Sex Apartment Season-2 Episode-13

Gautam Chatterjee suspected his wife, Kiran, of cheating on him with a neighbor Junaid Khan. Due to this, he was having vile thoughts about the two of them and he could not help but get aroused by these thoughts. Therefore, he sought the help of Baba Sadachari who put him through drills of self-control with a devadasi/maid.

Seema was an eighteen-year-old run-away village girl who had run out of options to pay her college fees after the rejection of a scholarship. Right after she was asked to pay by the management, she received a call from Mr. Singh who wanted to meet her. She did not know that he had seen the footage of her fucking her boyfriend Irfan in his restaurant.


“Welcome back Gautam,” greeted Baba Sadachari as Gautam walked into the ashram room where he was supposed to meet the maid. “How is your control regime going on?”

“Well honestly,” began Gautam, “I didn’t have sex with anyone for past few days but I can’t help masturbate after your maid gives me the blue balls.”

“That is progress Gautam,” replied Baba. “The maid is waiting downstairs, let me tie you up.”

Gautam undressed and then the Baba tied him up. Baba smiled and looked at the knot once before leaving and Gautam lay on the mat on the floor. The maid walked in, dressed in the usual white saree that was wrapped around her body, revealing more than it could hide. Gautam was pleased to see that her nipples were hard under the saree.

The maid greeted him before lying next to him and his heart started beating faster just by hearing her sweet voice. His eyes were on her thin, tender and rosy lips, which were stretched in a smile. Then he watched with anticipation as she rolled her saree off and threw it aside to reveal her assets. Her medium sized, round and firm breasts enticed him more than ever.

“I’m not erect yet,” Gautam pointed out.

“Very well,” said the Maid.

The maid rolled across, towards him and he sighed in wonder as her soft breasts landed on his chest. She hugged him and rubbed herself on him while Gautam tried to raise his head and kiss her but she was not allowing. She wanted to see if just touch could arouse him but it did not so she closed her eyes and lowered her head towards his.

Gautam’s eyes glinted in triumph as he felt her face come closer. Her scent hit him first, filling his insides with intoxication and then her lips met his. Gautam tilted his head slightly and opened his mouth wide to consume her entire lips. Her thin lips went in completely and he sucked hard, drawing as much saliva as possible from her mouth.

Gautam sucked her lips on and on and then poked his tongue into her mouth. His tongue met hers and inside her mouth, they had a sensuous battle. Each tongue rolled over the other inside her mouth, as they looked deep into each other’s eyes. The wet sounds made by their tongues echoed in the empty room. Then all of a sudden, the maid broke the kiss and rolled away.

“Well, now the wait begins,” laughed the maid pointing at his completely erect penis.

Gautam cursed himself and had to wait for few minutes and watch his erect penis lose its stiffness. As the penis softened and bent sideways, he looked back at her and she returned to kiss him eagerly as if she wanted it more than him. Her arms went around his neck and her breasts collided against her naked chest.

This time she kissed him with even more passion; there was added pressure with which her lips sucked his. His lips felt numb with the constant sucking, biting, twisting done by her lips. However, even after minutes of kissing, he was not gaining an erection. The maid tried other techniques, licking his sensitive areas, rubbing her nipples on him, touching his penis but nothing worked.

Then she started stroking his penis. Her small and soft hands wrapped around his penis and moved up and down. Gautam smiled, as he knew her tactic would fail. After days of the self-control drills, he had finally learned to control his erection. He had, of course, failed initially when she kissed him but now he felt under control. The only way he could now lose control was:

“How about you use that lovely mouth of yours?” suggested Gautam.

All these days, she had ended their session whenever the turn of a blowjob came but she could not do the same today. They had lots of time left and he had progressed so she had to upgrade her techniques. The best tool she had now was her mouth and he could feel excitement rise in him as he realized she would have no choice but to blow him.

The maid licked her way towards his groin, hoping that he would get hard before she reaches his penis but that did not happen. Her tongue reached the base of his penis and he felt shivers run across his body. He could feel the blood going towards his penis and tried as hard as he could to distract himself and prevent the erection but she was doing her job too well.

She held the base of his flaccid penis with her fingers and looked directly into his eyes. Then she smiled and let her tongue out. The tip of her cold and wet tongue touched the tip of his penis head, right where the holes were, making his entire body shake. Then she let the whole tongue out and gave a large lick from the base to the tip of his penis.

“Crap,” thought Gautam as his penis started hardening.

However, that did not stop her. She circled his penis head with the tip of her tongue and licked around a lot. When the dick remained semi-erect, she stared at it for few seconds as if to decide something and then took it whole inside her mouth. Gautam gasped and swore as he felt his penis go inside her mouth. It felt wonderful, the wetness and the warmth of her insides was like any other pussy.

The sight of her stuffed mouth and the tricks her tongue played with his penis inside her mouth made him harder. She sucked and moved her lips from the base to the tip with gentle pressure making Gautam squirm and smile in excitement. She started sucking and giving him a proper blowjob by bobbing her head over his dick while holding the base with her fingers.

Then all of a sudden, she stopped. Gautam realized that he was completely erect.

“Oh c’mon not now!” cried out Gautam. “Please, don’t stop.”

However, the maid did not listen; she wiped her mouth using the back of her hand and then lay next to him. Gautam was frustrated and in his frustration, he tried to free himself and felt the rope knots loosen.

In another part of the city, Seema walked into the coffee shop where her employer Mr. Singh had asked her to meet. She found him in the last seat of a corner, a seat lovers or businessmen usually used to avoid being eavesdropped. Mr. Singh saw her and gestured at the seat opposite to him. She nodded and sat there.

“Is something wrong sir?” asked Seema. “Is it about how I behaved in the restaurant last week? I’m really sorry about that, it won’t happen again.”

“Calm down,” said Mr. Singh, “have the coffee.”

Seema sipped the coffee nervously without taking her eyes off him. Mr. Singh rummaged through his pockets and pulled out his phone. Then he looked around to check if anyone was watching and turned the screen towards her. Seema choked on her cup and nearly spat out the coffee. A video of her and Irfan fucking in the restaurant was playing on it. Hastily she forced Mr. Singh to turn the display off before anyone could see.

“What is that?” asked Seema, shaking in fear and anger.

“Really Seema, I should be the one asking that,” said Mr. Singh stowing the phone back in his pocket. “Don’t worry; I’m not going to ask. I am not here for anything related to that either. I’ll delete this video as soon as this conversation is over.”

“What do you want?” asked Seema.

“I’m here to give you an offer,” said Mr. Singh. “You see, I have a friend, a businessman who runs a high-class brothel. The girls who work there are college girls of your age who come to me to make a quick buck or finance their needs like education or loans. They make come with a target, achieve it and leave. When you first came to me for help, I considered taking you there.”

“However, I felt you were a poor, virgin girl of a decent household, unlike the arrogant college girls who don’t care who they fuck for some money. I assumed you just needed help and not that kind of life,” continued Mr. Singh. “So I introduced you to Mrs. Nair and helped you settle down. But after watching that video of yours, I believe you’ve accepted the city life and are ready to do more.”

“More?” asked Seema.

“The brothel is visited by the rich, high-class men who just want sleep with college girls without jeopardizing their own personal lives,” said Mr. Singh. “It’s clean, safe and monitored opportunity to earn thousands of rupees within few hours.”

“Here’s my offer,” said Mr. Singh. “Join us, earn how much ever you need and leave. No commitments, no contracts. Within a week you can earn enough to live an entire year luxuriously or to do what you wish with that money.”

Seema’s heart was racing. She had never felt coincidence hit her so hard. There she was worried about paying her semester fees and now an opportunity had come knocking to earn thousands of rupees by doing hours of….

Hours of sleeping with strangers, thought Seema. That made her heart sink. She had been so excited about making money that she completely ignored the cost of it. How could she do such a thing to herself? How could she betray Irfan like that? She felt angry with herself for harboring the desire for that money.

Several thoughts mulled over inside her mind, she remembered her time in the village. How the village sarpanch had tried to force himself on her. When he had failed, he asked her hand in marriage to her father who agreed without hesitation for his greed and the opportunity to get rid of her. If her admission were canceled, she would have no choice but to go back and live that life. She clutched her head in frustration; it was too much for her.

“Seema! Where are you going?” yelled Mr. Singh as she stood up and stormed out of the place.

“Gautam what are you doing?” asked the maid.

Gautam was lying on top of her. His hands had pinned her to the floor so that she was at his mercy. He did not know how the knot had loosened but when he realized that, he had slowly freed himself and had pounced on the maid without warning.

Her lips were right under his, only a few millimeters away, her breasts were crushed under him and his dick was hard and poking her vagina, waiting to enter inside her. He had never felt so excited in his life. After days of tempting to fuck her beautiful body, now he had the chance. However, before he could do any wrong, he came to his senses.

“I’m sorry,” said Gautam. “I just lost control. I-I don’t mean to force myself on you.”

He apologized but he had not moved a muscle. He was still on top of her, his breath brushed her lips as he talked to her in whispers.

“I’m crazy about you,” confessed Gautam. “And no matter how many drills you put me through I’ll always get hard for you. I know you feel the same about me; I have felt it over the days. So I just want to ask you whether you want this or not?”

Gautam had started to rub his lower body on hers. His penis was poking and stimulating the clit and the area around it. The maid was breathing heavily and her scent was all around him. She did not answer his question; instead, she raised her head and smooched him. Gautam’s eyes were wide open as he felt her lips eat his.

“Thank you,” was all Gautam managed to say after they broke the kiss with a loud sound. He was way too excited to say anything else and wanted to hurry before she could change her mind.

The first thing he did was grab her naturally round and firm breasts. He bent over and slowly slid her nipple inside his mouth. Apart from the rock hardness and the goosebumps all over her skin, his tongue was greeted by the salty taste of her sweat. With his lips, he pulled and sucked them tenderly and circled his tongue around the ring of her nipple.

“(heavy breathing)…hmmm….(heavy breathing)….Gautam….I feel so good,” said the maid.

Gautam gazed into her eyes and received a smile. He was holding the base of her breasts, each in one hand, pushing it upwards so that they looked bigger. He sucked the left boob first as fast and wildly as he could and the moved to the right boob. Her tits shook and there was some sort of ripple effect across the breasts when he squeezed and played with them.

Gautam moved down further and circled her navel with his tongue. She had a flat tummy so when he licked her navel, it went in deep which excited him and made him poke his tongue deeper into her navel. Her tummy rose and fell while he licked and after he was done, he licked his way down to her vagina.

“Nicely trimmed,” complimented Gautam.

It was true. The area around the vagina was clean only the hair above it was still intact. He bent over uncertainly and was surprised to find that it had no odor. The girl did know how to keep it clean. Eagerly he parted her labia and licked the wet skin, which made her cry out. A thick fluid was leaking from her vagina and like a thirsty dog, he licked it all up.

The slurping sounds started echoing in the room as he licked and sucked her as hard as he could. His palms went under her butts and he squeezed them while he continued to lick her. The tip of his tongue roughly rubbed the clitoris making her cry out louder than ever. He played with it, circled it, twiddled it and finally bit it gently. The maid had probably never felt this sort of pleasure.

“Ahhhhhh…. Gautam don’t stop….ahhhhhh,” moaned the maid.

Gautam’s tongue worked faster with her words. He sent it right into her vagina, feeling the wet and warm inner walls as he did. The vaginal muscles contracted and relaxed continually while he was busy licking her insides. He inserted his finger too and on the roof of her vagina, few inches inside, he found the g-spot. Vigorously, his index finger rubbed and stimulated it while his tongue gave tender and slow caresses.

“Lie sideways with your back facing me,” said Gautam as he grew tired of the licking and lay down on the mat. The maid obediently turned her back to his and lay on her side. Her ass was right in front of his penis. Gautam rubbed his penis between her ass crack for some time and then lifted the left leg of the maid and inserted his penis right into her vagina through the gap.

“Ohhhhhhh…,” moaned the maid as she felt his penis stretch her vaginal walls and go in deeper than anyone had ever gone.

Gautam slowed himself down after slipping out of her vagina a couple of times. He gave slow but hard thrusts, which shook her entire body. Once his mind registered the statistics, he automatically started fucking her fast and hard in the spooning position without slipping out. The maid was moaning louder non-stop as he fucked her with constant speed.

A wet sound was generating every time he fucked her. It was due to the excessive amount of vaginal fluids that was flowing out of her pussy and dripping down to the mat on the floor. Gautam’s own lap, penis, and balls were wet with it.

Then Gautam held her arms, made her lie flat on her stomach, and placed himself above her. He raised his lower body slightly and inserted his penis back into her vagina. He was above her as if he was doing pushups so that, only his palms and toes were touching anything. The rest of his body was in the air, except for the penis, which had started to tear her pussy apart.

“Slow down Gautam please,” cried the maid as loud moans escaped her lips.

Gautam did not listen. He continued to ram his groin over her lovely round and soft ass, which cushioned the powerful impacts. They shook each time his balls made contact with them and it was followed by the maid’s loud groans.

Gautam fucked her that way for some time and then his hands and legs felt wobbly so he dropped on her body and just used his groin and ass to fuck her as fast as possible. Soon, he grunted and spilled his seed right into her vagina. His eyes closed and he rested on top of her to gather some energy back. His semen flowed out of her vagina and wet the mat under them.

The maid was resting too and as the two of them continued to gather strength, Baba Sadachari, who had watched most of the show with satisfaction, decided to go back to and attend to his devotees. Everything was going according to the plan for him.

Later that night, Mr. Singh was shutting his restaurant down when he received a phone call. He took his time to pick it up and when he did, his heart skipped a beat.

“How long will it take for me to earn enough for my semester fees?” asked Seema over the phone.


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