattress and climbed over her.

“Don’t wear your glasses at work,” said Rita as she pulled of Seema’s glasses and placed them on the bedside table. “We want you to look sexy, not nerdy unless the client requests a school girl and teacher role-play.”

“Have you ever kissed a girl before?” asked Rita and Seema shook her head, which made her smile.

“Good, I’d love to see how you behave when you do something you’ve never done before or something that you hate,” said Rita. “Because every client you meet will be a stranger, you must learn to treat them all warmly and with passion.”

Rita grabbed both her hands and pinned them to the bed. Then she bent over awfully close to Seema so that her face was inches away. Seema could feel her pleasant and warm breath on her nose and lips, which aroused her even more. Her eyes were on Rita’s light brown and pink lips while her heart rammed against her ribs in excitement.

Rita poked her tongue out and brought it close to Seema’s lips who wanted to turn her head away but couldn’t since she knew it would look bad. Rita’s tongue moved in slow motion and finally touched the upper tip of her upper lip. Seema shivered as she felt cold sensations go through her.

Rita began tracing the edge of her lips. She began tracing from the middle of the upper lip, licked the edge of both her lips and circled back to the point where she had started. Seema’s chest was heaving, as she was horny despite her unwillingness.

“Kiss me,” said Rita.

Seema raised her eyebrows and her eyes looked right and left in fear. She had never kissed a girl in her life and this felt crazy. Rita noticed this and lowered her head further so that her lips were now millimeters away from Seema’s.

“C’mon Seema,” spoke Rita which sent another gust of warm breath on Seema’s lips which in turn generated waves of excitement in her. Closing her eyes, she raised her head ever so slightly and felt her lips touch Rita’s. That sent something like an electric current in Seema’s body and despite liking it she pulled back.

Frustrated by Seema’s shy nature, Rita lowered her head further down and clamped her mouth over Seema’s, kissing her deeply. First, it was just pecking the lips and sucking it hard. Then Rita forced Seema’s mouth open with her lips and drove her tongue inside. Their tongues played together, rolled over each other and fought a lustful battle of saliva swap before Rita broke that long kiss.

Seema was out of breath and she did not realize it until Rita had ended the kiss. It was her first lesbian kiss and she had been so lost, so intoxicated by the feeling that she had forgotten about breathing. She felt a sharp pain as she gulped down more air but before she could settle down, Rita came down for more.

Rita moaned into her mouth as she felt her own pussy moisten. She was in charge of instructing the new girls and she loved the job. Having sex with amateurs was a big turn on for her and she was enjoying every bit of it with Seema. She sucked her fat lower lip on and on, drinking in the saliva as she did and then she bit the lip ever so gently.

“Pretend that I’m a client,” said Rita. “I want you to moan and act like you are enjoying it. Remember, the job is not only to help him enjoy but also pleasing. He must think you like getting fucked by him.”

Seema nodded and Rita slithered down her body like a snake. She grabbed her boobs from either side and started devouring them. Her mouth sucked and licked her young and lovely boobs hungrily and Seema started to get a tingling sensation down under. She was enjoying this despite feeling weird. Rita was now sucking her nipples hard, taking them turn by turn while she pinched or circled the other. Seema’s nipples got erect and pointy, which prompted Rita to nibble them making Seema chuckle and shake in excitement.

After playing with her boobs for some time, she came back up to steal another kiss and this time Seema kissed her back happily. She liked it more and more and she wanted to kiss her deep but Rita quickly went back down. Then she licked her way over the lean body from neck to navel. She circled her navel with the tongue and slowly used her fingers to touch Seema’s wet pussy. Seema looked at her in anticipation as Rita faced her naked vagina. She looked up at Seema once, winked and then kissed her vagina.

“Ohhh….” Moaned Seema as she felt Rita’s warm lips rest on her labia. Rita’s hands found her small yet full and round breasts, kneading her firm flesh and then pinching her nipples as she started sucking her vagina. Seema’s eyes closed as she started savoring the sensations of Rita’s tongue exploring her hot cunt.

Rita used two fingers to spread her outer lips to find and devour her deepest and most special pleasure nerve. She nibbled upward to her clitoris, which made her writhe in pleasure and pain while her fingers went in to explore. Her teeth and tongue worked in tandem exciting every inch of her body while her fingers finally found the g-spot. Then Seema remembered that she had to moan so she started to moan loudly.

“Stop it!” said Rita.

“What happened?” asked Seema.

“You are a simple girl who’s out to make money and your clients know it,” began Rita. “This is not a porn movie where you moan out so loud and sound so fake. The clients do not want that. They know they are not capable of that and are good at detecting fake moans and orgasms. They expect you to be genuine so moan naturally, silently and do sharp intakes and exhales occasionally to encourage them.”

Seema nodded and was grateful when Rita bent over her vagina again. This time Rita brought her entire tongue out and licked the whole vagina while she maintained eye contact with Seema. Seema started breathing heavily as she responded naturally to the pleasure she was feeling.

Rita sucked and wet her index finger and inserted it right through Seema’s sweet flowing juices. She started a slow circling of her vaginal walls and then pulled it out and pasted all the luscious lubrication on her labia. After the brief instruction, her lustful actions were again making Seema lose control. She clutched the pillows under her head as Rita inserted her finger inside again.

Then she placed her mouth right at the entrance of Seema’s vagina and her tongue traveled inside through the pussy lips. Seema grunted as she felt warm vaginal discharge gush out of her right into Rita’s mouth and was even more aroused as she watched Rita lick and swallow it as if she tasted something delicious.

“Gosh you taste good, now my turn,” said Rita.

Rita dropped beside her and Seema sat up. She looked reluctantly at the body of Rita and even though she was aroused, she was unsure.

“C’mon Seema, let go of your hesitancy,” said Rita. “In this profession, you’ll have to endure much worse. Some men don’t shave, some stink what would you do when they ask you to suck? These are just baby steps.”

Seema nodded and positioned herself in front of Rita. She bent down and Rita raised her ass and lower body to help Seema pull off the panty. Seema’s nose was millimeters away from Rita’s pussy. It was dark purple outside, that is the labia, while the insides (which were visible due to the way Rita had spread her legs) was fleshy pink. This was the first time Seema had seen someone else’s vagina up close. She took her time but eventually managed to poke her tongue at Rita’s clit.

“That’s it, keep at it,” said Rita.

Seema was not experienced at licking but she knew exactly what pleased a woman since Irfan had licked her several times. The slightest lick near the clitoris used to make her shudder so she began with that. Rita started to breathe heavily which meant Seema was doing right so she licked more confidently.

Seema plunged her fingers into Rita’s vagina while she continued licking her clit. Her fingers started moving in and out like a penis does in a man-woman sex and Rita’s moans were proof that she was doing well. She increased her pace and kept fucking her with those fingers while Rita squirmed and wriggled uncontrollably.

“They told me you’re a beginner!”

“I am,” replied Seema.

“That’s unbelievable.”

Rita made her lick for some time and then asked her to sit up. She helped her get into position by guiding her legs so that in no time both of them had their legs around the other while their pussies were touching each other. They were ready to do some scissoring.

Rita, of course, commenced the pussy grinding by vigorously rubbing her pussy on Seema’s while her entire body shook. Seema took the cue and started imitating Rita, which made their clits to rub together as well. Both the girls started moaning uncontrollably and Seema was so lost in it that she even forgot the instruction about moaning silently. She had no control over it; the pleasure itself was driving her crazy.

Both of them leaned backward and rubbed their pussies against each other as hard and fast as they could. Their bodies were shining with sweat and a sweet scent emanated from their bodies. The bed under them shook dangerously as the intensity of their pussy grinding increased. Rita leaned forward and grabbed Seema by her neck.

Rita pulled her close and kissed her hard whilst rubbing the pussies. Seema kissed back passionately and slid her tongue into Rita’s mouth who accepted it gladly and sucked it eagerly.

It happened all of a sudden, the build-up had been there of course but Seema was taken by surprise when her vagina erupted like a volcano, gushing out a large amount of her warm vaginal fluids. She gasped and bit Rita’s lips in exhilaration as she felt the “hot lava” flow down her thighs. Then an equally sudden exhaustion washed over her. As Seema fell on the bed on her back, Rita climbed over her and placed her pussy on Seema’s mouth.

She was not done yet.

Rita began facesitting and grinded her pussy roughly on Seema’s mouth. Seema’s eyes were closed as she was tired but her mouth started working under Rita’s pussy. Seema’s lips were kissing Rita’s inverted lips and her tongue occasionally poked her clitoris. The warm discharge was flowing from Rita’s pussy down Seema’s throat and she thirsted for more.

Seema felt some energy return and he arms went around Rita’s body. Her palms found Rita’s warm and fleshy ass and she grabbed them. She squeezed them hard as Rita rubbed her pussy with more intensity into her mouth. Soon enough she bent over and grabbed the bedposts for support as she felt her orgasm too. She deposited all her vaginal discharge into Seema’s mouth and Seema happily licked it clean.

Rita took her pussy off Seema’s face and lay next to her. She grabbed Seema’s face, kissed her passionately for two full minutes, savoring the taste of her own pussy, and then let go. Seema started getting dressed while Rita watched her.

“This ends today’s work. Few more hours of training with some of my toys and you will be good to go. I must say, you’re not bad,” said Rita. “Most first timers fail terribly even though this is a simple task. You know what; you might end as one of our best employees. Maybe the richest as well if you do it right.”

“I just want to earn my semester fees and leave this place,” said Seema as she stepped out and walked away to Mr. Singh.

“That’s what they all say Seema, that’s what they all believe. Ha-ha,” grinned Rita as she licked her fingers clean.

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