Sex in Taxi

I had been seeing Jane for about 6 months and our relationship was pretty solid.

She was 43 and she lived in a city apartment with her teenage daughter Lisa. I enjoyed the freedom in this situation as I had my own place in the outskirts of the city – enough room to see the hills rolling and the cows that wander over them.

As usual I met Jane at the VIP bar – she always went there on a Friday night after work with her work colleagues. Drinks free-flowed as the local football team played on the TV. Some other groups of people were killing songs in the karaoke section.

After my third double scotch I started to feel it was time to go.

Jane, as I said, is 43. She has an incredible body with firm breasts and nipples you can suck on for hours. Her body is toned from years of yoga and swimming and her eyes are as blue as the sea.

She can also fuck – boy can she fuck.

In 6 short months she has taught me things I never knew existed. I guess she was catching up from a lack luster sex life from her early marriage, where 10 minutes was start to finish and doggie was the most experimental they ever got.

I still reminisce about the day she sucked my cock with first ice in her mouth then warm tea then ice and tea again it was amazing making me cum down her through in ecstasy.

Jane caught every drop as she swallowed her tea and my cum in one go. Very little was taboo for her and I was loving having her three holes at my disposal when ever and where ever I wanted them.

We said our goodbyes to all assembled and headed to the cab rank. As we stood in a short line I could feel Jane’s hand slide behind her back and rub my crotch making my now ever growing hunger for her ignite just a little more. My cock was fully hard and the pre cum started to show though my jeans when our cab arrived.

I jumped in the back seat and Jane slid in next to me. I told the driver where we were going and we took off. Before I even had the address complete Jane had undone my zip, pulled my cock out and started wanking me. My pre-cum was oozing again. Jane whispered in my ear

‘I want to suck you and lick you clean.’

Joking I said to the driver

‘Can you slow down a bit? My girl has never given me head in a cab before and she wants to give it a go. I will tip you for it.’

The driver grinned

‘You don’t have to tip me but I would like to watch and leave the camera recording.’

Jane went straight down and sucked my soaked cock head licking all the pre-cum off then filled her mouth so her lips were right down at the base – not a bad effort as I have a rather long thick cock.

She positioned herself laying on the back seat sucking me fast and furious. Holding her hair out of the way gave way to holding her head and fucking her face as I could feel the pressure rising.

‘Do you get many customers like this?’ I asked.

‘No’ replied the cabbie ‘I’ve heard about it but never have experienced it’ he replied breathlessly. I’m sure he was tugging his meat in time with my cock disappearing down Jane’s throat.

I told Jane to roll over and to lift her dress up. I knew her beautiful bald pussy would not be covered. She lifted her dress to show me her pussy glistening with juice. I told her to play as she sucked and her finger went straight to her clit without hesitation. Her mouth continued to work on my cock and I laid back and just let the sensations envelop me.

Jane came hard squirting juice over the back seat. The cab driver couldn’t stand it any longer and shot his load in the front of the taxi.

I again held Jane’s head in place and fucked her face. I felt my cock going down her throat her tongue licking and teasing. Each time I pulled her head off me her hungry mouth grappled for more.

Using her mouth I fucked my cock with her head until I felt the pleasure of my cum shoot into her mouth. As usual Jane sucked it all without spilling a drop, licking her lips in pleasure as she went.

The waves of pleasure washed over me as the cab driver started to drive off again. I pulled my pants back up as Jane righted her self once more. I kissed Jane telling her how great that was.

We arrived at Jane’s place and I am so ready to fuck. I get my wallet out to pay the fare, instead the driver hands me his business card and says

‘Call me if you ever need a ride home… no charge it’s on the house!’

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