Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-14


Induja Nair was a beautiful Malayali woman in her late twenties who was married to Mrs. Nair’s younger brother. Her husband Ajay worked in Gulf hence she was an unsatisfied housewife until she decided to cheat on her husband by sleeping with her colleague Prof Jayant, a man in late forties.


“Are you sure about this?” asked Prof Jayant.

“Yes, now just keep quiet, don’t open your mouth for anything or we’re both doomed,” replied Induja.

Induja Nair and Prof Jayant were in her room in the penthouse. Mrs. Nair was at the ashram and was not expected to come anytime soon so they had decided to make most of the time together. However right when they were going to start, she received a call from her husband. He wanted to do a video chat on Skype. Induja, frustrated by her husband’s timing and her overall anger on him for staying away from her, decided to indirectly punish him.

They did Skype calls every week to do some sex chat. They used to undress and show each other’s body on the camera and masturbate as they do virtual sex. Induja devised a plan and stuck a tape on the camera. Then she called her husband.

“Hey, I can’t see you,” said Ajay, Induja’s husband.

“But I can see you, dear,” replied Induja.

Induja and Jayant were on the bed with the laptop. On the screen, her husband’s video was playing flawlessly. He was sitting in his home, wearing shorts and t-shirt. He was frowning at the camera, trying to understand why Induja’s video was not playing on his screen.

“Maybe it’s the internet connection Ajayetta,” replied Induja. “Doesn’t matter, at least I can see you. Let’s continue.”

“What are you wearing Indu?” asked Ajay. He relaxed on the chair and slid his hand inside his shorts.

“I’m wearing that black gown you bought last time,” replied Induja

“Take it off,” said Ajay.

Induja turned to Prof Jayant on the bed and smiled. He held her gown and pulled it off her. Her hair was messed up but his eyes were on her sexy body. She was wearing black bra and panty. The D cup bra was hardly hiding anything from those milky and fleshy boobs whereas the panty too was not covering much of her bum.

“Take off my bra, etta,” said Induja, on the screen her husband was relaxing with his eyes closed and imagining the scene whereas in reality someone else was doing his job and enjoying his wife in his absence.

Jayant excitedly put his hands on her bra and touched them. His palms were all over, trying to cover the entire breasts but that was not possible since her breasts were more than just a handful. Therefore, he squeezed them hard over the bra and circled them over the chest.

Induja urged him to take it off but instead of unhooking them, he just put his fingers inside and pulled it off. The boobs went up halfway along with the bra and then lost touch with it and dropped down and bounced in front of Jayant’s eyes. He watched them hungrily and was about to grab and play with them but Induja stopped him.

“Just do exactly as I and my husband discuss,” whispered Induja.

“Oh Induja, your breasts are as wonderful as ever, so round and firm,” complimented her husband imagining them in his mind’s eye. “I feel like sucking them now.”

“What’s stopping you? Suck them, lick them or eat them. I’m all yours and these are only for you,” said Induja and she smiled mischievously as she cupped her breasts and held them up to Jayant.

“Hmm…sucking them now,” said Ajay.

That was the green signal for Jayant. He pushed her down on the bed and got on top of her. Then he bent over, kissed, and licked her forehead, cheeks, nose and then lips before proceeding down to her breasts. While Induja and Ajay were busy reminiscing how he used to play with her breasts when he was with her, Jayant was doing his own sucking and squeezing.

Jayant’s mustache ticked Induja as he began the sucking. His hands were on either side of the boobs, squeezing them together so that the nipples came close. He opened his mouth and let the right nipple in first. He sucked on and on like a baby sucking milk and then pulled her nipple hard with his lips which stretched like rubber and when it got free, her breast shook a little.

“Looks like you’re enjoying Indu,” said her husband when he heard Induja’s low moans. Induja’s head turned to the screen on which her husband was jerking and she moaned louder with her hand on Jayant’s head while he was busy sucking her breasts. He was working on her left nipple now and when he finally let it free from his lips, the nipple was hard and the skin around it had turned red.

“Take my dick in your mouth Indu,” said Ajay pointing his dick at the camera.

This time Jayant lay on the bed and Induja sat up. She pulled the pant off and then the underwear, which was under his potbelly. His penis popped out and swung left and right before she held it. With a smile and her eyes on the screen where her husband was fapping, she bent and licked Jayant’s penis head.

Jayant took a sharp intake when her cold tongue touched the tip of his penis and then she licked it again, covering more area of skin this time. Induja lowered his foreskin, licked the sides and rolled her tongue all around his penis. Then she planted several kissed on his penis head and started stroking his cock to make him rock hard.

“Should I do the deep throat like you taught me on your first night?” said Induja.

“Yes Indu,” replied Ajay. “Take it all in and hold as long as you can, my penis feels awesome inside your mouth.”

Induja took Jayant’s entire shaft in and closed her mouth on the base of his penis. She stayed in that position for few seconds, letting Prof Jayant enjoy the bliss of deep throat and the pulled her head back. His penis sprang out of her mouth completely wet.

Induja put Jayant’s penis back inside her mouth. This time she did the usual tricks with her tongue. It rubbed and rolled all around his dick inside her mouth and he kept his hand on her head. He kept pushing it to make her take it deeper but she already had. His penis was not long enough to go all the way down her throat.

“Can you hear it?” asked Induja, “I’m sucking my thumb to make the sound.”

“Bring it closer to the mic dear,” said Ajay.

Jayant placed his lower-body closer to the laptop and she started sucking his penis there. She made loud wet sounds of the blowjob. As she moved her lips up and down his penis, she did it with pressure so that it would generate louder sounds. On the screen, Ajay was smiling and fapping, imagining his wife sucking his cock while she was busy sucking someone else’s.

“It sounds like you’re sucking a real cock,” said Ajay making Induja’s heart skip a beat. “Keep doing whatever you’re doing Indu; it sounds too real and amazing.

She bent again to suck Jayant’s penis but he stopped her. She looked up at him with a frown but he just smiled nervously and started wiping his penis, which was completely covered in her saliva. That was just an excuse; actually, Jayant was already feeling the pressure in his balls. His veins were all tight and his penis was twitching already mimicking the ejaculation as it does just before a man orgasms. He wanted to cool down.

Before Induja could question him, he grabbed her face and started kissing her. She fell on her back on the bed while he was on top of her. He was completely spread on her and his hands held her against the bed while his face was on hers. Induja’s eyes were open and she was silently trying to stop him but he was not looking. He just kept sucking her lips.

“What are you doing?” asked Induja keeping her voice low.

“Sorry I couldn’t resist, doesn’t he ever kiss you?” asked Jayant.

“Not much,” replied Induja. She smiled and wrapped her arms around his back. She tilted her head to her right and accepted his open mouth. Then she sucked and kissed his lips with her eyes closed and feeling his mustache on and under her nose. They rolled over the bed while kissing, ignoring her husband who was saying something.

“Indu, are you listening?” asked Ajay.

Induja broke the kiss loudly and turned her head to the screen but Jayant kept pecking her lips with his.

“I’m sorry, the connection is really bad,” said Induja, “What were you saying?”

Ajay said he wanted to fuck her ass. Jayant smiled gleefully when he heard that. Induja’s ass was great and he could not wait to put his dick inside. Induja looked at him and turned around. He knelt behind her back and slid his hands under her thighs. He pulled her closer and placed a pillow under her vagina so that her ass was raised and in perfect position to fuck.

Jayant pulled the black panty off slowly and savored the feast his eyes were enjoying. Her milky ass cheeks were begging to be fucked. He spread that young ass of hers and caressed the ass crack. It was darker than the rest of her body but equally attractive.

Jayant slid his finger into her wet pussy and took it out to lick it. The salty taste excited him and he slid it back in. he pulled it out again and this time instead of licking it, he applied it over the ring of her ass and then inside her asshole.

“Should I put it in baby?” asked Ajay.


Jayant spat on his fingers and lubricated her ass hole further, and then he held his pulsating penis right over the ass hole and shoved the bulbous penis head inside.

“Aahhhhhhhhh,” cried out Induja.

Jayant looked down as he struggled to go in. His penis was not even half in. The penis head was in and a centimeter more. He frowned and tried to push it deeper still making Induja cry out.

“What happened Indu moley?” asked Ajay.

“It’s paining Ajayetta,” confessed Induja.

“Ha-ha, this is what I love about you Indu!” said Ajay. “You make this virtual sex feel real. Almost as if we’re actually doing it.”

Jayant was still struggling to push it in. Her inner muscles were tight, he whispered her to relax and she tried. Jayant pushed few more centimeters in but it was not enough. He slid his hand under her again and this time rubbed her clit. This made Induja moan out and relax, he rubbed her hard and fast and kept pushing until his entire penis went in.

Then he started fucking her.

“Ah-ah-ah-slow down dear,” requested Induja.

“Ah Indu, your voice is enough to make me cum,” replied Ajay. “Is my cock still the best for you?”

“I’ve never even seen another cock in my life Ajayetta,” replied Induja as she felt Prof Jayant’s cock hit the roof of her asshole. “Yours is so good, I don’t need to look for another.”

Jayant gripped her ass cheeks, each with on hand and squeezed them hard as he fucked her with more power. He was groaning himself and still trying not to be audible. His dick fucked her ass in a constant rhythm but he was already feeling weak. Age was not on his side neither was he fit to fuck such a young woman. He just hoped he would last long enough to please her.

“Ahh Ajay dear please slow down, it’s hurting,” said Induja.

“No way, I’m going to fuck you harder now,” replied Ajay.

Jayant felt excited by that and he started fucking her harder, which made her scream. On the screen, her husband was delighted by her voice. Jayant dropped on her back and slid his hands under her breasts. He lay on her body and continued fucking her ass while he grabbed and squeezed her tits.

His balls regularly collided against her soft ass cheeks while his cock was feeling the rough friction inside her non-lubricating asshole. Soon, he felt his balls shrivel and hot semen slowly rising. He wanted to stop it but it was too late. As he pulled his penis out, it shot loads of semen.

“Already? I can’t believe it!” said a frustrated Induja as she felt his semen all over her ass cheeks and back.

“Indu?” said Ajay over the laptop.

Induja turned angrily to the laptop and shut it down.

He knew she was angry and wanted to leave before things could get complicated. Induja’s rage was piling up inside her. How could he come so soon? She had not even come close to an orgasm, there was so much time left. He could wait for his penis to be erect again; she was ready to blow him and make that happen.

“I am sorry. I need to go,” said Jayant as he started dressing up.

“Honestly tell me,” said Induja. “What’s wrong? Why did you ejaculate so soon? Last time you lasted long enough.”

“Well Induja, I-I took a Viagra last time,” confessed Jayant. “I’m sorry but when we did it the first time and I came too soon, I was afraid you’d leave me if I didn’t perform so I took the pill.”

“Why don’t you take it all the time?” asked an irritated Induja. She felt mad at what she was hearing. Until she met Jayant, she was burning with desire to be touched by a man. Now that she had been, she was denied the basic orgasm. She knew if he tried oral and pleased her, she would get it but she preferred having a cock inside her.

“I can’t. There might be side effects,” said Jayant.

“Leave me alone,” she finally managed to say.

After Jayant went away, she lay in her bed rubbing her clitoris to get her orgasm. She tried too hard but she could not, she was too angry to feel any pleasure. Then she calmed down and realized that she could not have sex with Jayant again. She needed someone else, someone who could make her orgasm without effort.

Although she did not know it, that someone came knocking at her door for his daily tuition.


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