Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-15


Induja Nair was Mrs. Nair’s newly married sister-in-law whose husband worked in GULF. To satisfy her growing sexual needs, she began an affair with a colleague Prof Jayant who failed to do so. Aamir was an eighteen-year-old boy who was smitten by Induja. He had even started taking tuitions from her in an attempt to get close. Instead, he ended up fucking the lonely MILF Mrs. Nair.


It was nearly twilight when Aamir came knocking at Induja and Mrs. Nair’s penthouse. He was there for the daily tuitions that he had started recently. He waited for a few seconds and heard the door open from inside. There she stood, the woman of his dreams, Induja Nair. She was wearing a white cotton top with 3/4 sleeve and navy blue track pants that stuck to her skin so well that her lower figure was easily visible.

Her thick, long and slightly curly hair were resting in front on her breasts. The moment she opened the door, her sweet scent hit him, which sent a tingling sensation down under. Induja greeted him with a half-smile and let him enter.

“You were working out?” asked Aamir.

“Meditating,” replied Induja. “I do it when I get angry.”

“Oh, bad time for my class, I guess,” joked Aamir.

“Ha-ha, not at all. Take a seat,” said Induja.

Aamir sat down on the sofa and looked around. Mrs. Nair was not in the vicinity, which made him feel slightly disappointed. He was hoping to catch up with her after the tuition, maybe take her somewhere to fuck.

Induja went to her room to get her textbooks and looked at the mess on the bed. She felt angry just by looking at it. She let that Jayant enjoy her body and in return, she could not even get an orgasm.

Induja came back to the hall and sat close to Aamir on the sofa. She started teaching him but his eyes were just switching between her lips and breasts. The white top that she was wearing was low neck so whenever she bent to pick a pen or a book on the table, her huge cleavage would come in view. Aamir was finding it difficult not to get aroused by it.

He asked her a doubt and to explain it, she kept the book on her lap and asked him to look into it. His eyes were supposed to follow her finger but it was on her breasts. Now that he was closer and his head was near her shoulder, he could see deeper into her cleavage. Her milky boobs were almost completely visible, he could see a small region of dark brown color and realized it was her nipple.


Aamir jerked back to reality and looked at Induja. She was scowling at him, he was caught red-handed.

“Concentrate on studies, don’t let your mind wander,” warned Induja. Aamir sighed inwardly in relief and kept his eyes under control for the rest of the lesson.

After few minutes, his heart skipped a beat as he heard Mrs. Nair walk in. He smiled at the MILF of his dreams. The MILF he had the fortune of fucking. She greeted them and winked at Aamir when Induja was not looking. He made a kissing gesture at her and watched her go into her bedroom where she probably was going to change.

Aamir felt helpless. He wanted to enter the bedroom and start fucking her right there. However, Induja’s presence was denying him that opportunity. After changing into a simple gown, Mrs. Nair walked into the kitchen to do some work.

“Err Indu ma’am, can I go drink some water?” asked Aamir.


Aamir excitedly hurried into the kitchen and found Mrs. Nair chopping some vegetables. Her back was turned to him so she did not see him come up. Silently he tiptoed to her and hugged her from behind.

“Aamir!” cried out Mrs. Nair as he grabbed her boobs over the gown.

Aamir kissed her neck and squeezed her boobs hard. She moaned and shivered at the touch of his cold lips on her nape and her hands grabbed his, making him squeeze her breasts harder. She turned her head around and he hungrily took her mouth into his. He bit and sucked her lower lips and then pulled it with his lips. Her saliva flowed into his mouth, as his hands started moving downwards.

Aamir’s fingers found her pussy over the gown and he searched for the clitoris. She was wearing a panty so it was difficult but after exploring her body so well during their fuck sessions, he knew exactly where it was. Her sudden gasp as he pinched the upper area of her pussy confirmed that he had found the clit.

“Oh Aamir…I wish we could go into the bedroom right now,” said Mrs. Nair as he pinched and rubbed her pussy over the gown. He used his fingers to move her panty aside inside the gown and used his index finger to rub the centre of the pussy lips. Aamir was also rubbing his hard dick on her ass as they spoke to each other.

“We can if you want,” said Aamir.

“No, I don’t want Indu to know about this,” replied Mrs. Nair. He opened his mouth to retort but was interrupted by Induja.

“Aamir?” called Indu from the hall.

“Oh crap, I gotta go,” said Aamir but he did not go immediately. He turned her around, pecked her lips several times and after a long, strong smooch, walked away to the hall.

Aamir returned and resumed the tuition work. He was getting desperate as time passed on. For another hour, they studied while the room filled with the aroma of whatever delicious dinner Mrs. Nair was cooking. Finally, the tuition ended and Induja asked him to leave.

“Err…Mrs. Nair wanted me to help her with some kitchen work,” said Aamir.

“It’s ok, I’ll help her,” said Indu with a smile as she knew exactly what sort of help Mrs. Nair wanted. She was just teasing him, trying to understand how anxious he was to fuck her sister-in-law. Then as he looked left and right to think of another excuse, she decided to have mercy.

“Fine, help her,” said Indu, “I need to take a bath to cool myself down.”


Aamir hurried off to the kitchen and started pretending to work as Indu stood up and started to get ready for a bath. As she wrapped a towel around herself in the bedroom and got ready to move into the bathroom, she paused. She felt a sudden urge to find out what her sister-in-law and Aamir were up to. There was an excitement in her as she imagined him fucking her right there in the kitchen.

She wondered whether he would really do it. Curiosity got the better of her and she decided to tiptoe to the kitchen anyway. She walked silently and reached the kitchen door where she stopped and peeked. Inside, Aamir was hugging Mrs. Nair and they were so close that it looked like they had just broken a kiss.

“…don’t worry. She’s busy in the bathroom,” said Aamir. He kissed her again on the lips and knelt down while she turned her back to him. Quickly he lifted her gown up and felt her thighs and ass. He squeezed her ass hard and pulled her panty down. Mrs. Nair stepped out of it and bent over the kitchen slab.

Aamir pushed the gown above the waist and she gathered it and held it high, displaying her ass to him. Aamir smiled and buried his face into her soft and milky ass cheeks. He shook her ass using his face and squeezed them from either side. He played with them, making them bounce. Then he parted her ass cheeks and viewed the glorious holes.

“Aamir hurry up,” urged Mrs. Nair. She wanted it badly; she wanted him to make her orgasm right there before Induja could interrupt.

Aamir obliged and let his tongue out. He poked the fat pussy lips first and licked in between. He used his fingers to part the pussy lips further and licked the wet, pink region in between. Mrs. Nair let out a moan when he did that and her thighs and ass shook. Aamir smiled and licked it harder. The taste was salty and the scent around it was intoxicating which made him lick faster.

“Use your finger dear,” suggested Mrs. Nair.

“I think there’s something better,” replied Aamir. Mrs. Nair assumed he was talking about his penis. However, Aamir had something else in mind. He let go off her back and stood up. He rummaged through the vegetables and picked a thin carrot. Mrs. Nair giggled as he resumed his position under her.

“Ohhhhhh,” moaned Mrs. Nair as Aamir parted her pussy lips and inserted the carrot into her vagina.

The pink insides of her pussy adjusted and accommodated the carrot easily. He slid it in and the pussy lips got wrapped around it. Then he started shoving it in and out which made Mrs. Nair squeal in excitement. Her thighs shook and her body trembled as he increased the pace with which he was fucking her pussy.

Induja could not believe her eyes. The whole thing looked so ridiculous to her. She did know about the affair between these two but the whole idea of actually watching the two at it especially doing these things in the kitchen was driving her crazy. Induja had never used a carrot as a dildo; she wondered how the rough surface would feel.

The towel that she had wrapped around her body dropped on the floor, revealing her sexy hourglass body and her hands slipped down towards her vagina. She did not know why but she had the feeling that she was going to have an orgasm this time.

After a couple of minutes of non-stop pussy fucking with the carrot, he relaxed and pulled it out. Mrs. Nair looked back and smiled as she saw Aamir licking the carrot clean. She giggled again as he stood up and made her sit on the kitchen slab near the sink.

Then he walked to the fridge and opened it. He was looking for some ice cream but could not find any. Therefore, he picked up something else.

“What are you going to do with that?” she asked pointing at the ice cubes tray.

“You’ll see,” teased Aamir.

Aamir pulled both the boobs from the gap around the neck of the gown so that it was a bit of a squeeze, which made Mrs. Nair’s boobs rounder and firmer. He bent on her, bit and sucked the nipples while his hands caressed the sides of her fleshy, bouncy balls for boobs. Her tits were so huge that he was sure she could suck them too. So while he sucked one nipple, he offered the other nipple to her.

The sight of Aamir sucking one nipple while Mrs. Nair sucked the other made Induja insert her finger into her pussy and rub her g-spot. Her eyes closed momentarily as she felt more thrilled by the prospect of watching someone else have sex more than what she had felt while having sex with Prof Jayant.

Inside the kitchen, he placed Aamir penis right in front of her vaginal entrance and tapped her clitoris using his penis head a couple of times before shoving it in. His penis slid in smoothly as he was quite used to the routine having fucked her a lot before.

Then he picked one of the ice cubes from the tray and placed it over her navel. Mrs. Nair gasped and grabbed his hair as he traced the ice cube from her navel to her clitoris, which was making her go mad with excitement. The cold cube made her body writhe and she tried to take it off but Aamir was not listening.

“Please Aamir, it’s too cold,” begged Mrs. Nair.

“That’s why this is fun,” he replied.

He started circling the ice cube over her clit, which made Mrs. Nair forget about Induja and moan aloud. Aamir quickly closed her mouth with his and continued rubbing the ice cube over her clit. Her entire body was shivering and she was finally enjoying this unique experience. No one had ever done this to her before.

“Mmmmmm,” moaned Mrs. Nair while he kissed her.

Aamir slowly began to fuck her in the same position while he rubbed her clit using the ice. Mrs. Nair was moaning uncontrollably but the kissing muffled the sounds. Aamir occasionally sucked her nipples too and later on when the ice cube slowly reduced in size due to the melting, he pulled his penis out and inserted it into her pussy.

“What are you doing? Ow!” cried out Mrs. Nair. She tried to stop him but Aamir had already inserted his dick inside too, which sent the small ice deep into her vagina. She hugged him tight and bit his earlobe in excitement and she felt unbearable cold and pleasure at the same time around her g-spot.

Outside the kitchen, Induja’s excitement level was rising too. She was amazed at what she was witnessing. She could not believe an eighteen-year-old boy was satisfying her sister-in-law so well while she was burning with desire. Then she wanted to be in her place. She imagined Aamir doing all that to her in her mind’s eye.

“Ahh….uffff,” Induja moaned as inaudibly as she could.

Her finger was moving over her vagina so fast that the amount of pleasure being generated in her insides was overwhelming. She was literally bending and leaning over the wall to give her body some balance while one of her hands was rubbing her clitoris hard and the other was pinching her own nipples.

She slowed down and took another peek to see what was going on inside. In the kitchen, Mrs. Nair was leaning back on the slab; her hands that were on the slab behind her were supporting her upper body. Meanwhile, Aamir was holding two large ice cubes against her nipples while he fucked her as hard as he could.

“Faster Aamir, move it faster and harder,” begged Mrs. Nair and Aamir obeyed. He grabbed her hair and gave much more powerful thrusts. Her tits bounced due to the intensity and she closed her eyes to resume the moaning.

Mrs. Nair and Induja had their orgasms together. While the MILF moaned out in a loud manner, Induja had to suppress herself, which was quite difficult as she lost control and squirted out for the first time in her life. She squealed before she could stop and Mrs. Nair heard it. Induja grabbed the towel and rushed into the bathroom.

“What was that?” asked Mrs. Nair.

“I am not done yet,” complained Aamir as she showed all signs of stopping.

Mrs. Nair waited for some time to make sure Induja was not around and then slid off the slab and knelt in front of him. Now it was her turn to please him…her turn to be merciless. She picked up an ice cube and put it in her mouth. Then she grabbed her shaft and shoved it inside too. Now it was Aamir’s turn to protest. It was too cold and his penis head was going numb.

“What are you doing ha-ha!”

“It’s called payback Aamir,” said Mrs. Nair.

He did the mistake of trying to pull his penis out but Mrs. Nair did not let him. She bared her teeth at him with a smile to warn him what she could do and Aamir stood still. She sucked his dick hard, moving her head back and forth in a constant rhythm while the ice cube rolled across inside her mouth over his penis.

Aamir grabbed the slab with both hands and screwed up his face as he felt exactly what Mrs. Nair had felt: unbearable cold and pleasure at the same time. The combination of her warm mouth and cold ice was deadly and his penis was never at rest. She sucked hard from bottom to the tip of his penis and stroked his penis while looking into his eyes.

“I’m cumming,” he managed to say feebly as he felt his balls shrivel and his veins tighten. Mrs. Nair held his penis over her tongue and waited for it. He did not let her wait too long and shot all his semen down her throat with loud grunts. His legs wobbled, he lowered down and sat on the floor.

“Thanks for the best orgasm I ever had,” said Mrs. Nair. Then she hugged Aamir and both fell flat on the floor kissing while the cube rolled between their tongues.

Later that evening, someone interrupted Baba Sadachari while he was meditating. It was his personal spy, who posed as a male disciple and brought him news occasionally about his followers.

“What is it?” asked Baba Sadachari.

“It’s that widow Babaji,” began the disciple. “Your suspicions were right. She is often seen with a boy who lives in her apartment. That is why she isn’t visiting these days.”

“Thank you,” said the Baba. “I’ll take it from here.”


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